!there you go

So, there you have it.

Post Brexit jobs crisis sorted.

When you get paid off from your highly-skilled Aircraft factory job, you can easily get a job picking rasps. Well, for at least 2 months, off and on, dependent on the weather and the ability/willingness of someone else to pay the rent/food/electricity on the days you get no work.

Thank goodness for a brilliant PM, I say.

(Thanks to Ross Colquhoun for bringing it to my attention.)

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      1. Poor wee Arlene is not the only pathetic individual to “adopt the position” eddjasfreeman.


        Here’s a wee close up to see what that pathetic prostrater is groveling on the ground for.


        “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

        In Feartie’s case give her an unnecessarily rich member of the country’s largest Benefit claiming family and she’ll fawn in 30 seconds!



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          1. If memory serves me right Tris she was in Swansea or Cardiff daein yon knee bending thingy. Think she was one o they Lord Lieutenant type personages.

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            1. Oh ok. I thought first it looked like Loathsome, but then I thought it could be May with longer hair… but there you go. Some other knee bending sycophant, hoping for a title !


        1. “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

          Aye, right enough, but the version I heard was:

          “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you can sell him a fishing rod and bait for a lifetime”

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  1. I’ve been pointing this (Airbus, GE, Rolls Royce, MBDA) out for bloody ages! 🙂

    In the medium term (5-10 years) Airbus won’t be in the UK anyway, regardless of any agreement.

    Its essentially a European construct created as a bulwark to Boeing and while they’re quite happy(ish) to manufacture in large markets (USA) the UK is hardly a “large market”. So that’ll be gone, along with 110,000+ manufacturing jobs which will probably eliminate another 20-30,000 jobs in local shops etc.

    Rolls Royce are fucked – they’ll have to move engine manufacture to the EU to continue supplying Airbus, so apart from the nuclear facility in Derby I don’t see many jobs left there in ten years time.

    Likewise I see little reason for GE to retain any engine manufacturing capability in the UK – that’ll move to the EU.

    MBDA will probably retain some jobs in the UK – they’ll have to if they want any new govt contracts.

    The list goes on and on and on….


    1. Yep, it’s hard to see an alternative, unless the UK stays in teh single market and the customs union, which will be like being in the EU without any of the financial benefits of farming, science, structural or social funding.

      Still, you’ll remember that, as Gove siad, ‘we hold all the cards’, as Johnson said. ‘we can have our cake and eat it’, and as Davis said, ‘this will be the easiest thing ever’

      So, erm… yes. Over to you Mayhem.


  2. Apologies for going a bit OT but I have been puzzled regarding the Tories recent statements about no longer being able to afford Tier 1 “defence” expenditure.
    Tories will always find a way to fund their might is right philosophy.
    So…..what is the game?
    Are they saying to NATO that unless they get a good trade deal with the EU,they are going to cut war making expenditure?
    Maybe they are making a plea to Trump to bale them out?
    Whatever,it will not be what it seems when Westminster is involved.

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    1. Yes. I wondered about that too.

      You know that Tories would sell their own grandmothers to have enough money to make war.

      Especially the money to pay for nukes which keeps them at the top table (although Labour wants that too).

      Beats me, though, what they hope to get out of this, but, as you say, it will be something twisted..


    1. Alert readers will have noticed that this is not a photograph of our gathering at the Cherrybank Inn yesterday. I once gave an Asian elephant a bath in Sri Lanka, so I feel well qualified to say this.

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      1. You are a man of, surprising, talents. Nice meeting you, and abu and tris and Munguin. Always good to put a face to a post!

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          1. No worries.

            Abu very kindly dropped me off at the station. Good man!

            Last train out of Perth with a proper destination board – Glasgow Queen Street! – why would anyone want to go anywhere else?

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