Seriously, having changed the name of his department from “The Scotland Office” to  “The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland”, a move for which I could see no particular reason except an excuse to spend money needlessly on the redesigned signage, paperwork etc, it would be nice to see him actually do something FOR as opposed to AGAINST Scotland.

However, even in his own constituency, he seems to have been content for the UK government to bribe Young’s, at a not insubstantial cost of £1.3 million, to leave Scotland for Hull.


He was a poor fish as a Minister of State for Scotland. As Secretary of State, he has been an utter liability.  I’m not sure that they ever discuss Scotland in Cabinet. I suspect that if they do, it’s when he’s away making the tea and fetching the results of the labours of Colonel British Bake Off.


    1. Let’s hope their actions and/or inactions are punished at the ballot box because anyone voting for them will be every bit as bad as they are.

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      1. It still astonishes me that people can be persuaded to vote in a way that runs so counter to their own self-interest. My gut feeling is that it is it mediated (sorry) by the messaging that people get from the meeja output they consume.

        Let me guess, or predict / retrocast, because the Schloß Freeman press clipping service has been on the blink for a few days now and its performance has not been up to snuff: the Usual Suspects will have portrayed this as “SNP Government fails to save Youngs …”.

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        1. I am waiting for Fluffy to blame the uncertainty of another referendum, absolutely ignoring the fact that he said that Brexit would be a disaster for Scotland and swiftly followed that (after the English result) with what great opportunities we would get with Brexit.


  1. Tris, is the last pic of a Brexit cake – you know, the one you can have and eat? By the way, I think your first photo is spot on – a Young’s sign flanked by two shellfish bastards.

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  2. Not really anything to do with him/them; more capitalism red in tooth and claw. Youngs were the mob that re-located shrimp shelling to Asia because it was cheaper to fly them there, have them shelled and then fly them back, weren’t they?


    1. Everything to do with the government fluffy is part of, and the bung.
      It may be capitalism, but it was instigated by the UK government, against a constituent country of the union.
      Broad shoulders, eh?

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    2. That’s when I stopped buying anything with the “Youngs” label. I’m not buying from a company who have been caught using slave labour in Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia several times.

      England is welcome to them, and for the people losing their jobs, well you shouldn’t have voted No/Tory then should you? Vote tory, get treated like scum – if they’re too stupid to realise that then Grimsby is welcome to them too!

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      1. Not everyone in D&G voted Tory. In fact more people voted against them. I have sympathy for the workers at Youngs who are now jobless. They may have voted SNP and been on the march in Dumfries on Saturday.

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        1. I have sympathy if they didn’t vote tory – if they did vote tory then they DESERVE to lose their jobs because they voted for disability cuts, the rape clause, bedroom tax, “hostile immigration environment” (unless of course you’re white & English!) etc.

          Regardless of that, D&G votes for BritNat parties and always will – lots and lots of “shy tories” there….

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      1. That’s the nub of it. Companies will act in their own interest and will generally only act ethically when it suits their goals or if encouraged to do so by incentive, eg taxation.

        The fact that the/our ha, ha, government incentivised them to move is yet another example of why Scotland needs out of the Union. Also the lack of visible protest from Mundell is unforgivable and just what we’ve come to expect from him.

        I wonder what kind of brown stuff would hit the fan if we offered Young’s say, 3 million to stay and they accepted?

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  3. SPREAD THE WORD !! BANNOCKBURN SATURDAY 23RD JUNE, No excuses, let’s show those who ignore us that we the people of Scotland will cast off our “servile chains” and become a free and truly democratic nation.

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  4. May explain why no new Tory MP’s from Scotland were promoted in the last reshuffle – couldn’t guarantee that any of the new cohort would be just as passive and pliant. Or perhaps we are now turning American pork barrel upside down – the way to keep Scottish Tory MP’s onside is to shaft their constituents.

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  5. I have just written to our Secretary of State for Scotland to protest his lack of action to help the people of Annan. I will let you know what his reply is. On previous experience, this reply might take some time to get from his office to me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I’ll be really interested to hear what (if anything) he has to say.

      Apparently Colonel Bake Off doesn’t answer letters to her constituents. Just read on Twitter that this person wrote to her a number of times, and got only one answer which didn’t address her queries.

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      1. I wrote to the Honorary Colonel once – though not as a constituent – and I DID receive a reply! If I had known how unusual that is, I would have kept it, but I chucked it out after reading it because it was a mishmash of waffle, nonsense, lies and evasion, and had nothing whatsoever to do with my letter to her. I have no idea what it had to do with anything, really.

        It was up there with the gobbledygook I got in response to my request – to whoever was in charge of such things at the time, can’t remember who – for an explanation of the reasoning behind putting Union flags on driving licences, whether one wanted one or not. I remember only that it was, they said, intended to reinforce my British identity or some such (collapse of stout party from apoplexy), and that having saltires or other national flags instead would cost too much and might “cause confusion” because foreign Johnnies, sorry, policemen, might not recognize them.

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        1. I was interested to find out that that part of the UK which demands to be exactly the same as Britain, doesn’t have flags on its driving licences.

          My licence has a sticker over the union flag. I will not have one in my wallet grinning at me every time I open it. (Munguin doesn’t have a driving licence, but he wouldn’t mind if he did because he never opens his wallet.)

          I think if the state feels it has to reinforce your Britishness with its flag, then somewhere along the line it has failed,

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          1. I have a saltire sticker on my driving licence too (not that I’m allowed to drive and should have handed the thing back, technically, but what the hell, they serve as photo ID), and passed some more around among my friends.

            The Union flag wheeze came about shortly after the 2014 referendum, as I recall, and I thought at the time that that was the Westminster Tories really rubbing our noses in it, and was a definite “up yours” to us independentistas. I can’t imagine why They thought it would enhance anyone’s sense of Britishness – increase opposition to it, more like.

            I made the point in my letter that as my existing driving licence did not have a Union flag on it, I too might have problems with foreign policepersons – I’d heard that “foreign policemen” rationale, so called, for the Union flag before, you see – and – gasp! – if said furrin polis were hip and savvy, they might even think I was from Norniron!

            No reply to anything I actually asked. Just gobbledygook about Britishness, and how it was too expensive to have different card stocks – fancy, no wonder the banks went bust, it must have been because they gave people too much choice of pretty designs on their bank cards, not to mention gold ones and platinum ones…


            1. They managed to afford the Northern Ireland ones being different.

              Why do you need a bloody flag on it anyway. Most people can read “UK” and let’s be honest, flags would only make sense to people who weren’t colour blind.

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