Oh really!


What DID you expect?


Oh yeah, that was it…

Certainly are different, there’s no disputing that…


Britd in spain2
When they go to live abroad, Brits like to fit in.



They get emotional about SOME babies, but not all.



The LOVE sport.



England Fans
And getting their kit off for a bit of stone-throwing at foreigners…



Although, fortunately, not all of them.



Like I say, they don’t like ALL children. Just ones with titles.



But, you have to give them credit. They have sticking power.



bre3 irlanbd
Even if they are incompetent.



And hopefully, it’s about to blow up in their nasty evil faces…


Just go, you unpleasant woman.



80 thoughts on “Oh really!”

  1. Your post triggered me to think of the lyric from the Billy Bragg song, ‘The Few’ – great words including the line, ‘The wasted seed of the bulldog breed’ in terms of out wonderful football ‘fans’. I’m guessing you might like this one if you don’t it already.

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  2. Help I share an island with some utter nutters who think the world revolves around them. I tried to get away but they love bombed me and whilst I didn’t believe them too many others did. Anyway now we are being treated like District 12 in the Hunger Games and I’m no Katniss Everdeen. I’ve never even held a bow. Can anyone help me before my country ceases to exists and becomes a colony.

    yours Desperate in Scotland

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    1. Bad news, PP – by almost all criteria, our country already is a colony.

      There can be no doubt that the Westminster regime – all Westminster regimes – are profoundly inimical to our interests.

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    2. There is a list of films that “are not to be shown in Scotland”. The folks maintaining that list aren’t smart enough to see that The Hunger Games is a political commentary about the UK, and the Districts are numbered based on distance from London.

      There’s also Water (1985) (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090297/), which, if it’s not on the list, then they’re not doing their job.

      And if you really want to get into it, LotR/Hobbit (Mordor was explicitly based on London, and “one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them” seems rather prophetic)

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      1. Illy…..”There is a list of films that ‘are not to be shown in Scotland.'”

        I hope you are only speaking rhetorically here. But you never know. Countries like England and Scotland who are so mired in the 15th century that they have state religions….complete with religious observances in schools……are crazy enough to do ANYTHING.

        Just an observation from one who (with all American school children) is protected from religion by the First Amendment of the US Constitution……copies available upon request. 😉

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        1. It’s even worse for Scotland, Danny.

          Because the “state” religion (recognised by allowing their bishops to sit in the UK parliament) is the English state religion.

          So not only have our children in the past been forced to participate in religious ceremonies, always of a Christian nature, but at a “national” level… ie UK level, it’s the Church of England which has been recognised.

          As I’ve said on many occasions, I’ve no axe to grind with religion of any sort, but like you, Danny, I do not believe that a “belief” can, or should, be force fed to kids.

          As for the monumental hypocrisy of politicians and royals who spout their religion as a means of getting themselves elected … and then live lives by principles 100% at variance with the teachings of that religion, well, I hope there is a corner of their hell set aside for them.

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          1. Tris…..It probably seemed OK back in the REALLY old days to allow the King’s bishops to be a part of the government. I suppose that Henry VIII had a lot to do with this. He was the King, that’s the way he did it, and the government and Monarchy of England would never EVER discard a practice, simply because it’s an abomination in the modern world that doesn’t make sense anymore.

            I agree about the place in hell for politicians who use religion for political advantage. It’s usually the Republican politicians here who tell people how religious they are, and how they believe in America as a Christian nation. Apparently believing that the Republican voters…….never the brightest apples on the tree IMHO…..will never notice that the word “God” (or any related word) is not even used once in the Constitution, and the word “religion” IS used exactly ONCE for the explicit purpose of forbidding its establishment by the state. Nevertheless the Bible-thumpers and the slimy politicians who pander to them continue yammering on about Godly Christian America.

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            1. I think James Madison and Thomas Jefferson probably had the benefit of hindsight when writing the constitution Danny. Ie they’d seen first hand how it was used by the existing powers and wisely decided to have one less excuse or method of manipulation available to those in charge. There are of course plenty of other excuses in the arsenal so I’m not sure how much difference it would actually make. The powerful still generally get their way after all.

              ‘Christian values’ as a term has always puzzled me because there’s some deeply disturbing nasty shit in the bible, but I generally leave that debate to folk who know more about it than I do.

              That’s mostly everybody btw.

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              1. Greig….I think you’re right about Madison and Jefferson. Ironically, the two intellectually brilliant friends from Virginia were not together during the writing of the federal constitution at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. Madison was at the convention and became the “Father of the Constitution” by drafting the “Virginia Plan,” which became the outline for what became the federal constitution. Madison first thought that there was no need of a Bill of Rights in the document, and the Constitution as drafted did not have such an enumeration of rights. Tom Jefferson was Minister to France at the time, and made his wishes known by transatlantic correspondence to Madison and others at the convention. Jefferson insisted on a Bill of Rights, and ultimately brought Madison around to his way of thinking. Madison included such a list in the first amendments he proposed in Congress to aid the constitution ratification process in the states. He wrote 19 proposed amendments involving various issues, congress approved 12 of them to be submitted to the states, and numbers three through twelve……largely involving rights issues……were ratified by the states. At that point, they were renumbered Amendments I through X, and they became the Bill of Rights. While Amendment I and its “establishment clause” forbidding establishment of a state religion might have easily been narrowly construed by the courts, Jefferson’s phrase describing it as a “wall of separation” between Church and State became the description that captured the imagination, and became the expansive human right that the courts have ruled down through American history.

                Ironically, Madison’s first two Amendments that were not ratified in the 1790’s had no wording that placed any sort of time limit on their ratification by the states. The second one was dug out of the library a while back, dusted off, and became the 27th Amendment to the Constitution in 1992…….203 years after Madison wrote it in 1789.


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        2. I’d assume it includes series one and two of ‘Outlander’?.

          It wasn’t allowed on terrestial TV, y’know major networks like BBC or ITV. And, I have a dream, it may have pushed us over the 50% on it’s own.

          So, suppressed.

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    3. I had long thought that ‘The Hunger Games’ was a metaphor for the British Empire Now you mention it it is also a metaphor for the UK.

      Going back a step, it seemed to be relatively easy to get Dominion status in the early days of decolonisation. The ‘crown’ (?) seemed happy to let Australia and Canada out of the loop. There was an obvious ‘quid pro quo’ with Imperial India – fight for us in WW2 and you shall be free. Then it got tougher. We fought in Africa quite a bit before they escaped. In the modern era, no-one has escaped, except perhaps Hong Kong and I am not convinced that that fits the narrative, what with the lease, etc.

      New Zealand is a separate case, apparently their independence was due to a lack of interest by Westminster. Oh! if Westminster had just taken that attitude to the whole of their rotten Empire, how much more happy the world would be!

      But, anyway, the smaller the Empire became, the more they fought, the more aggressively they fought.. And now the Empire is gone, they internalise their anger and aggression. As the last people to become free of this nightmare I kind of hope we use any means necessary – alert! GCHQ! – to get out from under. Which requires us – sorry GCHQ – to vote for independence asap. And see where the cookie crumbles.

      Westminster still behaves as an Imperial Master – to quote some guy on a bike in Buchanan Street. For whom I have enormous respect btw.

      Nichola Sturgeon has to seize the day.

      We cannot allow the mandate to run out!

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  3. They should be grateful it’s not £60
    And if the moaning brexit Minnie’s
    Don’t shut it will be.

    Sit in the corner brexit UK
    And that shut the feck up

    They want to leave the Eu and
    At the same time order the eu
    To dance to the English tune.

    Time for the brexiteers to
    Realise big beats small and
    Tiny little England is not going
    To be a world beater
    The U.K. (England )Has lost an
    Empire And at long last finally
    Lost its mind.

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    1. Can you seriously imagine that a thought like that has ever penetrated the thick skull of the likes of Rees Mogg or Johnson… not to mention the Good Doctor and David Lazy Bones Davis?


  4. They weren’t ready When the numpties voted leave, they weren’t ready for the negotiations and they certainly weren’t ready for being told to sod off at every stage and being forced to back down on EVERYTHING!

    I think it’s pretty much certain that they won’t be ready for the cliff edge, hard Brexit that’s looking very likely, or the accompanying chaos that’s galloping toward us like a very large herd of angry elephants.

    2019/20 looks like it could be an excellent year if your a disaster capitalist. The rest of us, well, not so much.

    Independence anyone?

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    1. Upvoted you for your final paragraph.

      This is our hour, this is our moment!

      It is a tad sad that this is an exchange between people who agree with each other, mainly. There is an intelligence behind peoples comments here and there is rarely any aggression.

      I would like to see this form of debate become more popular.


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  5. Do you think Colonel Davidson, seeing all those union jacks fluttering outside yon maternity hospital in London, thought tae hersel “hmmm”?
    Just call me cynical…
    Anyhow, good wishes to the bairn, and let’s hope she doesn’t have to bring it up on benefits. Not the Windsor benefits, of course, the ones the rest of us get.

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    1. Aye, well, Cynical… 🙂

      I’m minded to think it’s something that they wanted. In any case I’m not sure that Scots are inclined to waitoutside hospitals for 15 days and night in ad weather for ANY baby.

      Anyway, Munguin and I are happy for them, so…

      Congratulations to Ruth and Jen.

      I’m not sure how the Daily Mail will feel, or the Neanderthal partners in the UK government, but I say, sod them. They can do the other thing.

      Go for it .

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          1. Bibles are lovely, aren’t they. Great stories. Baby Jesus meeting the Faroe islanders and sending Mary Maggie Lynn in à reed basket down the Danube so she can stop people each turf ‘n’ surf wraps.

            Crazy stuff but no wilder than Emmerdale.

            They should film it.


            1. Mary Maggie Lynn is my favourite as she always seems to be getting touched up. Well, I think that’s why so many pictures of her are called “The Re-painted Maggie Lynn”. Mind you, I’ve always had a soft spot for Judas S, Carrot – I think he got a raw deal because he was probably a vegetarian.

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  6. The Daily Mail headline demonstrates clearly why the English part of the UK wants out if Europe, “we are not like other countries”!
    England wants out if Europe because it is not top dog as it was in the Empire. The Windrush generation scandal is just one aspect of this attitude.
    Read the article by Nicholas Boyle, an Englishman so he should know, which appeared in the New European in Jan 2017. I can’t remember the title but if you search for ‘English Exceptionalism’, you can easily find it.
    This attitude is, of course, why they feel entitled to ignore what Scottish people want – after all, we are just another colony in their eyes.

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  7. £6 is that all! Bargain really, I hope they choke on it every time they have to pay.

    Well seems like we’re nearly at the end game, WM make mistake after mistake. I thought you might have referenced this interesting piece


    I wonder if they will manage to have it enacted?

    They keep upping the ante, don’t they. I think the HOL will have fun with this..
    Will they manage to get this through Parliament even?

    Fun times, I think we will be independent before years end.

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    1. The whole thing is falling to pieces…

      New headline news today is that the NHS (presumably in England, but possibly here too) is having problems because of the number of visas for Indian doctors which are being held up because of the Home Office’s inability to run a booze up in a brewery.

      Indian doctors have supplemented the home-grown/European variety by working in the NHS while they completed masters degrees.

      But the visceral hatred of foreigners that seems to pervade the Home Office has meant that their visa applications are being held up, putting ordinary patient care at risk. Obviously those high up in the Home Office don’t lower themselves to use the NHS, so they won’t be at risk.

      Every day something new, and Amber Rudd and her unpleasant boss remain in position.


      May is too weak to get rid of Rudd, and Rudd’s one hard faced woman who has no shame and won’t go on her own.

      And the Tories won’t remove May becasue she’s the useful idiot that will oversee the Brexmess. Once the final deal has been done, someone will challenge, I have no doubt, in the sure knowledge that whatever they do, it couldn’t be worse than what May did.

      It would be handy if Labour would challenge some of what the Tories are doing a little more vigorously.

      Some of their backbenchers are magnificent. The front bench, not so much.

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  8. If the morons of Sunderland, Hull and Barnsley had been told it would cost them £6 to access Benidorm then perhaps the result might have been different!

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      1. After all six quid can get you two pints of Newkie Broon during happy hour at the Royal Bulldog Showbar – what’s the fate of the British Empire measured against that!

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  9. STOP THE PRESS – Kensington Palace (who he?) has just announced the royal sprog will be named Louis Arthur Charles, to be known as HRH Prince Louis of Cambridge. Let joy be unconfined! Actually, I’m thinking the choice of names a bit cack-handed – two of them are of kings who were decapitated and the other of a king who never really existed. Pity they hadn’t given it the more resonant (and accurate) Lovis Artur Karl von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Anyway, Huzzah! – I’m off to light the beacon.

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    1. Louis is the name of the orangutan in Jungle Book. Yes there is literally no subject for which I can’t find an orang link for 🙂

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