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How much more evidence is needed until the SNP government finally ban mesh? It’s time to consign this discredited and dangerous practice to the history books.

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. suspended general use in 2014-only suspended NOW in England. Held inquiry-patients in England still asking. Can’t BAN- decision by MHRA, UK licensing body. Why, after all this time, do you STILL not know difference between reserved/devolved policy areas? But hey


Dear Richard Leonard,
I know what it’s like in your first few days in the job. You’re not entirely sure where the toilets are, if you can just go make a coffee when you want, or when yer granny phones, you’re not sure if you can take the call or not.
You also aren’t quite sure of what the organisation does in all its detail, and of what your personal responsibilities are.
It’s a difficult time, these first few days and weeks, as we can see from your first FMQs (as recently tweeted by Wings):
It is completely reasonable, in these initial days and weeks, that you get mixed up from time to time about whether your organisation is, or isn’t responsible for a variety of things.
But don’t worry, after you have been in post for a few months all of this will become clear. And never forget that you have a paid team of researchers to help you out.  So don’t worry about having to go and ask.
They should be able to find you a list like the one I include here for your use. And I’m sure that, if you ask nicely, someone will provide more detail.
Reference to this information may save you making silly and quite high profile errors like criticising the government for something over which they have no control… you know, like drugs policy, or employment legislation, industrial relations, telecommunications, railway nationalisation… etc.
Many of these things are reserved for the Tories at Westminster, which can make governing rather difficult.
Maybe too, you should check with someone to see whether you campaigned against the devolution of a reserved matter before criticising the current government for shortcomings in that area. It may go against the grain, but you can always criticise the Conservatives.
And finally, remember that your close friend and colleague, Mr Jones, runs a government in Wales. He has responsibility and power for some things. You can always give him a call, or look over his result statistics, before you launch into an unfortunate criticism of a better performing similar service in Scotland.
Now I realise that the Press, or some of it, is, to an extent, on your side, and that they won’t make a huge deal of little errors. Indeed, even the parts of the press that aren’t really on your side will probably give you a by on some stuff, because they’d rather shut up shop than let the SNP government look as if it knew what it was doing. 
But you need to remember that there are sites like Wings over Scotland that are read by more people in a day than is most of the Press. And these sites will be relentless.
So take care.
I’m sure these little blunders are just teething troubles and that you’ll soon find your feet.
And one further wee piece of advice. Don’t just take for granted what your top team says. Perhaps most particularly, Neil Findlay, Jackie Baillie and the sit down man.
Yours sincerely
PS: Notes and Corrections:
I fear I may have fallen into the trap against which I warned you. Having just checked with my trusty (more or less) factotum, Tristan, or whatever he’s called, I find that you have, in fact, been in your current job for nearly a year and not nearly a fortnight as I had been led to believe.
I can’t help feeling that, by now, you should have got past asking people where to find the Gents.
Oh, and obviously, I don’t REALLY know what it’s like in your first few weeks at work as I don’t actually work. Clearly, as owner and proprietor of Munguin’s Republic, if my granny phones me, it’s my business.

18 thoughts on “LETTER FROM MUNGUIN”

  1. Apologies for the lack of paragraph spacing.

    Mayhap WordPress has a soft spot for Carry On Dick and has taken exception to Munguin’s letter. Because try as I may, I can’t get these spaces to go in.

    I hope it doesn’t make it too difficult to read.

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  2. What a dipstick!😂

    Wait a sec. dipsticks are useful.😉

    What an earsehole!😂

    Hold on earseholes are necessary.😉

    What a prick!😂

    Wait, news just in pricks are useful … apparently.😉

    What an ass!😂

    No it is a well known fact that asses are very useful animals.😉

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  3. Richard Leonard knows very well what is devolved and what is reserved. He is simply exploiting public ignorance. It’s a sordid tactic that is toxic to Scottish democracy.

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      1. The actions of wee Tricky Dickie just confirms what I have thought for a long time about the Labour wee branch office manager(s). After the first Branch manager each subsequent Temporary branch manager has been even MORE thick, stupid, morose, incompetent, ignorant etc than their predecessor!

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        1. Yep, pretty much been a downward slope (but a total cliff with Jim Murphy…if ever there was a guy who could lose Labour seats, it was Blue Spud!)

          I wonder who they will get next.

          Are they working their way down to Mr Kelly?


  4. Agree with Mr Irvine – Leonard knows damn fine that the readership of the Record etc by and large don’t know the difference between a reserved power and a pound of mince. And those that do pretend not to – witness Corbyn claiming that the SNP got all the powers they asked for.

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    1. I also agree. Leonard’s working on the principle that once it’s out there, it’s out there and some of it will stick. Ruth Davidson’s been managing fine along similar lines. Lies u-turns and no need to explain later courtesy of the friendly MSM.

      If there ever is an accounting it will more than likely be too far down the road to materially effect the culprits. I do wonder though, if there are people who believe these lies and there’s no end to them in sight then how progressively more ignorant is it possible for these folk to get? Ie how far are these Blue, red and yellow Tory chancers going to be allowed to push their luck?

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      1. No wonder people don’t trust politicians.

        If he does in fact know that he’s wrong and simply making the SNP sound bad with the help of the BBC and the Daily Record, in the same fashion as the Tories do, then they deserve what’s coming to them.

        Sometimes I think that it would be amusing to let one of them actually take over running the country for a few months and see what kind of a mess we would be in.

        A bit like Brexiteers trying to explain why absolutely NOTHING that they promised will actually happen. And that hunger and more austerity is the only game in town.


      2. The Great British Meeja Machine (GBMM) rather reliably delivers the propaganda raw and uncriticized. By letting falsehoods – more and less evident untruths – pass unchallenged, whether through laziness, bias conscious or unconscious, or quite deliberately in the service of some interest or other, they put barriers in the way of reasoned and civil discourse. That is because when people are fed on an information diet that consists of fake news, alternative facts – propaganda, in other words – people who cannot or see through the lies, or prefer to believe them by reason of their own prejudices, become actively fact-averse, even more wilfully ignorant, and ultimately closed-minded.

        There is no point in talking to such people, and that is just one aspect of the damage the GBMM does.

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