Well, it’s just as well none of the Tory Party members would ever consider behaving in such a rowdy boorish manner.  They have a reputation for sitting quietly and listening carefully to every argument.

Don’t they?

Whatever next, you might ask. Maybe one of the SNP hooligans will shout something typically Scottish and tasteless like “you could commit suicide”?

But quite apart from that, Nadine, possibly for the first time in your long career, you have hit a nail on the head.

The SNP does have zero power in your parliament, Nadine.

And yes, that’s frustrating, especially after being promised so much in 2014. You know… “lead us don’t leave us”; “broad shoulders”; “partnership of equals”; “the most powerful devolved government in the world”; Better Together”.

It’s kinda cute that the people who were trying to see “our united kingdom” appear to have forgotten about Wales and Northern Ireland.  That should have been hint enough.

Especially when they really do care about the likelihood that the powers the Brits have clawed back may mean that our land could be fracked against our will, our ambitious targets for cleaning up the air could be discarded; we could be forced to accept farming conditions that we don’t want with chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef and that our NHS could be semi-privatised and end up in the same sort of unholy mess that yours is in.

I didn’t really know much about Dorries until I read that Tweet, but I just checked out her Wikipedia page and it is a catalogue of comedy.  Enjoy.


41 thoughts on “THANKS, NAD…”

  1. Crikey. When a person tells me that she’s in Parliament as a mission from God, I immediately doubt (a) her sanity; and (b) her commitment to representing the views of her constituents.

    What a bampot.

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    1. Voted on his wee poll.

      Apparently he wanted me to vote for the Attention seeking option.

      Sadly I appear to have had an involuntary twitch and ended up voting for Standing up for Scotland … DAMN! 😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. Things are moving along nicely ; just as previously predicted.

    Sooner or later WM are going to wake up ; too late though, yawn ; pass the popcorn.

    Crikey getting good at these ; things.
    Are two in the same sentence allowed, or do I get special Munguin praise for being the first to create a new punctuation thing. Maybe I need to invent a new punctuation mark for when you need two in one sentence. Need to defer to Munguins greater linguistic skills on this I’m afraid. What say you Munguin?

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    1. Munguin says: Why don’t we try a new punctuation mark with the comma on the top and the point at the bottom? We could call it an inverse semi colon. Or two commas, one on top of the other called a double colon? Whatcha think?


      1. Interesting. What about a demi-colon? It could precede nouns, i.e. :Ross Thomson. You would then know that that person, place, or thing was full of shite.

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        1. I like ‘demi-colon’ and good suggestion of putting them in reverse, or two commas one above the other.

          Now how do we get this idea “recognised”? Maybe in the Scots Dictionary, to start.

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  3. Also voted. It seems that 82% of 10.5k people have given him the answer he didn’t want….. Embarrassing, eh what? Of course tha twat will delete / ignore it, but it might your be him pause for thought.

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      1. Had a good one [pub lunch] yesterday, Peter Curran was celebrating the walk-out and bought me a drink, so I bought him one…

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    1. I suspect they probably are. Of course a lot of them are Tories so maybe they won’t want to be too critical.

      But I’m thinking the sale of posh BMWs will be down this year.


      1. Aye, Tris – and so will the subsidies to our guardians of the countryside once the money from the E.U. stops – ditto the fisher numpties. Vote Tory – Vote Poverty!

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  4. Tris
    I really believe that the SNP have got to everything they can to bring the sneering contempt that they have for Scotland to the fore and that should include, as I have said before, as much disruption to Westminster as possible. We saw the reaction yesterday when the unionist mask slipped, we need that as much as possible now. I was disappointed that the SNP MPs returned so quickly to the chamber, they should have stayed out for the day but the unionists are there for the taking and they don’t take challenge very well at all. Bercow struggles when people don’t play by his rules, I want to see more fight, more clapping, more Fila busting where possible on English matters, the SNP maybe can’t vote but if they get the floor they can talk for 45 mins or as long as they can push the speaker. They could boycott Scottish Questions and the Committee and just imagine how stupid it will look when there is no one there but a few yoons. The talking has to stop to a degree and the disruption has to start.

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    1. Well, yesterday’s actions certainly made their mark.

      May looked lost and the SNP gained a lot of new members.

      Even if they were all pensioners at £5 a shout (and they won’t have been) £25,000 isn’t to be sneezed at, and more importantly 5,000 more people working for our future, instead of possibly against it.

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      1. Tris
        I’ll certainly see if I can as I would love to. All depend on work and child care. I’ll try and sort something out as it would be nice.


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