Some hastily scribbled notes on the latest developments.

So we have eight-and-a-half months before we leave the EU. The last six of these are supposed to be for the consideration of the agreement between the UK and the EU negotiators by the Brussels parliament and by the parliaments of the 27 remaining members (including some regional or devolved parliaments).

So with effectively two-and-a-half months to go, the UK cabinet finally came to some sort of fractious agreement about a negotiating position, and, in keeping with the conduct of everything this Westminster government has done since Mrs May came to “power”, everything has fallen apart within hours.

Not only has David Davis resigned as Brexit Secretary, but two of his junior ministers have also gone. The department has been left even more rudderless than it was last week.

By anyone’s standards, the UK is in a bit of a laughing stock. In the two years since the referendum, until Friday, it had come up with no real suggestions about how to exit the EU. Friday’s agreement, unbelievably, was hailed as a success by May who then announced that the EU must now respond.

Probably before they do, though, they will want to read the proposals and meet new ministers “responsible”.

So far we know that Dominic Raab, a junior Housing Minister for the last few months, has been promoted to the Brexit cabinet post, arguably the most important job in government at the moment.

We don’t know a lot about him, especially in Scotland, because he’s an English MP and has been a relatively junior minister in English departments.

However, we do know that he is a solid Brexiteer, apparently trusted by the right wing of the party. In an earlier post at the English Ministry of Justice, he attempted to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. He failed, it is said, because he couldn’t come up with a plan that was legally literate. He was, they say, a slogans man. So Brexit means Brexit will be right up his street.

He also was a member of a Facebook Private group that advocated abolishing council housing and bringing back the workhouse.

That May appointed a man with views like that as a Housing Minister says a great deal about what kind of vision May has.


Raab is quoted as saying: “Food banks are not about poverty but people with a cashflow problem”. So that’s OK then. (Maybe people would have fewer cashflow problems if Esther McVey would get her head out of lying backside and sort out the horrific problems of Universal Credit.)

Warned by the Express? Aye right?  Maybe if the Tories could show some unity, it would be a start.

So, like I say, about 10 weeks to go before the final proposals have to be made and to call the government “chaotic” would be to compliment them.

I suppose that the next question is: What about Boris and his well-reported comments on the plan being a turd? I mean you can say what you will about Davis being lazy and incompetent, but at least when push came to shove he had the cojones to resign.

What about BoJo? Will he be gone by the end of the day? The BBC reports that he has gone into hiding and even the Whips can’t find him.

On the plus side, if he resigns it would mean that he won’t be obliged to meet with the Orange Moron this week.


  1. Just saw this:

    Stephen Paton

    Verified account

    Following Following @stephenpaton134
    Fun Fact: The new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab campaigned to scrap the Barnett Formula.

    3:31 AM – 9 Jul 2018


    1. Raab is ultra-right wing tory territory.

      His appointment is a giant “FU” to ScotParl (which he doesn’t believe should exist).

      I never honestly thought I’d see someone like that get appointed to a ministerial position.

      England has utterly lost it. May is going to get knifed and then so is any pretence of democracy. Fascism is coming home.

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      1. Well, I hope not literally.

        So, we can’t expect to get a fair hearing from Raab…

        All playing into the independence hands.

        If it had been me, I’d have fallen over backwards to give Scots as many concessions as I could, and take the wind out of Nicola’s sails… but hey, what do I know?


        1. One of the problems we have is that our fellow country people do not have a scooby what is going on. Thus we still have an extremely uphill task of pointing them towards th ‘true path’.

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  2. BoJo and Gove trying to decide whether they should stay or should they go based on which option will most likely lead to being PM.
    At least David Davis was a man of principle,unlike some of his self serving,unprincipled,back stabbing,slimy colleagues.
    That also includes the Tories.

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    1. David Davis was, how can I put it kindly? A man in a role 20 years too late for him to understand.

      He stood up to the ministers of state effectively 10-15-20 years ago. Said ministers including Blunkett and Straw who are, well war criminals, no other word for them.

      Now? Well his time is gone. So is May’s but for different reasons.

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  3. The SNP are wisely refusing to interrupt their opponents while they are making a mistake. Or, in this case, tearing each other to shreds.

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  4. I see BoJo is the latest to bail out. What a spectacle of selfish shits putting their “careers” (overweening ambition) before the needs of the electorate and country they’re always braying about having the privilege to serve. There’s more decency in a pack of hyaenas at a wildebeest carcase. Wonder who the next chinless arsehole to resign will be.

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  5. Bojo has gone. Big question now is not who’ll go but who won’t.

    Hysterical laughter reported from various European capitals. Meanwhile, Melanie Philips touting Farage as Fuhrer, Duce, Caudillo or what you will.

    Is this why May is inviting other parties (exc of course SNP) to Downing Street this avvo? National government with supra-parliamentary authority anyone ? Or is it time for Ruth to step forward ?

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    1. I saws the Philips woman saying that Farage should be made a Lord and appointed Prime Minister by the Queen to restore democracy to the country.

      All without a trace of irony…


  6. Oh dear God, I live in a banana monarchy run by monkeys. Not even apes. Apes are clever.
    Surely there will be a motion of no confidence in May triggering a Tory party election contest. It’s only the thought of indyref 2 that is keeping me going.

    BoJo should have been sacked ages ago. Raab is a fascist. Gove a snake.

    Oh dear God.

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  7. …and unfortunately on the other side is a near 70-year old who wants much the same in terms of fuck the EU.

    Six of one half dozen of the other down here in Leics in terms of effects.

    Hard to see a good way out of this – for any of the “nations” of the UK.

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  8. So we are now in the situation where:

    David “four hours” Davis has resigned and been replaced by what some might consider an ultra right wing Tory.

    Boris “I’m a buffoon” Johnson has resigned to be replaced by some other Tory buffoon not yet identified.

    Gove has been reported as M.I.A. during Feartie’s statement to the House of Commons. This surely raises the question … is he sitting in his soon to be vacant office writing his resignation letter? Like other resignations which Tory numpty will get the call to replace Gove if he does indeed resign?

    What has happened to Fox? Has he been spotted in the HoC or, like Gove, is he also M.I.A.?

    I’ve also seen a number of people tweeting that the “infamous” 48 letters to the chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 committee has been surpassed. If this is confirmed then we are going to have a Tory leadership contest. This raises a number of questions I think.

    1) Who will play the part of the Stalking Horse?

    2) After Feartie is defeated as I suspect she would who will be the “real” candidates to replace her?

    3) As I don’t think the Stalking Horse will win outright the nomination to become leader of the Tory party who will be the “runners and riders?” (for the record I’m thinking Gove possibly, Johnson possibly, Javid, Rees Mogg)

    4) is Scotland ready for Rees Mogg to become P.M.?

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    1. It’s all going swimmingly.

      She was never going to be a capable prime minister, even if things had been normal.

      Given that she had a +/- 50/50 split in the country, and a split party, and Arlene Orangewoman to contend with… on top of her innate incompetence, stupidity and total lack of human empathy, we never stood a chance.

      Hopefully the whole useless lot will be gone by the time she meets Trump.

      Interesting questions there…


    1. sadly not!

      I saw him sitting on the front bench, unlike Gove and Fox who were both M.I.A., during Feartie’s statement.

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      1. Bugger…

        I couldn’t see him having the guts to resign, whiney wee git. But Stuart said he was sitting on the back benches. Wishful thinking, maybe?

        Either that or I’ll have some of what he’s drinking!


        1. Maybe Scruffy was just trying out the backbenches for size Tris.

          That said my partner has seen something on Facebook that suggested he might resign later. In the words of someone famous … watch this space.

          In other news … Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, Grayling’s P.P.S. and Johnson’s P.P.S. have reportedly all resigned.

          Feartie has gone from losing SIX ministers in SIX months to losing SIX ministers in LESS than 24 Hours!


          1. She’s getting better at it by the day.

            Who knows how many she will lose tomorrow.

            Maybe she’ll even lose the prime minister.


  9. Stewart McDonald MP

    Verified account

    Following Following @StewartMcDonald
    David Mundell has arrived in the Chamber and is sitting up on the back benches 👀


  10. This might well be the death of the Conservative consensus, a widdershins event much like the SDP splitting from Labour . You agree on lots of things, power to the rich, enriching the rich, hating poor people, but you know you get your baw-bees from rich folk, So that’s it, then.

    Anyone else think the Conservatives might split?


  11. Like

    1. Talking Heads were my favourite band for a while, way back then. I am delighted to know that David Byrne is still alive.

      Though my previous incarnation kind of loved the Kinks.

      Which had this:

      Don’t think I have much diverted from the Kinks.

      Probably the best band ever!

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  12. So Betfair are giving odds of 5/4 for an election this year , after Davis and Johnson plus a few minor others resigned today , will this lead to May having to bump off a few more to keep her power ? What we can all do is grab your favourite tipple , sit back and enjoy the last breaths of the union .

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  13. Ricky,

    I dunno whether Betfair’s odds are right or not. But I do want the SNP to say, loud and proud, that a vote for them, in a General Election, is a vote for independence from this insanity. I am kind of bored with skirting around this issue. I’d have thought that Nicola Sturgeon, agree’s with me. A majority vote for the SNP probably busts this horrible Union. Right there and then.

    Westminster has gone mad.

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    1. Douglas that was my immediate thought , especially after the sovereignty of the Scottish people was confirmed by the House at Westminster just in the last week or two , and its in Hansard for prosperity . No referendum would suit me fine , that way the media can’t manipulate and lie through their little teeth , plus the unionist parties and their ” promises ” won’t sway people’s votes .

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      1. Ricky,

        So a straightforward election commitment, spelt out in black and white by the SNP ought to be enough? That is my position at least. I kinda hope it is not just thee and me that think that

        This is, probably, make or break for Scotland’s future. I still think that it will be a tight as you like vote.

        But we have to do it now. Westminster is in chaos and probably won’t concentrate on Scotland whilst they are being offensive to the EU.

        Our moment has, perhaps, come.

        Your thoughts would be welcome.

        Best wishes.

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        1. Douglas , Westminster has left its self wide open for this , they only have their self to blame for the end of the union . An election would be the best way as to have a referendum would take too much time , and be to close to the Brexit final date for us to stay in the EU or to negotiate our own deal . In the short term EFTA would suit Scotland , that way we can still have access to the EU and do our own trade deals with the rest of the world , but if at a later date we want to be a full member of the EU we can do this on our own terms . But that’s getting ahead , independence first , sort the rest out later .

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  14. I thought sadly that Brian Rix died a few years ago, so I’m delighted to see he’s writing the script for the latest farce.
    Old Mother May: “Where’s Gove?”
    La Belle Fluffette: “He’s behind you! He’s behind everyone!! He’s got a knife!!!”

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  15. The really sad thing about all this is that we continue to be exercised by events in a parliament of another country.
    Not our parliament.

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