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  1. I am not religious but have great respect for those who live their lives through a code of ethics.
    I think that probably covers most main stream religions and conflict usually only comes about between different religions when unscrupulous individuals seek to further their personal interests.

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    1. I am not religious, have no respect for religions but am pleased to see that even sectarian enthusiasts realise how noxious their ideologies are by using the word “faith” instead of “religion”.
      “We send little Eve to a faith school.” Which in English means:
      “We send little Eve to get indoctrinated into bigotry.”

      Happy Superstition Day!


      1. Dear brother Iain, you are free to “not be religious”. Your decision should be respected. Why should those who choose religion not be equally respected for their free choice? If the others are not free, then sadly, neither is yourself.

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        1. Yes, I agree.

          I have no religion at all. Haven’t since they tried to drum it into me in primary school in the most tedious and ridiculous way.

          But I respect people who truly believe in something. The actual word that is used itself is immaterial. If it sustains people in times of trouble, it is working for them.

          My own mother is quietly a Christian of C of S persuasion. She has a genuine belief and does try to live her life according to the teachings of Christ.

          I had an aunt and uncle, however, who where very regular churchgoers and moist unpleasant and unlikable people. Not real believers. Just used the church as a social prop.

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          1. I hate moist people. Drips. 😉
            Religion has been a tool for social conformity since humans started to think. It’s sad that a fairy tale that parents told their children to comfort them before sleep, grew legs and started killing children because their parents told them a different fairy tale…

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            1. Munguin hopes you don’t hate him.

              I’d agree that organised religion can be manipulative. Sometimes downright wicked.

              You only have to look at some of these preachers and wonder just where they got their teachings…


              Danny sent me this pair of horrors.

              I prefer to make my own moral judgements …right or wrong… but, I repeat that I understand and respect those who have a faith and who use apply the better parts of it… but then again, that is where my OWN moral judgement kicks in.

              I imagine the monsters in the article Danny sent think they are doing the lord’s work.


            2. Religion, Conan? As God’s my judge, I have no time for it at all. For heaven’s sake, though, when it comes to discussion it’s a subject where angels fear to tread because it’s devilishly divisive. It’s a sin really because I like a good argument – I usually take the role of devil’s advocate. Still these divisions are a cross we all have to bear.

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            3. The fanatical bigoted Bible-thumpers who Trumpy chose to help officiate over the disaster in Jerusalem shows that a constitutional separation of church and state does nothing to restrain slimy demagogic politicians from pandering to the people. I think it just encourages them in fact.

              Speaking of “moist.” Here in the states, Peter Popoff is hawking his “miracle spring water”, which will bring God’s miracles down on you. (I think you’re supposed to sleep with it and then drink it…..although this message from the “pastor” is not specific on the point.) This guy was born in Germany and first became famous in the states in the 1980’s when it was exposed that his miraculous personal messages from God in faith healing sessions was due to wireless broadcasts into an electronic earpiece from his wife….reading cards filled out by the flock before the service. Almost makes you yearn for a nice sensible sermon from the C of E or the C of S. 😉

              All the Trump news and religious hucksterism has had to compete with the royal wedding of course……live coverage on tap from all American TV networks direct from Windsor castle. The soap opera about whether Mehgan’s father will or will not attend the service has been a terrible distraction, and there has been much speculation on who will walk with her down the aisle….and much hand wringing about how terribly embarrassing the actions of her fractious relatives have been for Her Majesty and all the royal family. As if the experience with Mrs. Simpson in the 1930’s was not sufficient warning that nothing good can ever come from taking an American into the royal family.


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              1. You can see how the rhetoric being used by the ‘holy men’ in the Jerusalem Embassy link would appeal to somebody with a planet sized ego like his orangeness.

                ‘You will be politically immortal’ stands out in particular and there’s always the danger that this type of toadying flattery will become a deeply held belief by the recipient. It’s Trump we’re talking about of course so he probably believes it already. He may even have written it, who knows?

                The person of course who first sprung to my mind when I heard ‘politically immortal’ was Adolf Hitler so it’s not necessarily a complement.

                We can only hope that any slide into infamy Trump makes doesn’t involve blowing us all up and to the sycophantic clergy with their tongues down the back of his trousers, I have only one word.


                And it’ll serve them right!

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                1. Greig……Well said!……”Covfefe”……the new national motto! 😉

                  “Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on with a trowel”….Benjamin Disraeli

                  Applies to Trumpy in spades!

                  There’s no doubt that pretty much everyone has spotted that flattery is mother’s milk to His Orangeness. Macron has certainly discovered that, and Tris pointed out to me that Boris Johnson has (perhaps with tongue in cheek) picked up on the “Nobel Peace Prize for Trump” cry that has rung out in some of his Nuremberg-style political rallies.

                  As for the royals’ problems with the Markle family, maybe it would have been better for Harry to wed one of the ladies he got naked with in his Las Vegas hotel suite. I’ll be watching to see if the royals force her to renounce the American citizenship half of her dual American-British citizenship-subjecthood. When it comes to the royals, I tend to take the 1776 business very seriously. 😉

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              2. If they had but asked Munguin, Danny, he would have told them just that.

                They only bring trouble.

                On the last occasion a gaggle of ex-husbands… on this occasion the family from hell.

                But, when you think about the Saxe Coburg Gotha lot, they should get on well together. As I recall, Kate’s got some rather embarrassing relations. But Air Miles Andy adn Fergie… and the two bloody (sorry BLOOD) princesses… Jeez.

                I expect that the tabloid media is full of news about Harry and Whatshername. But i don’t much read it and I’ve given up on the BBS, so I seem to get most of my news from Twitter or blogs.

                But there is a bit of outrage about how much it is costing while millions of people are eating from food banks and living behind bins.

                Empire II right enough.

                I imagine that the Brits will use the occasion of everyone being distracted by this stuff and nonsense to release some unsavoury damaging legislation on the poor. They usually do. “Now is a good day to bury bad news”.

                Peter Popoff’s miracle spring water sounds nice.Might I inquire how you sleep with a bottle of water… I assume it comes in bottles and that you don;t sleep with a puddle of it?

                Munguin prefers to sleep with a bottle of vintage champagne.

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    1. I watched that with interest Douglas. I was a bit concerned about the Interviewer though. She seemed he’ll bent on asking the First Minister questions and then letting her answer without butting in, stammering or trying to drown out her replies.

      She needs to buck up her ideas because she’ll never get a job for the BBC with an attitude like that.

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  2. May your God go with you, Dave Allan.
    See we got a 24 second mention on R4 this morning, on par with the morning arithmetic puzzle.
    Easy to solve, westmonster will just change the law, it’s the law you know.
    Roll on Independence

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    1. Thank goodness I missed that. I did here May’s deputy desperately trying to tell us that everything was just grand with the Brexit negotiations and that the cabinet was agreed on wanting a nice pink elephant and a great big plate of icecream.

      Ho hum…


    1. “Most will have a normal weekend (60%) or will be working on Saturday (10%) ”
      I’m surprised that as many as 40% are going to be doing something special to mark or celebrate the occasion.

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      1. It’s me, I had the wrong address, the gmail one.

        I believe there is to be a street party in Elgin, Lots of service people in the area.
        Some idiots have been very denigrating about it, and on a personal level too.

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        1. Bound to be one in Elgin – look at the demographics. Lossie and Forres should be even bigger.

          Lots of careful Union Jacks and careless George Crosses across poit old Moray.

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        2. Not to self: Avoid Elgin on Saturday.

          I mean I wish the guy a happy marriage (I’m told such a thing exists), but why his wedding is costing me money, I have no idea.

          No, wait, that’s not true. It’s being promoted by the government becasue it will distract people’s minds from the awful conditions they live in, and from how much worse it will become after Brexit.


  3. It has started for us in Malaysia. Just finished the night prayers. In a few hours’ time fasting will commence. I echo the FM’s sentiments, especially the peaceful part.

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  4. Trispw,

    I would like you to indulge me. I will completely understand if you don’t.

    I had this friendly interchange – my reply is ridiculously long winded – with someone on ‘The Herald’ web site.

    What I am interested in is whether folk around here think I was wrong.

    So, without further ado:

    Douglas Thomson

    “And with this white paper will it be any clearer?
    Are we going with Westminster? or going alone?”

    douglas clark

    “Just a few comments if I may?

    This will clarify the UK governments position statement on the ‘negotiations’. It will tell us what their red-lines are. It will tell us what areas are open for negotiation, etc, etc.

    Is it a reasonable ‘what if’ that the EU negotiators will simply laugh at it?

    I have been unclear what the Tory Party actually wants out of this. I am also unclear whether there is even a single Tory Party in government anymore. They seem to me to be a fractious bunch of infighting folk, perhaps each band of brothers (and the occasional sister), attempting to dominate a collapsing pyramid.

    What ought to be a matter for the whole of the UK, especially the electorate, is, in fact an internal power struggle, shifting gradually rightwards by it’s own internal logic that has absolutely zero to do with what is best for the UK.

    In a game like this, Scotland is swat bait for both sides of the Etonian Tory game of which ‘house’ rules, as in a public school, within a continuingly evil and corrupt Party. To the rest of us, it is amazing that so many people are so stupid as to vote them anywhere near power. But that is what rich serfs probably did back then. Nowadays we have the SiU wannabe’s transcending debate with clear cut ‘filling the swamp’ of debate with their perpetual lies and obfuscations.

    This is a dangerous juncture in our history. If we accept that being lied to, in an era when all lies can be shot to pieces in moments, but are convenient, then we will never win. For the lie preceeds the refutation, and the refutation, as per journalism 101, never gets the same prominence. It is why I have unsettling feelings about the ‘Mea Culpa’ nonsense that this very newspaper produced. It is rare indeed that you and I are told that journalists are better human beings than us. But that was the tenor of the piece. and it was rubbish. There is an intelligence that journalists have obviously feared, it is that their opinions are no more persuasive than yours, and that yours may be better.

    What puzzles me is that there are great journalists, but we don’t hear from them. And frankly, invesigative journalism in Scotland is dead in the water.

    So, to answer your question, from my point of view?

    Going it alone.”

    Any comments from anyone that posts here would be welcome.

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    1. With you all the way Douglas
      The sheer stupidity of having party politics is for some other nation and universe.
      We are being fed the mishmash of comment presented as NEWS, news that is twisted and spun and worst of all material that would allow us to make clear decisions deliberately hidden from us. Yesterday the ruling Party decided for them and not us to keep the brexit documents in the hands of ministers.
      The media can tell us what is happening on the other side of the world, but not next door to each of us.
      I suspect the media are desk bound, in an office, in front of a computer terminal, secure in their tribal grouping, they’re in touch with the world through snooping cameras that in fact are so lacking in resolution they can’t identify a person with any real confirmation.
      R4 this morning,
      A divorced girl is getting married, her father won’t be there, the spin is now he’s ill.
      The groom is considered to be of royal blood by some, others are not sure.
      The Grenfell tower block inquiry will not condemn the use of combustable cladding, to someones benefit.
      The government have declared that they will reduce the amount of money you can bet on a single bet on a gaming machine to £2 in 30 seconds from £100, this is a huge problem that will need commons legislation, when?, well they’ll have to ask the betting companies.
      We get a new contract for another nuclear submarine announced, englander speak gets it a name that is sure to have a political message for some of us.
      Just a sample of media complience, D notices on the poisoning, no longer needed so no news of the victims, all 3 that were delared. The media have moved on.
      The Scottish Parliament decision to withhold agreement, buried in the ebc website, certainly not headline material.
      The WoS spat with the herald/sunday herald staff becomes a sad joke about who occupies which seat in the editorial suite. As you say Douglas, they have the stupidity to think that they are the judge of truth.
      Thanks for the education.
      I support your position

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      1. Thanks Dave. You have added a lot of other, equally valid, points to the discussion. By the way, the folk that educated me are hereabouts, including your good self. There is more intelligent discussion here than there, which is worrisome.

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    2. Douglas: I certainly agree that the whole Brexit debacle has been about the Tory Party.

      Cameron believed he would win, as he always did…by fair means or foul. He told Nicola not to be stupid when she suggested otherwise.

      He thought it would put the Eurosceptic branch of his party to bed.

      Instead he has split the party even more then before. They are spitting nails at each other.

      When it all failed he quit and left someone else to sort out the mess that he had, if not created, at least exacerbated.

      I don’t know if there are any potential leaders in the Tory party, but if so none of them stood for the poison chalice that Cameron vacated. The new leader turned out to be weak, incompetent, and with dreadful communication skills and terrible judgement.

      Her cabinet runs rings around her,; one of his misjudgements left her in a minority government, which is a bad thing if you are united, but terrible if you all hate each other. She has had to align herself to a party of religious adn political fanatics to get anything done. Never a smart move.

      Journalism has been ceded to the need to make money, as rather a lot of things have.

      It seems that to sell a lot of papers you need to write stuff that is sensational. There just aren’t enough people interested in what the Financial Times reports to make it big money stuff.

      So The Mail, Express, Star, Sun and now the Telegraph have lowered themselves to writing populist nonsense about “celebrities”.

      Unfortunately (and this reflects on us all) it seems that what sells is largely, besides celebrity…preferably behaving badly… is racism, hatred of foreigners, and British Empireism.

      There’s not a good way out of this nonsense. No matter what happens, which of their hair brained schemes they try to fob off the EU with, Britain and the Brits will be worse off. And reliably the tabloids will tell us how horrible these foreigners are, and it’s all because they are jealous of our superiority…

      But we do have a way out…

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