I see the bumbling fool of a Foreign Secretary would like his own plane for Brexit. 

So that’s Liam Fox that wants a royal yacht so he can sail his way around the world avoiding questioning on any trade deals he has failed to get, and BoJo, who wants a private plane. We should maybe just commit to a fleet, which of course they will have built in Korea.

Boris does have the use of a plane at the moment, but the Queen has first dibs on it, and then Charlie, then the Prime Minister… and when he can get his hands on it, he complains that it’s grey. 


Well, honestly, fancy expecting a man of Boris’s standing to travel in a grey plane. Mrs May should resign immediately.


Labour in Scotland “Nationalise our railways!”

Labour in London “Nationalise our railways!”

Labour in Wales, where they are actually in Govt: “Erm…look there’s a squirrel!”

What a shower of hypocrites!

No, seriously. the Labour Welsh government has just awarded the 15-year franchise to run Wales-only trains to KeolisAmey, a French transport company.

Why, Labour?


Caroline Nokes is the immigration minister. That means she works in the Home Office looking after immigration. One of the most important issues in immigration at the moment is that of the Irish border question. The rights of people in Northern Ireland to have both Irish and British citizenship, to travel freely between the two countries and to work in one and live in the other. It is, no one would deny, a complex issue but it seems that Ms Nokes just couldn’t be bothered.

The relevant document is only 35 pages long, yet her excuse to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, before which she was appearing, was that she was giving birth when it was signed (20 years ago) and that she has only been Immigration minister for 5 months.

You’d have thought that she might have been able to fit in a 35-page document in 5 months, or maybe get someone a bit cleverer to summarise it for her.

This, incidentally, is the woman who compared the Scottish government to Lincolnshire County Council.


Isn’t it all going well?




61 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. We should supply these idiots with their own personal rocket and send them back to planet Tory where they originated.
    The Clangers and the Soup Dragon come to mind.

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  2. Look we are ruled be eejits. The US is supposedly salivating about screwing over Westminster when it comes begging for trade deals. To quote the Animals – we need to get out of this place if its the last thing we ever do. And frankly if MSM upheld their journalistic duty to hold BOTH sides to equal account then Scotland would already be independent.

    Looking forward (not) to Friday’s SNPBAD tirade when the Growth Commission Report is publicly released. They will tear it apart. If only they just shoved a slogan on a bus, that works for British nationalists. Sign.

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  3. The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee should have sent Caroline Nokes away to have a read at it and come back when she had.
    Disgraceful, these people are supposed to be working on our behalf.

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    1. No wonder they are making a mess of everything. Not only are they relatively stupid, they are also incredibly lazy. Not a good combination.

      Yes, I think if I had been chairman I would have suspended the session and told the minister that she was treating the committee with disrespect., and to come back a week hence, having read the agreement from start to finish in order that she might better be able to do her job.

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  4. A slightly divergent tongue-in-cheek view of Boris and the grey plane for your consideration.

    Such a plane is about more than transportation. It’s about making a powerful geopolitcal statement when it taxis up to the red carpet in some third world country. I would modestly suggest that the shining example of what such a plane should be is…….wait for it…….Air Force One, with its beautiful blue livery personally designed by JFK, and the gigantic words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” emblazoned on the sides to announce to everyone within a radius of half a mile that the Americans have arrived. 😉

    And what do the Brits have? A plane that’s suitably large to be sure, but in a livery that is solid grey! GREY!!!??? With “Royal Air Force” in a slightly darker shade of grey. Now it’s possible that the intent is to convey the idea of British modesty and reserve, but my view is that’s a geopolitical nuance that’s WAY too subtle for third world countries to appreciate. You need pizzazz……you need a color…..and you need a boffo name.

    Just sayin………

    BTW, it doesn’t always work out the first time. Harry Truman’s plane around 1950 was not yet up to presidential Air Force One standards. Its name “The Independence” was suitably American, even though he chose it because Independence is the name of his home town, a suburb of Kansas City. The American Eagle paint scheme on the nose didn’t quite work though.

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    1. If Britain had a plane suitable to its real importance, it would be one of these toy Airfix things that lads used to build.

      Trying to look important when you are not, is particularly pathetic.

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  5. I know this is slightly irrelevant, but we all know Boris Johnstone and Jacob Rees Mogg are weird, but has anyone noticed that Mark Zuckerberg looks so utterly weird that he could easily be a leading Brexiteer? He’s at least as weird and unsettling looking as Michael Gove.

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    1. Thegmit…….Great comment! I’m always amazed at how unbelievably awkward Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are in a public media setting. These guys almost appear to have developed no social skills beyond their young teenage years, yet they are world famous and as rich as Croesus. You would think that they could employ consultants to school them in media skills. 🙂

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    1. Thegmit…..I know how to attach a picture I’ve found that’s posted on the internet (such as from a Google image search), but I don’t know how to upload an image file from my own hard drive. I don’t think you can do that. I’m using a Windows computer, and either the Chrome or Firefox browser. (Sometimes Internet Explorer.)

      When you find a picture on the internet that you want to attach to a message post, you can right click on it and bring up a menu with options, one of which is to copy the internet address (the “URL” that begins “html” and ends with a dot and a file extension, like “.JPG” or “.PNG”) In Chrome, the menu option is “Copy Image Address.” In Firefox, it is “Copy Image Location.” After you copy the address, you can just paste it as a separate line in the text you’re writing. You will see it paste the address line in the text. IF it’s a .JPG address, then when you send it, it will come up in the posted message as the picture itself. If it’s a .PNG address or something else, it will only come up as a clickable link that the reader can click on to make the image come up for him or her.

      So if you want to post a picture in a message, just choose a .JPG image posted on the internet and you’re good to go.


        1. You’re welcome Thegmit!
          You’ve probably also noticed that WordPress (this website that hosts Munguin’s New Republic for Munguin World Media) is also very good at accepting clickable links to other websites. You simply copy and paste the URL of the website into your text (I always do it on a separate line of text) , and as soon as it’s sent and posted, it’s clickable for other readers. And you’ve probably also noticed that it also readily accepts embedded video…..at least from YouTube, which is all I have tried. Once again, you simply copy and paste the YouTube URL to the particular video, and as soon as it is sent and posted, it’s a full video screen embedded and playable from the message text.

          For some time, some readers had intermittent trouble with some aspects of posting and viewing the messages and pictures. Certain problems existed for some viewers and not others. We found that WordPress can be quirky in its interface with certain browsers in certain locations. I would have some trouble across the Atlantic that other users in Britain did not have. It was then that we found it was often browser-specific, and a change in browser would sometimes resolve the problem. I’m now having very good experience with WordPress, and generally BOTH Firefox and Chrome now work great for me…….even Internet Explorer for that matter. I have a Windows PC of course, and none of this would necessarily be applicable if you are using an Apple Mac or some other system.

          My quirkiest problem at the beginning was in figuring out how to log-on in a way that provided full reading and posting functionality, using a screen name and password that WordPress could and would consistently recognize. WordPress has provided instruction pages in this regard, that while apparently written in the English language, ingeniously defy human understanding regardless of language, nationality, or culture. But when you happen to finally hit on things that work, they generally work fine…..except when they don’t. Right now all seems well. 😉

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  6. “…but I don’t know how to upload an image file from my own hard drive.”

    What you need is a thing called an image hoster. There are lots of them available. You can use a search engine to find one that suits you. Some are free, some you pay for. As all things t’internet your mileage can vary and health warnings apply. Check the terms and conditions, check their privacy policies. If it’s your own photo for example, check that you haven’t given away ownership rights, copyright etc if such things matter to you.

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    1. Jake……Good point about using an image hosting site for your own images! I have used this a number of times to post images on web forums, but I wasn’t sure whether WordPress would allow hot linking to a third party hosting site or not.

      I once used a popular one called “Photobucket,” which offered hot linking free of charge. Then it went to a subscription model which costs $399 a year for unlimited hot linking (the last time I checked.) I’m not sure what the top sites are now for cost-free hot linking.

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      1. Sadly, Tris, Ernie was not a success – he was killed by a stale pork pie thrown by his deadly rival the baker, Two Ton Ted from Teddington. At first I thought the pic posted by Ricky was of one of the Royal princes but I soon realised there weren’t enough medals and anyway he looks far too intelligent to be one of them.

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        1. Ah, well stale pork pies are indeed a mater to be reckoned with.

          I wonder if Mrs May has thought about the possibility of replacing Trident with these weapons of meat destruction which seem to be the answer, even if you drive the fastest milk truck in the west!

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    1. Ricky and Andi…….I’ve seen some of Benny Hill in the states, but I had to look up Ernie the Milkman and Two Ton Ted from Teddington.

      I love his whip snapping problem in this video.

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      1. Danny , the hit single Benny Hill released was Ernie ( The fastest milkman in the west ) it reached No1 in 1971 and satyed there for 4 weeks , but stayed in the charts for 17 weeks . It was then re-released in 1992 reaching No 29 and just 4 weeks in the charts . Benny Hill played the buffoon for laughs , Boris does it for real .

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  7. In the absence of funds or to be honest the will to get the Blond Buffoon a plane, why don’t we get him a super duper union fleg emblazoned quad bike?

    He could be dropped by parachute, undercover of darkness, any where in the world, able to traverse any terrain intent on spreading the Brexit message of hope to J. Foreigner. Telling him we want trade deals, we value him, we want to sell him our stuff while telling him he can get to F. if he’s got the blummin cheek to want to live here, cos we’re so great we don’t need any foreign twats takkin wor jobs.

    You can’t easily emblazon a lot of lies in big letters for mass effect on the side of a quad bike but I’m sure Boris minions would manage some misleading dishonest, lying skullduggery while he blazed his trail of glory.

    The roar of Boris’s Quad doesn’t quite have the same ring as the roar of Caesar’s Triumph being heard at the gates of Rome, but Britain didn’t make motorbikes back then and as far as I know doesn’t make quad bikes now so WTF.


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  8. Sort of off topic. I spent a few hours catching up on the last few episodes of the current series of ‘Designated Survivor’

    In amongst a lot of other stuff, they mentioned BREXIT as a disaster for the UK. (The plot is a bit complicated and entertaining, but that hit my spidey sense.) If even US fiction writers think it is all a bit mad?


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    1. Well, apart from, from the likes of Fox or Gove or Mogg, I’e never heard anyone suggest that it was anything other than disastrous.


  9. Tongue in cheek,
    Why not make boris’s first port of call deepest Africa.
    He would be welcomed there, dishonest politicians are the normal type accepted in most countries.
    The current government in the rUK have made such a success of the value of the pound , boris and fox could apply to join the united africa federation instead of the EU. There the value of currency is also heading towards the basement.
    Englandland is running out of water so they will soon have areas to match the Sahara.
    The ENHS is going to require 3% a year for the next 15 years just to maintain current levels of demand.
    The governor of the BoE is saying brexit has already cost each of us £900 a year.
    The railways are grinding to a halt by redoing the timetables to accommodate all the extra trains that can’t be run on the rails.
    Old bercow gets reported for saying the truth, silly woman indead.
    The costs of running the new super efficient border system is pure speculation at £20billion a year.
    Just a few examples of tm’s government getting on with the day job.


    1. I suppose Africa would do. Although why not Pluto?

      As I said to Douglas, I’ve yet to hear anyone but a nutter put up a defence from Brexit.


  10. What concerns me is the question of whether Liam Fox has plenipotentiary powers in trade negotiations. Nothing p***es off other parties to a negotiation more than dealing with someone who then has to go back for approval from HQ. If he does have the power, we are all doomed; he’ll sell Britain to his neocon pals without a second thought.

    The move towards British whisky of course leaves it open to allow America to brand its product as Scotch. And we won’t be able, as in the Prohibition era, to smuggle in our own product as “the real McCoy”, as it came to be called.

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    1. The thing is Mr Fox can only agree to two countries having talks, and maybe some broad outlines about how they should proceed. The details of any trade deal takes skilled international trade lawyers years to put together.

      The fallacy that it can all be done in a couple of months is another one of the cloud la la land notions of the Brexiteers.

      Mrs May reportedly is relaxed about the loss of the Scottish brand.

      So, in the Tory way, we need to make it clear to companies that if they put union jacks on Scottish produce, we won;t buy it.

      I’ll quite happily buy something with a jack on it if it comes from England or Wales or indeed NI, but not if it comes from Scotland.

      The other day I saw some Jersey Royals with a UK flag on them. We are not to only country being subsumed.


      1. Understood, but I am still unsure how far lawyers can influence major outcomes if the political parameters have been set and commitments undertaken eg over food standards.


  11. Look, it’s Mr Giblets, the Sinister Children’s Entertainer.

    “Good morrow, youngsters. Well met.”



      1. Thegmit………..I should have mentioned that some internet addresses for pictures are not a simple line or two of code followed by a three or four letter file extension like .JPG or .PNG. Sometimes you get a LOOOONG string of code that looks like garbage…….computer-generated for security reasons I guess……..that while it presumably does lead to an internet-posted image file, will not be accepted by WordPress in a way that will lead to a posted picture or clickable link in your text message. In this case, it was so long that WordPress choked on it. I think I did one once that was only eight or nine lines long, and Worpress did accept it as a URL and posted it as a clickable link. But best to avoid these things entirely for picture posting purposes.

        Because WordPress, and therefore Munguin’s New Republic, does not have a way to delete or correct a posted message, I usually test an internet picture link before posting it. This can be done in an unused browser window anytime after you copy the internet address of the picture and before you hit POST COMMENT. The best time I think is right after you’ve pasted the URL in your MNR message text, before you send it. At that point, you can actually see the entire URL line of code, and verify the .JPG file extension at the end.

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      1. Tris……it’s always annoying when a picture that you want to post turns out to be one of those long computer-generated security codes. My experience is that a link to a .JPG image always posts as the image itself. So I always test it to be sure it’s an address of a .JPG image before clicking “POST COMMENT.” (See above.)

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  12. Greetings, civilisation! Just back from an apprehensive Lebanon and the Boss was not stopped for the first time years due to May’s cuts, probably! Whilst there I was asked more than once why the clownish Boris was representing the UK in foreign lands and had no answer. Anyone know? Fortunately they were unaware of his homophobic and racist views…

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    1. Ah, greetings, JB. What a relief to have to back. Niko is starting to get out of hand again.

      You might like to have a word. I’m told he’s scared stiff of you.

      As for Batty Boris. I imagine he is FCS because he that half witted mi
      muppet of a prime minster fondly imagines that he might be less trouble inside the cabinet room peeing out than outside peeing in. I’m not sure she’s any more right on that than she is on other matters.

      On the other hand… who knows with Boris?

      Please give the boss our best regards.



  13. The Foreign Office don’t need a ‘plane. They’ve got their very own departmental balloon and it’s full of hot air and quite inflated enough.

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    1. Didn’t Kim Jong Hairstyle just do much the same to Hairstyle One? Or was it the other way round?

      Sorry, I just had a visual flash of His Orangeness in a Borat-style dayglo lime-green mankini and have come over all peculiar. Do I remember ruched edges?

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