1. Restores you faith in humans if all week you’ve been listening to the likes of James Kelly, Brian Wilson and Jackie Baillie.

      Not to mention the idiot Davis and his 20 mile-wide border that isn’t a border.

      Jeez, it’s a madhouse out there.

      But then you see a man who gives up a career to look after wee animals (and big ones) who need someone.

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    1. I assume that when Rajoy left the Spanish parliament he exited through the door that led directly to the entrance to the local prison eddjasfreeman. ­čśé

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    1. I vote for the semi-Schr├Âdinger’s cat solution, aka the hokey-cokey gambit: parts of the UK that voted to be in should continue to be in if the observer voted to remain in, and be out if the observer voted to be out. The parts of the UK that voted to be out should be out if the observer voted to be out, and should be in if the observer voted to be in, or possibly vice versa.

      This is Liam Fox’s preferred solution to the intra-Irish border conundrum, as I understand it.

      As a logical corollary of Mr. Fox-Werrity’s idea, everyone who wanted to do so could continue happily as before, as European citizens, without let or hindrance as the saying goes, and barking Brexiteers, assorted xenophobes, Tories, UKIPpers, EDL members and the like could satisfy their honour as subjects of Her Majesty by paying through the nose for visas, going through the All Other Passports queues at airports of the Continong when they jet off in search of sun, sand and sea, and enjoy the justifiable outrage of the deeply wronged when refused entry by bloody jumped-up Johnny Foreigners in uniforms, on grounds of general imbecility, insanity and obnoxiousness.

      They should then be herded with cattle prods onto slow planes back to former RAF bases in England & Wales. The in-flight entertainment aboard should consist of medleys of Vera Lynn’s greatest hits, and movie shorts themed around the Dunkirk Spirit. To avoid injury to passengers’ sensibilities, maps of the British Isles in the in-flight magazines must on no account be either comprehensive or realistic: the non-English (and Welsh) parts must be shown, if at all, only at a much, much smaller scale, with few roads or settlements, to give the impression that there is nothing there but howling wilderness. One Heelan coo in a Tam o’Shanter, and one ginger leprechaun with a pot of gold, are more than sufficient identification for those peripheral regions of Greater England.

      Leeks are in all cases optional.

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      1. LOL.

        Why are you not on the Brexit committee?

        Did anyone hear the idiot Fox on the Today Programme on Saturday?

        I missed most of the interview, but even arch Tory Nick Robinson sounded frustrated with his stupidity.


        1. I’m not a consumer of the BBC’s output, so no, I didn’t catch the idiot Fox and the toad Robinson on the Toady Programme yesterday (Saturday).

          I rather like the idea of the ineffable Robinson being frustrated, but it’s frustrating for the anti-Robinson among his listeners when the cause of Robinson’s frustration is the obtuseness of his interviewee rather than the intelligence of an interviewee who frustrates him by hitting his shots back harder and with better aim than auld Nick himself can deliver them.

          (Later. Quite a bit later.) Sorry, I seem to have disappeared up my own grammatical fundament with that one.

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