Puan, the world’s oldest orangutan (in captivity), died aged 62. She had a good life, if not an entirely natural one, and she was surrounded by people who loved her at the end. We shouldn’t be sad, but of course, we are. (Thanks Quokka.)
n puss
Look into my eyes.
n edin
Edinburgh Castle.
n antrim
n vietnam china border
China/Vietnam border.
n musee
Victoria and Albert Museum, Dundee.
N Pika china.jpg
Pika, China.
n a-traveler-enjoying-the-summer-sun-in-igaliku-in-south-greenland-1-1400x933
Sunbathing in Greenland.
n p
Panda babies.
n moo
n or5
Hope you’re not too upset about Puan. I’m here to cheer you up. 
n burd
Erm, he’s the black chic of the family…
n par
A little bottle on a Paris balcony.
n edin 2
n baaaa
Baaaa ba Blacksheep…
n wall
The builder’s been on the ale at lunchtime?
n Castlerigg Stone Circle, nr Keswick.jpg
Castlerigg, Keswick
n norway
n fish frank
You don’t have to be pretty to be cute. This fella looks a little down in the mouth at being dead.
n mull
Mull sunset.
n jaguar
Jaguar: I’m not the E-type though. My top speed is 64 mph!
RIP Puan.

21 thoughts on “SAD SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. RIP Puan a long life indeed. Adorable panda babies and loved the pika. However I must protest. I’ve been to Edinburgh many times and never seen such blue skies – I spy Photoshop 🙂

    Anyway hope everyone enjoyed Perth on Friday – I would have like to meet some Munguinites but alas not possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There will be another time, PP.

      Let’s hope that Edinburgh can conjure up some blue skies for the big march (and Dundee too, of course) and that maybe some of us will meet up there…

      Munguin was saying that the Pika was really appealing and he was thinking of replacing me with one… Ho hum…


      1. Let’s not forget Inverness.

        AUOB are doing a sterling job, although I have seen a couple of moans about Aberdeen and Perth not being included. A tad unfair methinks.

        Have also noted a consensus amongst those on the marches that we are trying to attract people to the cause and that the tenor protest and calls by some of those involved, might actually deter others coming to realise the hell that will befall us if we don’t extricate ourselves from Westminster (Freedom from Westminster is my maxim, as I believe everything else follows from that). Rant over.

        Maybe our Munguinite paths will cross in Dundee,as I will be on vacation in October.


        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hope so, Ian.

          I wonder why at least Aberdeen was not included…

          Perth is kinda midway between Stirling and Dundee, so I can se why it might be excluded.

          I wonder if the council refused permission?

          We’ll set up something in Dundee where folks can meet up nearer the time. Maybe at the beginning of the march, so we can walk together and get to know each other…

          Dundee date is August 25, I think. Not October.


          1. Yes Dundee is August. Can see your point about Perth. I was referring to Edinburgh in October. With luck, it will be the only march I will have missed.Good idea about an informal meet before the Dundee event, as there appears to be quite some time getting the rabble (us) into some sort of order before the walk!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Aye, Munguin will have to inspect the troops before we set off.

              I’ll put my phone number on here nearer the time so if people can’t find us, they can ring for directions.


    1. Boom Boom…

      The sheep just contacted Munguin with the following message…

      “Tell that Terry blokey that it may be ok to make personal comments about a sheep’s legs in Switzerland, but in Scotland, it’s considered downright rude. Ask him, by the way, if he noticed my fine pair of horns…”


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