A Short Musical Interlude with Panda Paws

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With the farce of the UK government and the recent presidential visit you could be forgiven for thinking you had jokers to the left of you and jokers to the right and Here I am Stuck in the Middle with You. The orange faced one left Scotland for Helsinki and boy was that an illustration of how the Fool on the Hill really is Putin’s Puppet on a String.

So, what of us here in Caledonia?

We face a no deal Brexit we didn’t vote for. We’ve not yet left but already there is a shortage of migrant workers meaning soft fruit is rotting unpicked. We can’t assume there will be Strawberry Fields Forever. When we do leave continental travel will be dearer and more difficult; it won’t be as easy to visit Vienna or Club Tropicana.   A hard Brexit will be a disaster. At best The Road to Nowhere, at worst The Road to Hell.

We have an escape route if only we can grasp it – independence. But we have to convince No voters to come to Yes across the country by reaching out to them. Perhaps some may travel Over the Sea to Skye (by boat!). Others staying local going Downtown (especially for Tris!) and talking to the Common People. We need to welcome No voters. They thought they were doing the right thing, so reassure them You’ll Never Walk Alone.

There is no longer any Status Quo. It will be tough either way but with independence, the future will be in our own hands. There Will Always be an England. But whilst they want to pull up the drawbridge at the White Cliffs of Dover, Scotland wants to remain in the EU trading freely, not relying on selling jam and Jerusalem to anyone who ’ll buy it – with WTO tariffs!

We Gotta to Get Out of This Place. People don’t like change, it scares them but change is coming anyway. So, we have to stop being fearties. It’s time for Scotland the Brave.



Iron Lady made of  Papier Mâché
So, how many dead for Brexit?
Aye, the trouble is that most of them will be Mr Bun the Baker.


Well, that’s a relief.
You just stick to what you’re best at mate, drinking and smoking.
Pity that the easiest thing in human history is proving too hard for you, you bloody disgrace.
How long before they are calling on us to display the Dunkirk Spirit?
br boris eu
Well, well…
So Davis has gone, but is his replacement any less ridiculous?
And, talking of ridiculous…
Yes, Lord Bramall, it is. Indeed it is.
Stunning. What did she promise Dacre for that? Lord Dacre of Brexit?
And today they managed to make their own policies illegal…
Oh yes. Let’s be like Denmark.


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Morning all. Is it Sunday again?  Well, off you go and see what Tris has found for you this week… We’ll be along later. We’re waiting for the bus here.
n thistle
Thistle I saw in the car park at Sainsbury.  It was grateful to share a bottle of water with me.
n alabama hills ca
Alabama Hill is in… California. (A Funny lot these Americans!)
n london
London by night.
n munguin street
Munguin is cross that the French seem unable to spell his name correctly, but thanks them for the honour, quand même! (Merci à Bugger Le Panda).
n calf
Who’s a sleepy wee calf?
n cat3
I wish the humans would get these things fixed. My leg keeps falling through the holes.
n fox1
The nice kind of Fox that doesn’t go around embarrassing himself crawling up Trump’s backside.
n chics
They look slightly unhappy, don’t they?
n desert
I’d like some of them for the garden.
n dogs
Yes, and what is it that you were wanting?
n hedge
What really good advice.
n catfight
Nine of out ten cats do what?
n light
I was just thinking that it seems like forever since I saw lightning
n poseidon
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I hear that Tris buys blueberry muffins for the mice in Munguin’s garden. Can I come and live there too. I like blueberry muffins.
n woof
Oh… me too.
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I think they are wondering where the piano is…
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Some folk have funny best mates, eh Croc?
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That’s it. We’re off on an away day to protest at Donald Trump. This was the best bus we could hire at the price. We’ll see you next week then, OK?


Not quite Soppy Sunday yet, but I thought you might appreciate this…


I’m mindful of what my friend, Bruce, said in the last post, and I want to make it very clear that I’m not disrespecting the United States of America in this post. No more than I would disrespect the marvellous people of Hungary by calling Victor Orban an odious right-wing, racist bucket of cow dung.

But a man who locks up little children, separating them from their parents, and makes them appear in court alone and working in a foreign language, is lower than a snake’s belly. I won’t show him respect.

And that’s not his only failings. He’s a racist and a sex pest who brags about what he gets up to because of his money and position… I could go on, but you know it all already.

I know he doesn’t represent the people of the USA. Not the ones I’ve met anyway. He’s an embarrassment to them.

So America, no insult to YOU or yours intended.

Just one word. Please keep the protest peaceful. We’re better than violence.

Met in England by Liam Fox, the man you’d cross a continent to avoid, and in Scotland by Fluffy, a man you’d traverse the universe to avoid.  Seems he’s getting the real works.
I think there’s going to be a shortage of orange ink, crayons and paint buy the end of this weekend.


police camp beds.
While Trump and his entourage are being wined and dined on the very best that the Brits can afford, and Trump is put up in palaces with four-poster beds and all, the police who are there to look after him in England, were made to sleep in this last night. If you can afford to crawl all over Trump, you can afford enough space for the police that if they stretch in the middle of the night, they won’t be in someone else’s bed.
Aww, isn’t it sweet? No, you’re right. It’s sickening.
Seen in a Dundee cake shop. Just not sure I’d want to eat that.
Nice peaceful protest from these young hooligans.
Nigel Farage is running after Trump like a waling adolescent after a boy band. Poor Nigel was apparently turned away at the US Embassy, despite sobbing his little heart out.
Tell him one has gorn ite and won’t be beck until he’s well and truly in Scotland.
The Brits really like me… he said. No, really we don’t, you dumb ass.


Dear Richard Leonard

Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland on Friday is unwanted. Nicola Sturgeon must ensure the Scottish Government-owned Prestwick Airport is not used to facilitate his trip. We can send a message around the world that neither he nor his politics are welcome here.

In the first weeks of your term as Temporary Branch Supervisor (Scotland) of the British Labour Party, it wasn’t unreasonable that you made some mistakes and mixed up what powers were available to Scotland, the Scottish Parliament, and the Scottish Government. New shoes need wearing in and all that.

But you must be at least halfway through your tenure now, and it seems that you are still unsure and unclear about the powers that Edinburgh has.

Don’t misunderstand me, all here at Munguin’s New Republic would love to see this awful man barred from spending holiday time in Scotland. Our police have better things to do that protect people like him, and it’s not like he will spend any of his alleged billions here… but there are facts to consider.

Firstly, if the president of the United States has been invited to the UK by the British Prime Minister and the head of state, and May and the queen have raised no objection to him spending some holiday time (or business time) at his golf resort in Scotland during that visit, the First Minister is in no position to stop him from doing so.

Secondly, even if she did have the power to stop Trump from Landing a the civilian airport at Prestwick (and she doesn’t because relations with foreign heads of government are largely a reserved responsibility, as is, as far as I know, air traffic control), she most assuredly wouldn’t have the power to stop him being greeted by HM Secretary of State for Scotland in HMS Gannet, the military part of the airport, which is run by the UK government.

Your party knows this part of the airport well, as it would have been the part used by your senior colleague, Jack Straw, when he was organising rendition flights. Remember that?

Now, aren’t you glad you are not the First Minister?

What an ass you would have made of yourself, and of Scotland, had you been.

Yours sincerely


Munguin’s New Republic.


In Northern Ireland, the Eleventh Night or 11th Night refers to the night before the Twelfth of July, a yearly Ulster Protestant celebration. On this night, large towering bonfires are lit in many Protestant/loyalist neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland and are often accompanied by street parties.[1]

The bonfires are mostly made up of wooden pallets and tyres, with some reaching over 100 ft tall.[2]The event has been condemned for displays of sectarian or ethnic hatred, anti-social behaviour, and for the damage and pollution caused by the fires. The flag of IrelandIrish nationalist/republican symbols, Catholic symbols, and effigies, are burnt on many bonfires. 

So says Wikipedia.

It seems that their building skills leave something to be desired.

These things can be devilishly dangerous.


I’d not care for that too close to my home.

Must smell pretty unpleasant too.

But most of all… today of all days does it remind you of anything?


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In other news, the man that broke the English Health Service is now the Foreign Secretary. I suppose that’s good news for users of their Health Service…well unless Esther McVey gets his job in which case they should probably all write their wills.