To paraphrase Mr Dickens, “It was the best of leaders”:


Oh, and again: “It was the worst of leaders”:

a leader1



Still, this bloke called her out for her lies.

If you have to make up stuff to criticise the government in Scotland, that sort of suggests to me that you can’t actually find anything that you can truthfully call them out on.



22 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO (WELL, THREE) LEADERS”

  1. Circuses and bread in full swing.
    Just listened to EBC R4 programme called the briefing room. In the car on my way home.
    Subject was the increase in knife crime in London, give them their due they had a scottish representative on and commenting on the 10 year plan in Glasgow to reduce the problem here. Her comments were that it should be treated as an illness and not a problem to be solved by judicial means alone, ie punishment.
    The Londoner just said that their problem is nothing like Glasgow’s, they have a multicultural population, it wouldn’t work in London.
    Final touch was that the previous Home Secretary has published 2 major inititives to cure London, much the same stuff as Rudd, the conlusion was that neither was properly funded and a the Glasgow lady said ” Once the Spotlight of currency has moved on it is forgotten.
    Theresa May at her best, promises, promises but NO action

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    1. Well…

      There are many reasons for crime, particularly crime that involves violence.

      Some of it is associated with mental health issues, drug dependency, alcoholism. Some of it is about grinding poverty and hopelessness. ..an absolute certainty that there is no future for people. No jobs, no decent homes, no future.

      Some of it is about the removal of every facility that used to be provided… youth centres, sports centres, after school activities.

      Some is about hunger.

      And some is bound to be about race or religion. It’s not like we don’t have anything like that in Glasgow… There is a multiracial society and the religious divides are stark…ask Humza or Anas for starters…. but we also have Protestants and Catholics too.

      Of course, a big amount is about knowing that you’ll almost certainly get away with it, because they shut all the police stations and sacked all the police. And it take up to 48 hours to answer a 999 call by which time you’ll be well away.

      Still, I’m sure the people in London know best. Amber Rudd and Theresa May are well known for having a handle on everything they touch. Or not.

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  2. My finish was to have been.
    Murder rate in London highest seen since ww2.
    English a&E figures worst since reconds began.
    Street sleepers deaths only reducing because the weather is warmer, still rough sleeping.
    Brexit a mess.
    Armed forces fixated on nuclear weapons. Attack Syria.
    Russia is the problem.
    Why can’t May and her lackies not just get on with THE DAY JOB.
    In government but NOT Governing

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    1. Yes.

      At the same time crime in Scotland has reduced.

      Maybe Amber doesn’t know that we have social media in Scotland. Maybe she doesn’t know we have the internet, or indeed electricity.

      As you say, these people never really want to bother with the mundane stuff like internal affairs… running stuff, fixing roads, making sure the hospitals are functioning and that houses are being built that people on incredibly low wages can afford to live in.

      Nope, they’d rather be swanning about helping to run the world, because lets face it, they are so good at that kind of thing.

      Still, never mind. Soon we shall have Iconic Blue Passports and all will be well.

      DAY JOB! Huh. They haven’t a clue what it is.

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    2. But, Dave, with all your doom-saying you overlook the fact that soon the UK will be free of its European fetters and will glide majestically into a glorious sunlit world of unbelievably generous trade deals with all the ensuing prosperity. Our navy will once more circle the globe ensuring peace and harmony in all our dominions, protectorates and colonies. Our gallant air force will thunder through the azure skies guarding this sceptr’d isle from foul foreign Johnnies who might dream of slighting us. Our intrepid armies will range the world, establishing order and peace. Our noble monarch and her glorious family will….Oh, sorry, the chappie in the white coat has just come in with my medication and I’ll be unable to write more as he insists on doing up these damned leather straps at the back of my new canvas jacket.

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      1. Oh, Andy! Sounds like you’re in dire straits as it were. My heart goes out to you, why ever did we hand over the Empire to these spineless oiks? These kids today, ugh! doesn’t even bear thinking about. Still I hope they haven’t gagged you yet, or applied the ‘liquid cosh’. So while breath lasts, lets have one more rousing chorus of “Rule Britannia!” that’ll teach ’em …. no nurse, it wasn’t me, nurse, what are you doing with that syringe, nurse … oh fff …

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        1. Oh, it’s not so bad here, Marco, when I feel like some fun I can bounce back and forward from one padded wall to another. And they say if I behave they’ll move me to the new Davies-Johnson-May Wing for the Terminally Deluded.

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    1. I saw that one too… I would have liked to expand the range a bit, because I’m sure Mundell deserves a wee section all to himself. I can’t remember the last time I heard anything true out of his mouth at all.

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  3. Tris
    I suppose we keep saying the same things over and over again, this country is bereft of any honesty and decency. Especially amongst certain political parties and pretty much all of the mainstream media. I followed the link on ToryFibs on twitter about sales of weapons from the UK including chemical https://grumpyscottishman.wordpress.com/2018/04/12/as-guilty-as-assad/ and it just beggars belief it really does. If the Syrians stockpiled the chemicals the UK has allowed to be sold to them under previous Labour and Tory Governments then they may have had the materials required to use chemical attacks against their own people and maybe even the chemicals to do the attack in Salisbury. You just can’t make this crap up any more and people don’t care, even people I work with are like yeah that’s terrible did you watch bake off last night. What will it take to wake people up in this country, I am lost for wards some days I really am. This stuff just gets me pissed right off and people don’t care or they think we are all 9/11 conspiracy theorists, save me.

    Good on Nicola Sturgeon, Rennie, Davidson and Leonard must be pissed right off that they can’t all be on the front page of the nutter papers decrying the SNP today for sucking up to the Chinese. Personally I would prefer we had little to do with them as their human rights record is a joke but I suppose needs must given the UK is probably going to be bankrupt soon given that everything seems to be closing down now and we don’t make shit. Wonder if the so called developing world will start sending us aid soon and missionaries. Have things ever been so bad. I also had a wee skiffy to see who was supporting the Enoch Powell speech thing being aired this weekend and that is an eye opener if you do a wee search it really is. England has went mad, or certainly large parts of it. I never knew that many of the unions actually marched in favour of the speech, history maybe but given what is going on now in the UK I am not surprised.

    Sorry for the long ramble.

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    1. Good ramble though Bruce 🙂

      I often wonder about the Brits’ disinclination to ever do anything about anything.

      “They” lie, cheat, treat us like idiots. There’s no magic money tree as a rule, but when they need to bribe a party of religious nutters … oh look, here’s a couple of billion. They do business with the most ghastly regimes, with dreadful human rights records and then quote human rights in their decision to help America do regime change in places with far less bad human rights records.

      They excuse themselves everything, and stick it to people at the bottom who couldn’t make it to the jobcentre on time.

      There’s money for royal weddings and palace repairs but none for potholes that ordinary people drive over.

      UK has the lowest pensions in the world… and people are persuaded that all that matters is Iconic Blue Passports (which may be blue but won’t be in the least ‘iconic’ as, EU or not, they will still have to comply with international standards… or they will be unreadable).

      You’re right though… It’s usually Ant and Dec, or Bakeoff, or Britain’s got Talent or the football or one of these programmes that pokes fun at the poor can distract the average Brit and , of course, they seem to believe what they read in the Mail, Sun, Telegraph or Express.

      What a country.


  4. UK staged Syrian chemical weapons attack with white helmets.


    I am not surprised. It beggars belief that we have a dumbed down population that thinks the West wear white hats and the bad guys black.

    US UK and France have launched missles against Syria. What will Russia do now?
    I await the sinking of a US ship, mind you a certain HMS Lizzy might be a target too.

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    1. One thing you can say for Trump is that he’s unpredictable.

      First he’s going to send rockets, then he’s pulling back, then he does it.

      Isn’t it fortunate that everything is so good in our own countries that US,UK and France have so many millions to spend putting things right in Syria.

      For May, minority government … risky strategy given that 80% of the population was against it and her in minority government.

      Still with the DUP urging her on, I suppose she thinks she’s safe.


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