Which only goes to prove that they are as daft as each other.
So that Liam and Boris can fly around the world in luxury.
‘Principle’, says David Davis! You have to giggle.
So, it’s odd then, Fluffs, that immediately England and Wales voted for it, it became a great opportunity for Scotland. How did that happen then, Pet?
I supposed a burly man with 18 snarling dogs screamed that at you in the street, Ruth. Still, at least you weren’t pregnant at that time.
Hmmmm… just at the time when we’ll be needing to home produce as much food as we can.
Embarrassingly Colonel Davidson’s boss doesn’t seem to share her recently-adopted opinions that Brexit will be good for us.
Reported after David Davis made a speech in Germany.
The seriously sad thing is that, by the time any kind of serious arrangement with the EU is reached, a fair number of the people who voted for Brexit will no longer be around to enjoy it. In the meantime, the opportunities that had been available to them for 45  years of their lives will have been removed from younger people.


      1. It’s about permanent austerity’s , privatisation to enrich Tory supporters and
        Keep imposing wage slaveryon on the working population
        Using the votes of the old to Attack the young and enable the old to keep the advantages they denie to the generations that will follow them .

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    1. The Hedge Funds will buy them all up at fire sale prices, from their Tory mates in the Banks.

      The farms will be joined and them Americanised.

      You heard it here first.

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  1. Tris, I’d dearly love to be able to laugh at “Loonie Brexit” but, sadly, I now find that impossible to do, no matter how hard I try. Brexit, I sincerely believe, is going to be an unmitigated disaster for this country, whether you see “this country” as Scotland or the U.K. The “Great British Public” are sleepwalking into a catastrophe. If anyone, of any political persuasion other than rabid racist believes that Britain will be better off, in any sense, post-Brexit they are irredeemably deluded. This will be the greatest disaster to hit this country since World War 2 but at least we had allies then and something worthy to fight for.

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    1. Well put, Andi.

      The best case scenario is bad; the worst case scenario just doesn’t stand considering.

      The saddest of all is that a lot of the people who were sold on it becasue of the £350 m a week for the NHS and the end of foreign workers, will be the ones that will be hardest hit by it.

      I just like highlighting the hypocrisy of the likes of Muddle and the Colonel.


    2. But ‘the people’ voted for it, well somebody voted for something or other, so that’s ‘democracy’ or something, isn’t it …
      Who the **** has the courage to stand up and stop this runaway train before it takes us all over the cliff?

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    1. Who’s the posh boy with the iPhone then?

      I’m getting the cookies question now every time I come on here.

      I just accept it every time.

      Clearly WordPress have difficulties distinguishing their bum from their arm pits!

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