25 thoughts on “I JUST CAN’T BEGIN TO COMMENT”

    1. I know they are rich, but why is it that the Saudis can do no wrong, when in fact they are behind so much evil.

      How can May, supposedly a devout Christian, allow UK to be involved in this?

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  1. Is this what Better Together is all about?

    Is this what Feartie thinks is right and proper?

    Are we all proud yet of the annual massive arms sales we have to those murderous Saudi’s get … I know I’m sick to the bottom of my stomach over Feartie’s complete inaction over Saudi daily mass murders.

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    1. Appropriate.

      I know there are two sides to all conflicts and there are rebels in Yemen. I’m not pretending I understand the situation.

      But for sure, killing children is something I’d have hoped the Brits would have got over 50 years ago.

      So ashamed. So sad.


  2. Nice tweet from Aamer Anwar top Theresa May:

    Aamer Anwar 🎗 🌹 Retweeted The New York Times
    War-crime by our allies Saudis 🇸🇦 whom we sell weapons & bombs to, describe murder of 29 children in school bus in #Yemen as a ‘legitimate military operation’ still waiting for ur outrage, recall of ambassador, demand for sanctions @theresa_may #SpinelessHypocriteAamer Anwar 🎗 🌹 added,
    The New York Times
    Verified account

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  3. Having worked and hence lived in Saudi I can tell you that I saw areas of deprived populations in the country.
    In one town just south of Jubail they didn’t have metalled roads, lighting, power, water or sewage disposal, they were not of the ruling families religion, they were Muslim.
    In the town of Hafar Al Batin, there was an area of packing case dwellings, yes wooden huts, and other areas of walled-in very large villas.
    Fuel for a car was 6 cents a litre, water was ONE Riyal a litre.
    The Saudi military are killing fellow muslims but not mentioned in the EBC.
    Yes ,hypocracy.
    We had indian contractor working on an overhaul of a electrical generator who was overcome in the heat, we called for an ambulance, it turned up, the saudi crew wouldn’t treat the man, not company staff, not allowed in the ambulance.
    I was horrified at their conduct. They carried the Red Crescent emblem.

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    1. Oh yeah. A bit like Britain and the USA, VAST riches at the top, grinding poverty at the bottom.

      I just read about a woman in England who had gone without food herself for 6 days, so that her kids cold have something to eat during the school holidays.

      I’ve been a traveller all my life. O love being somewhere new and there aren’t many countries that I wouldn’t want to visit. But Saudi and Israel come immediately to mind as places you wouldn’t get me in a heartbeat.

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      1. A couple of points.
        I witnessed the desert bloom in January when the rain came, grass grew very quickly.
        The real arab turned up with his family and animals as the rain started, put up black tents made from camel skins and used the grass then moved on.
        I’ll always remember sitting drinking coffee with a real arab and communicating in signs, my small arabic and his families little english. Lasted just over 2 weeks and then they were gone. He returned when I was still in the area the following year and would not accept my attempt to return his generosity, I was his guest. Just a man getting on with what life had dealt him.

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        1. I’ve found, Dave, on my travels, that everywhere I’ve been most people are nice, and some people are not.

          Almost invariably it is the poorer people who are the nicest.

          Certainly it is Arab tradition to offer hospitality with no demand of reciprocation.

          I remember in France we had a neighbour who was Moroccan. He was incredibly kind to me, who was new to the country and knew almost nothing…
          I complimented him on a picture in his house and he took it down and offered it to me… Later I was told that that was the custom. If you admire something, you were given it.

          Kind, warm, lovely human.

          It is the regime in Saudi that I detest, and I get seriously angry that our successive UK governments fawn over these creeps.


  4. Good to see channel four being so direct and exposing the uk governments involvment in this odious affair….time flyers, posters, bus stances were used to highlight this corruption…we need out of this Union on so many levels….

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    1. Channel Four is … and has been for years… a far more reliable source of news than the BBC or any of our newspapers, with I think, the exception of the FT!


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