1. And Danny just sent me this, of the orange idiot needing an adult to show him how the phone works.

    Then insisting on calling the Mexican president by his first name, although the Mexican president called Trump Mr President.

    Then the fuss about the very obvious and not at all elegant name, which he announced and then got wrong.

    Oh, and Canda better do what HE wants, or else!

    Take note, Mrs May.

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  2. as All authoritarian leaders
    Act you have as many votes
    Needed to gain power .
    And then no more votes after
    All you have achieved the desired outcome .

    And everybody is happy 😃
    Well apart for unpatriotic
    But then for them there is always the gulags
    After all we will have achieved
    Paradise on earth 🌏

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      1. Well it’s not just up to me
        But I see no harm in having
        Further referendums.

        They after all in a parliamentary democracy they
        Are not worth a warm bucket
        Of pish

        In a parliamentry system
        If a party gain an overall
        Majority then they could call
        Unilaterally for Independence.

        Obviously seeing as the snp
        Has painted itself into a corner
        Over a referendum they are
        Up shite creek .

        You can march about banging drums waving nationalist
        Insignias. And generally annoying the good citizens
        Quiet 🤫 life.

        But the number for independence is at the present
        Time beyond the snps grasp .

        Personally à Boris régime
        Would be far worse than the
        snp dictat .
        But they would never allow
        Indyref2 .

        Leaving only one road to freedom from Tory slavery
        A hard one full of tears until
        The chains of Tory tyranny
        Are finally broken.

        But you lot of happy clappy
        Hug around Holrood

        Haven’t the cojones for it

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        1. Not exactly seeing your lot doing anything about it either, apart from agreeing with the Tories and falling out over Antisemitism.

          I don;t see any reason not to have a referendum on the outcome of the negotiations.

          Thing is they would probably lie to us all over again.



            1. It’s not anti-Yoonism exactly, Niko – it’s the BritNattery that gets to me, at least, and the vast outpourings of it from the Great British meeja machine. In the Scotland of today you have to look at who the Unionists are tied up with – like Scotland in Union at the AUOB march in Dundee on the 18th of last month, where they were sharing a stall with “A Force for Good” – Alistair McConnachie’s outfit, the same Alistair McConnachie who was kicked out of UKIP for being too racist, and a Holocaust denier.

              Proper pinko-lefty and socialisticky types like me have most of us joined me in rejecting Labour in Scotland, particularly as they are now functioning as the left wing of the Tory Party, the two of them united in their loathing of the notion of Scottish independence.

              As for the coming independence referendum – who in their right mind would vote for dependence? Is it any wonder that we Scottish CIVIL nationalists, we independentistas, get pissed off and frustrated with the fundamentally blood-and-soil and blinkered nationalism of the British nationalists?

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        2. I’ll thank you not to make nasty insinuations about my testicles, Niko! Of course we have the cojones. But we have to wait for exactly the reason given in that tweet: “Referendums should be held when people know EXACTLY what they are getting.”

          However much it chafes.

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  3. Some quotes from the worst :

    “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    “The people who vote decide nothing. The people who count the vote decide everything – Joseph Stalin

    “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think” – Adolf Hitler

    “Let me issue & control a nation’s money, and care not who writes its laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose….

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      1. We could, without any irony at all include that post you put up from the blonde buffoon (BoJo) last Wednesday in the list. Given the chance he’d be as bad as any of the previously aforementioned people.

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        1. And it gets dafter. I’ve just heard that the economic giant, the disgraced former defence secretary DOCTOR Liam Fox has said that the Treasury forecasts are rubbish.

          I think May should make him chancellor. Then he could make it all come right.

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  4. They don’t do reflective thought.
    Rule ONE ” We’re always correct”
    Rule TWO ” When you think we’re wrong, refer to rule one”
    The disgraced former defence secretary Dr bushy tail might care to look at his forecast that the deal he’ll negotiate with the EU will be the easiest ever.
    Barnier this evening saying the Maybots Chequers white paper contains proposals that are NOT agreeable to the 27. She says no retreat from her white paper and it’s not democracy to have another referendum on the deal, you only get one chance at any subject and that’s it for ever.
    Nutters one and all.

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    1. So Chequers isn’t agreeable to the 27 and half the Tories.

      And still no one has an idea what to do about an international border that isn’t allowed to be a border.

      And Orange Arlene still has to be pacified or the ba’s on the slates, and Mrs May is down the dole.

      But the SNP is having a civil war?


      1. The UK and the EU are talking at cross purposes. Chequers is a proposal for a trading arrangement. The EU is not focused on that because its own rules forbid it discussing trade until the UK is a 3rd nation. They’ll discuss it in 7 months time but now now. The EU are only focused on the details of withdrawal. Agreement can never be reached while they both talk about different things.

        The UK has failed to grasp the process at every stage. It is quite thrilling watching them flap around. But also depressing.

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        1. **WARNING!** I am feeling evenr more gloomy and Cassandra-like today than usual.

          I wonder if the situation we have now is what it’s like when a country heads for a major political realignment, along with everything else.

          It seems to me that the Tories and UKIP have effectively absorbed each other, but remain factionalized by degree of xenophobia and euroscepticism: and the May regime is unable to function properly as a government because of it, either domestically or on the international stage as a reliable negotiating partner with Europe.

          Meanwhile, Labour is busily pummelling itself into total pusillanimity, embracing fecklessness and irresponsibility in response to the Tories’ cavalier mishandling of the ship of State, their malign mistreatment and exploitation of ordinary people, and their sacrificing the real economy on the alter of Austerity, which means squeezing the rest of us until the pips squeak while they shake the magic money tree whenever they want to pay for anything they like the sound of.

          As for the LibDems – they’re hardly credible as a party of government, if they ever were in living memory, and now they’re tainted by their hopping into bed with the Tories – and there’s simply no need for the LibDems to play the role of ToriesLite® when Labour are doing it already so successfully.

          It is clear that this is an unstable arrangement.

          I am also persuaded that another financial crash is coming – we are seeing levels of inequality and wealth concentration that make it pretty inevitable – and after the last one, only the Icelanders did the right thing by jailing the people responsible and actually taking the job of preventing a repeat performance seriously. (We shouldn’t forget either that the Broon ripped them off big time over the Icelandic banks’ UK holdings – so much for that famous international solidarity and socialism, eh?)

          Note: this is all BEFORE the effects of Brexit are taken into account.

          What I am predicting, then, is a radical and destabilizing realignment of political forces in the rUK, with knock-on effects in Scotland even if we are independent by then. The realignment will be impelled and propelled by concurrent financial, economic, and political crises of a quite existential nature – all of which I see looming – while there is in effect a power vacuum at Westminster.

          Power vacuums are dangerous. They can let charismatic demagogues seize power, or a Boris Johnson or a Jacob Rees-Mogg.

          What I cannot predict is just how awful it is going to be. However, neither can I see how anyone can deny that we Scots are best placed to rescue ourselves from it, or that only a Scottish Government acting in the best interests of an independent Scotland can achieve it.

          The interests of the dependent Scotland we have now, the vassal State, the disregarded appendix of Anglia Magna, subject to the tyranny of the English majority and the caprices, madnesses and incompetence of a corrupt and failing regime… are no more important to the Westminster mind than the interests of Lincolnshire County Council.

          Going down with the British ship is not patriotism – it’s a suicide pact.

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      1. This is amazing. Liam Fox told @AndrewMarr9 this morning that he didn’t accept Treasury’s Brexit forecasts, because “I don’t believe it’s possible to have a 15-year time horizon on predictions of GDP.

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        1. Am I misremembering or did Fox actually tell Marr yesterday that the Japanese Premier broke off his vacation to return to Japan to meet him because of Japan’s anxiety to do trade deals with the U.K. ?

          The Fantasising Mr Fox rather than the Fantastic Mr Fox ?

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          1. It’s conceivable that Shinzō Abe did do just that, actually – if he were doing it to let Fox know in no uncertain terms that the Brexit package had bloody well better include a special deal for Nissan in Sunderland and for other Japanese interests in the UK to be protected; complaining to him about (a) the general uncertainty; (b) the inevitable disruption to their just-in-time supply chains and the delays from customs clearance procedures and infrastructure that the UK Government doesn’t seem to have even begun to anticipate; and (c) the unsustainable loss in value of Japanes investments here as the pound falls – and we ain’t seen nothing yet there.

            I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if where warned that in the absence of a very special deal in its favour, the Japanese Government is likely to dispose of its holdings in sterling while they’re still worth something, and that it will be suggesting (euphemism) to the keiretsus that they divest themselves of their UK assets too.

            That would probably provoke Fox, lying toad that he is, like all of them are, to pretend that the Japanese high heid yin came back from his hols because of Japan’s anxiety – you could put a full stop there, but – wait for it, wait for it – here comes the spin – to do “trade deals with the UK”.

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  5. I caught 30 seconds of this on my TV because I wasn’t fast enough to switch over to youtube to watch some pop videos with my breakfast.

    Andrew Marr is really, really terrible. There are better interviewers at the BBC who seem more clued up. I don’t understand how Marr commands a prime slot for political interviews. He’s just unbelievably dim and slow and poorly prepared.

    David Davis said that everyone was inflating the difficulties of NI. He said there was already a VAT border, for example. A competent interviewer would have pointed out that VAT within the EU is at the point of sale, while outwith the EU it is at the point of consumption. Leaving the EU means VAT rebates and paperwork and border infrastructure, which is not necessary now. Did Marr pick up this basic point? No.

    A competent interviewer would have pressed Davis on the Withdrawal Bill, which forbids any change to border infrastructure, be it visible or invisible. How can that be solved? Did Marr ask this question? No. He let David waffle on without challenge.

    Neither Marr nor Davis have any clue about the technical challenges we face. There is no point watching. Brexit presents an embarrassingly large target. It would not be difficult to put ministers and ex-ministers on the ropes. But every time they miss. I got more information about Brexit from the new Ladytron single.

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    1. It’s laughable how little any of them know about their briefs…

      I’ll rephrase that.

      It’s remarkable how incompetent they are.

      None of them seems to know anything.

      Rabb thinks there won’t be a sandwich shortage; Greyling wouldn’t know a lorry from a box of Maltesers.

      The Foreign Secretary doesn’t know China and Japan apart… shades of prince Philip.

      Fox really doesn’t know his arse from his armpit.

      As you say, David who was Brexit Secretary for well over a year and might have been expected to look into the NI border doesn’t know anything about it.

      Apart from Eddie Mair, the BBC interviewers are totally useless.

      I heard James Naughtie the other morning pontificating like an expert on the SNP civil war… clearly from his vantage point of London, England.

      And the prize taker has to be David Dumblebum, who really should have retired 30 years ago.

      Oh, is that “Runaway”, or “Destroying everything you touch”?


      1. Channel 4 and Sky News have had a really good Brexit. With tiny newsrooms they worked out the questions to ask and ask edthem. The BBC, the biggest news organisation in the UK by far, has spectacularly failed. I can only guess that the road to senior reporter at the BBC is much like the road to senior Westminster politician. Both are pure theatre and uncoupled to talent.

        The new Ladytron is called “The Island”. It’s a catchy return to form from the Runaway hit-makers.

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        1. I think the route to anywhere in the BBC is maintaining a good relationship with the government of the day, whose English Secretary for Culture decides if they can, or cannot, have an increase in the tv tax, and whether or not part of the BBC (like Radio 2, for example) should be privatised.

          In most, but not all cases, the actual journalism seems of a low standard, and obvious questions simply aren’t asked for fear of causing offence or embarrassment.

          John Humphries gave Damien Greene a jolly easy ride this morning, given that with Boris’s article in the Telegraph, it is hard to hide the fact that Civil War has broken out in the Tory Party.


        2. So, no mention on Radio Four or Radio Scotland of this poll.

          Angus B MacNeil MP


          Retweeted Catalans for Yes 🎗

          Did I miss it ? Never heard this on BBC Scotland morning news at all? 👇Angus B MacNeil MP added,
          Catalans for Yes 🎗

          Scottish Independence poll

          YES – 52%…
          12:09 AM – 3 Sep 2018


  6. She and boris = TWO thirds of Didly Squat.
    or any other words of no consequence.
    A sensible read on the ramblings of the dictator maybot.
    Even broonie came out with some great insight into the englandland labour party at the weekend.
    All duly reported in the declining numbers of tabloid style media outlets including sky and ebc “propaganda” transmissions.
    Yes the maybot will be very secure in her old age, comfortable speaking engagements, travel, protection officers , a large commission on her book and the continuing support of some nation that will pay out the pensions, index linked to the bestest of cpi or rpi or both. Certainly not 2/3 of didly squat, just as cameron is enjoying now along with major,brown, blair along with any of these glorious leaders I’ve forgotten.
    A Republic we must have, with real democracy, not this dustbin of the mother of parliaments version.
    Newspapers, see they’re still losing around 5 to 10% of buyers a YEAR.

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    1. Well, there will never be a republic in Britain, I reckon.

      For any meaningful change in the constitution it will be necessary to have an independent Scotland.


      1. Not in england anyway, they’re too far up their refuge disposal channel with a monarchy to ever think that the idea of an all powerful monarchy is dead.
        Although lots a english people I talk to think that it should finish with Lizzie the Last. The golden children are continually been shown as just one of Jock Tampson’s bairns with their abuse of position. The helicopter pilot courses at our expense, the helicopter trips to far away golf courses by andy sax-coberg windsor at our expense.
        The weddings, christenings, divorces and burials with full state ceremony, poor folk have to pay their own way. If you beg on the streets you get arrested, fined and thrown back out to do it again.
        But then we see how popular the family is with all the flag fliers showing the butcher’s rag.

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  7. The way this government conducts itself generally and with particular regard to Brexit is sadly too similar to the way Britain conducted the 14-18 war. A high command too arrogant and complacent to listen to those on the ground. The continuing belief that their strategy was the only way forward, ignoring the casualty reports. Constant reinforcement of failure. It was only when faced with the utter shambles of 1916 that things started to change and the old guard started to get weeded out.
    The saying attributed to the German commander Ludendorf that the British were “Lions led by donkeys” is as true then as now.
    When you pay no attention to the mistakes of the past, then you are condemned to repeat them.

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    1. Good points, George.

      Maybe, given the chaos of what’s happening at the moment, the Tories will have their 1916 moment and get rid of the old guard.

      The trouble is, who would replace them?


  8. Does it really matter Tris? A National Government that:
    1. Puts in place a moratorium on Brexit
    2. Sanctions a Scottish independence referendum.
    3. If not 2 then a Scottish Home Rule bill (at least it would be a move towards a Scottish Republic).

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    1. The trouble is, George, the most likely replacements (unless there is yet a serious contender to come forward, which there may be) are Boris, Gove, and I suppose, Mogg.

      There’s never been a hint of a more sensible person, like Soubry or Grieve (not that I like either) putting their hat in the ring.

      And as far as I can see there isn’t one of them on either side that would ever countenance anything for Scotland.

      That said, although one poll does not an independence referendum make, the one that shows YES on 52% sounds encouraging.


  9. As long as people are “subjects”,there can never be democracy.
    The UK has pretendy democracy but in reality is still a feudal state which is no longer fit for purpose minus it’s empire.
    Once free of the shackles of European courts and human rights,they can cease to pretend that ordinary people have any say in running anything in HM union.

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