So, David Cameron tweeted this.
Image result for david cameron ;looking smug

And Rachel Clarke answered

I know just what you mean. My equivalent mother-son moment was first, calmly explaining how his generation’s future was sold down the river by a man who cared more about personal power than an entire country’s future. Disbelief, sadness & anger followed. What a life lesson.

Game, set and match to Dr Clarke, methinks… and LOL (lots of love???) to Cameron!

80 thoughts on “WHAT A PRAT…”

  1. What used to be referred to in my neck of the woods as getting quietened.

    A good one for sure but old pork chops deserves a lot worse, like for example the Torys worse nightmare, losing his dosh. Now that would be funny.

    Unfortunately he’ll leave it all behind him and if things hot up here, there’s plenty of other countries that’ll welcome his cash with open arms. Not that it will of course, The Brexit disaster will be blamed on Johnny Foreigner and if that doesn’t work then there’s always that perennial favourite, the poor people. I’ve a feeling there’ll be a lot more of them in a wee while so more shoulders to carry the guilt.

    What a complete rotter and a ghastly oik, as they say in Eton. (probably)

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    1. It’ll be like the 2008 crash. Whatever happens, the royals and top people in the Tory party will come out of it very nicely, thank you.

      I wonder how long people will accept this.

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      1. Accept it where – England? If so then forever as far as I can see. Union jackery abounds now – every council building is flying the butchers apron & that’s entirely new.

        Perhaps when they (and the Welsh) are left alone then they might start to get an inkling of how utterly corrupt (and evil) their country is. Wouldn’t bet on that this side of 2050 right enough….

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        1. Well, the predictions are for a 2, 4 or 8% drop in the economy. And some are predicting lack of medicines, food, fuel etc.

          I know the Brits put their stiff upper lip on, but I wonder how many young people, who voted to stay will tolerate being hungry, or for how long they will, before they start getting “really cross”.

          And all this red white and blue crap is the authorities trying to recreate the Dunkirk spirit, methinks.


          1. The English don’t do rebellion now, they’re more servile than Scots – had hundreds more years of King & country hammered into them mmm?

            Riots when they come will be blamed on blacks & the “underclass”. England will lap it up and vote for the death penalty to be reinstated for enemies of the state (that’ll be secondary legislation rather than the “murder” they think they voted for you understand).

            I’m viewing the next few weeks with amusement as the tory party ends itself as a creditable.. well anything really, you wouldn’t buy anything from any of them ever again would you? 🙂

            Boris said it best, the tory message is “Fuck Business” because we’re all staggeringly rich anyway…..

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  2. That little piggy went to …… all the way home. Go Sweden my new team.

    Now here is an interesting post from Stu at WoS involving a poll he arranged

    Scots don’t mind a hard border by 2 to 1.

    Solves a lot of issues.
    a)England and Wales get their Brexit
    b) NI gets no hard border
    c) DUP gets no border in the Irish Sea
    d) ROI and NI remain aligned
    e) Scotland gets to stay in UK and EU
    f) Good Friday Agreement is upheld

    All good. Another step on the way to indy perhaps. Just need Maybot to go for it.
    SNP should support this then Maybot doesn’t need DUP or Scot Tories.

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    1. Following the Chess game. All good fun.
      Just spent three+ hours watching the Claim of Right debate in the HoC.
      Result. The Ayes have it. Scotland’s people are ackowledged to be Sovereign by Westminster. Acknoweldged in Hansard, no less. Full Stop; no way out now.
      Makes the Supreme Court challenge to the Continuity Bill a bit moot. Still it will be fun. Then we ask for a Section 30 Order. If you read Nicola’s request letter for a S30 in 2016/17 she indicated that ‘Now was not the time’, a line that was feverishly grasped by Maybot.
      The next letter after the SC case will be a direct demand for a S30. Maybot denies it at her peril. Backed into a corner from which there is no escape.

      Bye bye UK.

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      1. Yes. The supreme court will have to think very carefully about whether the parliament represents the will of the people.

        Given that it is the only real test of the people’s feelings; that additionally the vote to remain in teh EU was overwhelming in Scotland and that our parliament is elected at least partly by proportional representation, I can’t see how they could possibly refute that it is the will of the Scottish people… which is supreme.

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      2. I watched that last night as well Kangaroo and as usual I was not surprised by the behaviour of the Poodle’s 12. Their behaviour was such that if I were in charge of a kindergarten I’d banish them. They behaved like a bunch of spoilt brats which as we all know they really are. After all let’s not forget that in the last two weeks Ian Blackford has been told by Tory MP’s to go commit suicide and apparently on Monday night to Fuck Off … NICE! 😯

        Last night’s vote confirmed, to me at least, that the unionist parties are solely about ONE thing … maintaining their subservience to Westminster. If it wasn’t the Lie Dems or Labour with their SNP BAAAD accusations and moans it was the Poodle’s 12 with their grievances about topics that are DEVOLVED but apparently no one has taught them yet how to recognise a devolved matter. 😂

        As usual Scruffy Fluffy spewed out shite, well being the Governor General of Scotland we’d expect nothing less from the man … right? 🤔

        What I found “interesting” was that prat Kerr dribbling on about protecting minority groups. Interesting because HE had two gay men thrown out of his church in Stirling. Protecting minority groups Huh?

        The debate also help clearly confirm to anyone who watched just how ignorant the Poodle’s 12 are about Scottish history and their ignorance was there for all to see in plain view last night! 😂

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        1. They are a pathetic group of people. They don;t seem to stand for anything, except what Mrs May has told them to stand for.

          I wonder what Ruth thinks of her man having deeply homophobic views… indeed I wonder what Jesus would have thought of it.

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          1. Well if you want to go down the “Jesus route” then the See of St. Peter has been somewhat against this pretty much since the fall of Rome – see “pope’s pear” etc. Likewise all the protestant religions. Also various other religions.

            The tl;dr is you couldn’t expand your religion/empire back then with gay people. Now, not so much 🙂

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              1. There is, same as all the other religions.

                My granny on one side gave money to the IRA but recognised (quietly and with money) men would never help women volutarily.

                On the other side I wouldn’t know. My mother was an orphan when she went to school. Her sister never visited the island again.

                What I do remember is a minister denouncing the pope as the antichrist on Lewis – in 1982.

                So while I respect other’s beliefs I feel they’re only (logically) acceptable if they’re not pushed on people.

                Dream on eh? 😦

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                1. Well, yes, I agree. I’ve said time and time again here. I couldn’t care less what god you believe in. That’s cool with me. If it gives you comfort then so much the better. Just NEVER try to force it down my neck as the schools systems in both Scotland and England did.

                  I might have found faith, although I doubt it, but being forced to do it was the words biggest put off.


          2. I don’t think that she thinks Tris … remember who her latestest bestest mate is … a certain Arlene Foster none the less. Her of the Flat earth society and the earth is only 5,000 years old group. 😂

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            1. It occurs to me to wonder how the utterly fragrant Arlene would cope – I have no idea if she’s a mother or married or has children – with a gay son of hers who went on to be a geologist specializing in dating truly ancient rocks, as well as dating men, I mean. Dating Catholic men. Dating Catholic Irishmen. Dating Catholic Irish Republican men. Or a daughter, mutatis mutandis.

              She might find organizing the sleeping arrangements a bit of a challenge, one way or the other.

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                1. LOL… Yes. That’s well within her timescale.

                  Although she probably is very angry that folk are suggesting that Latin and later Norman French was the language of the political classes.

                  We know that she would hold up the whole political process of a country over a bit of Irish.

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      3. The Scottish Government is running rings round the Westminster regime. I don’t suppose for one moment that it’s a coincidence that the affirmation of the Claim of Right took place on the 4th of July. I don’t think for one moment that it’s coincidence that oor Humza got Ms. Truss to cough up £5 million for ensuring the security of the Great Orange on the 14th, and followed it up the next day with the news that President Torra of Catalunya is coming to visit us on the 9th. Pity I won’t be able to be there to cheer, and wave my wee saltire and senyera estelada ecstatically. Pity I won’t be there to help give Trump the welcome he deserves either.

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      1. Or a slow debilitating death
        Thanks to Esther Mcvile
        As scumbag child starver IDS
        Said it’s a shoddy piece of work .

        One thing is right we are in the age of shoddy courtesy of
        Tory austerity attacks

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        1. After being shown to be an out and out liar, she is still in a job because Maybot is too weak to do anything about her, and she, herself, has absolutely sense of shame.

          I can only hope one day that she finds herself hoist on her own petard. But somehow I doubt it.


  3. Personally I believe the problem can be traced back to Tony Blair who rather than hold the promised referendum on the new EU Constitution weaseled his way out of that by just signing the Lisbon Treaty. Blair of course was afraid that he might just lose a referendum ( as happened in Ireland, Netherlands etc), but he committed the UK to being part of an “ever closer” EU that the British public ( egged on by a euroskeptic tabloid press) weren’t quite ready for.

    I don’t know what result a UK referendum on the EU Constitution would have produced, but either way people in Britain would have had a say in the matter. With general resentment about being denied a say in the future direction of the EU and with a euroskeptic ascendancy in the Tory Party, Cameron as PM had had little choice but to go back to Europe and beg for opt-outs.

    The problem was that when David Cameron went to the EU to negotiate his reform deal he didn’t get all that he asked for. Arguably of course, you never get everything you ask for in any negotiation, and hard-line euroskeptics in the Conservative Party, UKIP and the country generally were never going to be satisfied anyway even if he got all he asked for and more. With hindsight though what he did negotiate wasn’t insubstantial, his first failure was to sell it as such here back home. His second failure was to under-estimate the gullibility of the voting public and their susceptibility to the targeted lies and dark money of the leave campaign.


    1. You seem to have forgotten that the country voted to remain in the EU. By a substantial majority and in every parliamentary constituency.


      1. Well, I think that Jake is talking about the UK, not our country.

        It was, however, Gordon Brown that signed the treaty of Lisbon, not Blair.

        Personally, I’m inclined to agree that England (and possibly Wales, I don’t know) should never have been in the EU. They don’t make good “partners”. They have to be in charge. It has to be their way. De Gaulle was right.

        Scotland is a very different place.

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        1. The problem with Wales is that much of it isn’t Welsh.

          Its English living in Wales thinking England/Wales well its all one country (with “us” in charge) isn’t it…

          That’s been going on for so long that if you go pretty much anywhere around the “border” counties then you’ll find more people who identify as English than Welsh. Don’t get me wrong, nice places to visit but not Welsh in any way. I found it surprising it was that way when I was MUCH younger, not now.

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          1. Yes, I agree. For so long is has been pretty much like one country… and yet there are areas where they speak Welsh first and are VERY Welsh.


            1. On an unrelated topic I will have my first ripe (outdoor grown) tomato tomorrow/Saturday.

              Missed the end of June by a week which is a shame but putting them out May 3 with a couple of fruit set (indoor LEDs) and overnight temps of <12C was pushing things to their limit. The weather delivered anyway.

              I have done some photos for munguins approval but I'll need to re-do them as things progress (at the rate of 6L per plant per day).

              Lots of butterflies/moths laying eggs on said tom plants too, moral dilemma is kill the caterpillers and boost crop or live with some of them. NB when I say "lots" then I mean 5-10 whites laying eggs every time you look. Given everything else is brown these toms can probably be seen from miles away 😀

              Ah well its a nice problem to have.

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                1. No is the answer to that as I don’t grow indeterminate toms the way its recommended to do. I’ll explain with photos to Tris via email at some time this week or next.

                  I’ll get my arse in gear and do it before Sunday 🙂

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                  1. Normally I plant nasturtiums around stuff I don’t want eaten. Works fine usually but with 1.6mm in the last 50+ days…

                    PS – nasturtiums don’t use any of the nutrients your toms do in grow bags. They attract all the insects though and are edible (bit peppery).

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          2. I agree. The breakdown by parliamentary constituency shows that the Wales around the coast from North to South voted to remain in the EU. It was the Anglicised border-lands of Wales that voted for Brexit.

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  4. I see celebrity British Empire Nationalist and money merchant J K Rowling is trolling again hoping to be aggrieved whilst smiling beatifically. Does anyone know what product she has due for release soon?

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      1. To be fair, she did write a series of “adult” books under the name Robert Galbraith to prove to the world that she could write for grown ups. Unfortunately word got out that RG was indeed she, which shot them up into the bestseller lists thanks to her huge fan base.
        The first one, as is her wont, was a melange of Iain Banks and Ian Rankin ideas, spiced with alliterative names (Stan Lee) and served up hot from the presses with huge hints that this bright new star in the firmament of detective writers Was Somebody Famous.

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          1. Let me put it this way Tris, I read in bed at night, and always try to go to sleep either at the end of a chapter, or on a memorable number, 100,200, 69 etc. The Cuckoo’s Calling was bookmarked at page 10, and then was put back on the shelf.

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        1. My son enjoyed the Harry Potter books. I couldn’t really see what the fuss was about to be fair. I remember someone she (JKR) had committed plagiarism *
          I did however enjoy the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and look forward to seeing the second one. I also enjoyed the tv adaptation of the Robert Galbraith books which is called Strike.
          * https://www.theguardian.com/books/2000/mar/17/news

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          1. I thought the books were dreary, but the films were excellent. (I remember listening to Stephen Fry read one of them on Radio, and falling asleep.

            Good stories and an amazing imagination, not brilliantly written, but in fairness written for children.


          2. My professional complaints about her writing:

            Her books are nothing special. If you’ve read any “Boarding School Drama” series, which were popular in her childhood, you’d recognise 70% of her plots. The other 30% are ripped from Tolkien derivatives/D&D. And they were all better written, even the D&D novels. And some of those are truly awful.

            Her writing skills are below-par, and her editors got progressively worse, probably due to her daddy owning her publisher.

            She doesn’t know when to “draw the curtain” on a scene and leave the details to the readers’ imagination. Especially when writing moody teenagers’ romance scenes in books she keeps aiming at 11-year-olds.

            She has no world-building skills, so she frequently has to assume that everyone forgot about the dues ex machina power she gave everyone in the last chapter of the previous book because it would simply solve the entire plot of the current one.

            She frequently resorts to dues ex machina to save the day. And she frequently makes them turn Harry into even more of a Mary Sue.

            She has no stomach for genre shift or stories growing up with their audiences. Voldemort being resurrected should have changed the entire tone, premise, genre and plot of the series, instead, she keeps on with the boarding school drama.

            She’s overhyped, which, although not a literary criticism, makes me hold her to a higher standard than if she weren’t hyped.

            Basically, everything she did, either Buffy the Vampire Slayer did better or E. Nesbit did better.

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            1. Wow Illy… that was interesting…


              As I say, I didn’t read them so I can only go by the films which were pleasant enough… perhaps because of the star actors they got…


              1. Meh, the films are as full of plot holes as the books.

                That luck potion is an instant-win tool. Time-Turners are an instant-win tool. Why did the trapped goblet teleport them back to safety? (Seriously, what idiot Death Eater set that up?) Why is Hermionie not in Ravenclaw? Why didn’t Tom Riddle do something simple like Owl all his prominent opponents a a small nuclear bomb set to go off when the screamer starts up?

                I could go all day on this, and that’s just off the top of my head.

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                1. LOL…

                  OK. For all that, I enjoyed them well enough.

                  I obviously have lower standards in entertainment than you do. I couldnt tell you what any of the plots were, or apart from the main ones, who the characters were.

                  I’d never want to see them again. But at the time (I saw them on TV… not at the cinema), I thought they were “fine”.


  5. NHS 70 years old hurrah !
    But the truth is new Labour
    Would of never ever ever created the NHS .

    They would of been content to
    Have a private health care system so when the finished bilking the public at Westminster they could make even more as lobbyists for private health care .

    Of course things being as they are they are forced to pretend to support the NHS .

    Tossers I hate em as much as the Tory’s which in truth is what they are or aspire to

    Aneruin Bevan Tony Blair would of strangled him with
    His own two hands .

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      1. I’m not so sure. For much of the first few years of the NHS it was made fairly clear in govt literature that you shouldn’t use it unless you had to.

        On that basis I think both of them would have been united as it reduced govt expenditure. For different reasons (war debt) for sure but Blair is enough of a chameleon he’d have fitted in anywhere. Consumate politico, questionable excuse for a human being – like many other (older) politicians we never had “data” on.

        Things change. England certainly has in the last decade….

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        1. I think it was Thatcher that changed things most of all.

          She made greed respectable. She made hard physical graft unacceptable.

          She made house ownership a holy grail.

          She set the scene. Blair took Mandelson’s advice that Labour could only survive if it appealed to the massively increased middle classes living in the now highly populated South East… many folk having moved there to take advantages of the economic opportunities she created, whilst devastating the rest of the UK.

          There is so much she changed.

          Blair was, she reckoned, her greatest achievement.


          1. She also reduced the huge amount of unemployed by making it very easy to “go on the sick”, thus hiding the real figures, which seemed important, because even the Tories worried what the people thought then.
            Now of course they don’t give a shit.

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            1. True. The unemployed figures were published monthy; sick figures not at all.

              I worked with someone who had worked in jobcentres at that time. They were strongly encouraged to get people to transfer to sick.

              John Major also had a craft plan to reduce the number of long term (2 year plus) unemployed. Called Project Work it was launched in pilots (to disastrous outcomes). People were given “training” in nothing very much, of three months, after which they returned as new claimants.

              Unfortunately a lot of them didn;t care for this kind of thing, and a considerable amount of violence to staff occurred.

              Staff turnover in Dundee was pretty much complete for the 9 months the project ran.


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    1. The thing is, Niko, that no government has been able to get rid of the NHS. Probably it is the one thing that most British people wouldn’t change…although clearly they’d like more money spent on it.

      But Brexit will give them the excuse they need to get rid of it.

      While protesting that they love it dearly, they will blame Brussels for forcing them into a situation where they have to sell it off to American pharma.


  6. tris

    Wots the thing wid Conan
    He goes all (alliterative )
    And faux intellectual reading in bed 🛏 (by gaslight no doubt )
    All clean shaven and sparkly clean .

    Not like the hairy thug from early days down in the Scotsman comments .

    He forgets we know what’s under his fingernails !

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    1. I know… It’s scary. He’s got all respectable. I’m surprised he still speaks to the likes of us.

      I think you get to an age though, Niko, when reading in bed is the way to get you off to sleep.

      Young lads like you probably have a few rounds of energetic sex… eh?


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