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  1. Believe that the crowds on the pier are at Stornaway – having seen this picture elsewhere recently.

    The little pick up looks like a version of an Austin A30/35 or A40.Is it South Africa or the former Southern Rhodesia ? The newspaper ad on the garage roof rings a distant bell.

    When I was a child, Creamola WAS custard in our house. And Crunchie was something else – can almost taste that centre looking at the picture.

    Friday night reverie becoming a weekly treat – as the Likely Lads theme had it, the only thing to look forward to’s the past ……

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    1. Yes. 1923, people off to start a new life in the USA… Trump’s mother?

      My granny made Creamola. I don;t think you get it any more.

      You do get crunchie and it looks pretty much like that.

      I’m glad you like the posts. πŸ™‚


    2. I came across that photograph this week in a book about 100 years of Daily Record 1901 -2000. Something very sad about it. People leaving and their families reconciled to not knowing if they would ever see them again. Quite a lot of females left the Western Isles as there were so few men due to WW1 and the Iolaire boat disaster on New Year’s Day 1919 when 200 returning men were drowned. Trump’s mum was one woman to go.

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      1. The Isle of Lewis lost more men per capita than any other area (on any side) in WW1.

        The Iolaire was the icing on that particular cake 😦

        Two of my relatives made it to shore, four didn’t.

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          1. Yes, for the new year, mostly seamen.
            Current thinking is that the crew mistook their position and ran aground very close to the entrance to the harbour.
            Most died from exposure.
            Have a look for the book, interesting reading especially the numbers taken on board at Kyle of Lochalsh, just arrived by train from the south. No idea of the numbers to be taken home.
            The monument is at Holm. I think 200 men died, all from the island

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            1. Thank you.

              What sadness there must have been. How does a small community get over something like that. There could have hardly have a been a family not personally affected.


        1. Well spotted. That’s the old(er) customs house (there’s been a few) right behind them, pretty sure one of the houses in the background is/was the Star Inn in a later incarnation.

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      1. I was thinking N.U.T. because of the diamond on the tank, but I’ve also just remembered that they had round tanks. OHV BSA twin outfit in the background, too.

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  2. The food picture reminds me that we are possibly going back to rationing again.
    The London government claiming that they are stockpiling food in the event of a no deal scenario with the EU.
    60 million plus population needing stockpiles of around 40% of it’s needs.
    Some stockpile!
    I think this is just propaganda aimed at not frightening the horses (us) and possibly more bravado and bluster for the benefit of the EU.
    The same sort of B/S they used to pump out during the cold war.
    “When you here the 3 minute warning that you are about to be incinerated by Russian nuclear bombs,go outside and whitewash your windows,return inside and shelter under a table”.
    Plus sa change…….

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      1. I’m actually stocking up on dried herbs/risotto rice/various dried/tinned “cupboard” stuff etc.

        I was planning on doing this anyway as its been fairly obvious we’re looking at a far bigger El Nino event in 2019 than ever before (unless something else dramatic happens).

        Brexit/Trump/world lunacy just makes that worse.

        Dried herbs keep forever in a freezer πŸ™‚

        Oh and in other news it actually rained last evening. Not a measureable amount apparently but things got wet – briefly. Tomatoes have had about a kilo of ripe fruit taken off so far – wife approval is high, but they could be sweeter apparently. Time to up the potassium in the nutes πŸ™‚

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            1. Man cannot live off tomatoes alone…

              “Four lbs of tomatoes, no pips or skin.
              Chop up the flesh into small pieces and add four lbs of sugar and 10 pints of water.
              Bring this to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
              Let cool down until just tepid and add live yeast.
              Then take a demijohn and fill with all the fluid and put in the neck an air lock and leave to ferment in a dark place with a constant temp of 16Β°C.
              When the fermentation has finished add a couple of camden tablets to make sure the fulminator has stopped.
              Rack off the clear fluid and fill bottles and cork.”

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                1. We’re more than self sufficient in fuel Conan, most of it green, so we should be able to provide ourselves with heat.

                  Sugar is altogether another problem… although I’m sure beet would grow here?


                  1. Had a mate who worked on the rigs. Made booze out of *anything* .
                    There is a reason that orange juice wine isn’t a big thing outside of prisons. His mushroom beer was absolutely hatstand, though.

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        1. You’d better up production and start pickling the,.

          Red cabbage pickles well too, I’m told.

          Mrs Vestas seems like she’s an expert in sweetness πŸ™‚


  3. The term Ute is common in Aus, but I think it was also used by RAF groundcrew as Utility, have seen it on various manufacturers, Commer, Morris and Austin, all around 8 HP chassis during WW2.
    The Austin A30/35 versions were few and are well sought after by collectors.
    Not surprised the green sports car hasn’t been identified as yet, it’s very rare.
    I’m collecting the canned and dry goods for the store cupboard, even IF the food must get through it will not be wasted.
    Wonder if our American cousins will pull out the stops and have a Brexit Air Lift to thwart the EU.
    Some 1946B movie titles to ponder.
    Human Bondage.
    Never say goodbye.
    A Stolen Life.
    Tomorrow is Forever.
    The Spiral Staircase.
    The Strange Woman.
    The Razor’s edge.
    Great Expectations.
    Three Strangers
    She-Wolf of London.
    The Verdict
    Maybe we could write a new script for the exit.
    Strange people we have, Boris and the mmog don’t want Englandland to be a colony; but it’s ok to slag off the SNP as nationalists as you steal their resources.
    Surely the residents of Scotland must see the irony.

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  4. I need help , what is sago ? Now rice pudding is the taste of the gods , but the only Creamola that comes to mind for myself is Creamola foam from the 70’s ,that’s now called Krakatoa foam , but it comes from this site , we should all buy from ….https://www.scottishretrosweets.com/sweets/krakatoa-creamola-foam/ . Expensive though , but sod it they have Coulter’s Candy , sweet peanuts and soor plooms . Back to the Crunchie pre 1971 , lovely .
    A Brexit question , what does everyone think will be rationed if we are dragged doon the deep black hole of stupidity ?


    1. If I remember correctly sago is the inside of a tropical palm tree.
      Tapioca, on the other hand, is the devil’s frogspawn. Unless it’s tinned of course.

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    2. Rice pudding , nutmeg and loads of sultanas, food from heaven. Precede that with a guid bowl of thick mutton broth and you’re set up for anything life throws at you.

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    3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sago_pudding

      Krakatoa foam is fantastic stuff. There used to be a shop in Dundee that sold it over the counter.

      The worst case scenario is that anything that is imported (or has imported parts/ingredients) will simply not be available within days, then as the customs people start to get their selves together, will be in short supply and much more expensive.

      I wonder if the government will immediately take steps to raise pension, benefits and the minimum wage, so that the “just getting by” that May was so fond of when she took office, won’t starve to death.


      1. Well her and her cohorts are bringing out 70 , yes 70 , pieces of how can I put it , public information documents akin to those 70’s scary as hell public information shorts ” learn to swim young man , learn to swim ” or ” Tuffty the squirrel didn’t see the car coming , and poor Tuffty now has no ice cream , as its covering the windscreen of the big blue car ” . The 70 will read something like this , ” In the event the poor have no food , don’t panic , our private army will keep them at bay and our media will play some soothing music . You will never know those poor starving unfortunates are even there . Remember the Tory party , we’re the ones that keep you rich and safe , Brexit after all means more cash for us “.

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