Apparently the Hansard Transcript of the interaction between Mr Blackford and Mr Bercow has been removed from their website. Luckily for us, (& VERY unluckily for them) a fellow Twitter person (Fi) had it open in another tab at the time and it has been saved for posterity. I suspect they don’t want anyone to read it. So here you go, read away and feel free to copy. It was, after all, for a short time, a matter of record:

Total transcript over 5 images.






Both Mr Blackford and Mr Linden were correct. According to the Standing Orders, as highlighted by Stuart Campbell, the speaker was bound to act immediately. Not at the end of the prime minister’s questions.

So it seems that Bercow, or at least his advice, was faulty.

But it’s an ill wind, as they say. 5000 new members and counting.


As a side note, it seems that the Tories are now so full of hate for the SNP that they barracked Pete Wishart when he was paying tribute to the victims of Grenfell Tower. You have to wonder what kind of human being could sink that low. Then you remember that they are Tories.

It’s got to the stage that backbench Tories are trying to shout me down when I’m giving a tribute to Grenfell victims. Their contempt for us now breaking all boundaries.


32 thoughts on “JUST FOR THE RECORD…”

  1. Many thanks to the person who had the foresight to preserve the original Hansard record for posterity. I do wonder if it is actually allowable for the original transcript to be altered, at least without preserving the original version. This smacks of 1984, rewriting history, which is inexcusable.
    As for shouting down Pete Wishart while trying to give a tribute to the Grenfell Victims, this just shows that they are not prepared to listen to anything that is said by an SNP MP. Disgraceful.
    Incidentally, the crowd outside Holyrood this morning all observed the silence in a respectful manner.

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    1. I wold have thought that only legitimate corrections can be made to Hansard. I have no idea what happened here, and it may have been removed for correction…who knows.

      But yes, I have visions of Winston sitting in his little cubicle with his rubber…

      Clearly the difference between the people at Holyrood and the group at Westminster, is that the Edinburgh lot are NOT Tories.

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  2. You are watching history being made , we are all part of the beginning of the end . My own belief is , Scotland will be a normal self governing state once more within a year , without a referendum . And its all thanks to those who love this ‘ precious union ‘ the most ……unionists .

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    1. I certainly think history is being made.

      And as you say, the ones who are behind it all are the intransigent muppets in the Tory party and that fool of a secretary of state

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  3. The Greater England politicians have now cooked their goose north of the border.
    Their gross behaviour towards “foreign” MPs within their precious precious union parliament is not going to be forgotten by Scots.
    But,they don’t care and until some Scots get their heads out of their backsides,why should they?
    As long as we act like sheep,we will be treated as such.
    Rewriting the record to reflect their world view is just one of the little tricks used to keep up the pretence of democracy and “fair play”.
    The world,however has moved on and can now see that Greater England’s parliament is just as corrupt as some of theirs.

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  4. You can hear all of the relevant dialogue in the frames above here (and probably in several other YouTube posts too) 01:34 — 07:40 :

    The transcript is correct in essence, although the actual wording differs slightly here and there, there is no change of meaning IMO.

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  5. Alternative explanation of the Speaker’s conduct: (a) blindsided by the extremely obscure motion put by Mr. Blackford, he said “Yes”; (b) he was swiftly reminded that on no account should an SNP MP be allowed to speak unless there is really no alternative, and particularly on any matter that has to do with Scotland.

    I note in passing that if the thing had been postponed until after PMQs, Blackford would have addressed an empty House, because, honourable exceptions apart, the Unionist MPs would have all stampeded for the exit as soon as May had finished being very clear about evading all questions.

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  6. If you think this is exciting*, just wait until October when the Withdrawal Agreement will be ready to sign.

    *This is not exciting. It is really, really depressing watching democracy destroy itself.

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    1. Will it? Will it really? Honest?

      I can hardly …………

      Oh sorry, I nodded off. Now, what was I saying?

      Oh yes. I can….. zzzzzzzz



      1. It’s like a soap opera. It’s more Albion Market than peak Eastenders, obviously, but the main characters repeat the same mistakes again and again and again just like all classic soaps.

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        1. How can people be that thick in real life?

          I mean, I understand that in soaps they have to do it to be interesting… in the same way that there has to be a tragic death or a building collapse or a sex fiend revealed every few weeks so that people don’t drift off and watch the darts on Channel 5 instead.

          But in real life, surely no one is that bloody thick?

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    2. Hm. That’s an interesting point – that particular milestone had slipped through my sieve-like memory. I suspect we will be having a referendum in the September – seems appropriate to me – anniversary of 2014 referendum – approx six months before (r)UK crashes out of EU without a deal and starts blaming all the horrific consequences on all those awful foreigners.

      Imponderables: will the regime collapse at some point soon / will another General Election be called? => GE in Scotland becomes manifesto commitment to independence. Key dates: Supreme Court judgement on the Continuity Bill. If it goes against us, that increases the pressure for a referendum. A few more bits of blatant contempt and arrogance, a few more attempts to overturn the devolution settlement – loads of things the regime could do that would stiffen the resistance. They’re nothing if not tone-deaf, after all.

      I’m just thinking out loud. Coming on time for me to go and suffer from insomnia lying down, I think.

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      1. It is all completely unknowable. That is the mess that we are in. The legal order of the UK is one the edge of collapse. It is unthinkable that a government of a developed country would allow this to happen.

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      2. LOL…

        Here this should help your insomnia.

        This is a little weasel of a man, is it not.

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  7. You do all realise that if the SNP withdrew their MP’s the Brexiteers would be able to gain the whip hand in parliament, and a hard brexit would be the likely outcome. So in attempting to protect our country they are saving our colonial masters from themselves.

    I have a feeling that we are not going to need indyref 2. When May’s junta collapses at the end of the year the SNP should stand on a straight Independence ticket. Majority of MP’s is the mandate. To hell with pauchled referenda.

    If you do turn up to Bannockburn as threatened next Saturday, then seek out the Larkhall contingent that we may shake paws and flippers with you. We are easy to find 🙂 .

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    1. That’s an interesting thought, David.

      I think I recall reading that the three options in front of us mean a 2%, 4%or 8% reduction in our GDP, UK-wide respectively.

      So that would be roughly a 2008 situation, or 2x a 2008 situation or 4 x 2008 situation.

      We need to be gone before any of that.

      Still hoping to make it to Bannockburn dependent on caring duties. Munguin will be with me, and I’ll look out for Larkhall. :0

      We’ll be in Perth on Friday night meeting up with Abu who’s here from Malaysia. You’re more than welcome at the Cherrytree… 6.30- 9


    2. Like many others, I wonder how long the current Westminster regime will last. It is obviously unstable, and it’s no new insight to conclude that the only reason it hasn’t collapsed already is that no one in the Tory party is quite power-hungry enough to want the grab the poisoned chalice from the Maybot: they want her to take all the blame.

      Between BoJo and Rees-Morgue, I can’t make up my mind which would drive the more people in Scotland to vote for independence, BoJo “a pound invested in Croydon will get you more than a pound invested in Glasgow”, or the utterly appalling Mogg …

      I’m rather attracted to Davidbsb’s notion that our SNP MPs should just walk out of Westminster and leave them to have their own little farce to themselves. Come to think of it, that would also have the useful side-effect of showing us all exactly what the Scottish Unionist MPs do to stick up for our country – probably not precisely nothing, more into negative numbers, I suspect.

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      1. I imagine that May is immensely unpopular in the party.

        As far as I can see she has no personal charisma, and she is making an unholy mess of what, to be fair, is a very difficult position. She is an unmitigated disaster. Her decisions are invariably wrong and her control over nut jobs in her own party, virtually nil. Added to which she has that weirdo from the DUP to deal with.

        But I’ve long said that everyone knows that whatever happens, Brexit will be a disaster, and in any case around 50% of the population didn’t want it anyway.

        Regardless of who leads, they are walking pretty much off a cliff. The only thing to be decided is how high the cliff is.

        Much better to wait till she’s landed at he bottom of the cliff before anyone tries to take over.

        I wouldn’t mind if the SNP MPs stopped going to the chamber. There seems little point in them being there. But it would need careful thought.

        There may be things they can do there that they couldn’t achieve from outside.

        If nothing else they are demonstrating on a daily basis, the disdain in which the establish holds them.


  8. Hansard only records speech, but the video also conveys meaning. When the Speaker offered Mr Blackford the choice of putting his motion now, or at the end of PMQs, Mr Blackford can be seen nodding vigorously for the first option. So that option was put, and accepted, before the Speaker withdrew it. Big Speaker cock-up, and totally dishonorable.

    The YouTube copy is at https://youtu.be/dEPF_nqd1-A

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