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It seems that the English Health Secretary has been caught out after he made “errors” by neglecting to declare his interest in a company, set up with his wife, which bought up luxury flats.

According to the Guardian, Hunt said that “his failure to declare a business interest with both Companies House and the parliamentary register of MPs’ interests was down to “honest administrative mistakes” and that he did not gain financially as a result.”

A Downing Street spokesman said: “Jeremy has rightly apologised for an administrative oversight, and as the Cabinet Office have (sic) made clear there has been no breach of the ministerial code.

“We consider the matter closed.”


Jeremy Hunt leaves Downing Street
Ha ha… I got away with it again…



Oh well, that’s OK, isn’t it? Because, in fairness, people do sometimes make mistakes. Honest ones. And why, just because Mr Hunt is very rich and very powerful, and clearly has something on the Maybot (given the fact that she tried to sack him in the last reshuffle and ended up promoting him instead) would that be any different?

And, surely, there is no doubt that we should give people the benefit of the doubt?

Of course not…

So, in that case, some of these decisions, made by agencies of the self-same government may surprise you…


Alan would have claimed an administrative oversight… but”sight” was at the root of his problem in that he had none.


On the other hand, they probably won’t.


29 thoughts on “ONE RULE FOR THEM…”

    1. It seems even more than ever, that that is the only sensible possibility. If we don’t do something soon, we deserve the shitstorm we’re going to get.

      Let’s remember that the Tories were utterly opposed to devolution.

      They only took part in Scottish elections because presumably they thought there was money in it for some of their less leading light… and there was. Eh Murdo, Jackson, et al?

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    1. Hard t find one you could respect.

      It would make a good post, wouldn’t it.

      Name one Tory minister in the UK government, or one shadow in the Scottish parliament that you respect! I might try that!

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    1. Ho ho ho ho ho hum…

      Of course there’s nothing much wrong with that. Some completely responsible parties and organisations use it top target advertising…

      But I thought the Tories were trying to distance themselves from it…


  1. I dunno.

    Just for background I am 69 years and 361 days old.

    In four days time I turn seventy, 17th of April 2018.

    The point being that I am a survivor of a ridiculously dangerous era, one I would not wish on my children (really!) and grandchildren (amazingly!), or anyone else alive today.

    There is pretty obvious question to be posed.


    Why does Theresa May, without evidence, want to – what is the new word (?) cause collateral damage?

    The woman is Tony Blair – (Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) – crazy.

    We are entering an old style cinema where a pretty woman is tied to the tracks, and the train just keeps on a-coming. But our hero is the one who tied the victim to the tracks, it is the one who tied her to the tracks.



    There is no such thing as collateral damage, there is only death.

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    1. I wonder how long it will take politicians in the West, or rather SOME politicians in the West, that when you poke your nose into other people’s countries, bomb, kill, maim, and then leave, the most likely outcome is that you will have made the situation worse and that you will have acted a recruitment sergeant for the “bad guys” . When will they realise that not everyone is as supine as the British public who take all the shit that is thrown at them and then vote for more.

      In advance, Munguin offers you his most hearty félicitations on your upcoming anniversary.

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    2. Dougy!

      You silly old fool

      Happy future birthday

      “Are there many people without illness or disability who sit at home in the evening with clenched fists, continually changing the channel of a television set and wishing they had the courage to roll over the parapet of a high bridge? I bet there are millions of us.”
      ― Alasdair Gray

      “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.”
      ― Alasdair Gray

      Well perhaps not work at your age lol
      Perhaps gardening though

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      1. You’re definitely not a Tory then. 70 would be far too young to take up gardening. Indeed, get out into the fields and pick strawberries and make up for the Europeans who have all gone home.


    3. Douglas
      I wish I could have wished you a happy Non Birthday this morning, you have 3 non birthdays to go until you reach the right young age of 70, you seem to be young at heart, remember it’s only a number.
      The media is full of Truth Witholders, from collateral damage to household waste management engineers.
      Keep the faith, I’m sure we will be free in at most a generation, hopefully much sooner and before you’re 75.
      A good and healthy next decade.

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    4. Happy birthday when it comes Douglas. I hope Scotland is free by your 75th but if not you’ll qualify for a free tv licence. Mind you I wouldn’t care if BBC NEWS was abolished though some of the drama and nature shows are good.

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      1. “I hope Scotland is free by your 75th.”

        I hope so too! On both counts.

        Just to say thanks to all of you for your good wishes. I was only using my age to say how lucky, and by extension, the planet has been.

        You are amongst the most friendly and decent people I have encountered on this internet thingymajig.

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    1. Lovely expression Marcia.

      I’ve just this minute seen this tweet…

      Peter Stefanovic

      Verified account

      3h3 hours ago

      It’s kind of difficult to swallow that a Health Secretary who goes out of his way to claim 27p in expenses for a half-mile car journey made an “Honest mistake’ in failing to declare the purchase of luxury flats!

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  2. You get a feeling that Mr Hunt is untouchable , I wonder why ? As for the Tories in general , apart from the obvious (money grabbing , spineless , self serving evil twats ) , are they just pushing the boundaries of decency to see the breaking point of the public ? If that is so , then we the public are pathetic , because this lot should over thrown and jailed .

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    1. Presumably he has something over them.

      He was appointed Culture Secretary in England in 2010. In that capacity he sort of oversaw the Olympics…although it was Lord Sir Companion of Honour, OBE Coe that really ran the thing (and I might add ended up being rescued by the military after they messed up with G4S).

      As a reward for running the best Olympic since… well, since Arlene Foster made the world in 6 days and had the Olympics on the 7th, he was made English Health Secretary, despite Cameron (or his people) clearly knowing that he had co-authored a book which advocated a far less public, far more private system of health care.

      Since then he has overseen a complete dogs dinner of it. It’s broke, it hasn’t got enough staff and in general no one can get much in the way of treatment. It’s on its knees.

      If we tolerate this crap, we really deserve it. Not many others who live in a democratic country would.

      Try some of this crap with the French…


  3. More on the EBC.
    On my way home from work today 16:30, I listened to the programme “Feedback”
    Many complaints at the start of the programme about the EBC attack on Corbyn.
    These were listeners who said they were of the Jewish faith and were supporting Corbyn’s stance on condeming Israel for the border policy.
    Someone called “Katy Self”, of the EBC gave the policy that they work to in their news coverage.
    “What we at the bbc do here is to take an Independant & Impartial view, we do not judge, we just report people’s views”. “We would point out if any one group had a fixed agenda”
    There is more but you get the point that they are anything but Impartial. Either they are deluding themselves or don’t know the meaning of both terms.
    Maybe someone could find it on the EBC site and copy it.
    I’m going to stop listening to EBC, I need to find a more suitable station.
    Why can’t we fund our own, near where I work is a religious station broadcasting on a license from Ofcom.


    1. You just identified the problem: OFCOM is a Unionist outfit, and anyone who they don’t want broadcasting they can shut down.

      Except for pirate radio, but good luck getting good coverage with that in the highlands.

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      1. Yes Ofcom is,as the rest of the Coms, run by and for the union.
        But RT , Russian TV, has a licence from ofcom, for how much longer may be pertinent.
        The bandwidth , FM, has a number of religious stations in being, wonder if ofcom has enough people to check up of the actual output.
        Scottish Independence is a Faith.
        We could have local stations crowdfunded.

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      Here’s the episode. I haven’t listened. I hate the BBC, which I once liked well enough, at least Radio 4.

      I still quite like the World Service.

      Given his downright ignorance about Scotland I’m not a big Corbyn fan, but people really do have to realise that there is a great difference between criticising the barbarity of the Israeli government and being anti Semitic.

      It’s a bit like not being anti-Muslim, but deploring the Saudi regime, or the Iranian regime, or indeed the Bahraini one

      If folk are too stupid to see that… ‘sod em.

      It seems to me that the BBC is the servant of the state, and in any case it is entirely beholden to the English Secretary for Culture.


  4. It’s funny how these honest mistakes or unfortunate errors are always on the credit side of the balance sheet for folk like Hunt. I can’t remember ever hearing about any of them losing money by not following the rules.

    As for putting up with them well it’s very easy to feel totally powerless just now. We’ve got an establishment he’ll bent on constitutional reform that intends to for all intents and purposes destroy Scotland as a nation. (Very unconstitutional if you ask me, but hey, what do I know) Our country is being run by a cabal of evil right wing nutters in thrall to Uncle Sam, who to top it all off, seem at this moment to be hell bent on a major conflict with Russia, bringing the possibility of nuclear war. Non of this myself or anyone with any sense as a citizen would ever agree with or vote for.

    I’m taking it all a bit at a time just now, if the world manages to get through the weekend I’ll take it from there.


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    1. Aye wouldn’t it be novel to hear of someone forgetting to claim for something instead of over-claiming.

      It seems that b oth the government of Mayhem the Maybot, and HM loyal opposition want to make Britain more cohesive. One nation Tories and one nation Labour. I suppose no one much knows or cares what the Liberal Democrats want.

      I see that having got Mrs May’s support, Trump appears to have pulled back… Maybe someone with some intelligence has explained things to him. That’s left May looking a bit stupid. Britain gonna go it alone then?


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  5. Anyone from now on can cite the HUNT defence, “sorry I’ve just had an administrative lapse”, if charged.
    Contact the cabinet office for confirmation that I’m cleared of any wrongdoing.

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