Homeless and rough sleepers are, apparently, being rounded up in Windsor. These people, however, seem to be grabbing their place for an event that will take place in 2 days’ time. Does that not make them rough sleepers too? 


The Tories seem to think that the decision of the Scottish Parliament (although I’ve heard it described as the decision of the Scottish Government) not to approve the European Withdrawal legislation, which will see the removal of powers from Holyrood, was some sort of small-minded nationalistic protest. 

But we should remember that Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats voted with the government for this action. It’s not narrow nationalism. It is cross-party consensus, with the only exception being the Tories.

In comparison to people who live south of the border, we have it a bit easier. And we’d like to keep it that way.

The British government (or rather the part of it that deals with England and Wales (and now, presumably, Northern Ireland) has revealed plans to make getting permission for fracking as easy as for putting up a garden shed.

A small thing, you might think, till it affects land in your area.

In Scotland, we can produce energy using green technology and at present fracking is illegal.

We must keep the fracking ban until we know that it is safe.

Incidentally, and ironically, Mundell has said that only Tories understand the complexities of the Withdrawal Bill and MSPs didn’t understand the technicalities of it. Presumably, he imagines that he is brighter than any of the MSPs who voted against it.

So I’ll leave you to have a good old laugh about that one…




So, Boris, remind us, why did you suggest that he should get a Nobel Peace Prize?

He’s certainly a bit of a lad for international diplomacy, isn’t he?


Just saw this. It was a year ago but it’s still funny!




Just a thought… Why not?


65 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. About the power grab: Westminster is making initial drilling for fracking a permitted development ..in England….so that it will not need to get planning permission from local authorities. Holyrood’s strategy on fracking depends on local authorities refusing planning permission because , as I understand it, an outright ban from Holyrood itself could be overturned by Westminster under the devolution rules. But if the power grab goes ahead and environmental protection is brought under Westminster rules, does this allow frackers to proceed without planning permission here too? I am quite certain that D Mundell and co fervently hope that none of us ordinary voters is going to get hold of the details of the Withdrawal Bill, or work out the consequences……but we need to very much.

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    1. Thanks for the clarification on the fracking situation.

      I just don’t theink we should be prepared to cede any power (if that is the right word) to Westminster. (I expect it isn’t becasue the power actually belongs there, and is only “lent” to the Scottish Parliament.)

      The Tories have been ruthless about so many things.

      The idea that we could be forced to sell off parts of our NHS to American drug companies as part of May not getting too badly burned in a USA trade deal, is horrific to me.

      As far as I can see, everything that has been devolved to Scotland works better than the equivalent in England (or England and Wales).

      And that’s not just under the SNP. It was the same in the first 8 years of devolution… by and large.

      We must not let them do to us what they have done to England/Wales.

      I note that much has been made of Wales’s capitulation, and I’d make two points on that.

      1. Wales has considerably less devolved to it than does Scotland.

      2. The Welsh FM announced his resignation. I wonder if he was pushed to that action by London demanding he comply. Dubious, on the grounds that Labour in Scotland voted with the majority, but possible, nonetheless.

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      1. “As far as I can see, everything that has been devolved to Scotland works better than the equivalent in England (or England and Wales). ”
        Which is a situation that WM must find quite intolerable 🙂
        And while fracking makes a nice poster-child, how many less obvious consequences will there be following the power-grab?

        I don’t for one moment claim to understand ‘Welsh’ Labour (or should that be “Labour in Wales”?) but I do follow some Welsh blogs and the general impression is that they live in some kind of Mafia-style universe all of their own. Just skim through this for example :



        1. Thanks for the Jac O the North link. Shows what happens when greed overtakes integrity. We had a similar instance here. The guy is now in jail, probably die there too.

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              1. Fine, scrub all of this apart from my first post (10.03 iirc). Just thought I’d gone mad or something — LOL! There again, maybe it really should count as spam. Wonder what triggered the filter? All is forgiven, good night, nos da, oidhche mhath 🙂

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                1. LOL

                  Munguin is relieved…

                  No idea what did it.

                  Sometimes it doesn’t like links.

                  It’s as touchy as hell, I’m just sorry you suffered at WordPress’s hands!

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  2. Does this add or subtract from the debate?


    Frankly I’d like to be part of a country that could tell Ineos to get to…

    Sadly, say 10% of our electorate isn’t persuaded that we should be able to say that Ineos should just go away and stop annoying us. Y’know, the scaredy cats that lost us the last independence referendum. That 10% who will, perhaps find themselves on the side of pretty nasty capitalists and perhaps be coughing and spluttering as a consequence of their vote.

    Incidentaly, this notion that fracking is ‘safe’ is based on climate change deniers views of CO2 not being a greenhouse gas and releasing incredibly high levels of it is probably a ‘good thing’. It is utter garbage.

    Personally, I think INEOS ought to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


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    1. Thanks for that, Douglas.

      It certainly does add to the debate.

      Nothing is 100%, but until it is shown for a fact tot to get noxious chemicals into the water course; until it is shown not to cause earthquakes, etc is should be banned.

      That our country doesn’t need to frack becasue is has a plentiful supply of wind,and water… not to mention North Sea oil, is an added string to the bow.

      At a time when almost every country in the world is reducing its reliance on carbon dioxide creating fuels, that we would start fracking only so that a company can make a lot of money, no matter the risks, is preposterous.

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  3. I’ve posed the question before.
    Why would INEOS buy from the North Sea oil producers their old pipelines to Scotland for around £300m?
    We are told the wells are becoming uneconomic to operate by the big companies.
    It is well known that the recovery rates from a well leave about a third of the oil in it. To improve the recovery the operators inject back into the well Water or Gas.
    The water is relatively cheap, plenty of it around the rig, gas is saleable.
    My view is INEOS want to use Fracked Gas from the Central Belt of Scotland to help in recovery of oil or use the pipelines and the depleated oil wells to store the gas.
    You can see the remains of the Shale Oil workings at Livingston, the red sandstone bings were created by Paraffin Young’s company in the late 1800’s, he used miners to bring the sandstone to the surface, heat it in retorts and get lamp oil. This was in preference to killing whales to get their oil, it burnt clean.
    The memorial to Paraffin Young is in Inverkip cemetery, by the way.
    It has been well reported that the shale oil bearing rocks run all the way from Greenock to St Andrews, which includes some major cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell, Stirling, along with nuclear power stations at Largs and Dunbar.
    So INEOS at present import shale Gas from the USA on tankers into Grangemouth as I think feedstock for material production, I think the refinery is set up to produce more plastics etc , the fuel side is just that a consequence of refining oil.
    Our current petrol is based on Naptha, the volatile elements are Butane and Propane, but you won’t get the mix from the suppliers, it’s a secret. Unleaded petrol has a shelf life of weeks at the declared octane rating.
    Do we want lots of little frack wells and pipelines running from Auchtermuchty to Dunfermline , Stirling, Falkirk , to name a few, into Grangemouth?
    The present requirement to have Planning permission from the Local Authorities is ,at best, a holding position, it isn’t a ban mandated by Holyrood.

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    1. Added info, Dave, thanks.

      Do we want lots of little frack wells and pipelines running from Auchtermuchty to Dunfermline , Stirling, Falkirk , to name a few, into Grangemouth?

      No, we don’t.

      I wonder why France and Germany have banned fracking and Britain hasn’t…

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      1. I know that wasn’t a rhetorical question Tris but…. It’s because any Westminster Government will without blinking, fcuk over its citizens for a fast buck. A short while later, the perpetrators will take their fat bag of cash and go live elsewhere, leaving the suckers to cough and splutter in the mess.

        But hey I’m not bitter

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  4. I believe that Ineos want to frack up our country not for energy but something they need to make plastics. Not that it makes it any better, it will still poison the environment and risk our health. I think fracking and the NHS should be at the forefront of the independence campaign. People need to understand just how vulnerable both our land and health are.

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  5. Referendum are shite I have always thought that
    and both the Yes snp farrago and the Brexit farce
    reveal that.

    The Majority of Scots voted to stay in our Glorious
    union much the chagrin of extremist Nats.
    The majority of Scots voted to stay in the eu
    much to the distaste of the bonkers Brexiteers .

    and how clear was those results ??? and who paid
    any attention to the outcome nobody the arguing
    and fighting continues apace.

    Constitutionally Westminster is supreme perhaps
    the goal should be to make the Scottish Parliament
    supreme and any decision of the Parliament .

    Sovereignty of the people is a load of tosh a
    wishy washy bowl of gloop.

    You have an election you elect your MSPs
    they go to the Sottish Parliament wherein
    Scottish Sovereignty truly resides.
    They vote a majority for becoming an
    Independent nation.
    And then negotiate freedom from the imperial
    power of England.

    That to me is the only way to extradite Scotland
    from endless Tory oppression.

    And I say this as a Unionist but not a supporter
    of Tory misrule or exit from the eu into the malign
    clutches of the Brexiteers and their hate-filled
    social and economic policies.

    which in the past led to the potato famine in Eire
    and the clearances in Scotland

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    1. The Scottish parliament isn’t supreme though.

      The British one with 500+ English seats, many of them Tory, is supreme.

      Margaret Thatcher once said, if you want Scottish Independence, all you need to do is elect a majority of SNP (or pro independence) MPs to Westminster.

      So we elected 92% SNP MPs and got a crap deal some of which they will take away from us.

      The also told us that the only way to stay in the EU was to stay in the UK.

      Not to mention the shipbuilding and the tax office jobs and the passport office jobs and on and on.

      I wish you were right… but I think you are not.

      We can vote all we want, with a massive majority (SNP, Labour, Greens and Liberals) and Mundell can strike it down, like we just don’t matter.

      Then they can seel our NHS and frack the shit out of us.


  6. So I know a number of readers of this magnificent (sook!) blog live around the Dundee area. Well folks you have your own AUOB march to look forward to!

    AUOB March in Dundee 1.30 pm Saturday 25 August 2018 Baxter Park to Magdalen Green.


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  7. Conan

    I already explained this. I don’t like you. True, I don’t like most people, but I especially dislike you. I could start my own religion based on how much I dislike you.

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    1. Don’t think you’re unique Niko. I once made a Mormon lose his temper with me on the doorstep.
      There, you have a convert already, and an evangelical one at that. According to his wee black badge his name was Paul…
      Unionism, when it’s tied up with religious bigotry is pretty despicable, and the people that expound it against their own self interest in the forlorn hope of a tummy tickle from the British establishment are fools.
      But I don’t hate them.
      I’m not a unionist.

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    2. nikostratos,

      Are you having buyers regret about coming out for independence? AUOB is not run by the SNP, so ‘the SNP marching season’ is more of a slur than an accurate comment. Sure, there is probably an overlapping Venn diagram between SNP members and AUOB, but it may equally be the case that there is a similar overlap between sane people and AUOB.

      Thought you were trying to be better than that.

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      1. Course they are run by the snp minions to suggest otherwise is disingenuous at
        Least deceptive at worst .

        Of course I regret my whole
        Life Leads to this schism I wish the Union was able to last forever .

        But the Tory’s have only the
        Interests of White male middle class England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
        At heart everybody else
        Are of nil concern .

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  8. Late home tonight after a long day.
    Half listening to Radio 4 englandland.
    Question time, strange selection of panelists, including the mogg.
    Biggest surprise was the response to “Is the country” (uk), non country,” ready for a modern Monarchy”
    Huge audience reaction to lady panelist’s preference for a REPUBLIC, this after a fawning sick response saying the current monarchy was so good for the country. This was rewarded with silence.
    It is a pity that harry and new wife will find life in the future to be filled with comforts not available to other couples being married tomorrow, already married and future couples tying the knot. No problem about finding accommodation or an income for the suffocks, duke and duchess no less.
    See the maybot has elevated 15 or so new peers of the realm, £300 a day, now 800 of them, the majic money tree has provided, after she promised not to do it.
    But we know her promises are not really for action just for peace and quiet, on the run up to the wee wedding

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    1. The British MSM peddle Monarchist propaganda – what do you mean you don’t like the dear old Queen? You envious commy baby hater you.
      I don’t watch QT any more, the third biggest parliamentary party gets barely a mention…

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      1. Lets play ‘when did you give up on Question Time’?

        Was it when you realised it was Westminster propoganda led by an urbane idiot? Same as it ever was, really.

        Was it when you realised it had Nigel Farage as the go-to panelist?

        When was it that BBC Scotland disallowed comments?

        Was it when it became clear that Brexit was the best thing since sliced bread? Well.

        Was it when you, finally realised it was state propoganda? Y’know after you got it that the BBC are an arm of MI5.

        Answers on a postcard.

        Perhaps I should watch it, simply to see what Orwellian propoganda looks like. But my current position on main stream media is, that as long as we are allowed to challenge, e.g, The Herald we should engage, but the BBC Scotland ban on comment means that they are beyond the pale. That is the attitude of a fascist state.

        I write that with regret. The BBC has become an arm of government and that is not what I pay my Licence fee for.

        Unscrambling their relationship with Westminster may well be impossible.

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        1. I’m not sure when I gave up on it.

          I was actually in the audience one time, but they didn’t chose my question. Maybe it was too pro-Scottish.

          I now watch no BBC since the referendum.

          To be honest, I watched very very little before, but the referendum put me off BBC forever.

          They the way they treated Corbyn was terrible. I don’t hold any candles for him, but there was no way you could call their coverage unbiased.

          And all this fawning over Harry Hewitt is utterly vomit inducing.

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          1. For me it was when BBC Scotland stopped allowing comments. That was when they fell off the cliff for me.

            It was patently obvious that their commentators were better informed, more numerous and taking them apart on an almost daily basis. That their solution was to shut them out of something I fund was despicable. That was the turning point for me. Journalists who advocate for the status quo are almost by definition not journalists. To be providing with a shield of protection by the BBC is frankly ridiculous.

            Journalists have no especial right to media. Indeed, a lot of them are tired culture warriors. Where a story about Harry Hewitt – who he – is pretendy ‘news’ and you and I are supposed to think it is, indeed, interesting.

            I assume he and some chick called Megan Markle are about to get married. There are probably millions of other folk getting married. I wish him and Megan exactly the same degree of luck (?) in their relationship as I wish t’other million.

            Stuff this deference.

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    2. She swore she wouldn’t do that kind of thing, but she needs Tory peers to outvote Labour on Brexit, so, in this god forsaken dump, that’s what you do… you create aristocrats.

      You transfuse them with blue blood and you tell them to do what the government wants done… and for that they can call themselves Baron and collect £300 every time they pass Go.


      And yes, the magic money tree that isn;t there for nurses, but is there for bigots, is also there for aristocrats and royals getting married.

      Some people work for charity all their lives and are rewarded with a miserable MBE, others get married and get a dukedom.


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    1. Ricky,

      This is rampant capitalism. Thanks for the links. Perhaps more people should comment on the second link, for the guy appears to be alone. He ought to get kudos for being brave enough to speak out.

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  9. I think this is the tip of a very large iceberg , there is a video of a Australian politician setting light to a river , which he claims is caused by the nearby fracking plant . I’ve watched Gasland , which if you haven’t watched it , is seriously a WTF moment . If this happens in Scotland , because of where the fracking will happen , it will devastate the whole country .

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  10. Tris
    So far I have avoided the worst of the royal pish, but then I have not switched on the radio, or the tv until now for the Scottish Cup Final and haven’t looked at twitter. We should be ashamed of it to be honest when people are hungry or worse.


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    1. That’s been my theme on Twitter.

      People say he’s a nice guy. Fair enough. If he was a nice guy he should have said, nope… we’ll have a small family wedding andthe money which WOULD have been spent on it should go to homeless ex-servicemen… or some other charity close to his heart… or to his mum’s heart.

      This ridiculous extravaganza when folk in the very town it is held in, are homeless and hungry is an abomination.

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