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Caption competition:

In the past, we have offered as a prize for our competitions, a weekend in the Clyde Tunnel with Jackie Baillie.  But Munguin’s Republic is moving up in t’world. For this new competition, the winner will be offered the opportunity to enjoy a weekend guided tour of t’Yorkshire Moors with none other than Tricky Dicky Leonard (and we mean none other… just you and Richard).

The second prize will be 5 days of the same.

Munguin says he will understand if winners offer their prizes to charity.

Terms and conditions apply



  1. Is that Scumbag tory, standing in Nelson Mandela’s cell? Tories who branded him a terrorist and demanded he be hanged. Utterly shameless, and frankly disgusting.

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      1. I’d rather spend the day hammering nails into my knee caps, than spend it with a bunch of Tories.
        I would’ve loved to have met Mandela though.

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      2. I was around in Arusha in 2000 while Mandela was helping broker a peace accord in the Burundian Civil War. Though one of my UN colleagues was lending a hand supervising the record-writing team, the bugger refused to even try to co-opt me, alas, so I never actually saw Mandela, and I wish now that I’d made more of an effort.

        As for the Tories – spending a day with them – oh wash your mouth out with soapy water!


        1. I had to go to Tripoli on a job and the offices were part of the Olympic Hotel complex. I was working in an overflow office in the foyer when Mandela was staying there. I still regret that he passed a few metres away and I didn’t see him.

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  2. Should have locked her up in one of the G4S run prisons in SA where they routinely electrocute prisoners genitals as a punishment. After all G4S is the ex-cop/squaddie scum retirement centre so as an ex home secretary she’d have fitted right in. I’d love to see that bitch get the same treatment!

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    1. Best yet.

      You are remembering that the prize is a weekend with Carry on Dick? And Hattie Jaques won’t be there to intercede for you!!!

      I see he was banging on about trains and how awful they are and how Labour would Nationalise them… y’know, just like the government’s plans as soon as the franchise is up.

      I expect SLAB would take an example from the Labour Welsh government.



  3. Wonder what Slab want from a rail system.
    With my Aussie family we travelled from Clydebank to Edinburgh to see some fringe programmes.
    The trains were clean, the changes of service well explained by staff, ran on what I appreciate as on time, toilets on board, quick and comfortable for a relatively short journey. Quick urban transportation at what was reasonable cost, similar to the bus fare.
    Yes facilities at the stations can be improved but we aren’t getting the squillions of borrowed pounds that are being flung at London. We in the central belt are well off compared to our outlying areas that get nothing.
    As for the maybot, she will not be there for very much long i’m thinking. They’ve all been on holiday for 8 weeks, now the crunchie friday time approaches with the constant tick tock on the clock winding down to the hard exit.
    We can’t be that far from an independent Ireland and Scotland. Maybe it will happen in my lifetime but almost a certainty in a couple of generations.
    I tried to contact Scotrail to give credit but their online system seems to be expecting complaints, you need to have the departure time of the station you left and the arrival time before it lets you make comments, strange world.

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    1. Yep, I think May’s coat begins to look like it’s on a shoogly peg.

      As we predicted, the time has more or less run out to get anything like a deal, and when the worst has happened, it will be time for a new strong and stable leader to be “clear” about everything while standing, legs wide apart like they’ve had an unfortunate accident..


  4. Jailed for offensive public terpsichore!
    Doesn’t look too bad as prison cells go……clean and freshly painted. But poorly furnished. No bed visible.
    I wonder if recidivism is a problem with Prime Ministers….or Tories generally?

    We’re checking out suitable prison accommodations for Mr. Trump.

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      1. Ed….Oh! I wondered about a bathroom convenience too.
        I didn’t realize that the Mandela prison was offshore.

        Similar to some pictures I’ve seen of Mandela, when Senator McCain visited Vietnam in post-war years on personal or official business, he sometimes showed guests the “Hanoi Hilton” where he was held as a POW.
        I read that the British sent their incorrigibles to America before the revolution, at which time they started their penal colonies in Australia. The French had Devil’s Island until 1953.

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    1. Ah, Danny. I suspect the cell may have been tarted up since Mr Mandela was its resident. Recidivism is definitely a trait among prime ministers.

      I’m not entirely sure that “Terpsichore” is quite the right word. I’m at a loss to find a words which means “dancing” in order to make one look human when desperately trying to get some sort of trade deal.

      Helpful suggestion for Trump’s future…

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        1. In French they call that sort of thing an “oubliette”. Given that “Oublier” means “to forget”, you’ll get the drift… although, no matter how deep, I suspect that we’ll never quite forget him.

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  5. Yes this is perfect.
    I’ll send you boris, david, hammond and old joe sole, and room for some more.
    Tea for one will be more than sufficient for breakfast.

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