So what actually happened?

Well, here a video of it.

It could be argued perhaps that Ruth was on a day off, but as she apparently doesn’t do surgeries, it’s hard to know when people are supposed to approach her about anything. And she is a public servant, paid very handsomely by US.

I thought that the guy was polite: he certainly didn’t harass her from what I could see or hear. He simply asked her why she had announced that there was no appetite for a second referendum just after 90,000 people marched in Glasgow.


And as for his dogs barking? 

It must have been a sotto voce bark, because, well, I didn’t hear it, did you?

What I don’t understand is why Ruth wasn’t aware that her “stalker” could use the footage he filmed to disprove her lies.


But she’s a Tory, so why would I understand anything at all about her?

38 thoughts on “JUDGE FOR YOURSELF”

  1. Weeel … I suppose it’s nice to know that MSPs, branch manageresses no less, actually walk the public streets like ordinary mortals rather than riding in armoured limos. Have a nice Sunday peoples 😉

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  2. I have watched this video four times.I admit at 85 my hearing isn’t as good as it was,n however I was wearing ear phones!!!I did not hear any dogs barking,and the man was certainly not being abusive or harassing!!!Me thinks that the Tory leader is becoming somewhat sensitive in her pregnancy may hap she will even be overtaken by a desire to tell the truth in future!!!!We can only hope!!😈

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    1. She’s so magnificent and splendid she must have cravings for Ferrero Rocher. “Madame Branch Manageress, with your presence you are spoiling us.”

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  3. Every day is a day off for Ruthie – it’s not like she does any surgeries. Or anything other than self promotion. I only wish the dog that made me jump out my skin earlier today had been as loud as those dogs. I might not have nealry had a heart attack!

    Is anyone else having problems getting rid of the cookie notice. Every time I press close and accept it, well, doesn’t!

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  4. To be brutally honest, once I found out she had worked for BBC Scotland I realised she was going to be utterly facile.

    She has no principles or morality if she can buddy up to the DUP depsite being gay herself.

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    1. Frankly, I think anyone that can cosy up to the DUP has something missing.

      I see Theresa is being very quiet about the abortion bill in Eire.

      Things just keep getting worse and worse for her. Awwwww.


  5. Her lies, and those of her party minions, will be reported as truth in the shiterag press. There is still a lot of people out there who are not computer literate and that is what they are relying on.

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      1. A few years ago I used to run computer classes in various libraries for “Silver Surfers”, simple things like using a mouse, and NOT writing down your passwords, getting an email account; pretty dated stuff now in the age of the smartphone.
        Yet if those same people had trouble manipulating a mouse on a seventeen inch screen, what problems will they have now with a six inch android phone?

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    1. Indeed.

      The way she told it it sounded like it was a burly man with a half a dozen snarling to Rottweilers chasing her down the road.


  6. ” it was a burly man with a half a dozen snarling to Rottweilers chasing her down the road”

    Wow ! I just read that in the Torygraph
    so its true then shame on the snpBAD.

    In the age of Trump all truth is relative
    bit like Rees Moggy

    Mr Rees-Mogg’s company, Somerset Capital Management, which manages nearly £7.5bn on behalf of private investors and City institutions, “has interests in two Russian firms blacklisted by the US and others which are controlled by oligarchs in President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle”.

    Mr Rees Mogg said he no longer ran Somerset Capital Management’s investments but, he added, its clients had asked the company to invest their money in “emerging markets”.

    “We have a fiduciary duty to them to invest it as well as we can in businesses that we think will do well, subject to the law of the land,” he told Andrew Marr.

    Isn’t that a variation of the I was only following orders defence
    much used at Nuremberg .

    A true cnut

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    1. And that’s praising him…

      I believe that he is absolutely against abortion (he’ll feel at home with Orange Arlene) but his company sells abortion pills in the East Asian market.

      I mean….


  7. And now, ladeez ‘n’ gen’lemen, all the way from downtown Belfast, give it up for the one an’ only (thank Christ) – Arlene and the Abortionists and their great cover version of that big hit – Baby love!

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  8. What is the British army coming to when one of it’s Colonels runs away from one man and his dug (or two)?
    Maybe it was his camera she was more frightened of?
    Nothing more frightening to a Scottish Tory than a hostile camera because it exposes them for the liars they really are.
    Along with Malcolm Bruce’s lying Liberals and subway Labour,Scotland us poorly served by London based political parties.

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  9. The maybot’s irony ignore button is working well.
    She says ” it isn’t a subject for englandland to interfere with”
    Arlene says ” it’s a subject for the Assembly to deal with”
    So there you have it, the DUP say its a devolved issue and the maybot agrees it’s a devolved matter, no matter that the Assembly has effectively been dissolved due to a little matter of £400 paper burning.
    Whilst here in Auld Scotia, well now is not the time. You want an input into the brexit negotiations, GO Away. You’ve produced a pathway to independence, just nonsense, you’re too wee, to stupid and we’ve got the keys of the chains.
    It bloody well is the time.
    This shows how a grown up country can work, I’m saying Ireland is dealing with its concerns in a democratic manner, things can change there, in either direction.

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    1. Hear hear.

      I’ve been somewhat perplexed by the Arlene Foster attitude to Britishness.

      In some matters she screams that NI must be treated exactly the same as Britain. In doing so, making May look like a complete idiot, dragging her out of meetings with Barnier, and last minute changes of plan.

      On the other hand she demands that NI must be treated differently from Britain.

      Still, if you genuinely believe that the world is only 6000 years old, then I guess these small anomalies are hardly surprising.


  10. Tris says ” But she’s a Tory, so why would I understand anything at all about her?”

    Answer :- You have a friend to translate for you ; Dean the Tory.

    Not bad eh, a “dogs bollocks” and a semicolon, all at once. My language skills are improving. Maybe I’ll figure out what a conjunct iv itas is, some time too.

    Speaking of DTT what’s happened to him, has he disappeared up his own brexit?

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    1. I dunno what’s happened to Deano.

      I miss him!…as you say a translation would be handy.

      You’re becoming quite the punctuation king!!


  11. I am a former pregnant woman who worked all through her pregnancy as do many others without looking for special treatment. (I am however in favour of younger people giving up their bus seat to a pregnant woman) Most women get on with it without any fuss or bother. I object to her using her pregnancy as an excuse for anything.

    I did not hear Ruth Davidson voice a complaint about the Libyan pregnant woman who was handed over to the torturers by the UK government. Now that would be something she should be complaining about.

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    1. Hear hear.

      I’d agree with that.

      I’d be considerate of a pregnant woman too, but I think it is ridiculous to claim special treatment outside of the obvious.


  12. Maybe Ruth has a point and MSP’s shouldn’t be questioned by random punters in the street. If that’s the case then her public statement about there being no appetite for indy must surely still be open to being questioned and challenged. Given that she wasn’t challenged on this statement by the media, then it seems reasonable to me for an ordinary guy in the street to ask the question. So, sorry Ruth you can’t have it both ways; you can’t have a go at the guy in the street when the media can’t or won’t do their job.

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