So, now you know!

There really are people who “think” like this.


  1. Did he have a crisp poke and a can of evostick? I’ve a houseplant that could form a more coherent sentence, than that eejit.

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  2. trispw,

    It is as clear as day that we are dealing with morons.

    How, exactly, does the lunatic in the video link to the lawyers comment?

    I thought, initially, that they were one and the same person.

    Presumeably not.

    What did his pimp lawyer actually say?

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    1. I think the poster was suggesting (with his tongue firmly in his cheek) that the bloke in the video was his lawyer.

      It’s not awfully amusing, but the nut job is good for a laugh… if at the same time you remember that people like that are dangerous.


  3. hello tris
    Thinking this is what you get by educating children by sitting them in front of morning tv.
    My daught tells me she has children turn up in primary One who have distinctly american accents and can’t use eating utensils, they eat with their hands; they are white anglo saxon.
    Education by rote.
    And their votes are worth more than ours

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    1. Netflix… and daytime tv… mum’s on mobile phones, kids sat watching the box.

      No one talks to them. No one teaches them anything.

      Yes, I’ve seen it too.

      It’s strange that perhaps the most important job any of us will ever do, raising another human being, requires no qualifications, no intellectual prowess, no nothing.

      Anyone can do it. No mater how badly.

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  4. I used to see them as I walked past the High Court.
    Dressed almost identically, they’d form little groups well apart from the other smokers, the witnesses, the courtroom staffers.
    Eyes always busy in their pinched, weasel like faces, shiftily looking at my uniform and stab vest, hostile, vacant.
    Always looking for opportunities…
    Smoke break over, they’d throw down their fag-ends and take a last, long slug of Buckfast, don their wigs and get back into court.

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      1. trispw.


        The guy in the video is an obvious thug. It behoves belief that he is also Tommy Robinson’s lawyer. For one, you wouldn’t get to the bar with a working class racist voice like that, for two you wouldn’t get to practice if you were that stupid. For three he couldn’t complete a sentence without getting disbarred. The guy is a moron. My conclusion is that he is not a lawyer, he is a racist moron.

        My question was pretty simple, was the moron in the first half of your post, y’know the lunatic, related in any way to the lawyer you mentioned in the second half of your post? Frankly, I don’t think so.

        Perhaps a racist lawyer would like to challenge my point of view?

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          1. Actually I was dealing with mostly the same type of people I had interaction with in the inner city libraries for years, the difference being working for Community Safety I didn’t have to suffer in silence… (librarian joke there).

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  5. Guy should be on ‘newsnight’. After all he’s trying to speak…on behalf of the British people (that’s you and me BTW).

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  6. Help me out here folks. When the name Tommy Robinson started popping up all over the place the other day, I wondered what all the fuss was about, and while I would normally go anywhere near a far right site, I thought I’d better hear what he had to say. I’ve only got c20 min into the vid below, but I’d like your opinions. Is he a total fantasist making all this up, or has he indeed been horribly victimised by the cops and if so to what possible end? It would surely just feed his paranoia?

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      1. He is getting lots of interest from the US Alt Right Trumpets who make The Spokesman for the British People look like a young Che Guevara. I would imagine the more infamous he gets the richer he will be, is the equation going on in his mind.

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        1. I don’t doubt it at all Conan. But what has he actually done to get so much police ‘attention’? Coming more from a lefty/anarchist bg, I find the whole idea of the plods going in mob-handed against rabid right-wingers a bit hard to believe. Or is the Force simply addicted to force?

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          1. Back to his EDL days. His supporters were looking for trouble and the police shut them down at every attempt. He can then conflate that with being “picked on”.

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            1. There is a story:

              Once upon a time a black child, brought up by Christian Missionaries in darkest Africa, ( for some reason the nearer you get to the equator, the darker it gets!) was told that it was essential that they washed their hands. The child was told that there were microscopic germs that could hurt them.

              The child, rightly asked:

              “But we Christians don’t believe that, do we?”

              Maybe yes, maybe no.

              Quite why anyone believes a word that comes out of Tommy Robinsons mouth is, err, just weird for me.

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        1. YOU were worried …
          These are people I wouldn’t want to touch with a very long thingy, but all the same, could it be a case of “First they came for the raving nutters …” ???

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          1. Err, no.

            You, my friend are at least a bit sane.

            This is a fascinating samizdat type of site.

            We owe a lot to ‘Munguins Republic’ for being able to just discuss stuff.

            There isn’t enough of that going around, imvho.

            This verges on heroic.

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            1. I suppose someone much cleverer than you and me, needs to explain why being sick to the back teeth with both Labour and Tory, leads to something as beautiful as the SNP up here, and to something as ugly as the EDL etc. down there.

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              1. Point taken Marconatrix. Perhaps our friends on here could have a shot at it? For they are pretty bright. Something I think you and I agree on.

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                1. It’s an interesting question.

                  I’m not sure. I mean I’ve seen racism here, but there aren’t any racist parties.

                  Of course, there is the Orange Order and the Protestant-Catholic … Rangers-Celtic thing. But I don’t have the impression that we have anything like the problems there are in England.

                  There is a Scottish branch of the EDL… yes, honestly, but I’m pretty certain they could count their membership on the fingers of two hands…always supposing they could count.

                  I can’t explain it.

                  We do have a far smaller number of immigrants here. I suppose that might be the answer?

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              2. That’s a meaty bone to chew over Marconatrix. I remember Norman Tebbit, he of the “which cricket team they support” infamy, say something related about Scots football supporters AKA, The Tartan Army.
                When asked the difference about the attitude between the happy go lucky genial Scots, and the English “fans” who always tried to emulate their ancestors when in Europe – a drunken chevauchée, replacing longbows with plastic chairs – he stated that the Scots did it deliberately so as not to be confused with the English.

                He may have had something there.

                As an adjunct, back in the seventies, there was a very large proportion of Rangers fans within the ranks of the Tartan Army. Not so much nowadays according to the comments in factions like Club 1872 and the Union Bears.

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      1. LOL… I don;t think he’d be pleased to read that.

        And as he’s only 35, I doubt he could have managed that!

        But he IS always having a “pop ” at someone.

        Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon is his real name, and, amazingly, his mother was an Irish immigrant.


  7. Dunno what happened there!

    I think Marconatrix asks a very important question.

    It seems to me that we live in interesting times. There is no universally reliable (was there ever?) media. And it has shattered into, lets call them lie tellers and lie tellers. If you can’t see the difference, well, oftentimes, neither can I.

    What seems to me to be new-fangled is the brazeness of the lie. (I’ll get to 1984 maybe, later). Poor wee Donald Trump, a fellow Scotsman, being attacked just because? If that sentence looked untrue it is perhaps because it is indefensible.

    What is missing from all of this is folk that are genuinely looking for evidence. They appear to be a diminishing band when placed against the manipulators of reality.

    It requires a dedication to caring about what truth actually is, and that is a minority pursuit. It is far easier to take the pre-assembled narratives we are fed than worry them to bits. So, lies become truth and truth becomes lies. (Told you I’d get to 1984 eventually)

    This is merely a supportive comment ré Marconatrix rather more erudite point.

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    1. Marconatrix,

      I, rarely, give anyone undue praise. Perhaps the hero that runs this site? For that is an incredible commitment to reality.

      Quite honestly, you are a persuasive and necessary advocate. We need voices like yours.

      Much respect, to you.

      I mean that, I do not mean it casually.

      Best wishes.

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  8. Marconatrix,

    Well, pretty well.

    ” The thought that anyone ever takes any notice of what I say is quite honestly *Really Scary* — LOL!”

    You sir are nobody’s fool.

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