30 thoughts on “THIS IS WHAT’S COMIN’ ATCHA!”

  1. Tris, thanks for putting this up as a post. I watched it and it told me nothing I didn’t already know and that’s what terrifies me, quite frankly. I really don’t know what it’s going to take before people waken up to the fact that Brexit will be an unmitigated disaster for the UK and for Scotland as long as we remain part of it. Do folks really believe that Westminster’s “power grab” will be purely temporary? Do they really think that, post-Brexit, preference won’t be given to English fisheries, English farming, to mention but two aspects? I agree with Aucheorn that “everyone in Scotland MUST see this”. Unfortunately, not everyone will, and even of those who do, many will reject its message in the deluded belief that we’re better off “together”. I very much fear that, like a drowning man, these nay-sayers will drag us down with them to a depth from which there will be no return. I hope I’m wrong, I really do.

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    1. andimac,

      45% and rising.

      People are perusadale on their own ideas of truth, justice and freedom. Yours and mine and theirs may be different beasts but they have a similarity. And that is that truth, justice and freedom are things to aim for, not abstract concepts. I happen to believe that that is what we are about. Y’know Scots, and such.

      I think Scottish Independence allows us be free of anyone else’s opinion of who or what we are.

      And that would be a good thing!

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      1. Well, the more they see the mess we are heading for, I suspect more people will think that we’d be better off without the Tories, and with our partners.


    2. No, I don’t believe May when she says all this power grab is temporary. I wouldn’t believe her if she said up was up.

      In any case May will be long gone in the 7 years this is initially promised for.

      We already know that they break promises to Scotland time and time again… tax offices, warships, passport offices… blah blah blah… EVEL!!! The most powerful devolved government in the world. Jings there’s another far more powerful one just North of Scotland in the Faeroe Islands.

      Besides which, no government can lay down the law for future governments.

      The Tories didn’t want devolution. This is one way to get rid of it and have one nation Conservatism.

      I suspect anyway that if they did “give back powers” after 7 years, there wouldn’t be much to control.

      It would all have been traded off to America in utter desperation to get some sort of (probably VERY bad) trade deal.

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  2. No worries the free market

    Will free us all you only have to
    Believe !!!!

    We unleash the British Bulldog
    And retake our place as leader
    If the western world

    Ok al bollocks but it’s what the
    Brexiteers say

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    1. I actually know someone who truly still believes that Britain will get first rate deals all around the world.

      Because it’s Britain and bigger and better than other countries.

      I seriously couldn’t believe it…

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  3. Can’t take any credit , found the video on Youtube after double checking the latest Newsnet article , which includes this video . Most I knew , but its surprising how many people don’t know any of this , so hopefully this helps them . I would however add a note of caution regarding the some of the figures used , if these figures come from UK sources , then they may well be inaccurate .

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    1. Well, I’m grateful to you for bringing it to my attention.

      The guy is an academic, so the fundamentals of his piece are likely to be worth taking notice of.


  4. Ricky.

    Don’t worry. In a ridiculous way, you are protected by an obscure Scottish web site. Because you wrote here, you are safe from almost any revenge. I’d hope and pray that that was the case. For you have fallen amongst friends.

    I’d think that an attack on Munguin’s Republic would be an admission of an attack on you, and I and, and I would hope Trispw, would wonder what the fuck is going on.

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      1. I, for one, will do my best to protect your freedom of speach. It is ridiculous that it has come to that.

        If it were not for the numbers, you and me and millions, that were about to scorch the utter lies of President Donald Trump, perhaps the worst liar in the history of the planet, would be dead in the water. Sadly, the leader of the free world is apparently allowed to lie and falsify and still remain as a leader.

        This is, kind of obviously, wrong.

        Best wishes.

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  5. I found this interesting:

    We, here in Scotland, would welcome a free press, and free opinions such as these. What we get is a previous obituary writer as a critic of the SNP. I give you:


    Mark Smith, promoted from obituary writer to obituary writer.

    There are sweary words to talk about this so-called journalist.

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        1. I was, perhaps, amongst his fiercest btl critics. As far as i can tell, The Herald has allowed the arguement.

          I’d like the views of others. Should we continue to take the fight into fora like that, where utter morons would otherwise get free reign, or not?

          I love and respect this forum, but we are a choir in perfect harmony. And, frankly I love it for that. Your concerns
          – the wider readership, not just you trispw -and mine seem to be identical. Shouldn’t you all be getting out and fighting the good fight or summat?

          Answers down below please. There are, apparently, only 2394 otherwise sane people in Scotland.


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          1. I’m sure there are people who read MR who think we talk a load of rubbish though, but never comment.

            And maybe some who see something here and think… OH, maybe the furry one has a point.


  6. Thanks have shared widely. It’s a cert that the UKgov will ruin Scotland post Brexit with the help of their dodgy pals around the globe. Due to the oil in great quantity, it is going to be very difficult. Greedy people fight to the death for oil, which is scary. Scotland has so much potential and already succeeds in investing in renewables and could do so much more.

    Brexit was rejected by a minimum of 62% of the people of Scotland, and of course one major part of Project Fears’ soundbites during the 2014 Indyref, was that voting no was the only way to stay IN the EU! Basically, if any British nationalist party makes any promise to Scotland, think the opposite. It just won’t happen, they had no intention od devolving more powers to Scotland, or not dragging us out of the EU if England voted for it. It’s just bizarre that people, some at least, believe the UKgov and their jobsworths in Scotland, lies.

    Many are seeing through the lies now, just hope it’s not too late.

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