59 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. The first pic of the amazing Art Deco motorcycle is of the Henderson Streamliner (U.S.A) 1930s – it was a one-off. I think the 3rd photo is of Macduff and it hasn’t changed much over the intervening years. I like the French lithograph poster for the De Dion Bouton – clearly the message was that it was so easy to drive even a woman could do it. The next pic is Port Street in Stirling – horse drawn tram, no motor vehicles in sight & the workmen’s clothing was like that right up to the 1950s but judging by the sparse clues provided by the few women in the picture (long skirts, big hats) I’d be going for the Edwardian era. No idea where the cottage street scene is but I note the advert on the gable for Barr’s Aerated (Waters?) – before they concentrated their advertising on Scotland’s other national drink – Irn Bru 🙂 I remember Fry’s Five Boys chocolate. Trouble with All Our Yesterdays is that so many of them are just that – all MY yesterdays!

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    1. Looks like a total bastard to handle, and I’ve owned a Gold Wing. Must admit this,/I> is where Honda probably got the idea from.

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        1. Ahhh so that’s where the idea for the C5 came from 😀

          Hope you’re all enjoying a royalist bullshit-free day.

          Weather here in Leics is as its been all week – wall to wall sunshine – which is unfortunate as I have to go up the loft in a minute and run the network cable for the outside wireless access point. Its 37C up there even with a giant fan pointing up at the hatch 😦

          Could be worse, I could be watching the BBC 🙂

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          1. I haven’t seen a thing, I’m happy to say.

            Pretty warm here too, Vestas, Fortunately I can sit in the garden (a few feet behind Munguin ready to pour his next Mojito) and enjoy the warmth.

            Take water into the attic!


            1. Tomatoes mentioned in threads passim have set fruit, that’s what weather here has been like.

              Admittedly they will probably struggle in June (European summer monsoon part 1 & 2) but I have outdoor tomatoes with set fruit in the middle of May in the middle of England!

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      1. I never thought about it being Fakirk, Tris. I suspect the wee 2-storey biggins with pantile roofs and shutters on the windows put me more in mind of Fife or somewhere east coast. Still, Falkirk it is and as a wee bit of research revealed Silver Row. I wouldn’t argue with your date although it could just as easily be early 1900s judging by the wee lassie’s pinafore and the wee fellow’s outfit. Although the buildings look old, the street (and the kids) look remarkably clean.

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        1. You’re right. Everything does look clean. So often now a poor street like that would be covered in litter… the advantages of NOT living in a throw away society.

          Keeping the kids clothes clean must have been hard work.


        1. Thanks Ricky. Great pic too.

          Mind I find it hard to believe that men were happy to slake their thirst with carbonated water when they had been used to ale.


      1. Odd thing is, I’ve no recollection of seeing “five boys” in the shops. I can remember it in vending machines (especially in railway stations) , but not in the shops. Now, Fry’s Chocolate Cream…but that’s another story.

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        1. Fry’s stuff was …is… good.

          They still do the Fry’s Cream and Fry’s Peppermint Cream, but the five centres in both plain and milk, the five boys and the orange creams, are gone.

          I wonder in what way they think of that as progress.


  2. I’m pleased to report that both video and audio feeds of the ceremonies at Windsor Castle are being successfully relayed across the Atlantic and broadcast the length and breadth of North America as we speak. It’s being reported that the excitement can hardly be contained. I’m still looking for a view of the Queen. I can recognize her on sight. 😉

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      1. Tris……It was more or less accidental in fact. I woke up early, turned on the TV news channel to see if Trumpy had perchance been deposed and arrested overnight, and we were in merry olde England……prime time at Windsor where the festivities were already well underway. The cloudless sunny skies for the open carriage ride was the most impressive part I think. Most of the royals seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for the Queen. She seems to have the same expression whether attending weddings or funerals. It seems like as much as the royals like to put on big parties, the Queen could at least fake a happy expression when it is appropriate.

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      2. I was delighted to see that amongst the new titles graciously conferred on Harry Saxe-Coburg-Gotha by his granny, Brenda, was that of Earl of Dumbarton. As a Son of the Rock myself, I thought this was a most apt title and I hope the new earl will hasten to visit that wee toon from which his earldom takes its name. He’ll be able to show his new Duchess the Shopping Centre, refurbished at great cost years ago and filled with empty shops that have never been occupied. He’ll be able to stroll along the High Street and wander along The Quay by the nearby River Leven. There he can peruse the flash of silver in the racing waters, the sign of yet another submerged supermarket trolley, as he indulges in light-hearted banter with the packs of local jakeys, smackheids and feral Bucky-swilling teenagers who give the Town Centre its vibrant ambience. Ah, my old home town! I suspect he’s soon discover its best feature – the road to anywhere else. Dumbarton – I once suggested its civic motto should be, “The mall town with the village mentality”.

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          1. Thanks Andi….Typos not withstanding, I always learn something new here. The New York Times headlined the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, but not the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton part. I’ve wondered what responsibilities the royals have for the place names in their titles. Perhaps the Duke of Edinburgh for example plays a part in Edinburgh’s civic governance?…..taking care of street repairs and what not?

            As for the FIRST Duke of Sussex, I see that he was married twice……one marriage to a mistress….and neither marriage was approved by his father, George III. So his marriages were illegal, and there has never before been a Duchess of Sussex. He died in disfavor by the Crown with no legitimate heirs. So there has not been a Duke of Sussex in 175 years. (The royals can sure hold a grudge.)

            I see that Harry, the Second Duke of Sussex, has already been installed on the Sussex Dukedom Wikipedia page. which points out that the First Duke’s Scottish title was Earl of Inverness. The first Duke also lived at Kensington Palace BTW.


            Then there’s the First and Second Earls of Dumbarton. Harry….the third Earl……has just been installed by Wikipedia on the Dumbarton Earldom page. That title has been extinct since 1749.

            SO much to keep track of………

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            1. Aye, Danny, Harry gets 3 new titles – Duke of Sussex (England), Earl of Dumbarton (Scotland) and Baron Kilkeel (Northern Ireland). It’s the Crown’s totally unsubtle way of reminding us subjects that they rule all the different parts of the U.K. (Undemocratic Kingdom). But why no Welsh title? But of course his surname is Wales, isn’t it? No, not really but we’re all supposed to pretend it is, just as we’re supposed to pretend that the Royal Family surname is Windsor. Sometimes, it feels like we live in Ruritania. The Royal Family have more bloody titles than a fair-sized library – it’s just a shame that they’re not as useful as the latter. Of course, you need all those titles to keep reminding yourself how elevated and important you are – I think it’s called the Divine Right of Clowns, or something like that. Also, particularly if you’re a male member of the family (most of whom could best be described by one or other of the rude words for male member), you need to have lots of medals to pin onto your lots of uniforms to show how brave you are for having been such a great warrior in the Army…and the Navy…and the Air Force. You’ll probably find this hard to credit but I’m not a big fan of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha franchise. Anyway, must dash, old chap, got to speak to the Head Gamekeeper about getting some more grouse beaters soon because those damn’d grouse certainly need a good beating. Toodle-Pip!

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              1. Andi……Are there legal problems if you happen to shoot a clumsy grouse beater who gets in the way?

                It does seem that as many aristocratic titles as are in use at any one time, the Queen must also have a lot of old usused ones stuck in a drawer to use when she needs another one. That explains the Dukedom of Sussex and the Earldom of Dumbarton. But NOT the Barony of Kilkeel. Turns out that Harry is the FIRST Baron of Kilkeel.

                So the Queen just made that one up. Yes….the English really do just make it all up as they go along.

                The Belfast Telegraph says: “Kilkeel has never previously been granted as a title. It is a small town, with a fishing fleet, on the coast of County Down, below the Mourne Mountains.”

                I wonder if Her Majesty conferred with any of the Kilkeel fishermen about it. Anyway, it’s real! The First Baron Kilkeel already has a Wikipedia page.

                Once again, I wonder what Prince Edward did to tick off his Mum. HE was just created Earl of Wessex, without any overarching Dukedom. On the other hand, Wiki now says that it’s Her Majesty’s wish that he be elevated to the Dukedom of Edinburgh when it reverts to the Crown.

                So Edinburghers can rest assured of Ducal patronage for the foreseeable future.

                I love Google and Wikipedia!

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                1. Danny, no real legal problem if you shoot the occasional grouse beater but to do it too often is damn’d bad form and it doesn’t count towards the day’s bag. One is also expected to make some sort of contribution towards the widow and brats. Still, one can usually recoup that by turfing them out of the tied cottage and turning it into a holiday let. It’s an ill wind, what?

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                  1. LOL Andi…….thanks for clearing up the etiquette of shooting the grouse beaters.

                    It brings to mind the time that Dick Cheney, then Vice President of the United States, shot a hunting companion (a lawyer) while on a Quail shoot in Texas. Almost 24 hours passed before it occurred to him to announce it to the press. (It’s not even clear when or if he directly told the President.) And when he did “announce” it to the press, did he call the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or a major TV network. No! He called the “Corpus Christi Caller-Times.”

                    Well, don’t you know that a few people in Texas actually READ the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, and the story got back to Washington. So even though Texas does not require anyone to report a non-fatal hunting accident, that rule doesn’t really apply to the Vice President of the United States when he shoots a lawyer.

                    The New York Times was not amused.

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              2. PS Andi…….Making up an entirely new family name when Saxe-Coburg-Gotha became inconvenient was REALLY making it up as they went along. Divine right of clowns indeed!

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              3. Here’s an old royal joke for you andi that did the rounds in the 70s when I was an apprentice. You’ve probably heard it but I thought it worth repeating.

                Prince Charles was touring Rosyth Dockyard and he had turned up with a frog sitting on his shoulder,
                The officials and military men conducting the tour thought it was strange but nobody mentioned it to the prince for fear of causing offence, so the tour proceeded without interruption.
                On completing the tour, his party came upon a drunk Coppersmith who saw the frog on Charlie’s shoulder and unrestrained by royal protocol shouted “where the bloody hell did you get that”?
                And the frog said “I can’t help it, it started as a boil on my arse.

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              4. Andi
                It’s an even less subtle way of stating the true equality (sic) of the family of equal nations. Because a Duke outranks an Earl who outranks a Baron.

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        1. It’s a very long time since I was there Andi. I was a ting kid. So I have no recollections of it, but many of the little West Scotland towns have been run down since Thatcher closed everything that kept them alive.

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        2. Andimac
          As a son of the rock I’m just a bit upset that Lizzie the Last didn’t ask me if I agreed to her giving the Hewitt boy the earldom of Dumbarton.
          She must have found auld victoria’s nickers and come across it lying underneath.
          Dumbarton was once a prosperous place with Denny’s shipyard, Westclox, the tube works, The Blackburn and not forgetting the distillery.
          Thinking the only biggish factory left is the standby generator builder and the bottling plants, mainly women employed.
          So a dukedom and and earldom on the same day, auld victoria must have had plenty of these wee gifts since she had so many kids to be supported.

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          1. What really angers me is that there are good people all over Britain who do stuff for charity…

            They wold with old people, or young people, or sick, or they do lifeboats or football coaching, and some of them get a miserable MBE, the very bottom of the pile.

            And Harry gets married and he gets a trio of titles for saying two words: “I do”.

            Lovely all being in this together, isn’t it?

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            1. Tris, many don’t even get an MBE, they get the BEM (British Empire Medal – what a name in this day and age!). It’s certainly good enough for “other ranks” – “not our kind of people, don’t y’know”.

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            2. Tris….I didn’t realize that Air Miles Andy is the current Earl of Inverness. Actually, I now see in Wiki that some big names have been Earls of Inverness…..starting with a couple of small names in its first creation in the Jacobite Peerage of Scotland.

              The First Earl of Inverness was a guy named John Hay of Cromlix…….whom we will always remember as the third son of the 7th Earl of Kinnoull……who then became the DUKE of Inverness no less. But when he died, the Jacobite title went extinct, and it was later recreated in the Peerage of the UK.

              That’s when it pops up again as a subsidiary title of the First Duke of Sussex…..Prince Augustus Frederick, the sixth son of George III. Ironically, Augustus Frederick’s second wife (a marriage which George III did not approve and was therefore illegal) was created Duchess of Inverness in her own right.

              Inverness then really hit the big time when the Earldom went to Prince George (subsidiary to his title as Duke of York), grandson of Albert and Victoria, who went on to become George V….at which point his titles merged with the crown.

              Then the title was created again for Prince Albert (second son of George V) as a subsidiary title upon the occasion of his creation as Duke of York when he married. The title then merged with the crown when he became George VI.

              And now we have the present Duke of York (Andy, the third child of QEII) who is the Earl of Inverness in its fourth creation.

              Andy got the titles upon his marriage to commoner Sarah Ferguson 1986.

              BTW…..from Wiki…….There’s some indication that Andy’s marriage first went off the rails in a royal visit to Los Angeles in 1988. Depending on which story you believe, the couple did not handle the Southern California milieu and media very well and came off as being WAY too “common” for the royal watchers back in London. On the other hand, the movie stars and beach bums in L A seemed to like them a lot……at least they liked Fergie. From the Los Angeles Times of March 14, 1988:



              1. These titles… I wonder how much they change the person. I’m pretty certain we could manage very well without titles.

                There have been questions asked about the parentage of Andrew…

                He’s very different from the rest of them. He’s also the queen’s favourite and he can, reportedly, get away with almost anything.

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          2. Dave, I remember all the places you cite. My dad worked in the Blackburn: it’s where he and my Mum met – she was riveting Sunderland flying boats. For a while, later on, my Dad, myself and my two sisters worked in the bonded warehouses out at the Gooseholm, all at the same time. Aye, it wasn’t such a bad wee toon then but it’s not much of a place now. I can’t get used to the fact (when I visit from time to time) that the toon is no longer dominated by the huge brick monolith of the distillery, or Hiram’s, as most of us knew it.

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