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It is simply unacceptable that UK Govt has so far refused to say that they will pick up the policing bill for President Trump’s visit, he is a guest of the UK Govt. I’ll be writing to the UK Govt demanding an urgent resolution to this matter.

We did not invite him. I’m pretty certain most of us don’t want him here.
What do you think?


  1. Like the idea of making him pay for it.

    Though we might have more success getting blood out of a stone.

    This must be the most miss-begotten President that the USA has ever elected.

    We are perhaps, inured, to lying Politicians, but this guy takes it to 9.o + on the Richter scale . And perhaps beyond.

    He is not a nice person. I can quite see why he likes oligarchs in Russia and dictatorial regimes World Wide, because that is his base. The question about what Putin has on him is undetermined so far.


    Off topic:

    The USA is about to be captured by him in a Supreme Court nomination that will make Roe -v- Wade yesterdays news.

    The man is becoming a dictator.

    Am I alone in watching all the individual rights that women in America have had being trashed by a 72 year old moron?

    Sadly, yes I am.

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    1. The GOP have been trying to get Roe v Wade struck down from the moment the judgement was made. Their supporters have used murder, torture, rape, arson, bombs, bribes. intimidation etc etc to try “protect life”.

      Average USAians are exceptionally stupid due to their “education” system. Simple as that. England is getting there in terms of stupidity, give it another 10-15 years of tory rule & it’ll be there.

      To be brutally frank, the USA has been the shining beacon for fascists all over the world for 80 years. Nothing they do surprises me anymore.

      Actually I just realised I don’t know a single USAian who hasn’t been in their military & I know dozens of them. Worrying….

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  2. Its a private visit to Scotland apparently so the only reason Police Scotland should be involved is to protect the locals from the USAian thugs coming along. That shouldn’t require 5000 cops!

    As to who should pay – Trump should. Its a private visit (not state) so he’s liable in law.

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    1. But of course May is scared stiff of him, and not of Scotland. So she will want Scotland to pay.

      This is something that wee useless toad Mundell ought to be fighting. But won’t be.

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      1. Funny… expecting us here in Scotland to pay for his private visit to his own golf courses built with his very own laundered Russian dirty money is a bit like … wait a minute … can’t quite think … it’s on the tip of my tongue … oh yes, I know, it’s like building a wall from sea to shining sea across North America and expecting the Mexicans to pay for it!

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    2. Completely in agreement, let Trump pay his way. Scotland is not now responsible for any one invited by the English /UK Government. I look forward to the squeals of outrage from Westminster.

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  3. Yay! Mon Humza!

    Humza should ban Trump from entering Scotland, and say “You wanted a Muslim ban? Here, have a Muslim ban.”

    Please don’t tell me he cannot ban Trump from Scotland – the threat Trump represents to public order here would be just one simple ground for doing so. As Justice Minister, Humza can ban him, whether the Westminster regime thinks he should or he shouldn’t. If the Scottish Parliament, though, has discussed his visit, I must have missed it – please correct me if I’m wrong – I did find this article, though, from the Atlantic of 20 January 2016: http://tinyurl.com/yavqjl9v. The article reports that 48% of SNP members wanted him barred then, and it would be astonishing indeed if that figure were not now well over 50%, and over 50% among Scots generally.

    In other words, it is the will of the sovereign people of Scotland that Trump be kept out of Scotland. Given his treatment of children and refugees at the USA’s southern border, it would be only condign.

    If Trump then enters Scotland anyway, against our wishes and therefore illegally and in defiance of a direct order, it would be only condign if we were to put him in a cage and not tell anybody where we are keeping him (though Dungavel would be appropriate), not even Melania or Ivanka or his slimy, sleazy sons.

    We could perhaps draft some Gaelic-speaking polis or other officials in to give him the full experience of being banged up in a foreign country where he does not speak the language and has no legal representation.

    Never do unto others what you would not have them do unto you.

    OK, some of that is just a kind of revenge fantasy, but even a credible threat of Making An Official Fuss would help keep the evil b*astard away.

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    1. P.S. In the National today, it is very clear that the BritNat trolls are the only ones who are vocal in their welcome of Trump. One was regurgitating pure Faux News / Trump TV / alt-right propaganda tropes, aka lies.

      The saying goes that by their friends shall ye know them. It is also true that by their leaders shall ye know them. I see no reason to be civil either to or about racists, bigots and child abusers, or their supporters. We cannot stop vicious bullies who have personality disorders simply by asking them nicely; we cannot abide by the rules of civilized discourse when we are dealing with uncivilized, unsocialized, ignorant, aggressive, antisocial and unstable individuals who are not amenable to reason.

      There’s just no talking to some people, in other words.

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      1. I think this is (perversely IMHO given its Trump) straying into human rights (ECHR) stuff.

        He owns property in Scotland & to deny him access to that property would require a reason the “UK Supreme Court” would accept – and there isn’t one. NB – I don’t want to get into discussions about legitimacy of that “court” as the tl;dr (long summary) is its not legitimate IMHO but we are where we are until indy.

        Then you can go down the “diplomatic” rules morass. He can visit anywhere he likes in the UK (technically) as can (and have) many worse people than Trump. He’s just stupid, there’s a lot more evil people who visit London.

        PS – I think the Trump baby needs the Blonde Buffoon (Boris) floating next to it. After all until very recently Boris WAS a USAian citizen (gave it up IIRC because they wanted too much tax!)

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        1. Yes, but… the legalities wouldn’t matter, in a sense; all we need to do is f*uck up his schedule. As for not visiting his property … the Home Office regularly deports people who are then forced to liquidate all their assets here, or try to; it is not unusual for the HO to make those deportation orders as a result of retroactively applying changes in the rules. Two wrongs don’t make a right, I know. Let’s keep him out, and say “so sue us”.

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      2. His ignorance knows no bound… well either that or his total disregard for the truth.

        He told one of his rallies (the only thing he seem to enjoy about the job) that the EU was set up to undermine America…



  4. That would mean we would have to pay £5 million every time he visits his golf courses.
    Policing is devolved, foreign affairs are not. It is entirely the responsibility of the UK Government. Why is the Scottish Government being such wimps about this?

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  5. So Mr. Tangerine man is, possibly coming to Scotland in July huh?

    The answer to this problem of who pays the £5 million for Police Scotland is, in myview, very simp!e.😉

    Charge Mr. Tangerine man £10 million for the services of Police Scotland. Wait for his “cheque” to clear … Job done! 😀

    If his “cheque” does not clear in time OR he refuses to pay then Police Scotland carry on with their NORMAL duties ii.e. NO security provision supplied for his “visit”.. SIMPLES! 😂

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  6. A majority of Americans clearly don’t want him either.

    I had no idea that Boris held American citizenship. Too bad that he’s already renounced it. Maybe we could have worked out an exchange. We take Boris off your hands if you keep Trumpy. Or maybe we could have forgiven Boris’s tax bill. Last I heard, there’s still the issue of the Duchess of Sussex’s American citizenship….whether she would keep it or not.

    I think we can work out something. 😉

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    1. I know – when Scotland becomes independent, I won’t want my British citizenship any more, so she can have it and give me her American one in return! Then I can go over there and help my American friends by voting against Trump or any other vicious, bigoted, racist and homophobic sociopath the Republican Party wants to make President.

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    2. We don’t want him more than you don’t want him, Danny… and you had him first. 🙂

      Boris’s mother was American, I think. and he had joint nationality, but they were coming after him for money so he got rid of it. Nothing a Tory hates more, no matter how rich he or she is, than parting with money that might be used for poor people.

      Which one is the duchess of Sussex? I’m losing count here. If it’s Megan Sparkle … frankly, who cares.

      Nationality is nothing to these people. They give it away; the get it back.

      It’s just a convenience.

      In the meantime there are people in the UK being deported because they were born in the wrong place, even if they have lived here for 30 years.

      It truly is a ghastly country.

      Don’t come visiting, Danny, till we have ditched the Brits.

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      1. Tris…..Tories are apparently a lot like American Republicans in their opposition to financial help for the poor, because it takes money better used for tax cuts to wealthy Republicans.

        I’m shocked……SHOCKED…….that you do not stay current with the titles of nobility handed out by the Queen……LOL. Yes, the Duchess of Sussex is the Sparkle woman who recently married into the Windsor family and adopted British citizenship. There was to be an announcement about whether or not she would renounce her American citizenship……..the better to fit in with the Windsors. It’s reported that the royals once had an ironic phrase to describe their unfortunate Canadian cousins (who they also rule). Canada!……So far from God!…..So near to America!

        I’ve long since given up on a personal visit to England to pick up a Garter Knighthood. Maybe after you ditch the Brits, you’ll still be handing out the Thistle. 😉

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        1. Yes Danny…

          May is just Trump without the make-up and with a bit thicker hair and much less personality.

          I usually try to keep up with what the Benefits Scrongers are up to, but I’ve been distracted of late. I remember that they were Earl and Countess of Dumbarton, mainly because that well known socialist Jackie Baillie lauded them and hoped that they would bring fame and fortune to Dumbarton (of which she is of MSP). I doubt that they’ll ever bother visiting, but Baillie is relatively thick and rather right wing. Not to mention a liar.

          As I say, these people can get citizenship wherever they want it. unlike ordinary people who are deported or locked up in detention centres. May has been doing what Trump was doing. Evil bitch.

          We may hand out thistles after independence. I should warn you though, they are prickly things, rather like the natives!!

          You’d be better off with a haggis. At least you can eat that!


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          1. Yes Ed…….I’m thinking that those big orders of knighthood probably come with a book of instructions. 😉 I understand the prickly nature of the Thistle.

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  7. Off topic: a communiqué from the EU Council about the talks on article 50 with the Maybot. It’s unsurprisingly short. Very short. Very, very short. There is very faint praise at the beginning, but the rest of the four paragraphs is quite robust damnation, and a warning to the rest of the EU to expect failure.

    Shamelessly nicked from Alyn Smith’s blog. http://tinyurl.com/ybh56hed

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    1. So, they haven’t done anything about Gibraltar.

      And they haven’t done anything about Ireland.

      Despite being asked over and over again over the months, indeed 2 years since the vote, the British government hasn’t told the EU what it wants. Dr Merkel asked May over and over (being a person of some influence) to see if she could start working with others to find a compromise. Mrs May was unable to answer.

      As someone said today, The British government needs to stop negotiating with itself and start negotiating with the EU.

      What a load of useless tossers the British government are. And they are the ones that all the Brexiteers are pinning their hopes on.


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    2. Interesting text indeed. But it boils down to “no progress and we haven’t a clue how it will all end”! The final para looks like diplomat speak for “be prepared for anything when the shit hits the fan!” Reminds me of the old Chinese curse about living in Interesting Times …

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        1. I can’t think of “iconic blue passports” without thinking “innovative jam and biscuits” at the same time. Maybe there’s something seriously wrong with me. Or maybe the Tories.

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  8. If he’s the guest of the British, they can pay for him. Just a thought though, maybe he doesn’t want security to be too tight at Turnberry in case word gets out about the prostitutes hired to pee on his bed.

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