Lloyds of Brussels?

Oh, and I’ve just noticed that Dominic Raab, the newly appointed Brexit Secretary, isn’t actually going to be Brexit Secretary… I mean he’s still going to have the title, the salary and the car and be called Rt Hon and all, he’s just not actually going to be doing Brexit. So it didn’t take them long to find out he was a useless whatsit.

No, don’t look at me like that. This is Britain. It’s all totally possible.

Anyway, wait for the exciting news. Mrs May is going to take over the negotiations herself (because she’s so good at this stuff).

Anyway, you might say that “Brexit means Brexit”, but you can’t say the “Brexit Secretary means Brexit Secretary”.

It’s a funny old world, ain’t it just!

Image result for david mundell
Seriously though… did you ever read so much unbelievable guff? “Simple” is the only word I can see in there that even vaguely connects with the Tories.

I wonder, with all this leisure time on his hands, if Dom will be taking over the tea duties from Fluffs…

Patronising BT lady: "I'm stockpiling cereal."

Or maybe he’s the one that will be doing the stockpiling of food. The Rt Hon Secretary of State for Warehouses, Workhouses and Ration Books for the deserving poor?

It gets more surreal by the minute.


  1. John Nelson’s letter is absolutely spot on both about the dire consequences of Brexit and the dishonesty of a majority of Westminster politicians. His letter, however, says nothing that I (and I’m sure most followers of Munguin) did not already know. Sometimes it’s no comfort to have your views confirmed. The UK is galloping towards an unmitigated catastrophe yet, it seems to me, that still a majority of the population and, of course, almost all of the mainstream media blithely ignore what is heading our way. Start packing the cupboards with tins and dried goods, folks…while you can still afford them. I think that the weather, the shortage of foreign agricultural workers and the post-Brexit tariffs will see food prices rocket. Oh, and there won’t be any of that rocket for your salad – you won’t be able to afford it. Ah well, maybe at last we’ll have an answer to the obesity “crisis”.

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    1. I also expect that, in the event that shortages are anything like as bad as predicted, which will not surprise me, there will be an upsurge in “food crime” and black marketeering. I think freezers in garages will be seen as soft targets, as will vegetable gardens or allotments. I also foresee a rise in, for want of a better term, “rustling”, sheep stealing. If we are really going to recreate the glory days of Britain, the modern day Pte Walker is going to be one of the big winners.

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      1. Don’t panic…

        If we turn the gardens into vegetable patches, we’ll probably have to employ someone to guard them 24/7. So that will create jobs.

        Seriously though, if it is that bad, you are right. People are not used to going without. They won’t take well to it.


  2. Everyone I speak to tells me it can’t happen, the powers that be will come to their senses, a no deal Brexit just isn’t on the cards because nobody wants that except the loonies. It’s not in the national interest, nor is it desired by Europe so at some point, at the last minute, the eleventh hour, it’s going to get sorted.

    I’m feeling in the minority here, because I don’t possess the faith that everyone around me seems to have. I really hope that I’m wrong, that my negativity is leading me to false conclusions.

    The trouble is I don’t have faith in the English political system, I don’t trust them to act in my interest because I live in a different country, in a different culture.

    I don’t have faith because if, as the polls suggest, over half my countrymen don’t wise up and vote for independence then my future, my families and everyone else’s is very bleak. The establishment forces that brought this crisis upon us will still be with us regardless of the outcome and if the U.K. survives as an entity, we will be in their thrall.

    I don’t have faith that it’ll get sorted, that we won’t all be scrabbling for stuff. The behaviour of folk in my local Sainsbury’s during the late snow this year doesn’t give me any confidence that we’ll all pull together in a crisis. It’ll be every man for himself.

    I wish I had faith in the system, in the self interest of big business to not let the cliff edge happen but I just don’t. That’s because there’s a whole other side of big business that will benefit from our strife.

    I will be as happy as a pig in shit if I’m proved wrong btw.

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    1. Yes… all that pulling together and broad shoulders and we’re all one…

      Right out the window.

      Everyone tells me the same thing… my mum (who is rarely wrong), friends… It won’t be this bad. And I believe that it won’t be THIS bad, but it will be bad, and I don’t want that all for nothing.

      I don’t mind a bit of hardship for something worth having, but for a perma-Tory right wing authoritarian government in the UK sealed off from the world… No thanks.

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  3. Good news Tris.

    My first container deliveries arrive later this week. One container is stuffed full to the gunnels with Irn Bru and the other one is similarly stuffed with pop corn. Other containers are scheduled to arrive later on over the next few months. 😉

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      1. Nah … just starting my food stockpiling early.
        I’m getting a jump on the rest of the Brexiteer voting numpties!


            1. D’you think Humza likes Vimto? I’ve put so many cases of it under my bed that I crack my head on the ceiling when I sneeze. I’m also saving all my medication so I can survive the Brexocalypse, assuming I’m still alive by then.

              Am saving the chocolate coins to use for barter.

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  4. Mundell (May 2016): Leaving the EU would be a disaster for Scotland.
    Mundell (July 2018): A no deal Brexit is better than breaking up the UK.

    What on earth is this balloon on?

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      1. Oh, and i thought it was stupidity, not drink. He’ll probably get to be an aristocrat for real one these days. Make the tea in the Lords.


          1. They’re in for a treat then. I have it on good authority that he is a wizz with the teapot.

            Not much else though… And hopelessly inadequate when it comes to coffee.



        1. It occurs to me that our redoubtable (cof) and honourable (cof cof) Secretary of State for BritNat Propaganda is not so much a hot-air balloon as an empty vessel making most noise. There really is no point in listening to the man at all – and a lot to be said for not dealing with him on an official basis at all. He should be denounced and censured for his craven behaviour and his many lies, not listened to respectfully. Ever.

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  5. We’ve had 10 years of austerity with no end , we will have at least 10 years of WTO rules with no trade deals anywhere within 7 years , austerity will continue on top of that , what will it take for people to get it . Brexit will take the UK back to the 19th century and just like the 19th century mortality rates will rocket . No Meds , rationing , millions of jobs loses with universal credit looming , and still half of Scotland in denial about independence . We now find it will be illegal to pay pensioners living abroad their pension if its a no deal Brexit , that means a lot of OAP ‘s coming back angry , skint and nowhere to live , putting even more pressure on a system that is going to crash and burn . So what are the media doing , protecting those that caused the problem , politicians blaming anybody and everybody apart from themselves . And the best the Tories blaming the EU for the UK leaving with no deal , and people believe it !!!


    1. That all sounds about right.

      It’s a bit scary really.

      Still I’m sure there will be a royal wedding coming up, then another birth. That will keep the peasantry happy.


  6. So just to be clear here Tris we have had quite a few “news” announcements recently. I thought I’d list a few in case you missed them.

    1) Raab is no longer leading the Brexit negotiations … Feartie and her side kick Robbins are.
    2) Spaceport “promised” to Scotland … how long before it is CANCELLED
    3) Carbon Capture “promised” to Scotland … AGAIN *YAWN* … how long before this promise is CANCELLED
    4) Type 31e Frigate building cancelled … not enough compliant applications received by M.O.D.
    5) Tory government “might” start to stockpile food
    6) Tories have lost one of their DUP mates for at least 30 days possibly longer
    7) Government argue in Supreme Court along POLITICAL lines apparently in a court of LAW
    8) David Duguid and Douglas Ross have allegedly been found to have supplied different addresses etc for the Dark Money they received
    9) P&O apparently recently announced they would be “interested” in investigating the possibility of operating ferry routes from Scotland to Europe.
    10) R.A.F. Scampton, the base of the Red Arrows and the base from which 617 Squadron took off from on their famous Dams raid is to be sold to be used to build a housing estate

    Turmoil does not even begin to explain the current situation within the Tory party in my view.


  7. At the risk of being repetitive, I have been boring people, and getting accused of scaremongering, since the E.U referendum result that the tories do have a plan, and the present situation proves, almost, that it’s all going swimmingly.
    They, the tories, supported by their red colleagues, who are an even bigger disgrace with their pretend concern for the masses, which is entirely false, have no empathy, sympathy, call it what you like, for the plight real people will face when this entirely unnecessary farce is enacted.
    While I am of the opinion that we must have a second independence referendum before the 29th, March, 2019, and hopefully win, it still wont insulate us from the fallout, that is the economic and social catastrophe that is about to befall the countries of the U.K. The best we can hope for is that in the care of a strong S.N.P Scottish Government the damage can be minimised, but I fear for future generations of Scots if they are left at the mercy of an uncaring unionist administration at Westminster, of whatever hue, if we do not, this time, take the opportunity to become an independent nation once again.

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    1. Well, Alex, at least under a strong SNP government in Edinburgh, there is a very good chance that whatever policies they come up with will be for the benefits of the Scottish people, and not for the ruling elites in pampered houses of parliament and royal palaces, gentlemen’s club and elite tennis grounds.

      Everyone will suffer from this. From Iceland to Greece, from Estonia to Portugal. But the UK will be worst hit.

      We have a way out, please let’s take it.


      1. Will we have a Scottish Government to initiate an independence referendum is the question that worries me? I’ve heard that the British gov might declare a state of emergency that would involve closing down the devolved assemblies. I have no idea if this is true, how long it would last or if it’s just rumour/speculation but I don’t think we can take anything for granted.

        Mundells new office in Edinburgh is evidence that Unionist sponsored skullduggery is already under way.

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        1. Well, that’s a point. State of Emergency can mean losing all rights… then will we ever get them back? Remember the Tories hated the idea of devolution.

          Yes, it worries me that someone as completely useless as Muddle will have that much power, directed in his every movement by the horrendous Maybot.

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        2. Shutting down Holyrood is possibly the one thing the Westminster regime could do that would unite the largest possible number of Scots in opposition to it. It really would lead to a stand-off with mass demonstrations / civil disobedience … you can imagine the scenario. At worst, Westminster might be so stupid, intransigent and tone-deaf that they’d send in the troops, but I would hope – rather than expect – that the army would refuse to be used against unarmed civilians.

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  8. For those of you stocking up or trying to learn new skills then
    a) watch youtube videos from “Home Grown Veg”, growing veggies in pots among other things, helpful if you have limited outdoor space,
    b) learn how to make beer, it’s actually very easy
    http://www.innhousebrewery.co.uk, I am currently doing my first trial run and it’s hugely cheaper than buying at the offsales. Also has the advantage of being able to store the ingredients in a small space and then make it as and when you need it.

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    1. My dad made his own beer.

      Trouble was it was disgusting stuff.

      I’m thinking of digging up the Munguin Towers gardens to provide for Munguin and his guests. Animals of his status aren’t accustomed to rat or porridge.

      Let us know how the beer goes Kangaroo,

      PS… do you have a space at the bottom of your garden for refugees, should the worst come to the worst.?


      1. Tons of room here, though I thought Munguin would prefer the town of Penguin in Tasmania.

        Got to wait for a couple of weeks for the brew. Tried some of my neighbours Ale and it was fine stuff, hence the move to trying it myself.

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        1. Ah yes. Munguin had forgotten about Penguin, Tasmania.

          He’d quite like to be mayor!!!

          He’s now thinking of getting me to make his drink…

          Anyone got a recipe for vintage champagne?


    1. Yes, I wondered about that Conan.

      There’s someone at the Supreme Court thinking he’s going to be a Companion of Honour, and he’s not.

      But someone else is.

      Get back in your box Jocks. The most powerful devolved assembly in the erm … well in Edinburgh at least… isn’t worth jack shit.

      Regional Council.

      Brexit Together. Eat your cereal, supposing you can lay your hands on any… (See Private Walker.)

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      1. Tris, with the crops burnt by the hot weather, I foresee a very poor harvest and colossal rises in grain prices. I fear that things could get very nasty, particularly when folks can’t get their favourite (or any) breakfast cereals. Desperate individuals will probably do anything to get their Coco-Pops, Frosties, etc., fix. Watch for a corresponding increase in crime figures: I think we’ll see a new batch of cereal killers, if it comes to the crunch – or even the snap, crackle and pop!

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      2. I came across this in the article Conan cites. Wotsisface has the following in his written argument: “The effect of what the Scottish bill does is to make provision for the future relationship with the EU and EU law when that relationship is under negotiation. That could serve to undermine the credibility of the UK’s negotiating and implementation strategy in the eyes of the EU.”

        My first thought was “What credibility? What strategy?” I think we all know by now that the current regime at Westminster has neither. I expect their Lordships on the Supreme Court are well aware of that too.

        You can make better sense of that sentence if you reword it as follows: “That could serve to show up the UK’s lack of credibility in the eyes of the EU, its unwillingness to negotiate in good faith, its failure to have any implementation strategy worthy of the name, and its constant readiness to renege on previous commitments”.

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    2. The Supreme Court case is looking good. Wales and NornIrel both backing the Scottish Gov. Looks like a win to me, but look out for the weasels they must be around there somewhere.

      Setting up nicely for the Final battle. Just have to wait till Octobers ruling unless there is movement on the UK/EU negotiations before then.

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        1. Hmmm…

          A lot of people disagree with her.

          Of course, she knows a thing of two about law.

          Her reasoning would be interesting to know.


        2. Just watched the 25th July afternoon session and read fhe supplementary submission. Now I understand what Joanna Cherry was on about.
          Looks as if SG will lose as the WM Act was given Royal Assent prior to the Scottish Bill and has various poison pills in it which effectively frustrate the Scottish Act and render it legally “not competent”.
          We await the verdict in October and move on to the next step which will be to ask for a Section 30. 😎

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    3. If by some quirk of fate this English court supports Scotland, Ken Whatisname should be out the door. How can we have a Presiding Officer who doesn’t support the Parliament he works for.

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  9. You Jocks have no repect for the rule of law.
    What do you mean you’re just using the powers devolved by westmonster!
    That was an oversight; Here are the new laws.
    When we play snakes and ladders with you, we get to chose when ladders are used as up, or down , as we see fit at the time, this applies as rule of law 1, If in any doubt refer to westmonster for the current ruling.
    For the next world cup, Englandland will have 100 in their team, Scotland will only have 10, and no goalkeeper allowed. The opposition goals will be of a width to match the population so englandland will shoot into a set of goals 50 metres wide, scotland will shoot into 3.2 metres wide as they only make up 8% of the population.
    Easy stuff when you have an automatic majority in any vote.
    Who decided that wild salmon were the property of the owner of the land beside the rivers, Oh that’s correct, the MPs from before 1850, you had to be a landowner to first of all vote, and hence be an MP.
    These were the rule of law then, and pity help you if you stepped outside their rules.
    That’s where we are going unless we take the lifeboat.
    Rant in response to “You can’t have a divorce, It’s the LAW”. We have to respect the law. Strange that it used to be an offence to be gay, now it’s been changed.

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    1. I’d settle for one of these rings, never mind the lifeboat.

      You couldn’t make up what is happening to us.

      If we sit and take it, then we deserve to be a defeated nation ruled over by a colonial power.


  10. Just found out BBC iplayer has put up “The War Game”, you know the one they didn’t show in 1965 because the horrors of a nuclear war and the resulting dystopia would scare the voters – sorry, children and old people.
    I suppose they think that if people watch it, then Brexit rationing might not seem so bad after all…

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    1. Aye… did you see May telling us that we should be grateful we had a government that was stockpiling food…?

      Me, I’d rather have a government that didn’t NEED to stock pile food.


  11. Wings on EBC and MSM.
    Cost of medicine prescriptions in Scotland rise by 25% in 10 years, SNP baaad.
    Looked up the cost of a Mars bar for the same period, up 60%.
    So instead of how wonderful that in all the May bot hem, the Scottish Government has held down the cost, we get this rubbish.
    Some economists use the cost of a mars bar as an indicator of change.
    Remember we don’t have a tariff agreement with either Mars or Venus, Foxy is away there on his holidays to negotiate a great deal.
    Westmonster off on it’s rest period AGAIN, one of many, they only have to attend for 30 weeks in the year, sorry that should be SIT.
    What has happened to the value of the pound in the same period?
    It has tanked by 30% , but not a problem, we can export more cheap goods we don’t actually make.
    MSM comment, nothing.

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    1. I saw Stuart’s brilliant piece on just what rubbish they were talking about the cost of medicines.

      SNP BAAAAD. The cost of medicines has actually gone down.

      Fox off to sell English jams to do with the newly found water on

      As for what they do in Westminster… I’m not so sure “sit” is the right word. “Lie” seems more appropriate to me.

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    2. Dave, your comment about the pound tanking led me to check the current exchange rate, and I see that one euro will now buy you about 89p. As a hard Brexit with no deal approaches, no doubt the pound and the euro will approach parity… and if it does, or reaches it, we can say to the public that we can either go straight over to the euro – this is indeed possible, even without the help of our European friends, with a modicum of forward planning – and unhitch our currency from the English pound that way, or keep using Scottish pounds that we print ourselves and peg to the euro instead of to sterling.


      Our problem should then become like Norway’s, the one faced by all countries with significant trade surpluses / exports of valuable raw materials and commodities, which is to stop their currencies appreciating so much that they damage their own domestic economies. That is one of the reasons why Norway socks away so much of its oil and gas revenue into that fund of theirs – I figure that at some point they will be able to live on the interest on the interest on it. In such a circumstance, pegging the Scottish currency to the euro, as the Danish do with theirs, makes sense because it would help keep the currency stable. It also leaves us the option of joining the eurozone itself at some point in the future, if we want to – and at 1:1, we would see no changes in prices.

      The euro is the obvious choice – whether officially or unofficially, directly or indirectly – as the only currency we should be associated with other than our own should be stable – and the pound already isn’t, and is unlikely to do anything except depreciate and undergo occasional wild swings from now on. I don’t fancy dollarization either – we do more trade with Europe, I think, than we do with America, and if we want to keep transaction costs down overall the euro is the obvious option. And we have far too much American influence in our economy already – we do not want to import any more of the nasty and antisocial economic and other attitudes of their appalling 1% than we have to.

      I do insist that Scotland has a significant trade surplus in its real economy, but we won’t know exactly how big it is until after independence and can stop the haemorrhaging of dosh to the UK Exchequer, which gets its sticky fingers on much more Scottish cash than shows up in the GERS, for example, or even in the Growth Commission report – there are so many secondary / backchannel cross-border flows. We recall that the UK Government has been obfuscating the figures for decades – almost a century, isn’t it, since they discontinued, or discontinued publishing, the accounting that showed the huge extent to which Scotland was being ripped off?

      What would be really good would be for Westminster to do another George Osborne and say that we won’t be “allowed” to use the pound – because we could then instantly reply “alright then, let’s have our share of the assets of the Central Bank of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which for propaganda purposes you have always called the Bank of England, and let’s have them back right now, not forgetting the sterling amounts that we have to lodge with the Central Bank for every Scottish pound we print, we’ll keep all that lovely seigniorage revenue to ourselves from now on, thank you very much, and you can whistle for it – and don’t expect us to accept any of your liabilities either [this is a negotiating position that should not be thrown away lightly], because we didn’t incur them.”

      Swapping currencies when they are already at parity would be the least disruptive way of proceeding, as it would mean that there would be no justifiable price changes because of it. It would not be like the exchange of East German marks at parity with the Deutschmark ; they were not nearly at parity by any reasonable measure. The whole thing was done that way for political reasons – and to minimize price changes in East Germany in terms of units of currency, which is what people notice most.

      On the positive side of the balance, apart from increased transaction costs, it would make Scotland’s imports from England – we assume they would continue, despite the obstacles the Westminster regime keeps putting in the way of its country’s interests – cheaper.

      On the negative side, our exports to England / rUK would take a hit from the fall in the pound, but because of the general impoverishment that the Brexiteers are deliberately inflicting on their country/countries and other economic idiocies that they seem to be hell bent on committing, we would have to look for other markets anyway. I expect our whisky and other booze, and our salmon, and our other high-value food products in addition to our manufactures and high tech, would continue to outsell any of Westminster’s innovative jam and biscuits.

      Another negative side-effect would be that the value of pensions paid to pensioners living in Scotland would be reduced, and like pensions paid to other pensioners not resident in the UK, would (I believe) be held at the rate payable when they left. As we would surely want to improve pensions anyway, I regard this as an annoyance rather than a disaster – because UK State pensions are so pitiful anyway.

      It is quite reasonable, however, to expect that, on past performance, the agencies of the UK Government would refuse to cooperate, or cooperate very grudgingly, unsatisfactorily and foot-draggingly, with their counterparts in Scotland, thereby needlessly complicating all operations and inflicting maximum harm on innocent people. Plus ça change… and we can expect more of the same dog-in-the-manger attitude in other areas. Right-wing authoritarian regimes do not make good neighbours.

      It is also quite reasonable to expect some economic help from the EU in our transition to independence – a stabilization fund of some kind, perhaps, to help us get through any difficulties foreseen and unforeseen. We must continue our EU membership – our negotiating position there, assuming also that we vote for independence before Brexit actually occurs, must be that we will never have left. On this negotiating point, there is everything to be gained from banging on about it over all opposition – there are sound bases in treaty law for that, and all the evidence shows that we would be pushing against an open door. Not to forget, either, that the Westminster regime will no longer be represented in Brussels and will not be in a position to put up any roadblocks or veto anything.

      Anyone who mentions Spain as a possible source of opposition should be reminded that even Rajoy said that he had nothing to say about Scottish independence as long as it was within the constitutional order of the UK. Retaining our membership as an independent State while the rUK Brexits is a rather neat solution – and anyway, Rajoy himself threw away any political or moral capital he had with the rest of Europe through his treatment of Catalunya.

      Spain will no doubt be much more interested in the fate of Gibraltar anyway. Maybe we should offer the Gibraltarians Scottish EU passports and solve at least that part of their post-Brexit border problem with Spain!

      We have every reason to be optimistic about our future as an independent nation again. Our economy is much healthier than our southern neighbour’s, even as its problems continue to drag us down. We can do much better than this.

      **END RANT**

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      1. I think that pegging the Scottish Whatever to the Euro would be a good idea.

        It really is the best of both worlds. As it can easily be undone if necessary.

        I’d also suggest thatr Gibraltar become an associate state of Scotland rather than England.

        For those of them that worry about being Spanish… not necessarily unreasonably… it allows them to stay in the EU without taking that step.

        The only alternative to that is independence, but most micro states that are independent, have to share a huge amount with the near neighbours… Monaco, Andorra, San Marino …. I’m not sure that in the light of recent Spanish behaviour, I’d mush care to be associated with them.

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  12. Just been given a pristine copy of Saturday lasts Times.
    Strange MSM roundabout of so called news, lots of stories from last Friday have appeared in this weeks EBC news that’s not really news, just rehash of the papers.
    Took a while for the ITV fights back against the streaming giants, this moning it gets it’s place on the internet. The magic roundabout.
    Last page.
    Advert, Nissan 3 ,2, 1, Go..ne.
    Strange that you can keep a copy of any newspaper for a week and it’s full of current news!!!!

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    1. Yeah, dave, I’ve noticed that this week…all the news is re-cycled stuff.
      Still…channel4 tonight might be worth watching…it’s about some dodgy character called aaron banks.
      Oh, and here’s a thing; Johnstone Press ( who own the Scotsman etc) are seeing some very odd things happening to their share price which has been been going up and down today like the proverbial whore’s drawers

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  13. I was talking to an Estate Agent today and I asked her if the prospect of Brexit had slowed house buying down any? Not a bit she replied, people are going about their business as if it’s not happening. She said she’d been quite surprised by the general lack of awareness that uncertain times are ahead.

    Sleepwalking into oblivion or do they know something I don’t?

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    1. I suppose that it is a lack of awareness coupled perhaps with “Oh, don’t worry. “It won’t happen”.

      Some imagine that, in the end, the EU will give in, because they really do believe that the EU needs the UK more than the other way around.

      Some think that the UK will give in and stay be in EFTA.

      Some of course, think that another pint would be nice, or are simply looking forward to the next episode of Coronation Street.

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  14. Reading a flight training newpaper today.
    A few stories,
    If no deal the UK is no longer a member of EASA, Any licence issued by the CAA becomes non valid if a transition deal isn’t signed, your licence will not be valid as it’s issued by a Third country, word, World, missing I think.
    Other article was about aircraft parts, manufactured, overhauled or assembled, in the UK, will no longer have licence certificates allowing free of tariff movement.
    This to apply from the date of exit, only March 2019, so no hurry.
    Strange thing was that the letter on the subject was sent to Barnier, wonder if it was sent to Maybot.
    So aircraft and pilots will become unwelcome in the EU.
    Think of all the Airbus aircraft that have their wings made in Wales.
    Probably will apply to vehicle parts as well.
    Wonder if a driving licence from the UK will be considered valid, back to International driving Permits soon. Visa needed as well.
    All planned out , these bad furriners.

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    1. Thing is that none of them had a clue about all of that. Even though folk who had looked into had told them.

      And worse, even when they were told about it they made no preparations.

      What a bunch of utterly useless tossers we have running the UK.


  15. This will be the same for food, trucks will be carrying licenced and documented live and dead food in a just in time format. No real problem at the docks, they’re looking for live people smuggling and liquor and tobacco.
    I go to my sister’s place south of Leeds, she lives near the Morrisons transshipment warehouses, also has Coke and Pepsi bottling factory.
    Looking at the traffic coming the opposite way I’ve seen the Paisley based trucks pass me every 15 minutes, that’s where they’re going. If there’s one going down every 15 minutes there’s one going up.
    At the local pub I spoke to an employee about their system, confirmed that say Milk is transported into the facility from all over, check your milk carton from Morrisons, it will have been taken to Leeds, put on the return truck scheduled for delivery to your local shop. I’ve found local milk in Leeds, and purchased milk locally from Devon. Same applies for all their supplies.
    Stop a just in time truck for 10 minutes and the system grinds to a halt.
    Come March this will happen at Dover and all the major ports, we import 40% 0f our daily needs.

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    1. It’s not going to be fun.

      I just find it hard to believe that they will let this happen.

      But I suppose no matter which way they bend there will be revolts in the party… and the party is all that matters.


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The Dunglishman

The bilingual blog about all things British


Love, theatre and ideas


British Wildlife & Photography


Why Scotland should be an independent country


Thoughts about Scotland & the world, from a new Scot

Divided We Fall

Bipartisan dialogue for the politically engaged

Insightful Geopolitics

Impartial Informative Always

Black Isle Media

We Provide The Facts, You Make The Decisions

The Broad Spectrum Life

Exploring Rhymes, Reasons, and Nuances of Our World

Musical Matters...

Mark Doran's Music Blog


Guitarist / Songwriter

Best in Australia

This site supports Scottish Independence


A comic about history and stuff by FT

My Life as Graham

The embittered mumblings of a serial malcontent.

Pride's Purge

an irreverent look at UK politics


Your Source For The Coolest Science Stories


The greatest WordPress.com site in all the land!

Mark Explores

Nature + Health



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