53 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

    1. LOL LOL.

      Tashkent MΓ©tro, Jim. But Moscow’s is also utterly amazing.

      I see Colonel STruth was on Twitter supporting Tessy the Terrible after her embarrassingly insincere statement.

      Is there nothing that woman can’t make a mess of? If there is I’ve yet to see it.

      Jeez come back Gordon Brown… you were completely mad and threw Nokias at people, but at least you had one or two brain cells that still operated, unlike this eejit.

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    2. Say what we will about the old commies, they REALLY knew how to build subways. And then….being commies…..they banned taking pictures. Well, the photography ban has been lifted.


      (Being in Uzbekistan, it’s something that Herman Cain has never seen.) πŸ˜‰

      Good old American free enterprise built and maintains the New York City subways:

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      1. Tashkent’s metro is amazing… but then so is New York’s. It’s just a slightly …erm, different kind of amazing.

        If you see Mr Cain hanging about anywhere, Danny, why don’t you go up to him and whisper the name Janob Mirziyoyev in his ear.

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        1. LOL Tris…….I’m sure that Herman couldn’t possibly forget a name like Mirziyoyev. πŸ˜‰

          My Uzbekistani is a little rusty, but the new guys seem to have a better media sense than the old commies.


    1. Minis from 1984 (B-Prefix registration) were fitted with 12″ wheels from the Metro to allow the use of Metro disc brakes. They also had the improved A+ engine from the same source.

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  1. The man in the Wm Low pic at first glance looks like he’s jumped off his bike and is heading in a menacing fashion toward the photographer while brandishing some sort of weapon or implement in his right hand.

    On closer inspection said weapon or implement is actually the leg of a mostly obscured woman standing behind him.

    Ain’t perspective a tricky thing?


  2. A few items:

    Nice to see Jessica and Amos, no doubt conferring on the latest grisly Cabot Cove murder. πŸ˜‰
    —-Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) and Amos Tupper (Tom Bosley)

    Those American cars are 1957 models from the Ford Motor Company.
    Top: Lincoln Premier
    Center: Ford Fairlane 500
    Bottom: Mercury Monterey

    That’s an early diesel-electric locomotive at Albuquerque (1942) on the Santa Fe line. (A railroad fabled in song and story.)

    Cleo Laine sings Sondheim. Videos get dated in strange ways. The choice of an animal fur prop is very unfortunate to a modern audience, even by the standards of awkwardly produced music videos……which was pretty much all of them.

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    1. PS: This is amazing!

      It must have been great to be a guy in the 1950’s. As long as you had a wife who had lost her mind and paid attention to stuff like this.

      Washing the children, changing their clothes and combing their hair (so they could “play their part”) is a nice touch.

      But then: “Be a little gay and a little more interesting” seems problematic. How do you become a little more “interesting” on cue? As for being a little gay, maybe I’m not understanding the nature of the advice. πŸ˜‰

      As our culture evolved from the 1950’s, it must have cost BILLIONS to modify all the traditional marriage advice c***. Changing “wife” to “spouse” seems to be just the beginning of the problem.

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        1. Ed……Good luck on becoming more interesting. πŸ˜‰

          Never saw any of the Stepford Wife movies, but the entertaining website (even as a joke) reminds me that Phyllis Schlafly may be gone, but her decades long far right wing Republican craziness lives on in its war on the rights of women.

          It reminded me of a cousin I have whose wife (for reasons that surpass human understanding) loves him deeply. Some years back she saw something almost exactly like this (but even more extreme) and posted it on a social media website of the time. It was all about how wives must devote every waking moment to their husbands’ comfort and well being, and should be effusive in their constant praise of him…….since they are so lucky to have such a man in their life. As far as she was concerned, it was great. But I also noticed it had some references to allowing him to make all decisions effecting the family, since that is not her role. Then there were some references to Old Testament scripture.

          So I hastened to point out to her that this was a tract from some bizarre male-domination-fetish religious cult…….crazy breakaway Mormons or the like. I may have pointed out that this was strange even by the standards of religion, and she needs to come to her senses.

          It’s truly amazing how pissed off people can get when you do nothing more than point out the truth to them…..like the fact that they’re crazy. Anyway, she unfriended me.

          A shame really, since I had already been unfriended by four other relatives during the previous election campaign season. Republicans can be SUCH soreheads when they hear the unvarnished political truth from a Democrat.

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            1. Tris……Yes, for quite a few of them, and for simply telling the truth. How much trouble can you possibly get in for speaking the truth? The answer is, A LOT!

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                  1. LOL Kangaroo: Moderation in all things……including the truth. πŸ˜‰
                    “You can’t handle the truth” was a great line. And it’s reliably reported that it was a Nicholson ad lib. The actual line in the script was something like “You already have the truth.”

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          1. You know – that thing you just said about soreheads, Tris, and them just not liking it when told the unvarnished political truth by anyone in an Opposing Party – it’s reminding me of something – can’t think – it’s on the tip of my tongue – oh! I know! Tory Brexiteer BritNat sh*itheads, and most particularly the semi-detached Scottish proud-but Yoon subtype, whenever addressed by such paragons of rationality and reason like what we are.

            Even I can’t quite get over Treeza May acting aa pit oot because the Europeans told her nothing more than they’ve been telling her all this time, right from the start – did she seriously not know? Or was she pretending? She is such a bad public performer anyway that she you just can’t tell if she’s lying (though it is always safer to assume that she is) – she can’t do sincerity even when she tries, so she always sounds shifty anyway.

            When she said that the EU must respect the UK, it occurred to me that respect has to be earned. May, and her fragrant colleagues such as BoJo and Rees-Morgue, are very clearly of that insufferable BritNat Tory type who believe down to their bones that they are due respect purely by accident of birth, and as a result of being English.

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              1. Ed…..A politician who can’t convincingly fake sincerity is at a decided disadvantage and has no business holding high public office. Theresa May doesn’t really seem to be very good at this. πŸ˜‰

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            1. They most certainly don;t deserve respect. They have treated the EU with disrespect since the day the sent that Article 50 without having a clue what the next step was.

              Lord Kerr, who wrote A50, said quite clearly that it should only be triggered when the position of the leaving member was ready to be put to the EU. And they had squat. why on that first meeting Barnier turned up with his work done and a big file in front of him and Head the Ba’ Davis turned up with a British Jam sandwich for his lunch.

              Every time they have met since they have disrespected Barnier and Junker, and they went behind their backs to speak to heads of government despite having been told that that is now how it is done… as written by an English LORD for god’s sake.

              She knew there was no cherry picking. She should have though about this eventuality when she signed a deal with the devil in the form of the DUP.

              She is a useless incompetent failure. The only trouble is that I really can’t think of an alternative to her.

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              1. Well, other countries – Italy and Belgium come to mind – seem to be able to function quite nicely for protracted periods without any governments at all. On the other hand, there’s Somalia.

                They should close the Palace of Westminster, keep it closed for the duration of renovations, and save billions by not finding the b*ggers anywhere else to meet just so they can f*uck us up some more. After all – to paraphrase the Leaderene – no government is better than a bad government, right?

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    2. Pretty good there, Danny.

      The Cleo Laine video has been removed (according to the site). She is incredibly versatile and has, even now, an amazing voice.

      This isn’t a good video quality wise, but although Irish Folk Music is well outside her normal repertoire, she does a good job on this.

      It seems she could do anything with her voice, including crack glass!

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        1. As for the clowns, I have to click a separate link that takes me directly to YouTube. Never saw that before. And apparently not in Scotland.

          Another one that might not work either, and not really from 1886. Pretty song though. πŸ˜‰


  3. The one with the advert for a billiard hall looks like Dunfermline High Street. I think the spire is the Guildhall (today a Witherspoon hotel and pub). It’s a pedestrian precinct now so no comment about the lack of traffic.

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    1. Ctd ! …..beginning to believe that all cars suffer from middle age spread as new versions emerge. My new Honda Jazz is as big as a old Civic, and the new Civics appear to be almost as big as the old Accord.

      Apologies for two part post – iPad went bonkers in middle, crashed and sent.

      Loved the old “covered waggon” trains. And whereabouts in Iceland is the store – if I am correct in that assumption ?

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  4. If well all went back to AUstin Sevens we could have 5 lane motorways on the ones we have now and have plenty of parking spaces. Solve the congestion problem and stlll have 4 seater cars.
    The current mini is a medium sized car and growing bigger all the time, the countryman is really big but then the maybot isn’t a dead sheep trying to sort out the EU; according to the ever truthful media.

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    1. Humiliated in one, and her proudest moment in another … weird!

      I think we need smaller cars. Sick of trying to get parked near to one of these furniture removal things taking up 2 spaces.

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      1. An American work colleague in New York, after a holiday in “England” in which he’d visited not just “Scatland” but “Yurrup” – don’t get me wrong, a very smart guy, very good person but Texan – bewailed the size of the cars on our side of the Pond generally, the peculiar and misleading nature of “English” road signage, and the fact that we drive on the Wrong side of the road, which compounds the difficulty of using the “stick shift”.

        I explained that making the cars smaller meant that we could pack that many more of them into the same traffic jam. I think I may have confused him a bit.

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