I’ve just read on Twitter that a guy I follow, Martin MacDonald, took some pictures of the wildfires in Lochalsh. (Not the ones used in this peace which came from Googling.)

He posted them on his Twitter feed and soon got this tweet from the “Scottish” Sun.


Mr MacDonald replied in the negative:

Replying to 

Sorry, no.

No equivocation there. Just plain and simple NO. Even a moron could have understood.
So what do you think the Sun did?
Yep, you’d be right.
They deleted their original tweet asking for permission and used Mr MacDonald’s photographs anyway.
Is there anything he can do?
I’ll be honest I would absolutely refuse to allow one of these Tory rags to use any picture I had taken unless the payment was in four figures. However, I’d make an exception in the case of the immoral, disgusting Sun, Scottish or not. For them, I would require a seven-figure sum!
Why do these newspapers not have reporters any more? Why, as this fire has been raging for some time, have the “Scottish” Sun not got a reporter or photographer there in Skye taking photographs and asking locals how they are coping, talking to the Police and Medical and Fire Services?
Why do they just steal other people’s stuff?


45 thoughts on “HAVE WE GOT ANY SOLICITORS?”

  1. I’d imagine the photographs are Martin’s property, and therefore the sun has stolen them.
    On the other hand could the sun argue they were already in the public domain?
    Or more likely, they can afford more lawyers, and don’t care.


    1. This happened to my daughter a few years ago. We threatened the offender with court action for breach of copyright and they immediately stumped up without question. £400 as I remember.


  2. I hope Mr. MacDonald is seeing his lawyer soon – as in tomorrow morning.

    The Sun made – must have made – a calculation about the likelihood of being sued over this, and the size of any likely award against them – for breach of copyright, would it be? It would please me greatly – that is easy for me to say, of course, as it would be Mr. MacDonald who would have to suffer through the experience – if the Sun were to be legally obliged to pay him a truly punitive amount in compensation.

    Our appalling meeja – both dead-tree and broadcast, really – are a plague and a scourge on us all … the only way to exert any leverage over them is through their wallets, as they have no shame or decency.

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  3. I’m putting this up in this post because I doubt anyone will see it in the post that it concerns, which is the one about Ruth and the intimidating man who was harassing her and following her with barking dogs.

    He’s demanding a retraction and an apology. He’s getting a hard time for supposedly harassing a pregnant woman and he’s not a happy man.

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      1. Yep. It’s been suggested that if he needs funds he should set up a page.

        We’ll happily contribute and give it publicity.

        She is quite appalling. She doesn’t do constituencies; apparently she doesn’t reply to letters; she only does interviews with the press when she wants to and it seems that you can’t even talk to her in the street without being accused of harassing a pregnant lady.

        She is, however, always available to do some mine clearance in Afghanistan (part of the day job of the leader of the opposition in Scotland, I presume) or to be on bake off programmes.

        She’s ex-BBC so she gets an even easier ride from them than the average Tory.

        Oh for the days of Annabel Goldie. Even if I didn’t agree with her on most things, she was a proper leader and a proper politician… and incidentally, when I spoke to her, she couldn’t have been more helpful and polite.

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    1. Managed to catch that interview while it was still going out, then went back and listened to it again up to the point where I came in – and then all the way through to the end again.

      We are very lucky to have as FM a politician who is of such evident sincerity. No wonder the Unionists so hate, loathe and despise her.

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      1. Yep, I think that’s true. She answers questions. She doesn’t bluster and she sticks to her principles.

        Ruth, on the other hand, seems to have a “position of the day” on most stuff.


  4. The BBC once warned me that I was using one of their copyright photographs on my website, I quickly informed them that I had taken the photo and had the EXIF information to prove it.
    They came back saying Mrs. JMF (my wife) had posted it on one of their articles and in doing that transferred all permissions and copyrights to them.
    I wrote back reiterating my earlier statement and in addition, if I found they had used in it the past or in the future I would be suing them. There was no reply.

    Moral of the story. Be careful where you post your pictures you may giving away your rights and open yourself to have to pay a fee or be sued for displaying your own photograph.

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  5. We allow the meeja machine to get away with far too much – and before anyone cries “censorship!”, swimming in a sea of disinformation, advertorials, misinformation, distortion, bias, spin, lies blatant and lies covert, connived-at cover-ups and airbrushings out of history, deliberate failures to report certain types of news – that’s not freedom of speech.

    So let’s sue the pants off them whenever a proper casus belli presents itself. I’m in for a crowdfunder.

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  6. Your question about the lack of any journalists raises issues too.
    Media reports what is seen on social media which somehow becomes “news”, other than that “news” consists of press releases from political parties and government institutions.
    Good old investigative journalism involving people getting out from behind a desk and asking questions, taking pictures etc etc does not seem to happen.
    Even the BBC posts street shots from Google instead of going to visit, and they can hardly claim they are underfunded.
    The whole system is rotten to the core. Media corporations afraid of upsetting their advertisers or the establishment.
    It is a case of “Don’t rock the boat, just take the pay cheque”.

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    1. I agree, Sandy. Few actually do real journalism these days.

      It’s all about making as much money as possible as quickly as possible, and in some cases it’s about doing your best to get one of their tacky little baubles.

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  7. Saying No is the wrong approach. Instead say Yes, my fee is £20,000 per picture. If they then go on to publish anyway, that’s implied consent they accept your fee and you can invoice for it. Much easier to sue for non-payment than to try and prove breach of Copyright as I understand it.

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    1. Yes, that’s definitely the best idea.

      Thank you for your request. I’m pleased to inform you that you may use the photographs for a fee of £*****.

      Use of the photographs will be taken as an acceptance of these terms. Please private me for my account number.

      Kind regards.


  8. This is a beautiful place. I am quite astonished that there are only 2410 people of sense in the Universe.

    Just saying.

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  9. OK. It is hard to be in a tiny minority that has right on it’s side. It is harder yet to be bijou. Which I thought referred to tiny houses that were otherwise pretty.

    The point trispw is that you appear to run a counter-cultural site here, one that I completely admire.

    It is a privilege to be allowed to comment here. I find knowledge through folk I would never otherwise have met. Your friends, and now mine, appear to span the globe. Quite surreal perhaps?

    Quite how you did that is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

    It may be a slow burn, but I’d assume that people excited by your agenda may become a majority over time.

    You, and Mark Frankland, are kind of my hero’s.

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    1. Mark Frankland is one of my heroes too.

      Now there’s a man we can all admire, even if we aren’t of the same political views. The work he does in Dumfries is amazing.


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