Soppy Sunday

n o1
Look, everybody. I’ve found a great place to hang on to my mummy.
n athens
N Binn tower perth
Binn Tower, just above Perth. It was 31 degrees that day.
n blue damsel fly
Blue Damselfly 
n blue eyes
Old Blue Eyes
n balcan lynx
Balkan Lynx.
n c3t
I wonder who’s behind the blue door.
n cheetah cubs
Cheetah Cubs playing
n clouds
Wow clouds.
n dog sail
Nothing like a river cruise for dogs of leisure.
n florence (viki)
Florence where my Hungarian family is at the moment.
n hornbill
n hornet
n humanty lake peru
Lake Humanity, Peru.
n husk
Nah, it’s not cold if you’re born to it, besides they built me this fire.
n guanajunto mx
Guanajuato, Mexico.
n med
Wildflower meadow,
n joey
Look at my teddy, everyone.
n sagrada familia catalunya
Sagrada Familia, Catalunya.
Image result for orangutans baby
I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  Enjoy the hot weather and see you next time…

22 thoughts on “Soppy Sunday”

  1. Binn Tower is impressive. But I encountered some internet confusion differentiating Kinnoull Tower from Binn Tower from Binn Hill Tower from Binnhill Tower. Anyway, a nice old tower!

    And 31 degrees C. What a beautiful midsummer day……if a tad cool for July…… least it would be cool here in the USA midlands. My car thermometer registered 104 F (40 C ) the other day. That was in the sun, so it was a few degrees cooler in the shade. Maybe we’ll get some serious 100+ degree heat in August. 😉

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    1. Ahhh, it is incredibly hot for here. I think the first time I’ve ever experienced that temperature in Scotland.

      When I was working in the South of France it was often that temperature when I was on my way to work in the morning…

      40C is wicked. but i expect its a kind of dry heat?

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      1. Tris…..I’ve noted the comments about the heat in Scotland.

        Actually, the heat of summer is usually oppressively humid here in the Mississippi valley, which often has a large flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to the south. So air conditioning provides the only relief from the summer temperatures here. On my first trip to Las Vegas, I appreciated how the dry heat of the desert is different. It was in late September and the daytime temps were still in the mid to upper 90’s F. But I was immediately aware that a walk out in the sun in those temperatures (where I felt dry) was much more comfortable than a comparable temperature in the Midwest, where I would be dripping wet.

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    2. Believe that the two Victorian towers on the hills over the Tay were inspired by a proposal that the Tay might then be compared to the Rhine. I think the Kinnoull Hill tower was constructed in the form of a “ruin”, a favourite form of Victorian folly.

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      1. Oh dear… I see !

        Las Palmas >>> Panda Paws:
        “I didn’t say you are my mate, mate. You also need to read up on the word “context.”

        “Also, calling an Arab a rag head ****** is racism. Calling a Sweaty a porridge muncher is not.”

        Yes, it is, you stupid knob!


    1. ‘ve never been a football fan. Once or twice, when I was in my teens, I went to a few matches with some mates. I soon wondered why I was spending my time crushed among thousands of moronic, often drunk, bigots and paying for the “privilege”. So I did the sensible thing: I stopped going and spent the money on drink instead. Nonetheless, I do get very irritated by the constant coverage of “the beautiful game” on TV news and now, of course, that Ingerlund have beaten a couple of teams the vainglory is almost unbelievable. Just as I was switching the box off yesterday as another paean to the England team was starting, I thought to myself that it’s actually very understandable – they have to big up the England footie thing because they’ve got bugger all else to boast about. Panem et circenses!

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      1. I’m not bothered about football either. In the days when I had a tv, before the BBC became as biased and partisan as it has, I sometimes watched a match. But I was only ever interested in the really top quality matches where obvious skill was on display.

        I expect that Scots would be as excited if ever they managed to get through to this stage (as if). But of course, the BBC and press wouldn’t be making as much of it if it were one of the smaller nations in the UK.

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      2. Is it true that BBC Scotland don’t broadcast any Scottish matches? Enough reason not to pay the TV tax, I think. Or I might think if I had a TV and like football, which I don’t.

        It was the political bias and partisanship that put me off, originally, but I feel better for not watching, even though I’m occasionally a bit behind on the news.

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    2. You may have missed their other hack (Barney Ronay) calling Volgograd a flypit/open sewer and Samara the “sweaty armpit of the region” recently.

      Respect? They’ve heard of it….

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  2. lovely stuff. Lots of cats but my favourites were the cheetah cubs – do love a cheetah. That dog on a cruise looks to be having fun. I’d love a wee trip doon the watter myself!

    And what a rather pensive last picture. S/he has the look of an EU official seeing the latest UK government fudge on brexit and thinking “I thought homo sapiens were supposed to be sentient!”

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