47 thoughts on “IT SEEMS THAT…”

  1. maybe it just that they’ve had a wee accident in their underwear.
    As you know the HoC is a private care home for unionists, the others are only there to organise the tea rota.
    So Brockenshire gets javid’s job and the man who may or may not have suitable paperwork gets the booby prize, wait to we see the targets being raised.
    He’s voted for every nasty piece of party political dogma.

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      1. He was pretty much thought of as a euroskeptic, but just before the referendum declared myself as a remainer. Make of that what you will.

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        1. He thought that remain would win, Cameron would stay, and he wanted to be on the winning side?

          Sounds like a typically principeless Tory. ( I know it’s not a word… or rather it wasn’t one until 30 seconds ago!)


    1. LOL. I just wonder how much of a pain she will be to May now that she is outside the tent.

      Mind loads of people on Twitter saying that May will absolutely have to go.

      At any other time such a complete farce of a prime minister would have been gone. I just don’t think anyone else wants the poison chalice that is Brexit.


      1. I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I’ve looked, but I just can’t find any trace of sympathy anywhere in me for Amber Rudd.

        The woman has blood on her hands. People have died because of decisions she took. No one person has the right to impose death on others with impunity, certainly not alone and, many of us would argue, not in a collective decision either.

        Any reasonable person would have understood the consequences of her actions and inactions. What, then, is Amber Rudd’s defence?

        What is Theresa May’s defence?

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        1. I agree.

          She lied and lied and better than lies, and, in the end, like Patel and Green before her, when the pressure on May was too much, she had to go.

          Their lying isn’t a problem, of course. It’s the clamour for blood…especially with England having elections in the next few days.

          Although she will still have a job that pays about 3 times the average UK salary, she will be given redundancy money to help her to re-adjust to life on £80,000.

          Sorry for her?

          I feel sorry for the man who, in his own country, was denied cancer treatment.

          I wish I could believe that would haunt her every moment.

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    1. LOL, yeah.

      Someone commented that there must be a motivational speaking tutor laughing his way to the bank on what the Tories paid him/her for that little lot.


      1. Horse stance is a very stable posture, if someone is trying to push you over.

        They look like they’ve skimmed the concept, then tried to apply how they stand to reinforce the words coming out of their mouths.


  2. There is some sort of disconnect going on here. I cannot see how anyone in the UK is happy at being represented by these fools. Who the heck see’s them as credible? This is now a Whirehall farce, in the Brian Rix sense. And I detested his farces.

    We are being taken for fools, by fools. In Scotland at least, we really do have to set our own course.

    That is not a happy bed to lie in.

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  3. Just a thought, but for those of you who perhaps peruse our EU neighbours media, has anyone noticed their politicians adopting such a ridiculous stance, this caricature of ‘ strong and stable ‘ surely only denotes a cerebral weakness.
    Any way hello everyone, hope your well Tris.

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    1. He he… No, never seen anyone else do it, Stuart.

      Cerebral weakness sounds like it a thing a lot of them suffer from though… but I guess it’s a “British only” thing.

      I’m amazing Trumpy hasn’t got it though…

      I’m well, thanks, Stuart. Although I’m in trouble with Munguin for leaving him in the garden, unattended, yesterday, while I went to the shops… Apparently he was in need of a coffee and no one to fetch it…

      Poor me. Life at the bottom, huh?


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  4. The posture thingy is so ridiculous and they do it thinking it makes them look ‘Strong and Stable’. Personally, I expect them to look ‘Statesmanlike’ but let them carry on looking stupid.

    Meanwhile, it appears that we, the plebs, can no longer use footage from Parliament tv for humorous purposes! Is satire deid or what!!

    There are no adjectives left for me to describe the Tory tribe to outside visitors as I believe every one of those adjectives will in fact become illegal, it’s only a matter of time. 😀

    Nice bird by the way!

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    1. Mogabee, I’m astonished – I thought all footage from Parliament was for humorous purposes. I certainly can’t stop laughing every time I see the comedians.

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  5. I’m not sure, but I think a horse will widen their stance when they sleep standing up, is that it then, are these Muppets actually asleep.

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  6. Is it so they can poop standing up?

    Maybe it’s an old dorm game from boarding school. Who knows why Tories do things (except for psychiatrists)?

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  7. For a woman in her 60s May seems to be inordinately proud of wearing above the knee skirts and dresses.

    I find her regular displays of her knees and thighs to be revolting.

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    1. Her entire dress sense leaves a great deal to be desired.

      I don’t usually comment much on what people wear, but, as she represent me (unfortunately), I have the right to suggest that no-one wants to see her thighs, or indeed her cleavage, any more than they would want to see Ian Blackford’s or Jeremy Corbyn’s.

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  8. Um, well, okay then.

    It’s things like this that make me wonder which side of That Old Atlantic Sky (h/t to Coast) is in more trouble these days. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nip and a lie-down in a dark, silent and deeply padded room.


    1. Aye, there’s not a fat lot you can say to it…

      And there’s not a lot to pick and choose between the unpleasant inhabitant of the Whitehouse and the unpleasant inhabitant of Downing Street.

      I suppose our consolation is that our unpleasant creature is of pretty much zero import in the world, whereas yours could wipe it out.

      If you want a laugh at how completely bonkers this lot in England are, here’s a good read:



      1. That’s a rather thin reed as consolation goes…

        Meanwhile: good read, that, along with the linked “whence that stance?” story. Respect to the consultant who convinced them to take it up, though; that was money well scammed.

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        1. Someone did say something about some motivational consultant (possibly a member of the Labour or SNP opposition) laughing all the way to the bank.

          Seriously though, you’d think that after the first time you saw a photograph of it, you’d just never do it again.


          1. Well, now I’ll keep my eyes open for the first Republican here to adopt it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath; the Wide Stance has a very different political context here…


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