When is Amber Rudd going to go?

Every time she appears before the Commons to answer questions on the fiasco that is the immigration/deportation policy, she has changed mind about the story and her part in it.

And each time it has changed because she has been caught out misleading, misspeaking,  dissembling or whatever is the current euphemism for lying her backside off on the previous occasion.

Tory Fibs (on Twitter) summed it up thus:

• There were no targets

• Oops, there were targets but I wasn’t aware

• Oops, my civil service didn’t inform me

• Oops, there was a memo but I didn’t read it

• Oops, I wrote a letter mentioning the target

• Oops, it wasn’t a target. It was an ambition

This is incredible. This is the Home Secretary, one of the most senior cabinet ministers, talking to the House of Commons.


Today we’ve all seen a leaked copy of a memo which she sent to May showing how she was taking the enforced deportations forward by increasing the target (y’know, the ones she didn’t know about because there were any, but there were and she did).

The article is worth a read, and I won’t rehearse all it says here. But it shows her up for what she is.

She is clearly either incredibly stupid and forgetful, or she is a compulsive liar.

Either of these things makes her unsuitable to be Home Secretary.

So she must just GO NOW.


  1. Just to say that I add my considerable weight to your call for the woman to go, Tris.

    In case anyone just happened to be wondering, it’s not just the morally repugnant and amazingly stupid stuff that the ever-so-fragrant Theresa May and Amber Rudd, and the appalling males they have surrounded themselves with, get up to that is characteristic of fascist regimes, the overall level of sheer incompetence is too. Oh, and don’t let me forget the fragrant Arlene either – whatever did happen with that fabled “cash for ash” scheme? Oh well, it hasn’t stopped her becoming – whatever she is in the great Westminster scheme of things, Prime-Minister-in-Waiting, maybe?

    I warned before that Gove may be after Rudd’s job – so it could be Gove at the Home Office, Johnson at the Foreign Office – then who? May mugged by Mogg, maybe, as Mr. Munguin once mooted? I guess the Tories wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to throw out their rulebook and back Arlene for PM, really, so – another election might become necessary. And that may just be why Amber hasn’t had her jotters just yet.

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    1. We should remember that the then permanent secretary at the Home Office during May’s reign there, described the atmosphere as being not unlike that of the Nazi party in Germany in the 1930s… or words to that effect.

      May is a nasty piece of work and the sooner we are shot of her the better.

      Looking back I can’t honestly say I’ve had much respect for any of the Brit PMs that I can remember, but I don’t think I’ve ever disliked, nay detested, one like it loathe and detest this wicked woman.

      And at the risk of boring people, I’ll say once again that as she claims to be a devout Christian, she must be from some weird sect because the Christianity I was forced to learn at school, both in Scotland and England, and the church services I was forced to go to, never mentioned the vile things that that woman gets up to.

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          1. Nah, she’s not Tris, Mays a puppet on a string, Maggie was yer original dyed in the wool, self righteous destroyer. She started all this and the horrible apologies for humans that are manipulating May, are carrying on her work.

            Stopping them will take their society to the brink and if the people of Scotland don’t have the gumption to become independent then we will be sacrificed before they get there.

            I know it all sounds a bit melodramatic but I think that’s how it is.

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            1. Well, yes, she’s a puppet being manipulated by the Boris’s and Fox’s and Dacre and the Mad Twins of Sark, but she is an evil sod of a woman too.

              Yes, Thatcher started it, but she baulked at some of the stuff that has been done since.

              Of course she sank a ship with hundreds of innocent kid conscripts on it. I suppose that does make her a proper ********** with her own particularly nasty corner of hell.

              There’s not much in it. Is there?

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              1. May is definitely one of Thatcher’s children, as Tony Blair was. Even their life circumstances are similar: Thatcher had Dennis, who was a multimillionaire in the oil business. The story there was that he had been put in charge of blowing up the oil wells in Burmah in WWII – maybe someone knows the details better than me and can confirm or deny – to prevent the Japanese getting hold of them, but he ordered them capped instead and went back for them after the war. Burmah Oil, wasn’t it? Mr. Theresa May, of course, is a multimillionaire who runs a fund that manages hedges or something… another plutocrat, not that I’ve heard or read any insinuations of improper conduct on his part, though I haven’t exactly been looking.

                As for Thatcher herself, it was her relationship with Pinochet that truly disgusted me – over and above everything else, and on the international political side – and I have always wondered about that connection in the context of the Falklands / Malvinas war, as in why did Thatcher send all those signals to the Junta that the UK was simply not all that interested any more in a bunch of sheep farmers whose right to reside in the UK itself they had just revoked? There is, you see, an ancient and long-standing hostility between the jingoistic sorts of Argentines and their Chilean counterparts, though evidently it didn’t stop their regimes cooperating on dropping each other’s dissidents out of helicopters during their Dirty Wars – think plausible deniability. I should check all this, but it’s late – anyway, I think it was called Operation Condor. Not only that, when Thatcher ordered the Belgrano sunk, she also neatly torpedoed some peace talks that were going on in Peru at the time. Nothing like a nice little war to keep the great British public distracted from all the other sh*it you’re getting up to, is there?

                There aren’t as many vile and repugnant dictators running around now as there used to be, even if Rajoy is acting like a Franco wannabe in Spain; in the Philippines, Duterte is more murderous than Marcos was, that’s for sure; hardly surprising, then, that Trumpy thinks he’s great. Erdoğan, Netanyahu – oh yes, May likes them too. The Westminster regime’s silence over Catalunya is not just about Gibraltar; I’m convinced that May approves of Rajoy’s methods, and is just itching to try them on us Scots. The Great British Public would not back her on that right now, I would think, because they would rather just kick us out of the UK as a Drain on the Public Purse and a Liability: that has been the propaganda line from all Westminster regimes in all living memory, after all. The Rajoy regime, on the other hand, cannot get away with telling the Great Spanish Public that Catalunya is econonically dependent on them, because it’s the other way round there too, but is well known to be. Also, the GBP are not nearly as wedded to the idea of an indivisible, one nation UK as the GSP are to their notion of an indivisible Spain.

                Also on the subject of dictatorial regimes that May likes cozying up to – I don’t know quite what to make of the Saudi Crown Prince – Mohammad bin Salman – whose star is in the ascendant now; MBS, as he’s known, seems to be part a modern, (cosmetically) reforming younger guy – he was born in 1985, does that make him a millennial? – curbing the religious police, allowing women to drive, things like that. But on the other side, he acts like a typical intolerant, ultraconservative Wahhabi royal. There is the Saudi excursion into Yemen, where the Houthi “rebels” were members of an ostensibly peaceful Shia sect, which would put them on the Saudis’ sh*it list all on its own. The ghastly oppression of dissidents of all kinds has continued on his watch – he may be Crown Prince, but he has quite ruthlessly snookered all his rivals, and his dad is very old now and, I suspect, not in possession of all his marbles.

                Saudi non-Wahhabi Muslims have come in for particular attention. The grislier aspects of old-style – Wahhabi-style – Sharia continue with no apparent let-up – as you would expect under the aegis of a Wahhabi true believer, in other words, an ultraconservative. This makes his appearance in the whole Trump-Russia saga even more puzzling to me, as I really have no idea whatsoever about what that involvement is all about. Answers on a postcard, please…

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                1. Tess is evil and that’s a fact. I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of it all but what I did get some insight into during my less than illustrious career, centred around how organisations work. We all know that governments dance to the tune of corporate masters. Thatcher did and so now does May. The diferrence in my humble, is that Maggie had a fair degree of control whereas May has none. She is doing what she’s told, and it’s not by Fox or Boris or anyone in the public eye.

                  The puppet masters are in the wings and not visible and this is the normal state of things. The diferrence today, as opposed to the 1980s is that they now have complete control.

                  It’s tinfoil hat stuff I know and I’m honestly not a tin foil hatter by nature but there’s just too much that doesn’t make sense, that has no logic, that doesn’t add up.

                  There’s a well worn Sherlock Holmes quote/cliche that fits perfectly. How does it go again?

                  “When you have eliminated the impossible……..

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                    1. Ed – read your comment on Wings (directed by Conan). If the furry one permits, would you allow it to be a guest post here? I thought it was excellent even though I’m fairly monoglot. I’ve a smattering of Scots, German and French but not enough to get by with.

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                    2. Thank you, PP – and Conan – I did go on a bit in that comment, though. Usually I agree with Stu Campbell, but on the subject of Gaelic I think he’s dead wrong. I didn’t mention it there, though other people did, but WGD definitely has the right of it on the subject of language(s).

                      Tris, I will review my thing and send it to you to do with as you will.

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        1. @marconamatrix “She hasn’t started a war”

          What do you call bombing Syria then, if not an attempt to start a war?
          Based, I should add, on false evidence, the OPCW report suggests that both the Skripal case and the video evidence of the chemical attack in Syria were made up diversions. Even if either of these incidents were true, a logical place to start would be to get concrete evidence. Not assert blame, then bomb then search for evidence.

          It is now clear to even the most rabid right wing nut job that a D notice has been issued to prevent the MSM discussing Skripal any further.

          Anyone who believes this disgusting tory government is just plain stupid.

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          1. I don’t think that starting a war has the same effect as it used to. Thatcher found it effecatious. It secured her future, but most of the public are against them these days.

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          2. Kangaroo : Maybe I was mistaken, but I had the impression the war in Syria was already ongoing. I don’t see what ‘we’ had to gain by loosing off a few very expensive missiles against harmless civilians on dubious evidence, but there you go. As long as such weapons exist, politicians will find excuses to use them. Can we hope that one day the UK/Engerland will finally kick the imperial habit?

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      1. She brought down the NI government over it. But I’m surprised that not more of it got out over here.

        I suppose that it’s not in Theresa’s best interests for it to be known that she’s in virtual coalition with dinosaur denying alleged crook!

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  2. Tris , my reading of the situation is mother theresa can’t sack her, due to the fact she will blame the previous home secretary for the policy. Rudd will pull the whole thing down as she still has ambitions to be the tap dug.
    She will be a baroness in due course,a wee sweetener to take the blame on offer but won’t take it.
    See your friend,barron ess moan is in tv again flogging funny diamonds.
    The media just ignoring the in fighting,turkey voting for xmas,not had their noses in the trough long enough yet.

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    1. Yes, I suspect you are right.

      If May sacks her, she will be outside the tent (and you know what people outside the tent do), and she’ll want to clear her name for when May is sent packing, so she’ll end up dishing all the dirt on May.

      Not that we don’t already know what a total whatsit May is.

      My friend Dave? Erm yeah, right.

      I imagine I would find Her Wifieship a tad on the boring side.

      I’m not an intellectual snob, but I like there to be a discernible functioning brain in their heads.

      So, anyway, Old Baroness FOR LIFE (except I never go) Moan is flogging “jewellery” suitable for the discerning classes on the idiot box again.

      There’s always a mug somewhere that will part with money for crap.

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      1. Next week , post the PM has resigned or been overthrown , and see how long it takes to happen . They all lie , some escape the chop , some get pushed and the rest get stabbed in the back , front , legs , arms ……. This is the beginning of the end for the Tories , this time round that is , next time we won’t be part of it , because we’ll be free .

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  3. #CorbynWins 🎗️ and 1 other Retweeted

    ruth wishart

    17m17 minutes ago

    Greater love hath no Home Secretary than she lay down her political life for her predecessor (AKA the PM.)


  4. Since Amber Rudd has gone for a fiasco created by Theresa May, there seems little reason for her to sit back and be a good and quiet and Brexit-compliant backbencher. says Alex Massie

    BREAKING: Amber Rudd “not aware” of her resignation as Home Secretary. Says the Satire Party!

    I hope someone makes Amber Rudd aware of her letter of resignation. Just in case she’s not read it. Says Jono Read.

    Now Amber Rudd has quit, Theresa May, architect of the #HostileEnvironment, has no one to hide behind. May designed the policy, boasted about it, and presided over it – she must be held responsible. Says Natalie Bennett.

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  5. I thought that last week when the PM said she had “full confidence” in the Home Secretary that it heralded her inevitable resignation within the next 48hours or so. Yet here we are and she seems determined to hang on and tough it out telling one carmichael after another.

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  6. David Schneider
    June 2017:
    Amber Rudd stands in for Theresa May by taking part in the leaders debate instead of her.

    April 2018:
    Amber Rudd stands in for Theresa May by resigning over the hostile environment fiasco instead of her.

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  7. Rudd, May, their fellow Toraidhe bandits, Labour, Lib Dems et al – retro Mosleyite uniforms should be issued to each and every one of them and made compulsory kit along with a Butcher’s Apron armband and a pair of Doc Martins buffed to a high, fascist sheen.

    Headgear suggestions, anyone? Perhaps a sooped up bearskin cover for the current cutaway, neo-Nazi, NATO bonce protector with lots of resonant flashes reminiscent of imperialist derring do war crimes by “elite” units of AngloBritNat war crime thugees in places faraway places and on our very doorstep?

    How about an elite praetorian guard of resurrected Black & Tans for the PM with an exciting twist of SS iconic references shaken but not stirred into the visual mix? A kind of combo thing to appeal to the modern British nationalist with kick-ass oomph?

    Tats on theme and on brow and prominent a must?

    PM, Amber, BoJo, Mickey Gove to set the tone and lead the way with cabinet assists?

    What’s not to like and it ought to be organic and reaching out to our cutting-edge Brexiteer core – a fusion UKIP boogie minus the niggers, Jocks, Paddies, etc, meets Rambo rap fashionably British goose-stepping (with specialist Morris Dancing/Attack Dog Units for our more traditionalist support base?).

    Suspect this vision could be a real goer given the media are already on-board. Blue Sky Thinking stuff ready to rock ‘n roll with an achtung vibe.

    Thoughts, guys?

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  8. Well, after all that excitement it’s an early start for me tomorrow, so I shall bid you all goodnight and sleep tight.

    Ruth Davidson for Home Secretary I say.

    Seriously, I’d love to know who you think should be the next HS.


  9. An utterly vile woman but not the worst in the tory govt. That place is held by the stain on humanity called Esther McVey, a woman who has the nerve to call herself a “christian”. BTW its not me who first called her a stain on humanity, it was one of the tory backbenchers

    What is it with tories and evil women? Is it compulsory to hold fascist/racist/homophobic/sectarian views before they get a seat or what?

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  10. This morning radio 4 are taking the pi…., their party spokesperson,none other than,Damien Green.
    Probably a more convincing peddlar of the economics of the truth.
    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,George Orwell.
    Radio 4 were defending mother theresa, saying the policy was setby the labour party.
    Yes it’s the hidden string pullers in control, damien’s one eyed snake manipulators in command.
    Next HS, I might put money on, McVey and Green


    1. I heard that. I could hardly believe it. I said just before he resigned that every time he appeared in public people could only think of one thing. It’s still true!

      He was his usual pathetic self. Talking a lot and saying nothing.

      Oh nooooooo. Tell me the Vile woman won’t get it.


      1. Frankly, Tris, it’ll make no difference who gets it. Man or woman (I use both terms loosely) it will be a morally bankrupt, self-seeking, racist, uncaring bastard. Of course, I could be wrong – it could be one of the even worse Tories.

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  11. As I said earlier…I thought Sadiq Khan was TOO obvious a choice.
    So I was wrong. Clearly Mrs May doesn’t even have the imagination to think beyond putting a brown face in the Home Office which is facing a crisis around immigration. Still, imagination isn’t her strong point if she thinks running through a wheat field is the naughtiest thing she’s ever done. It’s not the naughtiest thing she’s ever done though…

    My prediction is that very shortly the Home Office will, on some pretext or other, be split into two.

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    1. Well, it was split in two a few years ago by John Reid and that did sod all…

      Maybe splitting it into a thousand pieces by dropping it off the top of Big Ben?


    2. Sajid Javid , I should have said…that’s what I get for cutting an’ pasting when I’m multi-tasking two comments in the same text editor.

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        1. Sadiq Khan is concerned that Windrushers and other will be disenfranchised because they don’t have all the necessary documentation.

          I was vaguely aware that the Home Office required people whom they suspected of being illegal immigrants to provide evidence of their settled status. What I wasn’t aware of until yesterday was just how onerous the Home office made that. I understand now that what was required was the production of four pieces of documentary evidence for each, all and every year of residence in the UK. Perhaps my understanding of this requirement is wrong. I’d like to think it is and that someone will correct me. Failing that,is there ANYBODY out there who can produce four pieces of documentary evidence for each and every year? I know I don’t keep utility bills that long, I know that many companies I used to work for no longer exist.

          Me, I’ve just applied for a new passport, not because I plan to travel but because I need one before HMRC will talk to me. Thought I’d get the missus a renewed passport at the same time…posted off the old one…oops…now, until they they process it, in their own good time, she’s no photo ID and BA are creating about an internal flight to London. It’s Kaffkaesque.

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          1. I certainly would have difficulty providing 4 pieces of evidence of who I am NOW, never mind for 10 years ago.

            In so many cases now, you don’t get information sent to you by post. So bank statements, credit card statements, electricity bills, etc no longer exist.

            I want a new passport before the iconic blue ones take over. I’d be a bit ashamed of one of them… although I don’t actually need a new one now, I’d feel safer with an EU passport. Besides the iconic blue ones are going to cost more.

            How can you take an internal flight without a passport? I’d have thought you didn’t need one, but I flew to Dublin not that long ago and I needed one, despite there being (at that time) a travel union.

            I’m not entirely sure that Kafka actually really came up with anything as off the wall as the British system.

            Can’t wait to escape it.

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            1. I have direct experience of it. When I returned to the UK after spending most of my working life out of the country, I did not have a bank account, I did not have a UK driving licence with a photo on it, I did not have a bank account, I did not have a proper address, I had no utility bills, and I had no correspondence from an official body. All I had as photo ID, really, was my UK passport and a 30-year-old Austrian driving licence (which I had been supposed to return when I left my job in Austria, but hey, who’s to know). I didn’t even have my birth certificate.

              You can’t get a bank account with just that. You can’t get an electricity supply in your name, never mind a bill, without a bank account. You can’t get a bank account without a utility bill or other proof of address, such as a Council Tax statement or demand. You can’t get the Council stuff done without a utility bill or a bank account – and so on and so on and so on. Catch 22 meets Kafka.

              With the banks, you have to prove that you’re not a money launderer first – whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Surely they can identify weird transactions.

              I can’t remember how I got it sorted, in the end – I was very ill at the time and it was, quite frankly, sheer hell, and far more than I could cope with at the time. Without my friends, I would have died, I think.

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