24 thoughts on “WHO WOULD THIS BE THEN?”

  1. Is it the country that hates it when they go on holiday to Benidorm and find it full of Spanish people? Is it the country that wanted to end free movement but then got angry at the thought they might have to pay for visas to go Europe? Is it the country that doesn;t want to be an EU vassal state but treats three of its four members like vassal states?

    Bet it is

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  2. The woman who complained about too many Spanish people in Spain has been, I hear, given compensation by the holiday company. Help me somebody, I think I have been transported to a parallel universe where nothing makes sense. Next she is coming to Scotland to complain about there being too many Scots….. I hope I meet her and am given a chance to confirm how much I hate small minded Little Englanders.
    For any of our English readers, let me assure you that I do not hate all English people, just people like her and all the Brexit voting brainless racists. Is there anything positive we can say about this woman? I think not.

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    1. East Neuker, I understand she got compensation from the company because of a problem with flights, not because there were too many Spaniards in Spain. Maybe she could use the compen to help pay for a holiday in Italy – she won’t meet nearly as many Spaniards there 🙂

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    2. Oh,ho,I went off to sunny Spain-
      Y viva España!
      But as soon as I was off the plane
      and got to my poolside cabaña,
      there were hordes and hordes of Spanish folk
      and you just can’t understand them, can ya?
      Believe me, mate, it ain’t no joke
      Well, they can stuff their España!
      So if you want some lovely fish and chips or
      a pint of English beer,
      go to Blackpool, por favor
      just don’t come over here –

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  3. Yes and a few changes to their pension arrangements possibly coming their way.
    UK citizens living in the EU are entitled to have index linking on their state pension.
    Will that continue post Brexit?
    Also noises being made about ALL British pensions having to be paid into a bank in the UK and then transferred to the country of residence with the undoubted costs incurred.
    Many will conclude that they will be better off returning to Blighty.

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    1. I wondered about the pension arrangements.

      People outside the union don’t get pay rises and don’t get winter payments. Which is wrong, because they paid for their pensions, but none the less, that’s how it is.

      If they do, I hope the NHS can take the strain.


        1. yip lots of cute orangutans tonight or when it appears on catch up which is generally soon afterwards. Really looking forward to it. And just when the Scottish great apes are going back to school too. Though they aren’t as cute (steps back awaiting pelters!) though a fair number are ginger.

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    1. You had to read quite far down the tedious story to get to what Thomas Cook had said.

      Earlier she gave the impression that she was getting compensation for the fact that there were Spanish people in Spain.

      She sounds like a complete twerp to me.


  4. I would be wary of the validity of the stats. A British subject ( for we urny citizens ) is someone with a UK passport. They may never have set foot here. It does not mean that 4.9 million people who were born here have upped sticks and moved. Merely that 4.9 million passport holders dont reside on these islands.

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