36 thoughts on “EARTH DAY”

  1. As a species, I don’t think we are any worse than others. But, as we know the harm we do, and can avoid it, it makes us more contemptible.

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  2. Earth Day. What a concept? We put it in a box, we give it its own day because it gives us comfort. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that it helps us deal with and then forget the out of control, the inevitable.

    It’s in our nature to make hay while the sun shines and as a species this makes us no different from any other. I think we’re a lot like elephants if you look into their cycle, only we do much more damage.

    Because we are all greedy.

    We can kid ourselves into thinking we can control our urges but if as individuals we take a minute and do a wee cost benefit exercise regarding what we use and what we actually need we’ll most definitely find that we’re all at it. It’s a collective thing because we’re hard wired to procreate and be as comfortable as we can be. Yeh the rich are using more but it’s all relative and from a world perspective we are pretty rich in this country. We’re the problem.

    It hasn’t degenerated enough yet for our species to take collective action. I don’t even know if we’re capable of that regardless of how bad it gets. I hope I’m wrong but I think that we’ll just carry on blaming the other guy while the world burns.

    I just hope the human race has a world worth saving by the time it finally collectively wises up. I have a feeling though that when our electronic house of cards collapses it’ll be the folk in the countries that are used to having nothing that will make the best of it.

    If we ever do wise up that is?

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    1. I think we are starting to wise up.

      Even ridiculous money grubbing regimes like the UK one are beginning to see the problem with plastics, for example.

      It’s a small part of the overall problem but it governments like May’s, which has a philosophy of “profit first and the devil take the hindmost” are starting to take action, then there is hope for us all.

      I heard this morning that 40% of the worlds bird species are in danger.

      Climate change; agriculture (I suppose the need to feed an ever growing human population) pesticides, logging, expansion of cities were cited as some of the main reasons.

      But, I say there is hope. As I said, if the UK’s foul self serving government can see a problem, then other more reasonable governments comprised of human being muust surely be taking action.

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      1. Here’s a link for the RSPB red and amber lists if you haven’t already seen them Tris.

        You’ll see that the starling and the house and tree sparrows are on the red list. They were the most common birds when I was growing up. Also the lapwing. I think that was down to a single change in farming practices. Ie the farmers started tilling the fields when they were nesting. That’s just my observation though, there may be other reasons.

        The lists are worth a look.

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  3. Welcome to Monday?
    Don’t like Mondays as it
    Is seeing this on top of
    The windrush racist
    Attacks and more evil
    Pure evil Brexit destroying .

    Makes me wonder what is
    Positive in Life what future
    For our children if Free Market
    Racist slave masters are allowed
    To create this dystopian world
    We are suffering in

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    1. Lord, Niko.

      You need to go back to bed, mate.

      Although, you have a point. It is all a bit depressing.

      Still I heard on the news that Middleton has been taken to hospital, in anticipation of another scrounger being born, so that should cheer the British population up.

      And if that fails there is always the iconic blue passport getting tantalisingly nearer buy the day.

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      1. Not all depressing news today Tris. David Torrance is leaving the Herald, which will help in lowering my blood pressure on Monday mornings in the future, and I’m chairing a meeting of the Monday Club in the pub in a couple of hours time. Hopefully Pete Curran will be there, so there will be a Scots Republic by half past two!

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                1. To each his own, but it’s kinda hard to imagine what on earth motivated that sort of thing.

                  I can’t imagine ever having nothing better to do that that.


  4. Off topic, Tris – or maybe not, actually. I’ve just seen the news that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour. Isn’t one of the Earth’s big problems human overpopulation, particularly exacerbated by the fact that many of these children are born to parents who need to rely on others for the means to support their families? I rest my case.

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    1. Absolutely right. The child was born into a family of spongers and will grow up to be a sponger. I’m sure Peter Lily had something to say about all these people born to dependency.

      What’s Middleton doing joining Labour though… I imagine Corbyn will be embarrassed about that.


      1. I think you’re labouring under a misapprehension, Tris. Anyway, Corbyn has enough trouble on his hands dealing with the people in his party who don’t like vests. They’re anti- semmits, apparently.

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