Arlene Foster (Niall Carson/PA)

Just eight hours after telling us that the proposed Irish Language Act (which is keeping the NI Assembly from functioning, and facilitating direct rule of the province from England)  was non-negotiable, Orange Arlene the Dinosaur Denier, said that “Red lines shouldn’t be placed above needs of the public”.

I don’t know who her god is, but presumably, she believes that he made the world and everything in it (including the Irish Language) in 6 days.

“So God looked at all he had done and saw that it was good, except for the pesky Irish Language, which clearly Satan had slipped in while he was on a coffee break.” Jeeeez.


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Israeli opposition leader, Isacc Herzog, has said that Israel is fast becoming a Fascist state. Oh well, I guess he’s another one of these anti-Semitic blokes going about, eh?



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After all the fuss that Labour and the idiot Murdo made about the Queensferry Crossing, it was, according to Audit Scotland, a well-managed project that came in under budget, although it opened later than anticipated due to worse than expected winter weather.

Auditor General Caroline Gardner said: “There is much the public sector can learn from the way Transport Scotland managed the project and it’s important that the good practice is shared more widely.

“The management of the project delivered value for money and achieved its overall aim of maintaining a reliable road link between Fife and the Lothians.

“Transport Scotland now needs to produce a clearer plan about how it will measure the success of the project’s wider benefits, including its contribution to economic growth and improved public transport links.”

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson welcomed the report’s findings and said a full post-project evaluation was planned for later in the year.



Apparently, they were daft enough to let Fluffy be a spokesman for the British Government on the Today Programme. Also apparently, he said absolutely nothing that was even half ways intelligible. Incidentally, BBC’s Today programme has lost 800,000 listeners. The decline in numbers comes amid criticism of the flagship Radio 4 show as it becomes a Tory propaganda broadcast. Fluffy ain’t going to put the numbers up again though!



While ScotRail continues to run the most reliable service in the UK, Southern Rail’s timetable has apparently won the Man Booker Prize for fiction.


Anyone not thinking about eating rats must be anti-food.



34 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. I am curious as to why they need the army on standby to deliver food and medicine.
    Don’t we have existing infrastructure which does this?
    The supermarkets “stockpile” supplies in centrally located warehouses,e.g. Tesco in Livingston from where it is distributed to stores around the country.
    I suspect the army is on standby for other purposes and that along with the “accidently walking to a hard Brexit” being spouted by Hunt etc just B/S to pretend that all is under control and nothing to worry about.
    ALL of this is down to England’s Tories.
    They are responsible,no one else.

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    1. Military logistics personnel will control and monitor the stocks and distribution of food stuffs to and from these centrally located warehouses. Squaddies won’t be driving the lorries or the fork-trucks, but they’ll be auditing and verifying the movement of goods
      It’s pretty much the same civil defense plan that existed in the late fifties/early sixties during the cold war. Why do you think the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland is a Colonel in the TA?

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      1. Well something like that is so open to corruption, tat someone has to oversee it.

        Still can’t imagine Boris Johnson only getting his 2 oz of butter for the week, or 1 egg.


  2. I see the Royal College of Midwives is recommending that the provision of Baby Boxes should be rolled out accross the rest of the UK.

    Is there no end to the callous cruelty of Tory Britain? Don’t the heartless fiends realise they’ll be consigning helpless new born babes accross the country to an agonising fiery death if the box is left sitting on a lit welding torch.

    SNP Baad or what?

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      1. The thing is, with Baby Boxes now being recommended for use in England, but the Midwives’organisation, never mind the fact that if you turn a blowtorch on them they might catch fire, there are a lot of these people having to swallow hard.


        1. It doesn’t matter to those folk Tris, the headlines at the time said it all – there are no banner headlines saying midwives are SNP puppets in the English press now, are there?

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          1. “They are without honour”. As lieutenant Worf would say, but I don’t think Klingons read the Scottish Sun even though they share physical characteristics with its readership.

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              1. *Note. I was a librarian in a wee village before the internet.
                I was asked about a lot of stuff.
                The asked for Latin translations tended to stick, not so much the Klingon ones.

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          2. Fortunately, the internet has a long memory, and some of these tweets are being retweeted with a variety of disparaging expletives appended.

            Politicians are yet to catch on to the face that what you said on Twitter simply never goes away, no matter how much you want it to.

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  3. These stories of Kings, knights, lords and commoners are only to be found in books of auld.
    Their idea of society is “Gone with the Winds of Change”, certainly the flat earthers of 2 centuries ago are and will die out.
    The governor of the BoE is starting to think we are about to crash out of the Union, meanwhile the Maybot and her crew are all around the world trying to Divide and Conquer. No chance, the Mundell was totally out of his depth on R4 even with the very kind interviewing technique used instead of the usual aggressive talk over used for non englandland nationalists.
    The game is surely up, where are they going to get the troops to keep us in check, hell they’re not feeding the likely recruits, food banks are running out in our SIXTH biggest economy in the universe. Some government that can’t plan for the school holidays, free school meals only during term time, the summer holidays are 7 weeks and start in Scotland 3 weeks before englandland.
    Do these plonkers not realise that the 27 are standing as one.
    Frankly my dear they don’t give a ………
    Onward to freedom


    1. We were just talking about what a backward place the UK is, full of lords and knights and ladies and dragons and… well, you know the stuff. Tradition is more important than anything else.

      Certainly more important than kids having enough to eat.

      We responded to an appeal from Foodbanks on Twitter and did a shop for one of our local ones tonight.

      It’s just as well people are generous in the UK, because the Maybot’s government is not.

      I missed most of the governor’s interview this morning, but I hear it caused a stir.

      Fortunately, I missed all of the Muddle one.

      That man would be out of his depth in a bird bath.


  4. New movie
    The fluffie movie, ask a question, get a muddled answer.
    Ask for an explanation of how we’re going to increase our exports to New Zealand from £1b a year to £120b.
    Answer from the muddled fluffie
    We are giving them the opportunity to buy our high quality produce, a golden era just like before, rest of it was recycled briefing notes which you can’t fault as it is meaningless.
    NIK says “I understand that but why would you stop trading with the biggest market right next door and try to get NewZealand to import things that will take 6 weeks to deliver” no answer, repeat phrase one.
    Nik, the friend of Alex, gave up.
    Recorded interview was used on radio shortbread later with someone else asking the same questions, replay the propaganda interview.
    Glad I’m giving it up, listen to recorded music in the main now, without the talk.

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