Random Brexit Thoughts

The figures are laid out here. in the Independent.
It occurs to me, as Mrs Strong and Stable croaks on about the “will of the British people”, that no one really knows what that is. Least of all Mayhem herself.
She didn’t even know what Brexit was, except that it was Brexit, and it was Red, White and Blue.
UK wide, 48% of the people were motivated to vote for Remain, but of course, 52% voted to leave.
Almost everywhere you look the UK is split about what it should mean. The Tories and Labour are both split. England and Wales voted one way; Scotland, NI and Gibraltar the other way. And Brexit, which the idiot prime minister couldn’t define, means different things to different people.
My point is that “the will of the British people” (or 52% thereof) probably comprises a pretty wide spectrum of points of view.
What did Neil of Newcastle, Sally of Stoke on Trent, or indeed Cathy from Clachnacudden or Billy from Blaenau Ffestiniog actually vote for?
Some will have read excellent pieces online, on blogs or Twitter.
And some will have read in-depth financial reports from learned academics. Others will have taken the Financial Times and daily faithfully ploughed through it.
Many more, I suspect though, will have been influenced by the headlines in the Sun, Telegraph, Star, Express and the Devil’s own journal, the Daily Mail. After all, who can forget the story of an old woman being carted off to casualty with a broken arm the day after the referndum, and demanding to know why the Iraqi doctor that was treating her had not gone home.
Image result for sensational headlines on EU
They will have seen this kind of thing, daily on the newsstands.
Image result for sensational headlines on EU
They will have read about £350 million a week that we apparently send to Brussels and which they have promised to dedicate instead to sorting our four ailing health services in these islands.
And they will have swallowed the line repeated everywhere about taking back control of borders, laws, and money (eh? Never understood that!).
Image result for sensational headlines on EU
If this is true, surely any kind of deal, which, remember, will require compromise on both sides, will not be suitable for them. You can’t take back control and then immediately cede it. Can you?
No, I suspect that many of these people voted to strike out on their own.
No deals. No compromises. No foreigners. No foreign laws. Nothing. Nada.
Just “Rule Britannia”, iconic blue passports… or to be more accurate…passeports bleus iconiques and “Dieu et Mon Droit” (bloody foreigners get everywhere).
It will break,  and with a bit of luck break-up, the UK, but I suspect that that is what the British people voted for.
Mrs Maybot might like to reflect on that thought a while before she repeats “the will of the British people” ad nauseam.

12 thoughts on “Random Brexit Thoughts”

  1. alex thomson

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    Plenty of « staff wanted « signs in Aviemore shops where a hotelier says at least one business has shut, in part because foreign workers are no longer coming here.
    2:25 AM – 18 Sep 2018


  2. Seems like their meeting could be going better. I’ve just seen this.

    Manfred Weber MEP who had a meeting with Theresa May this morning seeing notes his aid was holding it appears Michael Gove was at the meeting to !!! seems a few lines from him. one wonders who is in charge !!

    The notes are half in English and half in Spanish. Seems to say:

    Govt. not only Parliament.
    The people were tricked – they didn’t tell them the truth

    They want to disintegrate the EU.
    What was promised is not true. It can’t be done.
    Blind poll – we’re leaving without knowing what the future will be like.

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    1. I kind of understand politics.

      What I do not understand in a democracy is how “that wee shite Mundell” represents us anywhere.

      It would, perhaps, be better to do away with him and his post and engage directly on a Hollyrood / Westmister basis.

      We really do not need the middle man?

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      1. I’ve no idea why there is a SoS for Scotland. His very existence suggests that the UK is England, and we and the otehr Celtic nations are allowed to send a man to be a junior cabinet minister.

        I absolutely agree. There should be contact at government level.

        He really doesn’t represent us a all. He does what May tells him and simpers about the place inarticulately. That’s about it.

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    2. The last I heard of him he had been the welcoming party for the orange moron at Prestwick.

      The deserve each other.

      Maybe Trump took him back to Washington with him … I’ve heard he makes a passable cup of tea.


  3. See we’ve been given another few promises that mother theresa won’t actually act on. I’ll add them to my list of 26 that haven’t happened , YET.
    She’s going to sort out the anti seminism problem.
    She’s, again, going to build more houses.
    She’s going to make people proud of their council house.
    She’s just agreed that a future PM can change any EU/Brexit deal.
    Must think we’re stupid, probably correct, promising more building cash for after 2020, just like promising everyone can have a lottery win in the distant future, as long as you live long enough to collect, say 5000 years.
    What don’t they get about leaving a club, not paying your subscription, and demanding the golf club changes into a tennis club because thats what they want.
    I’m coming round to the idea that I’m a normalist, I want a stake in deciding who governs the country I live in, not a lottery of first past the post minority governments that say they’re the majority.
    Welcome back Tris, the mice will be off to the big sleepover until spring, maybe we should all join them and come back then, save all the bickering

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    1. I heard that she was bleating about council houses, but not actually changing the law so they are still selling them off.

      I suppose that anything that is agreed by one government can later be changed by another. Whether the EU will agree to any change in the future is another matter altogether.

      I REALLY wish I could sleep all winter…


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