Poster for AUOB walk in Dundee From Baxter Park leaving 12.45 to Magdalen Green


Cloudy windy dry & even warmish 17° rising to 19° & feeling 15° rising to 19°.

Before the walk, there’s a 5% chance of rain, but 0% for the walk.

A rather blowy 22-24MPH wind, so the flags should look grand.


Munguin will be there, of course, along with Tris, his faithful retainer.

Hopefully, we shall see you there.

The march sets off from Baxter Park at 12.45, but the organisers want people there a bit earlier than that. So Munguin may be persuaded to rise a little earlier than his normal noon, and, hopefully,  we’ll be at the pavilion in the centre of the park from around 12.15 to 12.30.

Munguin will be delighted to make your acquaintance if you want to pop over. He’s a bit like the First Minister. He is quite prepared to hug! And, remember, it will be a great honour for you to meet him!!!!!

If you don’t make it to Baxter Park for the march, we may see you at Magdalen Green.

Here is hoping for a good turn out. Dundee was YES CITY in the referendum… let’s show them that we still are.

Image result for baxter park pavilion

At Inverness march a few weeks ago, there was a small band of unionists involved in a counter-demonstration. And I read that Scotland in Union was asking for people to come to a similar demonstration in Dundee. Although Conservative politicians have said that they would not be participating (for obvious reasons), there may be others bussed in by Scotland in Union.

This is completely legitimate. They have as much right to demonstrate for their union as we have to march against it. Let’s treat them with respect, regardless of how they treat us, and not rise to the bait of any provocation, the like of which was seen in Inverness.

AUOB marches, and indeed the independence movement in general, are known for being peaceful and good-natured. This is a great image for our movement.  So smile and be cheerful and let any hate come from them to us, and not in the opposite direction.

A note of caution. In light of the news that British Unionist, Peter Morgan, a regular protester at the independence marches, has been jailed for 12 years for plotting terrorist attacks in Scotland, and a tweet from John Ferguson (below), don’t be backwards at taking photos of anyone making personal threats, and be prepared to report anything like that to the Police.

This makes the threat that I received slightly concerning. It was from one very excitable older unionist woman protester at the Inverness AUOB Indy march when she pointed the finger at me and told me they knew who I was and they would get me’ wonder who they are?



Have a great day, everyone.


  1. Re your comment about our exemplary behaviour so far. I totally agree as most of us smile and say it’s nice to see them again to come out (and swell the crowd of well wishers!).

    However what concerns me is the possibility they use ‘fifth columnists’ in our midst to stoke up trouble, especially if they are arranging for other parties to be there.

    After Inverness, I heard one of them boasting on the train about their foray against ‘the great unwashed’.

    Take care and be watchful, as they do not like peaceful revolutions, since, historically, the ‘Empire’ loses.

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  2. Have fun.

    Remember if you’re on public land you’re quite entitled to film anyone you like.

    Works both ways & the more people who film the SiU racist/bigots the better as they’re bound to do/say something stupid.

    Also be prepared to see plain clothes Met political police taking full face photos of as many of you as they can.

    I’d be somewhat wary of photographing them back unless its done en-masse by people on the march.

    Lots of people on marches in other parts of the country have found that isn’t a good idea unless you want to spend most of your day in a police van while they search your phone/accounts without a warrant.

    Mainly just have fun. I’m hoping to get up for the last AUOB march even though its in Edinburgh (sorry but I can’t stand the place, never could).

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    1. Noted.

      Bit steep though if they are police officers in our country in plain clothes… I mean, hows are we supposed to know that they aren’t tourists, or lads on a day out…

      Anyway, we’ll be in Edinburgh too. So maybe see you there.


  3. Good luck folks avoiding the SuI crowd and stay safe. Gutted I won’t have a chance to meet Munguin and that other fellow/butler/gardener but I hope there is a great crowd and a great atmosphere.

    Penguins for independence

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    1. Munguin will be carrying the Antarctica flag.

      Antarctica for Independence

      Munguin says he hopes to see you in Edinburgh, although he will probably spend most of his time with Nicoloa Sturgeon when he’s in the capital… as you would expect.

      The factotum will be very happy to see you though.


  4. I was at that 2012 rally – I remember the cheer that went up when the union fleg protestors (all two of them) got their marching orders. 😄

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    1. If I remember rightly, one of them was that bomber bloke Morgan, who got lifted by the polis. There was a rather unfortunate pic of his the other day on Twitter, but I can’t find it, where the polis were holding him, he was struggling and we caught more than a glimpse of his Fred Flintstone underwear.

      The bloke on Twitter suggested that they would go down well… if you take my meaning, hmmmm… in the pokey.


  5. Being entirely at the wrong end of Britain, I sadly regret I can’t attend. Would love to though. So as others have said, stay happy, stay safe, and have lotsa fun 🙂
    And gie Munguin a virtual hug from yours truly 😉

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                    1. LOL… Lovely!

                      But no, Munguin is an animal of infinite refinement. Ask anyone who knows him.

                      Easily satisfied with the best.


  6. You should get a good view from your house if I remember you saying you lived near Baxter Park. I think I will join it in Reform Street. Quite a bit longer march than I expected. My unionist friend who lives near the end of the walk at Riverside will get a wee shock when far more than 10,000 expected will turn up to show them that Yes is alive and kicking.

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    1. I’ve no distance at all to go, thank heavens.

      Give us a shout if you see us, Munguin will be there, we’ll have an Antarctica Flag and I’ll have a Munguin t shirt on.

      🙂 Hugs to your unionist mate. We’ll be as good as gold.


  7. “All our Yesterdays” will appear later on Sunday, due to pressure of work, making flags and getting Munguin spruced up for his public…

    As they always, rather amusingly say in circumstances like this…

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

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    1. OK. I relented. I knew I had all the stuff saved, so it didn’t take long to put it together and I know some people actually enjoy it. The flags were a bit easier than I anticipated… so enjoy All Our Yesterdays…


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