(Thanks to BJS Alba for the two cartoons.)


And thanks to Gerry and his ever growing family of pro-independence Pandas… erm and the little fella too. All good friends of Munguin!

32 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. And that was a heck of a laugh!!

    You know that’s only the second time I’ve nearly choked drinking tea when someone made me guffaw, thanks. 😀

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  2. Anytime Trump opens his little orifice to utter Trumpisms , a little fart can be heard in the distance and another little devil loses their pitchfork .

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  3. May I make a completely off topic comment?

    There is Scottish journalism, which appears abject, and as Danny well knows, there is American journalism.

    I am ‘interested’ in Donald Trump. I have pre-conceived ideas about him.

    What is ‘interesting’ is that most US media at least challenges his script. Whereas our ‘so called’ journalists appear to me at least, to be abject apologists for the ‘status quo ante’. I have come to dislike a lot of these media people over the last few weeks.

    That is not what you get in America. You get decent journalism, you get a challenge to the President.

    We, on the other hand, get apologias for lies. The Herald in particular but not exclusively, has sent out Unionist script, and then justified itself on the basis that they are journalists!

    I am incandescent that any bought and sold for, so called journalist, is telling the truth. For they are not. I would argue, correct me if I am wrong, that the intelligence rests with us, not bought and paid for journalists?

    I will continue to argue, btl, on the Herald in particular, because it is still a home of lies.

    It is frankly amazing to watch USA TV. Where are our Ari Melbers?


    Clark out.

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    1. It will be interesting to see what Danny says. America certainly seems to have some very hard hitting print and tv.

      I listened to an interview with Gove on the BBC this morning.

      He was talking about pollution, in particular from traffic. He seemed to be suggesting that Britain had been held back from doing something about this by the EU.

      England has said it will ban cars that can’t do at least 50 miles without resort to fossil fuel by 2040. In 22 years.

      The interviewer suggested that this was hardly a great target, and that both Norway and India had set the targets far earlier … in the case of Norway, in 7 years. (Incidentally, at least in Oslo, that has been more or less achieved, according to a friend of mine who was there last year.)

      Ah said Gove, but they are outside the EU.

      The interviewer passed on.

      Why did she not clarify:

      1) Does the EU stop countries individually, from moving forward in these matters?

      2) If so, why is it that Scotland has set a much earlier date than England (given that we are in the EU too).

      3) We are coming out of the EU in 10 months. We will then be free to do what we want and not have the polluting EU holding up progress. Freed from the chains of EU servitude, will England move forward more quickly?

      But no, none of that was mentioned. She accepted that the reason that England (although she just called it “we”) was tardy, was it was stuck in the EU which apparently banned us from moving forward at the pace of Norway and India.

      So, either she is a very poor interviewer who didn’t know her brief, or the BBC didn’t want to rock the Tory boat and send Gove into the cold water of reality.


    2. Douglas….Tris…….Trumpy did what a would be dictator always does at some point. He labeled the news media as “enemies of the people.” It’s certainly true that the mainstream media (much of it electronic media) has become a hard hitting force in identifying Trump for the vile corrupt demagogue that he is. (Not including FOX News of course……sometimes called “Trump State TV”…..which caters to the crazy right wing Trump-loving fanatics.) There is even a resurgence in the print media. The deep pockets and vast reporting and editorial staffs of national newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post publish massive in-depth stories about Trump’s corruption that land on the White House almost daily. A reminder of the time when the Post led the reporting on Watergate that effectively brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency. There was a time when the “Old Gray Lady” NY Times would never have characterized the veracity of a politician’s statement. Now the Times freely label Trump’s famously made-up “facts” as falsehoods, half truths, and lies.

      We also now have the benefit of his Tweets which get reported in the press. He spent last week at the Gold House in Florida, and since it rained quite a bit, the media anticipated a Tweet storm of the sort that only occurs when he can’t play golf and gets all worked up watching television news and commentary. I think I read that someone counted 55 Tweets in one 72 hour period. He announced another attack on his own Department of Justice by declaring an internal investigation of the FBI and the Mueller prosecutors who are investigating him for criminal activities. He also continued his war on California which has defied him with sanctuary laws for immigrants. And then there is his obsession with bringing down Jeff Bezos and two of the companies Bezos owns and that Trump hates…….Amazon and the Washington Post. Trump believes….and cannot be convinced otherwise……that Amazon is not paying enough to the US Postal Service to ship its packages. So he called the Postmaster General to the White House and demanded that she raise Amazon’s postal charges. He has also demanded that the Washington Post register as a political lobbyist. SO apart from being corrupt and having no concept of the law, he’s also crazy as a loon. 😉

      BTW…..he doesn’t much seem to enjoy American successes that are not his own. The strong American economy recently pulled California ahead of the UK in GDP, which made it the fifth largest country in the world by GDP (if it WERE a country)….behind only the USA, China, Japan, and Germany. And Jeff Bezos now ranks as the wealthiest person in the world, with Amazon the third largest corporation in the world by market capitalism. Any other President than Trump might NOT be trying to bring down California, Amazon, and Jeff Bezos.

      Here is a timely example of a Post article that includes “falsely” in a headline; and from the Times last year, an exhaustive listing of ALL of Trumps lies, with hypertext links to each one, from the day he took office on January 20, updated through December 14. Yes, the Times….America’s newspaper of record…….is keeping count. No one ever accused the Times of lack of rigor in its reporting. 🙂


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      1. Danny, thanks for that. It is much as I suspected.

        Still and all, your journalism is vastly better than ours. Apart from Ari Melber you have Rachel Maddow and Katy Tur and… and incredible list of commentators who we get to hear. Here, nada.

        We are bereft of decent journalism. In my opinion.

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        1. Douglas……..I was interested in your take on some of our news reporters and commentators. Over the years, the MSNBC cable TV division of the old NBC broadcast network has become a prominent liberal media voice. MSNBC has assembled a stable of very fine politically progressive reporters and commentators, including those you’ve mentioned. MSNBC/NBC (with CNN and others) have become favorite “fake news” whipping boys for Trump, along with the more traditional targets of conservative Republican politics, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

          MSNBC now has a string of five hour-long programs of news and commentary in its prime time weeknight programming that are a good antidote to the insanity du jour that comes from Trump. Ari Melber has recently done well leading off in the 6:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Central time slot. Then in order, they have Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell.

          Rachel typically leads the pack in the ratings race, and has been a favorite target of conservative political hatred since the right wing Republicans lost their minds over the election of an African-American president in 2008. There is the fact that Republican politicians have come away from some of her interviews bruised and bleeding, and the Bible-thumping right wing culture warriors are much displeased that she is openly gay. She is also well educated…. including a degree from a FOREIGN university. Dr. Maddow holds a PhD from Oxford. Just perfect for all those damnable liberals on MSNBC…..LOL.

          Do you see the MSNBC people on internet podcasts? Or maybe a cable TV feed?

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          1. Cheers Danny,

            I watch, frankly with amazement.on U-Tube. It is quite incredible to watch. In the UK we have nothing like it. I should have mentioned Rachel Maddow too. She is something of a heroine to me. You are extremely lucky to have a media that challenges, we do not. There are a few places, this is one, where the outright lies of corporate UK can be challenged.

            In Scotland there is a sort of samizdat, where alternative voices can be heard. IIRC trispw links to a lot of them up there in the upper right hand bar.

            We are bereft, IMHO, of the frankly great journalism that you are so lucky to have.

            Best wishes.

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            1. Thanks Douglas. As a member of the Trump opposition, I wish we could do parody and satire as well as you do. We need a new Spitting Image. We do have “Saturday Night Live” on the NBC network. This one is typical, done right after his lawyer Michael Cohen’s office was raided by the FBI. All the usual characters are here, from his crazy long-haired doctor whose files were rifled by Trump goons, his Vice President who thinks he’s on a gay “party” line, the Trump family, his porn star mistress, and the FBI guys on the White House wiretap. 🙂

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              1. SNL is good… but I reckon that Spitting Image was better.

                To be fair we have the News Quiz and Have I got News for You… and I’m not sure now, but in the days when I owned a tv there were one or two good satirical comedies on late at night on some offbeat channels.

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        1. Tris……Certifiable works for me! And I enjoyed the video. 🙂

          A deranged mind! Just the person we want negotiating nuclear weapons with North Korea’s fearless leader. ;-(

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          1. I reckon they are pretty much of a muchness, Danny.

            Trump lives in a fairly tale world of his own. Obscenely rich, and seemingly unaware of any kind of reality, he has the self confidence of the seriously wealthy despite being an intellectual minnow and having no earthly idea what he is doing.

            Kim lives in an alternative reality too. He is a de facto King. His father was King before him and his grandfather before him.

            He lives in another world from his subjects, and has probably never been denied anything. He certainly isn’t now. If he is, the person who does the denying is likely not to have long to reflect upon his victory.

            Both are volatile and utterly unpredictable.

            The two of them together is an absolutely horrific though, even without nukes involved.

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            1. Yes Tris, Kim and Donald negotiating nukes is a terrifying prospect. There’s some indication today that Trumpy may be having second thoughts about the meeting. So stay tuned…….. 😉

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  4. It is interesting to look at a corrupt country, and the USA is as corrupt as you like. What with the President interfering with justice as it applies to him, etc. We, here in Scotland are experiencing a similar bunch of lies told as truth. I kind of hope that this miasma of lies will be seen through and dealt with by our electorate. What, exactly does it need?

    For power is utterly corrupt, and the owners of that power are evil and frankly nasty.

    Are we mere sheep?

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        1. With added plants, animals, landscapes and the occasional mind boggling starscape. You also run the friendliest pro indepedence site I have ever encountered. And you put up with me.

          IMHO, if more people read your stuff, then we’d have independence tommorrow.

          Just saying.

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          1. LOL… well you’re too kind, but I can;t help thinking that the estimable Wings and Scot Goes Pop and Ginger Dug and Bruce… have a far greater input than me..

            Just don’t tell Munguin. A bit like Kim, I don;t think he’s aware that there is a world outside Munguin Towers!

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          2. Och, and you have genuine overseas correspondents. Show me another pro-independence web site that can say that! Perhaps it is all down to your encouragement? Or the confidence that you give them to speak. Incidentally I think both our Malaysian and American friends are the bees knees.

            Just saying.

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            1. Yep, I think they are pretty smart too.

              I’m lucky to have them… and there’s our man at the UN… and then there’s our own Western Scotland correspondent…

              I’m not sure how Munguin affords such a huge staff… Oh wait, I am sure…


  5. Tris,
    Had to go on to chrome to watch the video.
    This really needs some sort of health warning, you know like viewing this video should be watched only in the presence of another adult.
    He needs some tuition , the left hand bass is not being played in tune with the melody.
    In fact the box is more sensible that the trump it.
    Made my morning, thanks for sending me out with a chuckle.
    Our media certainly could do with a dose.
    Loved the STV walkout last week, but they didn’t pick up the obvious, THEY ARE JUST WORKERS, the closing down of their channel with the loss of jobs seemed to be lost on their unionist tendency but they went back to their Younionist propaganda, wages of sin to Scotland.

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