According to Sky, the crisis has been averted (also see Evening Standard). After talks with Davis (and Johnson and Fox) this morning, Maybot appears to have caved (in a strong and stable sort of way, of course) and agreed to a vague end date of 2021 or 2022 for the single market arrangement over the Irish border.

It appears that for the bulk of this parliament then, Mr Fox has no function as he won’t be able to sign a single trade deal, which I guess is more or less what a trade secretary gets paid for. Maybe we should make him redundant and save his ministerial salary for the next 4 years?

And all this is thanks to the fact that Arlene Foster owns Mrs Mayhem and will NOT tolerate ANY differences between Northern Ireland and Britain (except with regard to abortions, gay marriage and their PR electoral system, of course).


29 thoughts on “DAISY, DAISY”

  1. Oh, isn’t it just luvverly! We realize, of course, that the EU is never going to accept a temporary border-free Ireland anyway. Whatever the blessed Arlene says or does.

    I tell you, young people nowadays, when I were a lad we used to put people who were deluded and out of touch with reality and couldn’t distinguish between fact and fiction, truth and lies, we used to put them in Places of Safety as a danger to themselves and others, and into Homes for the Bewildered, or Loony Bins, take your pick (as I’m a person who occasionally goes bonkers, I can say that, so nyah nyah nyah. And no laughing at the back.).

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      1. He looks too old to run very fast. I hope he’s got a speedboat so he can escape to his ship then shell her from a safe distance.

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    1. Ooh… all the “nice” gels like a sailor or two or three when they are lying on their back for England and doing their “duty” except Big Arlene Darlene has got ’em by the short ‘n curlies at the mo, and is banging them like a coke fuelled Lambeg drummer.

      Time for us Scots to toot our flutes elsewhere and leave them to their Sodom and Gomorrah.

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  2. Arrogant Tories who think all they have to do is reach agreement with themselves and that is the Brexit problem solved.
    Might have been the case a hundred years or so ago but outside their cosy delusional bubble,the world has moved on.

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  3. I know someone a tad madder than Theresa May. His name is Rudy Giuliani. Though it as a tight race, both are trailing Donald Trump as the worst ever. Just my opinion.

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    1. Rudy has of course been around far longer than than the Maybot – he was climbing the greasy republican pole back in the 1970s with speculative “prosecutions/special investigations”.

      He’s the poster child of all that is wrong with the USA’s legal system.

      We (the UK) of course have the same problems regarding political prosecutions, we just pretend it doesn’t happen….

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      1. Douglas and Vestas…..The odious former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani got himself elected Mayor of New York City, but was then stymied in his quest for higher political office. Due to illness and some bad publicity about a failing marriage, he didn’t oppose Hillary Clinton in her successful run for the US Senate from New York in 2000. He never forgave her for her political success as US Senator, followed by Secretary of State in Obama’s cabinet, and before and after the cabinet gig, two credible runs for the White House. Meantime, Giuliani tried to parlay his fame from the 9/11 attack on New York City into presidential runs that never gained any political traction. His unhinged rantings about the “criminal” Clinton during Trump’s presidential campaign made him a Trump favorite. So when Trump needed a lawyer to say crazy things blasting the Mueller Russia-gate investigation in front of TV cameras, Rudy was his man. Rudy is on right wing Republican television political shows nightly, spouting legal inanities and baying at the moon.

        For pure madness though, I think Trump still holds the edge. In a rancorous phone call about tariffs with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau the other day, Trumpy asked if Canada wasn’t responsible for burning the White House in 1812. Strictly speaking, although there was military action with Colonial Canada in the War of 1812, it was British troops that burned Washington, the year was 1814, and Canada did not exist as a country until 1867. Otherwise Trump was mostly right. 😉


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  4. I hope our friends in Europe know Scotland and England are two very different countries. England must not be allowed to damage Scotland and its people any more than it already has.

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  5. The EU will do what the EU will do , wait , point and laugh then say ” Eh Naw ” . Ignorant , arrogant , incompetent , useless , clueless and pointless , ladies and gentlemen I give you the Tory party .

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  6. Another terrible misunderstanding by the government. They have failed to comprehend what they signed last December. The backstop agreement does not extend to the UK – it only applies to Northern Ireland. It is not a means for the UK to cherry pick what it wants from the EU but without being in the EU. By definition, the backstop applies only to NI and, therefore, crosses the DUP’s red line that whatever is agreed applies to the UK as a whole.

    The government have just spend days arguing about something the EU will reject but, even worse, they answered a question quite different from the one that was asked. When reality dawns they will realise they wasted political effort on a solution the government itself will reject. I’m sure they’re all high-5iving each other in their various camps but all they’ve done is waste more time. The EU, meanwhile, are busy drafting the Withdrawal Agreement. The UK are having some kind of political dirty protest.

    We can only hope Fox doesn’t go back to medicine.

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    1. LOL. What an utter waste of money they are.

      I feel sorry for Barnier. It must be embarrassing for him to have to explain over and over to the likes of Davis, the simple basics of what it’s all about.

      Still, they’ll blame it all on EU intransigence… and in the end we WILL have iconic blue passports.


    2. That’s pretty much how I see it too. The regime, both collectively and individually, is not even on the same planet as the rest of us, or so it seems. Normal people are well able to get the point that when you leave a club you don’t get to make the rules any more, especially when you’ve gone out of your way to offend all the other members, and no, you do not get to use the facilities and enjoy all the perks of membership. But May & Co. just keep on having their tantrums and hissy fits, and the EU people just wait them out until they’re done and then try to talk some sense into them and get some sense out of them before they throw yet another wobbly.

      I hope our Scottish Government does what it can to keep pushing them – Westminster, I mean – because they are weak right now, and divided. Just the right environment for grabbing back aspects of the “reserved” powers that we all know Holyrood ought to have – will Westminster have the will, the brainspace or the institutional capacity to fight us? We won’t know until we try.

      Taking over telecoms and broadcasting would be a good start.

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      1. Agreed, Ed.

        I see Boris could hardly wait to make a fool of May and her government, again.

        I’m not sure if she was even on the plane to Québec before he had another attack of foot in mouth disease.

        And May, having promised Davis that the backstop would end (assuming it begins) in 2021 refused to guarantee that it would when she was asked about it on the plane to Canada.

        The words booze, up, and brewery come to mind.


  7. When I was young I was an angry fellow
    and loathed each Tory from toe to hair.
    I’m older now and have grown more mellow,
    but I hate thae basterts even mair.

    Alright I admit, I stole it….. but it IS true.

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