And in many cases, offering military expertise, which I suppose is why there won’t be retaliation against Saudi Arabia for bombing the wedding party. Ooops, My Bad!

Yep, I got it now… I think????
I think that was only if the president was black. If he’s orange it’s an entirely different thing.
Well, yeah, but that was different. I got better shoes now because presidents get the best shoes in the world. FACT.
As they bloody well MUST be…
Ah, yes. Well maybe if they can prove the unprovable… a bit like the victims of Grenfell Tower who were promised new homes within 6 weeks, and are still waiting.
!this is your
Sounds like that lovely Christain woman whose worst deed ever was to run through a cornfield. Coz clearly taking someone’s citizenship from them, having them lose their job, home and actually deporting them, or denying them cancer treatment, is far less offensive than running through a bloody cornfield, you odious woman.
Winston Smith hard at work in Whitehall.
Alive and well, it seems.
Could? Well, yes, I suppose it could. Martians could land too and then what would happen to the NHS? But look on the bright side, Michael. You won, at least in England and Wales and you’ve forced us into it too. And one of the results of this is that no one from Europe wants to come and work in your NHS. So it will become unsustainable anyway because there won’t be many nurses or doctors by 2030. It would be fair to say that the scenario you outlined could have been avoided in numerous ways. You could have vetoed Turkey’s membership (although you wouldn’t ahve to because Greece would have done it for you). Or you could have simply enacted the provisions that exist and which other EU countries have done viz a viz only allowing people to live here when they have jobs (and are paying taxes). Still, nothing like a bit of racial hatred to get the terminally thick on your side. Filthy foreigners coming over here to die on our trollies.


So, not only do our pensioners live in poverty… our kids are among the hungriest in Europe. Proud?




63 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. This is the tip of a very large iceberg , no one knows just how many homeless there is , no one . Sooner or later the UK will explode , when you have no hope and nothing to lose , anger and despair take over .

      Liked by 2 people

    2. That is simply monstrous. People who inflict that sort of suffering are criminals. In the military, soldiers are supposed to be trained not to obey illegal / unlawful orders – going back at least to the Nuremberg trials, “I was only obeying orders” has not been a valid excuse.

      We need accountability, we need protection from the monsters we have ruling over us, no democracy can survive where there is a culture of impunity.

      This is how people are being forced to exist when the UK is still nominally bound by European and other human rights norms. Can you really imagine what it will be like when they succeed in getting rid of them altogether? As it is, no one in the UK seems to understand that when our government commits the UK to something, it binds the rest of us too… education on the subject is sadly lacking. Of course, that suits Them just fine – why would Her Majesty’s subjects need any education in such matters when Westminster has ultimate sovereignty, and it’s our patriotic bloody duty as loyal little Brits to put up, shut up and never complain?

      I cannot think of myself as British, and have not for decades now. To be British today is a shameful, shameful thing, if it means accepting or even tolerating such injustice.

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  1. The Tory response to 19 and homeless


    He said begging was also part of the problem, allowing homeless people to make “quite a lot of money”.

    Holloway, a supporter of the pro-Brexit campaign group Leave Means Leave,

    Young Soldier said to me last week
    My granddad died at Auschwitz
    he fell out of the guard tower and broke
    his neck he thought it was funny.

    I says they don’t talk like that in the
    British army he replied yeah they do !



  2. One of your best Tris. I particularly appreciated the top two pics. The last graph seems to have lost some of its heading so difficult to see clearly. Are they taken from two different years?
    Trying to explain to people over here what a Tory is…. difficult cause we have labour and liberals. They think Tory is UK for liberals and don’t get that they are the Nasty Party. Explaining that Tory is a swear word doesn’t make a difference.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Try telling them that it’s like the Fascist Party.

      Try telling them that they are a set on in human bastards who care only about the rich and the super rich who mainly live in and around London and that the rest of us can be sacrificed to keep them happy . Oh and that the only thing that makes them happy is more and more and ever more MONEY.

      That should about explain them!


      Liked by 1 person

    2. The Tory Party was always the Nasty Party, but then UKIP came along with policies and psychologies like a bunch of 1930s dictators. Farage, the ultimate loudmouth right-wing a*rsehole pub bore who’d made his money playing with other peoples’, was their mediocre Mussolini. So many right-wing a*rseholes among the voters were voting for them instead of for the Tories that the Tories got scared, and decided they had to get even nastier, at least as nasty as UKIP, so they did and basically gobbled UKIP all up, every last drop, till there was nothing left.

      To put it another way, it’s as if the Ozzie Liberals were ruling unopposed in every state except Tasmania by becoming possessed by the spirit of Pauline Hanson and adopting One Nation’s policies wholesale, and were dreaming, like the Tories in the UK and their nasty, nasty little Orangist pals, of being the boot stamping on a human face forever.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t care to stand downwind of Farage. He must surely smell of beer fumes and old ashtray, morning night and noon.


  3. The Middle East…

    So back to basics as a reminder of “How it works…divide and conquer”

    WW 1 Promise the Arabs a new homeland without colonial powers… win the war with Arab help then betray them by dividing up the middle east into smaller countries and Sykes-Picot line randomly splitting tribes between two or three countries. Take sides with one of the groups in the new country and demonise the other tribes. Result control without much effort. Betray the German efforts to gain peace in 1916 by siding with the Zionist diaspora to get the US to join the fight.

    WW2 ditto to WW1 This time create a new Israeli state where none existed before and betray the Palestinians.

    Side with various despots to retain control of the Middle East. Then betray them when it suits… Libya, Iraq etc.

    Roll on to today. Whats up…the tale of two pipelines
    1. Iran through Syria to EU
    2. Qatar through Iraq, Syria to EU
    He who controls the pipeline controls Europe. The US wants “an in” to control European self determination.

    Assad favoured option 1. The West option 2.

    Western solution destabilise and demonise Assad…lots of subterfuge and propaganda. Islamic State created by CIA, White Helmets another proWest NGO. Leave lots of munitions around the area after Iraq war and allow IS to expand. Pretend to be fighting IS whilst tacitly offering backhanded support. Take years to push back against IS supposedly. Enter Russia… IS Finished in three weeks of effort???
    Continue to try to topple Assad, demonise Russia and Putin. Accuse them of Salisbury poisoning.. note same Christopher Steele involved as created anti Trump dossier for Hillary Clintons Democratic Party.. Coincidence ???

    Create fake videos of chemical weapons attacks and accuse Assad of same.


    Confused yet? Am I a conspiracy nut? Conclusions?

    The West realises that the Middle East is crucial to controlling the World. ie He who controls the oil, controls everything. Therefore do whatever it takes to keep control including starting WW3. Result sew confusion, doubt, support anyone who can be usefully employed in the quest for control. Create puppet Governments through threats, bribery and war.

    Not convinced yet! Need more evidence!
    Try reading “I was an Economic Hitman” by Larry Perkins.

    We are now getting the propaganda shit over here demonising Assad and Putin. Blatant attacks with NO proof. There are lots of people believing this rubbish.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. All in all it makes you wonder why we spent all that blood and treasure fighting the Nazis 60 years ago when they are alive and well in current society and likely to continue to thrive.

    Liked by 4 people

              1. LOL Ed.

                The biscuit was originally known as the “Linzer Biscuit”, and later the “Deutsch Biscuit”. With the outbreak of the First World War it was renamed: in England to Empire biscuit, in Scotland to Belgian biscuit because Belgium had just been invaded, but in Northern Ireland it remains known as the German Biscuit or biscuit bun. In Northern Ireland it is commonly found with a jam and coconut topping. It is also known as the “Belgian biscuit”, due to being topped in a similar way to a Belgian bun made of pastry or dough.

                Let’s stick to Belgian Biscuit. 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Yes. They apparently were called German biscuits until the First World War, and I suppose it was a marketing ploy to change the name.

                    I think a lot of people didn’t bother with the name change (which was a bit stupid).

                    A bit like the Americans refusing to call chips ‘French Fries’ after Chirac told Bush that he wouldn’t go to war in Iraq.


  5. I’ve just heard on the radio that Jacob Rees Mogg has threatened to flee the country if the government abandons Brexit.

    Does the drain of talent from our shores know no end? 😀

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  6. On stating the obvious.
    Mogg on mother theresa’s ideas on a no customs union.
    She’s a cretin.
    We know she is, why do you keep her in power?
    He doesn’t need the benefits he gets from the pig trough.
    On stating the obvious.
    The houses of parliament aren’t used during the night, hundreds of comfortable sleeping seats, why not house the people that are homeless in the house until they sort out a proper home for everyone.
    My view on the excellent statement from SG yesterday on the continuity bill, unfortuneately reasonableness is totally wasted on Cretins who are in government but not governing for all the people.
    Simple, the Welsh inhabitants voted for Brexit, the Scottish inhabitants voted against Brexit. The fact that Wales has been infiltrated by the englanders is not taken into account. We in Scotia are getting the same treatment, the Filth Column are being moved further north from the border.
    The SIXTH wealthiest country in the world that consigns some of their children to hunger are not worthy of the title HUMAN.
    The new scrounger will want for nothing in their projected long life, probably into the next century.
    Rant over

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good rant. 🙂

      I can’t see that there was anything to complain about in Nicola’s letter to May.

      At every turn, she seems to indicate that she accepts the results of the referenda, but that no one voted for the devolution settlement to be hauled back.

      After all, weren’t we supposed to get MORE power, not less after the referendum?


  7. I don’t use a TV or buy a newspaper.
    I’ve just had a look at some of the front pages from the english newspapers.
    Strange that they all say the same ” Nicola isolated on Brexit after the Welsh come to a Del Boy deal”.
    I really like the so called quote from mother theresa, if true, “Take it or leave it”.
    I think we should just leave the last word off of her quote.
    “Take it or Leave”. Yes thats what we should do.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So she said that, did she? Well, I have a strong sense that with that statement by the Leaderene we have now moved into the end game. When the Supreme Court rules on the Continuity Bill – and I am pretty much certain that it will reaffirm the Westminster regime’s legal right to ride roughshod over our concept of sovereignty, our democratic will, and the decisions of our democratically elected parliament, and that it can do whatever the hell it likes with Scotland, our laws, our people, our resources and our democratic institutions – then the choice before us will be crystal clear: do we want to live under such oppressive conditions, or not.

      My eerily advanced haruspicatory and prognosticatory powers tell me that when the Supreme Court hands down its judgment in the case over the Continuity Bill brought by the Westminster regime, the SG will announce the date for the referendum.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Indeed, Andimac.

          I am thinking of marketing my own brand of eyeglasses for seeing the future with: I shall be calling them Haruspex®, and there will certainly be high demand for them in these uncertain times of domestic tension and international brouhaha.

          Prices will be cut to the bone for Munguinites, of course.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. eddjasfreeman
            If you’re doing a vision express marketing run can you include the Anti Babel hearing aids.
            Wednesday in the parliament of fools and donkeys.
            Ms Rudd says ” There are no CURRENT TARGETS for evictions”
            Thursday morning report “There WERE targets”
            This will go down as the age of Spin and economy with the truth.
            Yes she didn’t LIE to parliament, no doubt she had left instructions a few minutes before the statement to temporarily suspend the targets, and then reinstate them afterwards.
            Are we really in need of these people that get well rewarded for glossing over the terrible random acts of terrorism they are inflicting on our population.
            Smacks of ” I was just following orders”.
            They tell us you have to pay to get the best in the parliament of FOOLs.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Dave, yet another great idea! I shall build them into the legs of my Haruspex®, or possibly offer Antibabels along with my patent Babelfish® in-ear devices to cover nonsense in all languages, and also provide FM radio and MP3 files for intellectual stimulation!

              Seriously, though, no one has got round the old GIGO problem – garbage in, garbage out, and with the regime and parliament we have down at Westminster, there’s garbage on either side and in the middle as well.

              I wonder how long it would take them to notice if our SNP MPs simply stopped turning up one day?

              Liked by 1 person

            2. She says she didn’t know there were targets.

              Remember when IDS said that there weren’t targets to push sick people off benefits, but when members of Jobcentre staff were trying to fulfil these non existent targets?

              Time Rudd was gone.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. This Tory Government, and every one like it, are morally and ethically repugnant as well as purely incompetent.

                It should be obvious to any fool that foxes are not actually very good at running chicken farms, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be.

                Liked by 1 person

          2. Ed, great idea. Maybe we should market our ideas together. You see, I had an idea for spectacles that would enable the wearer to look backwards and they would have rose-tinted lenses. I was thinking of calling them Rosy Retrospex®. Together we could clean up the market, with Haruspex® for the forward-looking and Rosy Retrospex® for the deluded, sorry, reminiscers.

            Liked by 2 people

                1. Just had a triffic marketing idea, Andi! Take some late 17th – early 18th century oil painting of some battle or other with a geezer centre stage on a white horse in contemporary court costume and a hat – the geezer, not the horse – but wearing our photoshopped-in orange Boynoculars® – both horse and geezer! Slogan: “So you can see who your friends are!”

                  They’ll be flying off the shelves like hot cakes.

                  Liked by 1 person

        1. Hm. I would expect the Westminster regime to react by changing the law in their favour.

          A few comments along the lines of “b*loody uppity Jocks don’t know what’s good for ’em” from the Usual Suspects / pigs’ bladders on the ends of sticks who pass for the best and brightest among the Tory Party can only help our cause … never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake.

          I still feel that it’s not going to pan out that way, though: the UK Supreme Court is most likely to rule along the lines of the Spanish Supreme Court, and tell us that the democratic will of the Scottish people counts for nothing.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. The other thing they have a habit of changing retroactively is the immigration regulations – you know, the ones where people sell up everything they have in America or wherever, invest it in a much-needed local business in Dingwall or Tain or somewhere, then years later when they think they have met all the conditions and apply to become permanent residents they get told that no, the conditions have been changed – unbeknownst to them – and they are to be thrown out instead.

              “Compensation”, did I hear Mr Munguin say? Oh, I get it – he was being ironically post-modern, or something. No, no, even if the regime says to the press that it’s going to compensate people like, oh, victims of the Grenfell fire or people in the Windrush generation whose vital documents the regime itself destroyed, it always seems to slither out of actually doing so.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. People often say to us “never trust a Tory”.

                We on the other hand think that Tories are utterly trustworthy.

                You can trust them to lie through their teeth.


          1. Oh, that would be pricelessly, deliciously ironic. Even better if the judges had the intestinal fortitude to throw the regime’s case out of their court with a ruling that the action was vexatious in that the appellant evidently had no intention of complying with the judgment of the Supreme Court anyway. As proof of which – the regime was self-evidently insincere in its desire for the sanction of the Supreme and the European Court, because the regime itself had decided that it – the regime’s Executive branch – could make law on its own with or without the participation of its own Legislature and evidently intended to do so, or had already done so, in the case in point. The judges could then remind the UK regime that the purpose of the European Court and its judges was not to be willing participants in travesties of justice, show trials put on purely for PR purposes of anti-European intent designed to attack the institution of the Court itself!

            Liked by 1 person

    2. Her “deal” is that Britain will control stuff for 7 years, and we are supposed to trust May on that.

      Maybe Carwyn is just more trusting than Nicola.

      Trust the Tories? Munguin has dissolved into hysterical laughter.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yoons gotta yoon
          And bats gotta fly
          BritNats gotta love
          One Nation till they die
          Ahmed, Pavel and Andromeda
          They treat as if they’d got cholera
          But – oh well – Empire 2…
          …and the Queen
          … and Will & Kate
          …and their weans
          …and Harry’n’Meg
          They gotta love’em.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah… well, as Munguin hasn’t yet had his invite to join their royal highnesses (snigger) for a celebratory Pimms, we are unaware of the hair colouring of the exulted child. Maybe he’s bald like his dad.

              Soon as we know, you’ll know!


  8. I see from the BBC that the Home Office is to “axe” deportation targets. I worked in the Civil Service for many years, so I’d ask the question “When is a target not a target?” A – “When it’s a PI (performance indicator).

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