This is a fascinating piece about the Faroe Islands, one of Scotland’s nearest neighbours by Lesley Riddoch.

With 65,000 people, it is a fraction of the size of Scotland, but its devolution from Denmark’s government is far deeper than Scotland’s. It is not in the EU, for example (nor is its sister country, Greenland). (Remember when we were promised the most powerful devolved government in the world… We really are suckers!)

I seriously suggest that this is worth half an hour of anyone’s time, and a donation, no matter how little, to help make further films about our nearby Nordic neighbours.

Iceland is next…


Seriously, having changed the name of his department from “The Scotland Office” to  “The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland”, a move for which I could see no particular reason except an excuse to spend money needlessly on the redesigned signage, paperwork etc, it would be nice to see him actually do something FOR as opposed to AGAINST Scotland.

However, even in his own constituency, he seems to have been content for the UK government to bribe Young’s, at a not insubstantial cost of £1.3 million, to leave Scotland for Hull.


He was a poor fish as a Minister of State for Scotland. As Secretary of State, he has been an utter liability.  I’m not sure that they ever discuss Scotland in Cabinet. I suspect that if they do, it’s when he’s away making the tea and fetching the results of the labours of Colonel British Bake Off.


n orang1
I’m not being rude, I’m just concentrating
n brugge
n canyonlans
Canyonland Park, Utah (not Colorado, as I first suggested. My thanks to Danny, Munguin’s man in America, for the correction.)
n albie (Jim)
There’s wee Albie got the wind in his sails again… (Jim).
n aberdeen
n fox enjoying sun
Perfect spot for a bit of sunbathing.
n friends
On orangutan’s best friend is his dog… and a dog’s best friend is his orangutan. Sounds like perfection.
n Grosnez Castle
Grosnez Castle, Jersey.
n hare
Don’t you dare say anything about Noddy!
n head scratch
Nothing like a scratch with tree bark…
n iberian lynx v rare
Iberian Lynx, extremely endangered.
n z
Sometimes, when all you want is to play and everyone else falls asleep!

n hi
This is my new daddy. Whatcha think?
n you cant see me
Am I still small enough to hide behind this sapling?
n Hrensko, cz
Hrensko, Czech Republic.
n nest Gille-Brighde oyster catche angus mcn
From Angus B MacNeil’s Twitter. They are Oyster Catchers eggs… although he called them ‘Gille Brighde’.
I don’t want to go to bed Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
n matesunlikely-animal-friends-8
What do you think of my big mate?
n swim
Come on in, the water’s great.
n or5
Well, that’s yer lot for this week, peoples. Come back soon.