37 thoughts on “DUNDEE TODAY”

    1. It was reasonably warm between 16 and 20 depending on whether the clouds were covering the sun or not. There was a fair wind down at the river though…

      But as all these things are, it was great fun. Lots of lovely people including some who recognised himself.


    1. Aye, well, them’s the breaks.

      The polis were fantastic. Big smiles and a cheery wave.

      Nice easy day for them.

      I looked for you… but I reckon you musta been sitting on another bucket, and got lifted.

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      1. I always drink 16 pints of heavy before a demo so that I can’t be lifted by the Polis.

        I heard that joke on a bus. A drunk guy got on the bus at 8am, said he’s just got out of prison and cracked the heavy joke to a busload of bored workers. I enjoyed it cos I was on my way back from a pop festival.

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  1. Oh ! marching season is upon
    Us again . Sigh …

    Me I stayed indoors drew
    ME curtains and watched reruns Of Labour Party
    Landslide wins on me
    Telly .

    The past seems a better place
    The future looks ever more grim.

    If the nats don’t get u the
    Brexiteers will .

    Hobson’s choice on steroids

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    1. I do hope we get a Scottish Labour Party worthy of the name after independence, Niko: if so, I might well vote for them. Unfortunately, I suspect it will be a long time before they recover from their really rather repellent record of incompetence, corruption, warmongering, inconsistency and illogicality, and weathervaning, gaslighting and lying to the electorate – all coupled with an overblown sense of entitlement. “Red Tories” really is the right term for them: socialist principles have become so rare among them that they’re on the IUCN Red List.

      Did I mention the constant mutual backstabbing, the factionalism and the raging intraparty civil wars? No? Well at least I got through it all without once mentioning antisemitism or Momentum, for which you should probably be profoundly grateful.

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  2. Quite a good natured crowd. I liked the way the anti-man got drowned out by the whistles. So many of the marches waving to the protesters.

    Lots of locals watching the march (and joining in the singing to 500 miles to the chap with the speaker) as we made our way down along Nethergate and down Roseangle.

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    1. Yep, and then “I don;t understand why we let someone else rule our land…”

      Sorry we didn’t meet up Marcia.

      Did your unionist friend mind all the music and singing?

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  3. It was great. I was there. It felt like I was taking part in the making of history.

    I wrote about in a comment, which I put under Soppy Sunday. My bad, I didn’t check where Tris was up to with his blogging first. It’s dull as ditchwater, so don’t bother looking for it.

    I heard 16 and a half thousand, but of course Scotland in Union were filming us, so we can reliably expect them (koff) to provide us with the (koff koff) exact figure (koff koff koff).

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    1. They’ll probably say over 1000. It’s what the BBC usually does.

      It’s not actually a lie. There were more than 1000.

      BTW, Ed’s account isn’t in the least dull… So go read it.


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