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Morning all. Is it Sunday again?  Well, off you go and see what Tris has found for you this week… We’ll be along later. We’re waiting for the bus here.
n thistle
Thistle I saw in the car park at Sainsbury.  It was grateful to share a bottle of water with me.
n alabama hills ca
Alabama Hill is in… California. (A Funny lot these Americans!)
n london
London by night.
n munguin street
Munguin is cross that the French seem unable to spell his name correctly, but thanks them for the honour, quand même! (Merci à Bugger Le Panda).
n calf
Who’s a sleepy wee calf?
n cat3
I wish the humans would get these things fixed. My leg keeps falling through the holes.
n fox1
The nice kind of Fox that doesn’t go around embarrassing himself crawling up Trump’s backside.
n chics
They look slightly unhappy, don’t they?
n desert
I’d like some of them for the garden.
n dogs
Yes, and what is it that you were wanting?
n hedge
What really good advice.
n catfight
Nine of out ten cats do what?
n light
I was just thinking that it seems like forever since I saw lightning
n poseidon
Image result for FIELD MOUSE
I hear that Tris buys blueberry muffins for the mice in Munguin’s garden. Can I come and live there too. I like blueberry muffins.
n woof
Oh… me too.
Image result for ELEPHANT
I think they are wondering where the piano is…
Image result for CROCODILE
Some folk have funny best mates, eh Croc?
Image result for BABY ORANGUTANS
That’s it. We’re off on an away day to protest at Donald Trump. This was the best bus we could hire at the price. We’ll see you next week then, OK?

57 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Glad to see that the Orangutans are joining in the Trump protests. Nice crop of critters in Soppy Sunday this week!

    Good view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range through an arch formation in the Alabama Hills. These rock formations on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada were named by Confederate sympathizers in California in honor of the CSS Alabama……a warship of the Confederate States of America. CSS Alabama was built in England and never docked at a southern port. It was sunk by a Union warship in French waters off Cherbourg. It’s a famous incident in the Civil War, but I didn’t know that an area of rock formations in California was named after the ship.

    Wiki points out that the Alabama Hills appeared in the movie “Gunga Din.”

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  2. Off topic, but relevant to a question that was raised a while back on Munguin’s Republic concerning the insistent notice about accepting “cookies” appearing on the WordPress website. More recently, I’ve noticed that notification appearing more and more prominently on websites, insisting that I explicitly “accept” cookies. (Seems odd, since websites have always placed cookies on computers without asking.) Now, some sites are covered with a full page blackout that will not disappear until you deal with the cookie notice.

    Made me curious and cautious. Considering what they have always done without asking, what NEW outrages do they have in mind for me if I explicitly APPROVE it? Turns out, it’s just European socialists doing good things for the “the people.” Sort of like living in the People’s Republic of California.

    Research reveals that we have a new law…….the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, passed by the EU parliament, which went into effect on May 25, 2018.

    A good idea in service of the European socialist nanny state? Or just an annoying example of the European Parliament throwing its weight around like the American government does?

    Bottom line…….go ahead and approve the cookies. It probably won’t be worse than it has been, and the EU won’t let you keep using the internet if you don’t.

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    1. Yes, I knew about it, Danny. What was a mystery to me was that even after you’d accepted the cookies, the next time you logged in the same thing happened again.

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      1. Yes Tris…..the new EU law doesn’t explain why WordPress won’t even take YES for an answer. Maybe they just figure if one cookie acceptance is good, then lots of them are a lot better.

        HOWEVER, I just realized that I’m not getting the WordPress cookie notice anymore, and I don’t recall ever actually clicking on “Accept.” Perhaps the EU Parliament has already severed my internet connection with WordPress and it just hasn’t taken effect yet. 😉

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    2. @Danny
      “The European socialist nanny state”. A terrible misrepresentation, pisses me off.

      The EU was founded on the principle of trying to prevent another European war, and to do that meant they had to protect national borders and increase trade and communication across borders. Within limits nobody trusted anybody else, so they came up with a “Rules Based system” with all participants having a veto over new rules and rule changes. After the holocaust human rights were enshrined in law and are the cornerstone of the EU. This is what gives the USA the impression that europe is a nany state, it is not, it is a reasonable attempt to lift everyone’s standard of living. The alternative being the untold wealth and untold poverty that the neocons want to inflict on everyone.
      Scotland is NOT a poor country, it is an impoverished one. That impoverishment being inflicted on Scotland by the wealthy elite who want to keep as much as possible to themselves. They suck the money out and send it elsewhere. A simple example is that only 450 people approx. own 50%+ of all private land in Scotland

      The US and UK are examples of neocon idealogy. In both places it is getting close to Bastille day.

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      1. Kangaroo…..I know almost nothing about history or politics, but I think that what is and is not correctly called a “nanny state” depends a lot on your political point of view. Surely there’s no disagreement that many European nations approached the post-WWII era from a democratic socialist perspective.

        The term “nanny state” is a popular term in politically conservative America to derisively describe the welfare state so hated by many free enterprise free market Americans……for whom the very WORD “socialism” is anathema. Most Americans do view income and wealth disparity as a serious problem, but have little confidence that the heavy hand of government can or should do very much about it. If the billionaires got their money legally, then why should government have the power to redistribute that wealth……except by taxation and social programs which are clearly legal and constitutional. Revolution seems an extreme approach.

        I have a Norwegian friend who extols his nation’s brand of socialism to the stars. I then point out that he’s talking about a geographic area roughly the size of a single American state with a population of about five million people. Then I tell him that when he has something relevant to say about a nation of 325 million people, spanning eleven time zones east to west and latitudes from the arctic to the tropics, then maybe I’ll consider democratic socialist Norway as some sort of guide for America.

        I take a moderate political view, but from a libertarian perspective I consider the hate speech laws of France for example to be a travesty. A government that can tell you what you can and can’t say is a horror……however well intentioned its motives or however efficient and beneficial its economic program of income redistribution.

        Until we can sort this all out, I imagine that Americans will keep calling the welfare states of Europe nanny states. Europeans most likely call Americans a lot worse…..the nanny state hate speech laws of France notwithstanding. 😉

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        1. Yes I have come across the American disdain for the word ‘socialism’ before. They seem to equate it with left wing totalitarianism like Stalin. Totally incorrect.

          The crony capitalism of the USA is what causes wealth disparity and the selfish view that a rich person earns everything by the sweat of his own brow, aye right as we say. Is patently absurd. They mainly enrich themselves in the same way as all elites, they change laws to suit and they do each other favours and tilt the playing field in their favour. They then look down their snooty noses at everyone else who has not been in such a privileged position. I could go on but you get my drift.

          “The rich and powerful become corrupt aand change the laws to suit themselves and the moral framework to justify it.” I can’t find the source but it is self evidently true and the USA ad UK are prime examples.

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            1. Kangaroo…..I agree. It’s also depressing that we now have a government that separates families and keeps poor desperate people in steel cages. Nice at least that the federal courts have pushed back on that one. 😦


          1. Yes, the UK, or rather England, is pretty much the same as the USA in those respects, except that they are “lumbered” with the welfare state as set up in the aftermath of the war by Labour.

            The Tories would have happily got rid of it, but it was too popular to risk that. Still, bit by bit they have wheedled it away and Brexit will probably see another massive change. as the health service is sold off.

            Even right wing governments in most of Europe wouldn’t do that.

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          2. Kangaroo…….I’m in complete agreement about crony capitalism, and the horrendous situation that is the disparity of wealth and income from the bottom to the top in America and the UK. It’s also depressing that the political system in the USA seems incapable of dealing with it in any meaningful way.

            It was at least symbolically a step forward for leftist Democratic liberals that in the 2016 presidential primaries, we had a viable candidate, Bernie Sanders, who was an independent, and who described himself as a democratic socialist. It was definitely a step forward that an American candidate could even utter the word “socialist.”

            The liberal progressive Democrats have actually come a long way, from a time……..after the crushing defeat of the party and the emergence of the far right wing “Tea Party” Republicans in 2010……when a Democrat would not even use the WORD “liberal” or “progressive” in any seriously contested political campaign. The right wing Republicans had actually demonized their opposition to that extent.

            Today…..with the emergence of the odious demagogue Trump…….the progressive liberal left of the Democratic party is emergent and activist. I just saw an article in the Los Angeles Times that the California state Democratic Executive Board has endorsed a left wing activist over the prominent (more moderate) senior senator from California, running for her fifth term in the Senate.


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            1. Danny
              Here is something that came up today. It’s where the USA and UK are going, following in Israel’s footsteps. (For all new readers. I am NOT anti-semetic, just think they should work with the palestinians whose land they have stolen . Then again what chance the Orange Order working with the Irish Nationalists to reach a compromise)


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              1. Kangaroo…..Good article! Trump doesn’t have any real depth of knowledge, but he surely has a low cunning and an unerring instinct for knowing what his rabid right wing base wants to see and hear. He takes every opportunity to stoke division and hatred. As for Israel, all American politicians pander to American Jews, since some estimates say there are more Jews in the USA than in Israel. But the close connection between the Kushner/Trump families and Benjamin Netanyahu took that to a new level. The movement of the American embassy to Jerusalem may have ended any possibility that the Americans could ever play a future role as an honest broker in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Trump and the right wing Republicans are dancing to Natanyahu’s tune and will surely continue to do so.

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              2. Good article, Kangaroo.

                Fintan O’Toole is always worth a read. This is particularly hard hitting.

                The same can be said of many of the actions of the Conservative government in London. Particularly the barbarity of their policies towards the sick and dying. In the end, you’ll note, not much was said about Esther McVey lying her arse off about Universal Credit.

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        2. I don’t see why the size of the population or the area of the country should have anything to do with, say, the kind of health care system(s) you choose. Health care coverage should, of course, be universal. True, America is much more polarized than Norway, but I’d say the significant difference is that the Scandinavians are generally very well educated. It doesn’t stop people being right-wing ars*eholes, of course, but Anders Breivik, for example, was very much an aberration – and a total shock, almost totally unexpected.

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          1. Sheesh. I discovered a new way to post a comment on WordPress – except I didn’t intend to use it. Here’s what I meant to say, in full.

            I don’t see why the size of the population or the area of the country should per se have anything to do with, say, the kind of health care system(s) you choose. Health care coverage should, of course, be universal.

            America is, of course, much more polarized than Norway, but I’d say the significant difference is that the Scandinavians are generally very well educated, and not subject to far-right economic and social propaganda put out by people and interests whose pursuit of happiness involves being as sh*itty as possible to as many other people as possible. Scandinavian education and society don’t necessarily prevent people being right-wing ars*eholes, of course, but they do exert pressure in the opposite direction: Anders Breivik, for example, was very much an aberration – and a total shock, almost totally unexpected.

            We see some of the same kind of thing here in Scotland, in the sense that Scotland is (stereotypically) left of centre while England is much further to the right. Scottish society generally rejects the obscene wealth disparities and the “hostile climate” for all non-Brits peddled and promoted by the fascistic Tory regime at Westminster; this showed in the Brexit vote, and it shows in the social pressure against racism too. The culprits in Scotland are easily found: the same right-wing, bigoted, sectarian deplorables who join the Orange Lodge, the more barking among the Unionists, the extreme Tory voters, and the UKIP supporters (categories not mutually exclusive, of course).

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            1. Ed…..I sometimes refer to the difference in geographic size and population of the USA vs a small Scandinavian country, as more broadly symbolic of a cultural, political, ethnic and maybe even religious adhesiveness in such a small country, that simply doesn’t exist in the fractious politically polarized USA. It’s even more true today than back in 2009, when the Obama health care plan was debated and passed. I think that we missed a great opportunity back then….given big Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress…….to push through a universal health care system.

              As it was, Barack Obama seemed to be his eternally dithering professorial non-political self, and he left it to Congress. And Congress blew it. The Democrats were deeply divided on HOW to do it, and lacking presidential leadership, it was left to a conservative Democrat committee chairman from Montana to write much of the bill. On the other side, the Republicans sat on their hands….screamed SOCIALISM……..and didn’t provide a single yes vote……while they obstructed the effort at every opportunity. Then Ted Kennedy died and a Republican replaced him, which turned a 60 vote filibuster-proof Senate into a 59 vote Senate. So we got what we got……a health care bill……but certainly not the universal health care system that every other civilized country on earth has.

              Even as the damnable Republicans in Congress pandered to the under-educated right wing religious fanatics of their party by pledging unending opposition to socialism and “socialized medicine,” they quietly supported the HUGE federal single-payer health care systems that have been in place for half a century. The federal MEDICARE system covers everyone over the age of 65, has 44 million beneficiaries (a bit smaller than the population of England), and will cover 79 million people by 2030. The MEDICAID system, jointly administered by the federal and state governments, which covers the health care of the poor and indigent and the long term care of the elderly, covers 70 million people…….more than the population of France.

              So we don’t have a universal health care system, but we DO operate single payer government health programs that cover as many people as the populations of England and France combined. And we also now have Obamacare…….or at least what is left of it after the Republicans and the courts have destroyed as much as they can. The Republicans hated it because it was Obama’s, and the right wing fanatics hated Obama because he is black. It really IS that simple. Racism is a foundation stone of the modern Republican Party.

              The US federal spending in a given year is about 4 TRILLION (4 thousand billion) dollars, and SEVENTY PERCENT of that goes to social programs……mostly Social Security pensions, Medicare, and Medicaid. Only about 30 % actually runs the government, and about 55% of THAT pays for the biggest military establishment on earth. We have one of the biggest welfare states on earth which began with FDR, but the Republicans don’t even tell their own voters about it because the incredibly stupid Republican base says they are opposed to SOCIALISM. AND they elected Trump! So Trump and the big-money right wing media machine grind on, stoking hatred and division and keeping the right wing crazies all riled up to vote Republican.

              So where do we stand? I’d say that we are well and truly screwed. 😦

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              1. Indeed. And what makes it even worse is that medical costs are almost completely out of control – big pharma in particular operating what amounts to a cartel.

                Remember Shkreli and his raising the price of Daraprim to $750 a tab? And how there was great rejoicing when some company out on the West Coast said they’d make it for a dollar a pop? I did some checking and discovered that the same medication costs our National Health Service (UK-wide, I think, even if Scotland’s health service is under our own management) the equivalent of about 15¢. So, at $1 per tablet, that other company out on the Coast – was making a very healthy, even excessive, profit in addition to being seen as a White Knight. Win-win for them.

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                1. Yep Ed…..even though Shkreli is in prison now for securities fraud, the out-of-pocket price of Daraprim in the USA is still the same.



                  The cost of health care in the USA is the highest in the world. The health care provided is apparently no better than the rest of the world, although the American system may lack certain waiting periods for certain things that countries like Canada and the UK experience. (Or maybe not.) Anyway, it’s the price we pay for a private free-market-based health care system run by private insurance companies. Americans also pay more for prescription drugs than other countries do too. It’s what we get for the huge campaign contributions to Congressional candidates by big pharma……which maintains many more lobbyists in Washington than the total number of Congressmen and Senators in Congress.

                  It’s often suggested that if the giant federal Medicare system would negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies, like other national health systems like Canada do, the 40+ million Medicare recipients could leverage their market clout for lower prices.

                  BUT……the negotiation of prescription drug prices by Medicare is forbidden by law.

                  Why? It’s an interesting story of how there was a flaw in Lyndon Johnson’s Medicare program from its inception in 1965. It didn’t pay for prescription drugs! And AMAZINGLY……it was a REPUBLICAN president, George W. Bush, who fixed this in 2003, with the passage of the “Part D” addition to Medicare. The vote was close, and involved what was probably the LONGEST “15 Minute” vote in the history of Congress. It did pass, but with the free-market stipulation that the federal government was barred by law from negotiating cheaper prices for prescription drugs. This is a LONG article, but the Medicare Part D story is covered near the first.


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  3. A white cat and a black cat, with the white cat packing a great wallop nailing the Black cat.
    Is this a Trump Putin thing? Which one is which.

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  4. Lovely stuff. Who wouldn’t like two ninja cats! Poseidon looks lovely but I thought he was a Greek God 🙂 Beautiful elephants, marvelous creatures. One thing worried me about playing the piano for them. If it was an old enough piano, then well they don’t call it tinkling the ivories for nothing! No chance of them appearing in Tris’ garden what with all the well fed mice!

    Of course my favourites were the orangs. Did you even need to ask 🙂

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  5. Re cat on bench :

    They do this when its hot, much the same as we do – stick a leg out from under quilt/blanket when its hot, cools both species down. If you watch cats when its hot and they’re outside/dozing you’ll see there’s always a leg at a strange angle.

    Admittedly given the weather here in Leics cats tend to collapse into shade now. I thought the neighbours aged cat was dead the other week – flaked out in the shade on the middle of our back lawn, lying sideways & completely unresponsive. He woke up eventually. There was water (he uses the same trays as the blackbirds in the hedge).

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      1. I doubt it has dried as much as you think.

        If it doesn’t rain tomorrow than that’s 31 days without rain here in Leics. That was 1mm. Then 14 days before that 0.6mm.

        Trees still grow, streams still flow.

        Animals adapt unless they can’t really move. For now anyway.

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  6. I loved the orangutans, of course, and feel that life has been reaffirmed and enhanced. So many brilliant other photies as well – impossible to choose between my top four or so.

    I needed the life-reaffirming thing – had to spend another night in hospital – just to make sure that none of the nurses or doctors had forgotten me, of course.


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      1. Thanks, Tris! I’m recovered, I suppose, but still grumpy. So what else is new.

        While I was in – actually, as I was leaving – I did manage to make one old lady happy. When I came in, she was in the next bed and in a terrible state. Actually, I thought she might be about to fall off the twig: on a drip, on oxygen, not responsive. Anyway, a younger fellow came in and sat with her for ages, looking dead worried and upset. When he left he gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

        The next morning, she was miles better – awake and cheery – so I asked her who the young man was who came in the night before, and was it her son, maybe? (I asked in the full knowledge that she hadn’t been aware of him at all.) So she said, naturally enough, that no, no one had come to visit her, so I told her about it, and that he’d given her a kiss on the forehead when he left. She was much moved.

        I said I thought he would appreciate a call from her, to put his mind at rest because he’d been so worried and upset, but she couldn’t remember his number as it was in her mobile, which she didn’t have with her. So I went and spoke to the nurses and asked them to check if they had the son’s number as a contact, which I rather thought they would, and to put the two of them in touch – they have cordless phones there.

        So I think I did good, and it made me feel happy too.

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  7. Heh, it just started raining here (30.5 days since last rain) and there I am like the guy from the Shawshank Redemption, arms out looking up thinking “Yes! Its going to cool down” and it stops. 😀

    35 seconds of light rain in the last 31(ish) days…. 29mm in the last 92 days.

    Starting to miss rain – never thought I’d say that in the UK…..

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    1. It’s certainly the weirdest summer I’ve ever seen. I remember 2006 was hot and dry, but not like this. Not for this long.

      Regularly Dundee temperatures have been in the mid 20s, which isn’t a lot I know (for those of you in France or USA) but for us it is a two times a year things, as a rule.

      I warm summer’s day here, most years, is 18-20.


      1. Ah sod it, I’m going out to doze on the swing seat thingy. Wife has warned me this time she’s not waking me up when its dark 🙂

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        1. OK…It’s nearly 10… the sky is REALLY pink here. The rooms in Munguin Towers look like they have been painted “rose”…

          Anyway, Vestas, time to go in and make your wife’s supper.

          Go on now…


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