Even the Brexit Express says so!

Philip Hammond has reportedly warned that finding the extra money for the NHS (because the Brexit Dividend is fantasy) means taxes will rise and that other areas of government spending will have to be reduced. 

If this is true, then which taxes will rise and what government funded services will we have to do without?


And, while we are looking at this, what other changes will be made to our lives because of the Brexit Dividend? How will we replace the vastly reduced number of people from all walks of life, who will no longer want to make their homes in the UK? Will it be, as Mr Gauke suggests, prisoners, who fill that gap? Or as Paterson suggests, pensioners.

picking fruit

We should be in no doubt that a post-Brexit Britain could be a very different place. A place apart. A place that has taken back control maybe. But clearly, as we have seen, that control taken back and kept for a select few in Westminster and Whitehall.

Well, we could write all day on the subject…

But Munguin suggested that you guys might like to do the hard work.

Obviously, this is the answer…

If, by some evil chance, we are still in this union and under this insufferable government with its joke of a prime minister, cabinet and a Secretary of State who was deemed unfit to lead for his government on a debate on devolution, when the cliff edge comes, as it will…

Is bringing the health service funding a little closer to the levels of other western countries a priority for you?


If so, how should it be funded? Tax rises, so derided by Scottish Tories recently when the SNP did it? Cuts to services, so derided by every opposition party? Increasing our already massive debt burden?

How should we make up the labour shortage? Continue to accept people from the EU (if they are prepared to come to a ”foreign” country)? Look for immigration elsewhere? Make prisoners/retirees/sick people work for their benefits?

And, what taxes should rise? What services should be cut?

A Brexit Dividend may not be measured in cash terms, but as we said, changes are coming!

So what is your Brexit Dividend? What do you want to see happen? What do you dread happening?


Munguin says Tris can put his feet up for the rest of the day… or rather for 10 minutes, then start sorting out the mess in the grounds of Munguin Towers, devastated for the second time in a week by high winds.

38 thoughts on “SO MANY QUESTIONS”

  1. Of course there will be no dividend unless you are a hedge fund manager or a vulture capitalist. I really fear how the people of England will react when they realise just how much they have been lied to. Corbyn thinks they’ll turn to Labour, but what if they don’t. Where will they find a vote? In the even more vile elements of the right wing that have become empowered by Brexit? It is a truly terrifying thought that Johnson, Rees-Mogg and Gove have no idea what they may have unleashed.
    I can only hope that an independent Scotland can show a different way.

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    1. I think you are right. They have no idea what they have unleashed on us.

      They didn’t expect to win. It hadn’t been thought through at any level, other than the most superficial. It was sold on a few disconnected soundbites about taking back control, getting rid of immigrants and a dividend of £350 million a week.

      Amazing, when you think of it, that German is in the EU and pays a great deal more into the pot, and yet manages to spend much much more on its health service.

      I wonder how that could be.

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        1. I accept that it is very difficult to compare systems, David.

          The WHO reckoned that the French system was the best in the world a few years ago, but there are things you have to pay for and claim back 80% on social security, (GP visits). You can (or not) take out personal insurance for the 20% social security doesn’t cover.

          Hospital is free.

          Or all that was years ago when I lived there. It may have changed.


  2. Sorry to hear about the devastation to the Munguin Towers curtilage…

    When asked to comment, Honorary Colonel Ruthless Davidson said: “The SNP Government should use the tax powers it already has to raise money to alleviate the damage, and the UK Government will of course help out with its broad shoulders in the natural disaster affecting this part of the United Kingdom. It all goes to show that Scotland does not want another referendum.”

    Actually, that’s far too many words at once, she usually only says the last bit.

    Manager of the Labour Party Branch Office in Scotland, Leonard Richard, said: “The Munguin Towers debacle shows how an incompetent SNP Government has betrayed the Scottish people once again, showing that Labour are the only party of social justice in this country, in Britain. All in all, the disaster and its bungled response show that Federalism is the way of the future”.

    Approached for comment, a spokesbeing from the Liberal Democrat partyette said: “We shouldn’t be at all surprised if Nicola Sturgeon herself had a hand in the devastation at Munguin Towers, home of a prominent LibDem supporter. After all, this is the woman who said David Cameron would be a better Prime Minister than Nick Clegg and hounded “Honest Alistair” Carmichael for telling the truth about it. This is why we need a site value tax to replace the rates.

    Patrick Harvie of the Greens handed our reporter a pamphlet on “green” gardening, on recycled paper, and applauded the ban on plastic drinking straws, which would help save the planet from future Munguin-Towers-garden-destroying climate-change-aggravated skirlin blaws.

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    1. Munguin thanks you for interviewing the branch managers of the unionist parties and the leader of the SGP, and letting us know their responses. Hilarious by the way.

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  3. I’m not actually sure those of you in Scotland realise quite how bad NHS England is.

    Recent issue with daughter – GP says go to hospital now. Hospital do x-ray – nothing so they schedule an ultrasound (the MRI scanner has been broken since December) a couple of weeks later. Nothing. Then they try to palm her off on the GP, daughter isn’t having any of it (good for her). So a blood test to see if its an “infection” – time for results? 6 weeks! Now I’m no medical expert but I’m damn sure you’d know if you had an infection 10 weeks after intially visiting the doctor…

    Never get seriously ill in Leics, or if you do make sure its a heart problem and get admitted to Glenfield Hospital. The LRI is a desperate place even in better times & the General is where you get sent to die/rot away on the edge of town. Leics has been like that for 20+ years though so its not all down to the tories. Derbyshire by comparison is (or was 3 years ago) very very good (MRI scan in under a week, op 2 weeks later in private hospital – cheaper & quicker for that op). In Leics you literally have to fight to be treated…

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    1. Sorry to hear about the problems your daughter is having with the NHS in England Vestas. I hope she does get everything sorted soon and it does indeed turn out to be nothing too serious.

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    2. I think that not knowing how bad the NHS is in England is part of our problem in as much as many people here don’t realise the extent to which the Scottish Gov has shielded us. It’s a major factor in their ambivelance to the attack on devolution.

      It’s impossible to say what the various forms of ‘the rub’ are going to take but you can always tell that things are bad when the media makes sport of reporting off the wall solutions to impossible problems. See there is a way out, and here’s a big raspberry and two fingered salute to Johnny Foreigner. We don’t need you ha! ha!

      Yes, the feisty go-getters ascending the greasy pole of success will have a field day with their brain storming and blue sky thinking. Running ever more desperately creative ideas up the flagpole as the good ship Britannia hoves boldly into some sad post empire knackers yard.

      It’s what happens when there’s not enough stuff to do what needs doing. The talkers will gain advancement through favour by saying things like “Its not about resources, we just need to manage things better, to be more creative with what we’ve got.” Just take a look at the state of the care industry now to see where that gets you. There are still careers to be had through lying though, the trick as ever, is to leave before it catches up with you.

      Whatever happens, the powers that be will continue as usual not to tell the truth. They will try and placate the majority at the centre while those of us on the periphery are to erm, whatever, as long as we do what we’re told.

      That’s why we need separation.

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      1. Most people probably have no idea of how bad it is. Or, by comparison how good our services are.

        Again the Scottish government has worked to coordinate social care with health and we don’t have people living in hospitals for months because there is no one to take care of them.

        In fairness to Labour they did increase health spending, but then Brown’s end to boom came along and the amount available for spending has reduced.

        This heath service “boost” was forced on the Tories by the £350 million bus promise, and May has HAD to find money to ensure that something happens.

        Of course, it probably won’t happen. They will fudge it. They are far more likely to find the defence money than the health money. Punching above their weight is what matters to them.

        We need independence NOW.

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    3. There was a good article by Mark Frankland recently about the state of the health service in England.

      I’ve a friend who lives in London and he says that trying to get to see a doctor is an utter nightmare.

      A few months ago a friend of mine had to organise a funeral. She was pretty disgusted that the first crematorium appointment she could get was 10 days away, but another friend, whose granddad dies in Coventry had to wait more than 6 weeks for a funeral.

      Police in many parts of England now only respond to out and out emergencies. Don;t bother calling them if you see a prowler in your garden, unless you are a little old lady.

      People in Scotland have no idea just how bad things are.

      Northampton County Council has gone broke and been taken into the control of government appointed commissioners.

      Fortunately there is still enough money to do up Buckingham Palace, run royal weddings and spruce up Big Ben and the rest of the Palace of Westminster.

      Estimated than over 4 million people are using foodbanks, and that’s before the Brexit ‘Dividend’ kicks in.

      I hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery. It is incredibly frustrating when these services are so slow.

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    4. I have to take blood tests quite regularly – results are always back in days, not weeks. Hope your daughter’s OK.

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      1. Me also have blood tests regularly (prostrate)
        Medication I’m on has shrivelled up me Todger and
        Made me grow tits….

        She had another crackpot theory she say I think this I think that me noncommittal
        Few days later driving along
        Oh well she says WE got that wrong

        Oh says me it’s WE now and not I right I get it .


  4. As we all know Tris the English NHS is on the verge of “benefiting” from the Brexit Dividend to the tune of £20 Billion. However it is not only the English NHS that will be benefiting from this incredible Brexit Dividend if what I read the other day is anything to go by. Apparently there is a report out that states the MOD will need additional funding to the tune of, you’ve guessed it Tris, £20 Billion!

    Stands by for another tax hike on top of the tax hike for the English NHS or will this be paid out of N.I. rises?

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    1. Why don’t they just take all our wages and we could all go to foodbanks. Then they could happily punch about their weight and count for something in the world to their hearts content.

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  5. I’m sure that our Teresa is more than capable of raising the dead to cope with the future labour shortages. She’ll be able to tax their income too.

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  6. So Scotland will be paying for a failing English/Welsh NHS , along with everything else we pay for , is it any wonder they claim we are short of a few quid . Latest Indycar has a novel idea ,

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  7. I hates the snpBad they stink
    Of hypocrisy and cant.
    I could throw up 🤮 thinking
    Of them in permanent hegemony yuk puke 🤮

    But a Brexit uk 🇬🇧 under Tory
    Tyrannical misrule is making
    Independence the only way out.

    Still if it all falls apart perhaps we could have a Union with France 🇫🇷 or maybe Norway

    But absolutely not the USA 🇺🇸


    1. Surely the point of independence is that we would have our own parties in charge in Scotland.

      A Scottish Labour that wasn’t run by pro-Brexit Corbyn; A Scottish Liberal Democrat Party not run from London, and even a Scottish Tory party that thought for itself instead of being told what to think by London (I mean, tax increases introduced in Holyrood to improve the health service are bad; tax increases raised in Westminster in order to save the health service are good… PLEASE RUTH!!!) I mean how often has Ruth changed her tune to agree with whatever her London boss was telling her.

      Lines in the sand that were obliterated when David told her.
      Brexit that was a DISASTER for Scotland until England voted for it.
      Single market that was an absolute MUST until Mrs May was told by Gove, Fox and Johnson that it wasn’t.
      Tax rises that would drive everyone away until May had to put up the tax to pay for the idiotic promises made by Gove and Johnson.

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  8. After some research I found a single Brexit dividend. It only applies if you own a narrowboat. Leisure narrowboaters can buy fuel with the tax rebate that normally applies to working boats. The EU wants to stop this, the UK doesn’t.. It’s a theoretical win because it’s more about reducing risk of making narrowboating more expensive rather than making it cheaper. Nevertheless, definitely worth leaving the EU over.

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      1. All my fears evaporated when I found this out. I can buy a boat and when the biblical flood arrives I can sail away with tax-free fuel sold in canisters with Sir Nigel Farage’s face printed on them.

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    1. That was the important part of the post, as you have correctly pointed out.

      The Kippers can’t spell.

      It’s like the banner that they held up somewhere in England complaining of immigrants speaking their own language when conversing among themselves…


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