Boris Johnson: ‘The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump’


Boris Johnson, 2017: is clearly out of his mind and unfit to hold the Office of President.

Boris Johnson, 2018: “ deserves “respect and recognition” and not “infantile denigration” We welcome him to the UK.


Boris, who seems to have a rather mixed-up impression of Trumpy, might have to rescind his call for the president to be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

It appears that the ‘Summit in Singapore’ is off. Trump is washing his hair or playing golf that weekend. 

So what is the story? Was Kim just yanking his chain?


Still, it seems that it will save the North Korean authorities some money, so as my Granny would say, “everything’s mixed with mercy”.


  1. Never mind Nobel Prizes, I think we have 3 front runners for winner of Men’s Hair of the Year 2018. There used to be an advert many years ago which asked, “Which twin has the Toni?” (home perm). We could now ask, “Which twerp has the toupee?”

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  2. Not exactly sure what is happening with North Korea but one thing is certain.
    Donald Trump is not a man you can do business with,at least unless you are prepared to completely Kowtow to his demands.
    Brexiteers beware.

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    1. It’s worse – the man’s deranged, and an ignoramus. However – he is going down. Fast. I’ve been following that saga closely, and just now it’s like watching a gob of something nasty circling the drain – stomach-turningly fascinating. The Trump Administration seems even less strong and stable than the Foster-May regime down at Westminster, but of course it can do commensurately much more harm while it blunders and flounders and thrashes around, lashing out while it founders.

      In comparison with Hairstyle One and the Arlene&Treeza clown car – the Orange one, the Cash for Ash one, and the Strong and Stable one – and the dirty money to pauchle the Brexit referendum, like the American presidential election was pauchled – no wonder our own quietly competent government drives the right wing in particular, and Unionists generally, even crazier than they already are.

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      1. True true… And the right wingers in Holyrood are getting angrier and angrier.

        I mean seriously, did anyone see Jenny Marra lose it yesterday?

        …And then watch the way that the FM put her back in her box.


    2. Absolutely not. Never trust him. He’s out for a deal for himself. He’ll promise the Earth if you flatter him, but delivery will be quite different… as we have already seen over flights arrangements and tariffs.

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  3. Go Jenny Go
    Great opening for the anti indepenants, raise the spector of the Iron Lady, the most hated character in Scotland by far.
    Has anyone else seen the pattern.
    Untruthful ruthie has more faces than the town hall clock, swings about to suit the current on message note from tory head office, boris similar, in fact it looks like the method acting school of politics.
    We have seen it before, ruthie thought leaving the EU was a bad idea, then changed to the opportunity, now disappeared, no back again with potholes needing fixed or some such.
    you show boris as the same, last people you want in government.
    Think most people on this site have taken in some detail, thought it through and would only change their mind IF something of significance came along to change their opinion. You know like having a referendum about independence, being told that you’ll be out of the EU if you vote to leave the UK, then find your Big neighbour has decided that you’re leaving anyway, no significant change then, now is the Time.
    Rant over

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  4. When Lablibservative MSPs erupt like Marra did, it reminds me of a two-year-old in Aldi who’s just been told she’s not getting any Gummi-bears, and has her tantrum anyway even though her Ma can’t let her have Gummi-bears only because Aldi are out of them.

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  5. It would be great to see Trump’s hair on Kim’s head and vice versa. Boris Johnstone works very hard to achieve the “too busy to care” look. I wonder how much the taxpayer pays for his hairdresser.

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  6. So the Nobel Peace Prize will not go to the orange faced wonder.

    The draft of the bizarrely worded letter disinviting Kim from the summit meeting was reportedly dictated by Trump himself. I believe it!

    I think I see a way that his path to the Peace Prize may yet be salvaged. From the final paragraph:

    “If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write.”

    So if Kim has second thoughts, he just picks up the phone, calls Donald, and it’s off to Oslo to pick up the prize. 😉

    Would the Nobel Peace Prize committee comply? Of course they would! They’re crazy as loons (even by leftist European standards.) These are the people who gave the Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger. Even more bizarrely, they gave the prize to Barack Obama, simply for NOT being George W. Bush, even as he (Obama) was ramping up the bombings by predator drones in Afghanistan.

    Since the next American President will obviously enjoy a similar advantage, it’s likely that not being Donald Trump will surely be worth a Peace Prize in Oslo, followed by a trip to Stockholm to pick up a couple of the Nobel science prizes.

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    1. Yep, that looks like it was dictated but not typed by him. No caps and no BAAAD.

      I should think that even if the next president is Donald Duck or Bart Simpson, he should definitely get all the honours possible, for simply not being this moron.

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      1. Tris…….I miss the random capitalization and strings of question marks and exclamation points. Not to mention the concluding word in all caps that tells you how he feels about it. SAD!!!!!!

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  7. Some background:

    Sadly, the website of the White House Gift Shop crashed as soon it was reported that the summit meeting was cancelled and the commemorative Trump/Kim medallion was reduced from $24.95 to $19.95.

    I hope I can still get one. 😉

    Or maybe one of the alternates:

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    1. Three coins in a fountain, Danny? Well that’s three I could see me tossing into a different type of water feature entirely – I’ll leave you to guess which type 🙂

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        1. I wonder what sort of merchandise is available at the No. 10 Gift Shop. Surely Theresa May must order the striking of commemorative medallions with her image to commemorate the issues of the day. 😉

          Actually, as odd as this might seem, the use of “challenge coins” goes back to Roman times. They are widely used and collected in the American military, and are awarded by high ranking military commanders for personal achievement. Wiki…..”Challenge coins issued by presidents date back to the late 1990’s. Separately, the White House Communication Agency (WHCA) has issued challenge coins for foreign heads and military during Presidential visits.”


          1. I can image her “the occasion when I was stupid and called a general election so that I could be a strong and stable prime minister with a large majority and ended up losing seats so that I had to go into coalition with an absolute nut job religious fruitcake.” medal.

            Or maybe her “I signalled Article 50 without having the foggiest notion what Brexit should look like, what my objectives were… or anything really” medal.

            Actually it’s the royals who do that kinda thing here. There are commemorative coins for all sorts of stupid nonsense. I suppose there will have been one for the Count of Dumbarton and Megan Sparkle. getting hitched.

            There’s usually one for big birthdays and anniversaries of Liz sitting on the throne, if you’ll pardon the expression.

            I see that Trump took exception to some criticism of Mike I’m never alone in a room with a woman who isn’t my wife Pence. I mean, the guy called him a dummy. Now I’ve no time for Kim, but you have to admit that he was spot on with that one. However, to have Trump and Pence to criticise, and to call Pence a dummy…. Well, you know. I mean if Mike is a dummy, what in heaven’s name on Donald?

            Still, it will probably be collectable becasue it wasn’t for anything.

            I see from the Wiki article that the Brits have them too… but it’s military, not Downing Street, or as we like to call it there days “Drowning Street” becasue she’s sinking fast.

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            1. Tris……I enjoyed your suggestions about what Theresa May coins might commemorate…LOL. I think that No. 10 is missing out on a money making opportunity if they don’t have a gift shop. Sounds like the royals probably have one around the palace somewhere.

              I agree with you that Kim was spot on with his assessment of Mike Pence. As for what he’s called Trump in the past, one that comes to mind is “Mentally deranged U.S. dotard,” although it’s mostly remembered for having sent people scrambling to the dictionary to find out what “dotard” means. Seems like the insult must be more popular in Korea than it is here, or simply one that the translator from Korean especially liked. 😉

              A while back, the Times published a list of things that Trumpy and Kim have said about each other.

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              1. Speaking as your handy local wetware translation device, I should point out that the translator may have actually cleaned His Master’s Voice up a bit … a more faithful translation might have read “idiotic, senile old pr*ick” or some such. (North Korea speaking in right of reply in the UN General Assembly – aargh! – five minutes of totes unintelligible word salad. Orrible.)

                It’s quite something when you can’t think of many nasty things to say about a person that aren’t actually true, which is definitely the case with His Orangeness. Hm. Reminds me a bit of those few really unfortunate buildings that look better as piles of rubble after being blown up or otherwise demolished than they ever did in life. Hm.

                Hm. Still thinking. Maybe not jejune, plain old infantile would be better.

                Change of subject – so they made Harry Duke of Dumbarton? I hadn’t realized. Any reaction to that from the good folk of Jackie Baillie’s constituency yet? Or from the good woman herself?

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                1. Hi Ed……

                  First I had to go to the dictionary for “dotard.” Now I have to go for “jejune.” 😉

                  Indeed it’s hard to come up with an insult that Trumpy is not actually worse than…..LOL

                  Actually, years ago we had a sit-com named “Frasier” that made something of a running joke about the fact that he used words like “jejune.”

                  Some of those simultaneous translations at the UN can be painful to listen to. The translators into English always seemed to have trouble with Russian….more than French for example. I always figured that maybe the sentence structure itself was significantly different than English.

                  Take care Ed.

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                  1. Thanks, Danny!

                    At the risk of boring everyone to death, a usage note: in the translating and interpreting professions, translators produce written output and interpreters produce spoken output. These are, of course, related but distinct activities. To rely on stereotypes, we translators, are shy, anally retentive, neurotic, mousy and compulsive types who scuttle shyly between the main doors and our offices trying not to attract anyone’s attention, and interpreters are great divas with flamboyant personalities who are over the top in all things, absolutely lurrrrrrve being the centre of attention, and come in to work Making Entrances and sweep into their booths to give Great Performances.

                    As for quality… translators are paid to get it right; interpreters are paid to keep going and get the message across somehow, and everyone knows it’s not possible to achieve 100% accuracy at all times under such circumstances. Now, interpreting was part of my postgraduate studies, but I never liked what it did to me psychologically – just ask Kevin – so I worked as a translator, mainly, as befit my notoriously shy, retiring and shade-loving nature.

                    On the interpretation of Russian, I can say that Russian mostly follows a normal English-language order of subject, verb and object and so on, but as an inflected language – it has six cases, but not all of them the same ones as in Classical Latin, and some of them the same as each other, of course – it has resources that are not available to English. Simply put, in Russian you can cheerfully say things that relative to English are upside down, back to front, and then stirred. (Just an aside, any language that says “twice as less” (literally, “into two of time less”) when it means “half as much”, and “with an increase of six with three thousand nine hundred sixty-three ten-thousandth part of percents” instead of “with an increase of 6.3963 per cent” obviously has a rather different take on reality.*)

                    Unless you are in the UN itself, actually in the General Assembly hall or the Security Council chamber, what you hear on CNN and other news outlets is often not the UN interpreter speaking – it’s someone brought in later by the news channel. They are not nearly as good. I can say that my interpreter colleagues were frequently brilliant: I new some of them pretty well. It is a rare gift, rather rarer than the translation gift, in my opinion. It is quite possible, by the way, to know a second, or a third, and even more languages really, really well, even to the point of native-speaker ability in speaking and even writing them – and be a lousy translator (but sometimes a good interpreter).

                    Another thing is that conference interpreters – the kind who sit in a booth with furrin coming in through headphones and English or whatever going out through a mic – generally work one way into their mother tongues. The exceptions at the UN are Arabic and Chinese, because there just isn’t the pool of mother-tongue English speakers of Arabic and Chinese, apparently, which I find a bit surprising. Maybe they all get hoovered up by the security and intelligence services…

                    Interpreting and translating into English from those two does seem to pose particular difficulties for people speaking languages in the other four official UN languages, which are French, English, Russian and Spanish. When you think about it, of course, that is already rather a large number of language pairs. However, the UN has it easy, linguistically speaking: the EU achieves heights and depths of complexity that are quite mindbending. Oh boy – and after the Baltics, here come the Balkans.

                    * Russian, numbers and the case system. I hope I’ve got this right – at a certain point in the proceedings I decided not to bother trying to do it, just learn to recognize it.

                    “With an increase of six” – in Russian, that “with” takes the instrumental case, and given the lack of definite and indefinite articles in Russian, we get “with increase [(neuter) instrumental singular case ending]”.

                    Then we have a 6. That’s an easy-peasy one: (feminine) genitive singular, easy declension, so “six [feminine genitive singular case ending].

                    Then another “with” – not an “and”, that might be simpler, not the word for “point” or “dot” or anything like that, because that might be simpler too, but hey, who needs simplicity – so the following numbers are also in the instrumental case.

                    Got that? All in the instrumental case. And they all – three, thousand, nine, hundred, both parts of six-ty, and three – decline into the instrumental (singular) as a result. This can be tricky as they have different genders and declensions – some of them defective, i.e., they don’t have all their bits. And we all know how we hate it when we don’t have all our bits.

                    For the “ten-thousandth” we’re now out of cardinal numbers and into ordinals. So… the last number of our string being a 3, and (like 2 and 4), being followed by the genitive singular, the “tenth” and the “thousandth” have to go into the genitive singular, and it has to be feminine genitive singular (adjectival form) because “part” is a feminine noun.

                    And at last we come to our triumphant finale! As our whole number is, as we can easily tell, greater than or equal to 5 and less than or equal to 20, our “per cent” – which is one word in Russian – goes into the genitive plural! Thus, as “percent” is a masculine noun, we get “of percents”, or rather, “percent+masculine genitive plural case ending”.

                    This is why Russians (and Slavs generally) are so good at theoretical mathematics. Heard of Reverse Polish Notation? QED.

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                    1. I forgot to mention the little-known Freeman Theorem of Translation. You’ll have heard the saying “lost in translation” – I particularly like “poetry is what is lost in translation” – and my Theorem is somewhat similar. It goes as follows.

                      Between any two languages A and B, language A will insist on supplying language B with information that it does not need, does not want, and cannot use. Conversely, it will simultaneously fail to deliver to language B information that language B does need, does want, and must obligatorily use.

                      The same applies in the opposite direction. Of course.

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                    2. Erm, right Ed…

                      It sounds a bit like a Conservative Party Leaflet in Scotland. Some information that no one needs, wants, or can use.

                      Still they work well for lighting the wood burner.

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                    3. Double ekhh… 2, 3 and 4 take the genitive singular, 5-20 take the genitive failure. Typos heaped on proofreading fails…

                      Of course, if you are masculine and animate – men, boars, saints, that sort of thing – you need the distributive numeral – a pair / twosome, a threesome, etc. – for as high up as you can remember, which is maybe up to about a sixsome. With a genitive plural of the noun, naturally. Also for things like scissors, if I remember rightly.


                2. Ha ha…

                  Well he’s only Earl of Dumbarton, but Jackie was over the moon.

                  She seemed to be under the impression that Harry and Sparkie would be up there every weekend bringing millions of tourists.

                  Fair frothing at the mouth she was… But then…

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