1. Correct me if I’m wrong
    The interviewer says ” they couldn’t have a majority”
    wee willie say ” I haven’t studied the rules but ………. any debate.
    We pay this man £70k a year, for this

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  2. Ah, They wouldn’t get in any debates.
    What representation should the SNP get if there is to be a commission.
    Can someone take a careful note of what is said.
    I’d appreciate it, as would anyone who believes in democracy.

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    1. His logic seems to indicate that in Scotland, where the Liberal Democrats are the 5th party and have as much chance of forming the government, and making him first minister, as I have of playing from Brazil in the World Cup or being invited to become a Cardinal in the Vatican, his party shouldn’t be allowed to debate.

      In fact, as, at the present time it is beyond belief that any of the crap oppositions could ever form a government, maybe we should just let Nicola debate with herself?


  3. Wullie Rennie seems to breeze through life by repeating the same few sentences over and over again. I feel my heart sink as soon as he opens his cavernous gub. The only expectation I have of his contributions to any debate is that humanities achievements will somehow have been lessened as a result.

    I wish he’d done us all a favour and stuck to running along Kelty Main St with a bag of coal on his back. At least it’s honest toil where some training and forethought is required, unlike his current role where he just shows up and trusts to luck.

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  4. So angry about this I spent the time recording the clip and listening carefully to what is said.
    Interviewer (don’t know who he is, don’t have TV)
    “How do you think Scotland should be represented if we get a debates commission”. ” Would we need to have the leader of the SNP taking part in the debate bearing in mind they couldn’t have a majority”.
    ” I haven’t studied the rules”, ” They wouldn’t get in any debates”, wry smile.
    This is Unionist democracy.
    WR constituancy results for the last election.
    WR 14,928 LD gain, 44% of the votes cast
    RC 11,463 SNP loss, 34% of the vote
    HB 5646 Con , 17%
    RG 2026 Slab , 6%
    This on a turnout of 63% of the roll.
    Quick arithmetic , 19,000 voted against WR, and 12,000 didn’t vote.
    This is a person who is a member of a group that is supposed to back proportional representation.
    You’ll have had your unionist democracy then.

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    1. He was at one stage.

      And in these days, that’s an even more useful job. Can’t be a huge demand for coal delivery men now.

      Amazon has some vacancies though…


  5. I asked him a question at a public meeting in the run-up to the Referendum. The Lib-Dems had performed poorly in an election with regard to the SNP and I asked him whether rather than blaming the SNP for winning, he’d perhaps be better taking a look at his own party and investigating why they lost. His response? “I’d rather not answer that.”. To their credit, at least the LDs provided quite a few public meetings; I was unaware of any from anyone else, apart from Hen Broon’s secretive one in Loanhead which I’d’ve gone to if I’d known where it was, as I work there. I’d’ve heckled and been chucked out, I suspect.

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    1. LOL What kind of answer is “I’d rather not answer that”?

      One, I suspect, that you might give if you hadn’t sufficient wit to flannel about something else.


  6. WR “If I was running the rules, they wouldn’t get in any debates”. Just another example of their elitist mindset. Exclude those that disagree with you. Typical English Supremacist , garbage in garbage out.

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