Of course, you all know the story.

As I understand it, after World War II, a bit before my time, Britain was short of manpower, and it had a big rebuilding job to do. So it invited people from its Empire (particularly the Caribbean) to come and work in the UK, mainly England, where the bulk of the rebuilding had to be done.

Of course, these people sometimes had young kids who, not unreasonably, came with them.


And these kids grew up in the UK while their parents, often really badly treated by natives because of their colour, helped to put the country back on its feet. They went to school, and then on to work, college or university. Many of them have lived all their lives in Britain. Some of them have never been back to the Caribbean, even for visits. They know no one there. They paid taxes in the UK all their lives. They think of it as home.

Now they are being given the full “British Values” treatment by Westminster. They have no paperwork to prove they are British or that they have a right to be in Britain. (It probably didn’t occur to them, y’know, before they’d reached their tenth birthday, that one day they would require paperwork.)

Now many have been sacked by employers because it’s illegal to employ them. They can’t claim benefits and they are being deported.


Amber Rudd, who it seems to me couldn’t find her backside with two hands and the aid of a guide dog or six, says she doesn’t know how many of them have been deported wrongly, presumably because the Home Office just deports people and then shreds all the paperwork. The Home Office shredders are, after all, notorious for their vociferous appetite for anything that looks a tad dodgy.

The Home Secretary criticised the application of the crackdown – introduced by Theresa May, her predecessor in the job – telling MPs: “I am very concerned about the way in which the Windrush generation have (sic) been treated.”

But, asked if there had been wrongful deportations, she said she would have to meet Caribbean High Commissioners urgently to “find out if there are any such people who have been removed”. [BBC]

The Caribbean nations asked for a meeting with Theresa May, which initially, almost unbelievably, she declined. When you are pinning your post-Brexit hopes on the Commonwealth in just a year’s time, it takes a strong and stable, not to say brave leader to snub a fair few of their members today. However, they must have found someone in Downing Street with just a modicum of sense, and it seems that she will now see them.

Whether, of course, they will derive anything useful from her stuttering and stumbling through a pre-written statement, is debatable.

It is, though, interesting that, given the administrative mess it made over Windrush, the UK is promising to make provision for registering the 2.5+ million or so EU citizens who currently reside in the UK (and without whom we would be hard-pressed to continue functioning) so that they can remain here after next March, now 11 months away.


What chance is there that the Home Office is going to manage this responsibly?  What is the likelihood that they or their children, in years to come will find themselves unceremoniously deported to Bratislava or Berlin, Paris or Prague?


My advice to EU citizens would be NOT to trust them an inch. They are a bunch of duplicitous, inefficient and heartless bastards… and that’s letting them off lightly. Check, double check and then check again, and even if you are satisfied, never ever underestimate how inefficient and /or perfidious this lot can be.


Have a backup plan.

And they say that Scotland wouldn’t be able to manage without them… Jeeeeez.




    Our choicest plans have fallen through, our airiest castles tumbled over , because of lines we neatly drew and later neatly stumbled over.

    The late Piet Hein

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. This is absolutely disgraceful. To what base is she pandering?

    perhaps we could redeploy the civil servants tasked with applying this bullshit to something more useful? Y’know like policing taxation loopholes or summat?

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    1. We must be mistaken, Niko. She is a Christian that subscribes to Great British Values.

      Talking of which I see that the promise to do something about capping electricity bill got dumped.

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  3. Something on windrush slant.
    A good friend of mine went to the bank to open a new account, he took with him his passport, valid for another 5 years, his driver’s licence and other pieces of evidence.
    All we know is he did the business at the bank.
    Got home, no documents.
    Next morning he got a phone call from the police in North Lanarkshire, he lives in Ayrshire. His document had been handed in. Great he says , I’ll come and get them.
    Problem, he could have all the documents bar the passport, it was being destroyed.
    Point of the story. He has been requested to add his mother and father’s birth certificates to his application, They Require the date and place of birth of his parents. He is 75 years old, born and lived in Scotland all his days as did both his parents. Had a valid passport for which he quoted all the details as he had a copy.
    THEY will NOT issue him with a new one until he proves he is entitled to be resident.
    I can only place the policy on one Theresa May, her bunch of wasters are dictating policy. Sorry isn’t good enough from Nook and Rudd, also out of their depth.

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    1. Disgusting.

      Ian Dunt tweeted this morning his advice that if anything like happens to you, get on to your MP immediately.

      It seems that the Home Office don’t do squat unless it’s an MP’s enquiry.

      Sound advice in that case…although we pay these people. They should be available to us without an MP having to intercede.


    2. If that is all true, and I believe it to be so, that is a complete waste of time. It is ‘interesting’ that his passport was not retained as ‘evidence’ but destroyed. I’d have thought, barrack room lawyer as I may be, that that actually strengthened rather than weakened his case.

      If there happens to be a crowd funded page for him, please share it with us.

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      1. 17th April

        Happy birthday to you
        Happy birthday to you
        Happy 70th birthday dear Douglas
        Happy birthday to you

        Hope the next 70 is even better than the first!

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        1. Thanks PP. You and all the other folk around here have been exceedingly nice. What I would also like to say – absent a 70th birthday love in – is that I have been treated with friendship and camaraderie by people here that I now count as friends.

          I kind of hope that, without pressure, people could see the world the way Munguins New Republic see’s it.

          Kinda strange to say I love you all.

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  4. The English establishment couldn’t give a fuck about you unless (in order of importance) :

    1) You’re staggeringly rich, in which case ignore 2) through 5) until they’ve fleeced you;
    2) You’re white;
    3) You’re English;
    4) You’re “christian” – preferably not catholic;
    5) You vote tory – red or blue is fine.

    The most servile people on these islands aren’t Scots, they’re English. They will take any shit the establishment shovels out, as long as they can look down on *someone* & think they’re better. The English are in for a hell of a shock over the next 20 years…..

    1. It seems more and more that it’s true that the British establishment look down their noses at everyone… as you say above, but in particular foreigners.

      Still, blue passports, a couple of royal weddings, a royal palace in Wales and a bridge named after Charlie.

      Who could ask for more.


    2. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/caribbean-windrush-generation-uturn_uk_5ad48323e4b0edca2cbbb5b1

      Here’s the first comment:

      Russell Netto
      She has agreed only because the Jamaican High Commissioner said that this matter would be raised at the Commonwealth Summit notwithstanding that it was not on the agenda. It would have led to a ‘hostile environment’ for the UK representatives at the Summit and one suspects Royal displeasure.

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  5. Off topic, but I wanted to say that this is something on which I can fully agree with Jeremy Corbyn.

    As I could also say about the Tweet this afternoon from Kezia Dugdale about the utterly inhuman behaviour of Esther McVey, when she said to a Holyrood committee that women who had been raped would benefit from having to talk to a DWP benefits advisor about it in order to get benefits. (Incidentally, I hope that these advisors will be properly trained to cope with emotional trauma. I remember a particularly vapid colleague of mine who, having done a two-day course on counselling skills, managed to give a client a heart attack, as she convinced him to bring up some deeply disturbing incident in his past.

    I’m beginning to wonder if there are any human beings at all in this government or if every one of them is a robot programmed with utter vileness to the power of ten.

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    1. Donnie MacAulay Retweeted

      Nicola Sturgeon

      Verified account

      4h4 hours ago

      Between this outrageous defence of the rape clause and the revelation that the Home Office has deported some #Windrush people ‘in error’, today has been quite the reminder of this UK government’s callous disregard for people’s lives.

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  6. O?T
    Robert Fisk, is just broadcast from Douma, from the clinic when the video came from. He confirms that the video was taken there the BIG BUT is that the doctors confirm that it was a panic response to someone shouting out that there had been a gas attack , someone covered in concrete dust, they just went into a rehearsed routine to help deal with a gas attack.
    He confirms from the doctors that NO SUCH ATTACK took place.

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    1. https://skwawkbox.org/2018/04/15/video-bbcs-cbs-clip-gives-away-no-chemical-weapons-in-destroyed-syria-lab/

      The destroyed facility was supposedly a key centre for Syrian research, development and testing of chemical and biological weapons, which would have been blown into the surrounding environment by the multiple explosions – Barza took fifty-seven of the roughly one hundred missile strikes launched.

      Remember – chemical and biological weapons, including potentially nerve agents that require only a tiny fraction of a gram to be lethal such as sarin, which Syria is alleged to have used previously.

      Yet the rescuers and firefighters shown in the video – along with the journalist and the professor accompanying him – are wearing no protective equipment.

      Not even a simple face-mask.

      Both the Syrian scientist and the journalist blithely pick up debris around the site, when many toxins can be absorbed through the skin and weaponised biological agents would be just as easy to pick up.

      The Skripals might have survived the Salisbury toxin absorbed through their hands, but it made them extremely ill – so it seems the CBS correspondent was just as confident as the locals that there were no toxic substances in the wreckage.

      This BBC did not pick up on this obvious feature of the video.

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      Like this:
      Johnson praised Assad for success v ISIS. ISIS used missile attacks to cover Damascus assault
      In “Assad”
      Excl: Cornell Chemistry Professor: “Novichok so simple many labs could do it”
      In “BBC news”
      Exclusive ‘Smoking gun’ video: BBC trying to help Boris Johnson keep his job #SackBorisJohnson
      In “BBC”
      Tags: armed forces, Barza, BBC news, biological weapons, bombing, CBS, chemical weapons, facility, firefighters, France, journalism, laboratory, misleading, missiles, nerve agent, propaganda, rescuers, scientist, Syria, test, toxin, UK, US, wreckage
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      11 responses to “Video: BBC’s CBS clip gives away – no chemical weapons in destroyed Syria lab”
      Jack T 15/04/2018 at 11:46 pm · · Reply →
      Yes, I was thinking exactly the same when watching the news report.

      On ‘Peston’ this morning Emily Thornberry struggled a little when trying to answer RP about the legitimacy of the attack and she said it would have been better to wait for the OPCW inspection.

      Whether or not the OPCW had time to inspect is irrelevant. The point is that because the gas attack had already happened – if it happened at all, there was NO humanitarian imperative as May is trying to claim. Therefore Emily missed an ideal opportunity to say that what May has done is illegal and this is what we should be pushing.

      If you want a genuine case for humanitarian intervention, it was the TWO WEEKS starting in 2008 when the Israelis rained down white burning phosphorous and tonnes of explosives on the captive inhabitants of Gaza during Cast Lead.

      Too many Labour MPs tie themselves in knots on TV because when questioned, they fail to ask themselves ‘what would a Socialist say?’

      David McNiven 16/04/2018 at 8:45 am · · Reply →
      Far from being the most important aspect but still – what would have been the cost of this fiasco?
      120-odd missiles expended at £800k – £1.1m each plus the cost of delivering them. I’d guess close to half a billion total for US, UK & France and for what?
      Russians had to be informed what to evacuate and when so Syrians will have known too. What capability they had will be only marginally affected if at all.
      Just an exercise in public relations so our governments can pretend that without them we’d be all speaking Russian.

      Jack T 16/04/2018 at 9:03 am · · Reply →
      Good points.

      Yes, it was nothing more than a face saving exercise for Trump, Macron and May, the three stooges, with the possibility of disastrous consequences for Syrians.

      Bazza 16/04/2018 at 8:54 am · · Reply →
      Good points and perhaps blowing up ‘chemical facilities’ would send toxic fumes out amongst local populations!
      Was this part of the “wisdom” demonstrated by THE 3 RIGHT WING TWITS?

      The Toffee 16/04/2018 at 9:33 am · · Reply →
      You worry too much, Skwawky. I remember them H-bomb tests where the soldiers were told to wear hawaiian shirts, bermuda shorts, flip-flops and cheap sunglasses – and they seemed alright.

      (/sarcastic font)

      poetrymuseum 16/04/2018 at 11:09 am · · Reply →
      No doubt the target was not particularly relevant to the act. West don’t know where chemical weapons are. Yes it was an agreement between Trump’s and Putin’s people to save face. Last night’s BBC Interview with child and mother, although separately seated (???) reveals convincingly there was a toxic substance dropped by helicopter on people in Douma -undoubtedly by Assad’s regime. Bowen has twice talked on air now about dead bodies and foam at the mouth as a consequence of the toxin attack. But he does not say if he has seen this footage nor is there any explanation of who has seen it and why we as general public can’t see it. Are we not grown up enough to see it, when we have seen plenty of dead bodies before on screen including Holocaust victims and victims of famines. Or does the footage not exist but was given as evidence on authority that Bowen trusts? Weird. Until they show it, there will be conspiracy theories on this blog.
      Jeremy Bowen believes Assad will win this 8 year long war because of the West’s errors in 2013 and the confusion over who was a terrorist group and who wasn’t and the lack of commitment to any war post the Iraq horror. A lot comes back to Blair. But Putin himself has been badly handled. The Russians wanted respect, did not get it and now look at the mess we are in.

      Paul 16/04/2018 at 2:41 pm · · Reply →
      The same is true of the infamous White Helmets video. If it had been a nerve agent as claimed you might think the “rescuers” might at least put on a pair of gloves and stopped grabbing children’s clothes. They obviously knew there was no danger.

      admin 16/04/2018 at 2:57 pm · · Reply →
      And MSM media lied by omission – there were deaths reported by locals, now confirmed on the Radio 5 phone-in today , 9am onwards

      Pingback: Video: uproar in House as Laura Smith asks when Trump ‘instructed’ May to take military action | The SKWAWKBOX·

      Pingback: Video: uproar in House as Laura Smith asks when Trump ‘instructed’ May to take military action | RedZine·

      bbbarabas 17/04/2018 at 1:07 am · · Reply →
      “Steve”, you should have made it a spot the deliberate mistake competition.
      Highly toxic lung burning Chemical and Biological weapons can only be handled with special equipment.
      Unlike, what the pictures depict, picking up rocks on the beach!
      How far is she willing to go?

      This “FIASCO”, is starting to look and sound more and more like WMDs!

      My belief is, May, wants so much to stay as the leader of the right with help of course, from those like minded right wing thinkers on our back benches, to make JC so unpopular with the voting public!
      They will do anything, to get rid of the best leader, the Socialist Labour Party has ever had!
      I have news for them all.
      “IT WON’T HAPPEN”!

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      Surely, to blow up a facility which would contain nerve gasses, would be to inflict suffering on people for miles around, depending on wind.

      Why would you do that when your object to to save them from that very same threat?


  7. Where do I start here Tris?

    Heather McIver

    Anna Meikle

    Ann Devlin

    Zeilsdorf family

    Russell and Ellen Felber

    Olya Merry

    Brain family

    These are all names we are well familiar with for one reason … the ignorant incompetent Home Office has eith deported them or attempted to deport them from Scotland.

    So to be fair Tris to say I’m surprised by the Windrush fiasco I would be lying because in all fairness we have had the early warning signs here in Scotland for quite some time now.

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    1. It is straight out of Mein Kampf, actually. She should have been sacked for it, even faced criminal charges.

      Mind you, knowing that so many “furriners” work in NHS England that it couldn’t function without them didn’t stop May saying Brits should be trained up to do those jobs and then the furriners should be thrown out.

      I objected particularly to May saying that being a citizen of Europe was like being a citizen of nowhere. It is at once a nonsense, and pernicious: if you’re not “British”, you’re nothing, is what she was getting at, clearly.

      It’s past time we got Scottish passports of our own: European ones. May, Rudd and their ilk are deporting Windrush babies now, as in earlier years Westminster regimes deported millions of Scots in what we nowadays call an ethnic cleansing, and we know they want rid of millions of non-English people now.

      Enough. At the very least, the Scottish Government must act to block the Home Office from carrying unlawful and abusive acts within our jurisdiction – and reserved powers be damned.

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      1. I wish it could do that.

        I suspect that a vote on it in parliament would see a coalition of SNP, Labour, Green and Liberals, but the Tories would vote against, of course.

        Rather like the vote to stop them taking away powers, both here and in Wales.

        And when it comes to the contest, the Prime Minister is going to go to the Supreme Court.

        We need to dump them.


        1. I see the Supreme Court as a necessary step in our progress towards independence: it will give us clarity on exactly where we stand, in the view of the Supreme Court. If – as I suspect – they follow the same logic that they followed over article 50 and the Sewel Convention, they will adjudge that Westminster can do whatever the hell it likes and nobody can do a thing about it – and that means that not only does the Sewel Convention have no force in law, neither do the devolution settlements; Westminster alone has ultimate sovereignty, and Holyrood really is just a wee pretendy parliament – in the view of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

          Then it will be up to the sovereign Scottish people to decide whether they wish to continue being treated as subjects of such an oppressive State with such bizarre ideas about democracy and sovereignty, or become a normal society in a normal country with normal ideas of what is right and proper and good.

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          1. Yes. That’s true.

            Unfortunately I suspect that that there will still be some people who will think that it’s Ok for them to put us in our box.

            Indeed I know some who will.

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  8. Our usual complaint about the EBC, radio 4.
    Last nights newspaper . the independent, wasn’t mentioned, it had Fisk’s report.
    Early this morning in the newspaper round up, no mention of the Independent and Fisk’s report, then just before 8am, it is included, the omission was simply the part that the doctor said there had been NO GAS attack.
    Edited down to the approved version no doubt.
    Vile people in office in rUK.
    The heading of this blog is spot on, schoolchildren waving order papers in support of the unsupportable, noses in the trough and living in the ass..ylum

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  9. CRudd’s apology was no apology at all, not when words like ‘applicants’ and the ‘documentary evidence’ will still be required. Why are people surprised that xenophobic, racist, empire-loving tories act like xenophobic, racist, empire-lovers (they love the empire but not the people who populated it).

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    1. No, it was grudging to say the least.

      As was that of her junior. Said with all the sincerity of a dead beetle.

      She didn’t give a stuff about these people unit the s*** hit the fan.


  10. Why scots still vote for any British Unionists political parties amazes me. For hundreds of years, Westminster’s only remit has been to asset-strip Scotland of its resources, whether it be its people, or its industry, and that process continues apace today.
    The present Westminster administration must be the most evil, insidious, and incompetent in my lifetime, and I go back as far as Chamberlain.
    I read that the ” Windrush” situation has been caused by the new Immigration Act introduced in 2014 by the then Home Secretary, one Theresa May. Not that that fact will ever be given publicity by our compliant U.K media.
    And I see that Her Majestys Loyal Opposition, that’s a laugh, have once again sat on their hands, this time unbelievably on their own motion, when the S.N.P forced a vote on whether Parliament should have been consulted on us being involved in the air strikes in Syria.
    Just when will a majority of scots come to their senses and realise that these people, Scottish/ British Unionists, do not have the best interests of the Scottish people at their heart, that’s if they ever had one. They are fifth columnists, out to destroy what little power we have, and as we have seen with their grubby little deals in councils throughout Scotland, determined to conspire with each other, despite supposed to polar opposites.
    The “Windrush” families shouldn’t trust them an inch. This is the British Raj in full flow once again. In their deranged minds they still think they have an empire, and can ride roughshod over subjugated peoples, and I include Scotland in that assessment.
    How much longer are we going to take this? Can we finally show some backbone, stand up to them and say, enough is enough. Can we? Well, can we?

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    1. Good rant Alex 🙂

      It seems that taking back control was all about taking powers not to Westminster, but to a cabal of the most incompetent, set of minister ever, on the basis of “royal prerogative”.

      Of course, control over foreign policy will not be returning to this cabal, as it will stay in the hands of someone, if possible, even more ridiculous than the prime minister and her close colleagues… Trump.

      There are time when I have respect for Mr Corbyn, but there are times when he flummoxes me.

      Why bring forward a motion and then refuse to vote for it? Pressure form the hard right wingers?

      We all know Blair and his followers approve of war. They certainly seem to approve of anything that comes out of DC, even under this president.

      Excuses like keeping the element of surprise are somewhat worthless when you consider that Trump tweeted that he would be sending “shiny, new” missiles days before.

      Is it that Corbyn can’t bring himself to vote on anything that the SNP has proposed? The Bain principle?

      Can we stand up to them?

      Dunno, frankly.

      There are a lot of people who seem cowed into believing that we, unlike the Danes, Norwegian, Irish or Icelanders are singularly incapable of doing anything without the wisdom of the likes of May, Johnson and Rudd to guide us

      Heaven help us.


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