Munguin meet up


A few months ago, Abu,  our man in Malaysia, wrote a post for Munguin’s Republic, and in the follow-up comments, he mentioned that he would be coming to Scotland this year.

Well, he will be here next week and he would like to meet as many Munguinistas and Indepententistas as possible while he is here. He will be staying in Perth.

Of course, we know that not everyone will be able to make it. Perth is a long way from some parts of Scotland, but it would be grand if as many of you as can make it along for at least a short while.


Munguin himself will grace the gathering with his presence!

Here’s his mail, giving details.

Perth Meet Up

Dear All,


I will be in Perth for the week and I hope to meet most, if not all, Munguin’s most loyal followers. I hope to meet others, who may not be Munguin’s follower (which is unfortunate) but supporters of the same cause.

Most excited to be in Scotland and meet all you.



Fri Jun 22, 2018 18:30 – 21.00


Cherrybank Inn, 210 Glasgow Rd, Perth PH2 0NA, UK (map)


Abu and Munguin, not to forget Tris, would very much like to meet you.

It would be helpful if you could let Abu know (on here) if you will be able to pop in.


47 thoughts on “Munguin meet up”

  1. Wish I could be there. Apart from anything else, I love Perth and had great holidays as a child around Cherrybank. Alas, cant…. Have a good time.

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    1. Couldn’t have been prouder of our SNP MP’s.

      I know this is not going to go down well, but John Bercow conducted himself with a fair degree of dignity too.

      It does, indeed, begin.

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      1. I understanding that Ms Foster’s robot was then rude about Scotland… I’ve not heard what she said, but I read somewhere she told us we should be thankful they didn’t take back more powers.

        It begins.

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  2. Apologies for the late reply. These last few days before Eid are always the hectic ones. I am very happy to meet whoever that can come. Those who can’t, no worries I have a feeling I will be back in Scotland by the very latest 2020. Well at least by the looks of how things are beginning to shape up anyway. I am just happy to be back in Scotland.

    To old friends and to new friends!

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  3. I’d love to go but too worried about getting back home safely. And no idea where in Perth this Cherrybank Inn is. So have fun and if Abu and/or Munguin (I mean Tris) are ever in Glasgow area or at a push Edinburgh well game on.

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  4. O/t

    Well thank feck. Finally the SNP have taken the kid gloves off. I think it is past time to start channeling our inner Charles Stewart Parnell. I think we have just heard the starting gun for Indy Ref 2

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  5. I’d have loved to have been able to be there, however I’ll be in Rhodes soaking up the history, and the local beverages.
    Hope you all have a great time.

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  6. I’ll probably still be recovering from the previous nights summer solstice celebrations. You know, dancing naked round the garden, quaffing great horns of mead, casting spells, brewing potions, orgies, all the usual stuff that fat old blokes get up to on the longest day.

    And now the truth. We’re going away for a couple of days so unfortunately can’t make it.

    I read somewhere that the written word is only 6% of communication so it would have been interesting to meet you all and see the other 94% in action.

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    1. Well…erm, probably going a way for a few days is better for you than dancing naked. You have to remember that this is Scotland and Midsummer it may be, but that’s no reason to assume that the weather will be clement.

      Enjoy your break. There will be other occasions. 🙂


        1. Claim asylum from the asylum?

          I just read that number ten has made it clear that they will not give in to anything, and if cliff edge it has to be, then cliff edge it will be.

          The woman’s lost her marbles.

          If she thinks that Labour’s recession of 2008 was bad… she ain’t seen nothing yet.

          Do you have a spare bedroom for Munguin?

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      1. Though I hardly dare to suggest it, perhaps the august Mr. Munguin could be humbly besought to employ his network of relations with the many gnomes of Zurich to smooth Mr. Entoure’s path to residency…

        I wish you luck, Terry, and to hell with Brexit, and to hell with Brexiteers.

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