Or at least so says this roaster.


Dunno about you, but to me, this is beginning to sound frightening.

All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the unintended consequences of the BritNats’ desire to show Johnnie Foreigner a thing or two, will be the break-up of their beloved and benighted kingdom.


Given the verification tick, I’m assuming this is genuinely from Mrs May’s boss, the president of the United States of America, the world’s biggest economy and most powerful armed forces.

Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!

OMG! As Pa Broon said on Twitter, they’ve put a toddler in charge of the USA.









      1. Well, I think we should revive the old tradition of the King leading his men into war. Liz is a bit long in the tooth for that, so Charley can go. Lead from the front mate.

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    1. Yes, probably. Still, a war might distract the masses until Harry’s wedding, then the birth of another scrounger, and then Fat Boy’s daughter’s wedding later in the year.

      There’s only so many ex-skies you can poison.

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  1. If anyone wants to read a horror story with their bedtime Horlicks tonight Google the ‘ Constitution Reform Group’ proposals for this great feckin union.

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  2. In my not very humble opinion, it is time, and past time, for the Scottish Parliament to exercise the mandate that we as the sovereign Scottish people gave it, and to do so without artificial restraint: that is, it must protect our interests, it must give effect to our democratic will, even if, even when the Westminster regime blusters that Holyrood is acting ultra vires. Let the regime take the Scottish Government to the Supreme Court to adjudicate the matter – or matters – and we will know exactly where we stand; or rather, we will know exactly what the view of the Supreme Court judges is on Scottish sovereignty and the powers of our Parliament.

    The Supreme Court is almost certain to follow the logic it followed over the question of the Sewel Convention in connection with the article 50 case brought by Gina Miller, which was that the Sewel Convention is a “self-denying ordinance” and not a constitutional safeguard. In other words, Westminster giveth, and Westminster taketh away: Holyrood may be overridden, or simply scrapped, any time the party in power at Westminster sees fit.

    If that series of events were to occur – challenge to the powers of the Scottish Government by Westminster, and adjudication in Westminster’s favour by the Supreme Court – the choice before the Scottish people would be set forth in black and white for all to see: give up Westminster, or give up Holyrood; give up Europe or continue our membership, with the rest of the EU to back us up against Westminster’s inevitable bloody-minded foot-shooting, nose-chopping and acts of economic, political and geopolitical self-harm.

    It is possible, I suppose, that the regime will be overtaken by a fit of common sense, and avoid the confrontation, avoid the constitutional crisis – but the Scottish Government must not be afraid of either the regime or a confrontation with it. After all, the only way to deal with bullies is to challenge them. And everyone, except perhaps the barkingest of Yoons, must know by now that the regime has been given fair warning, not just once, but many times.

    One evident factor remains, though: if it’s Mundell who’s saying it, it’s unlikely to be true.

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    1. I’m pretty sure that the crunch time has to come soon. But there is an argument that says, before we move we need to know what kind of mess Brexit will be.

      I wish I knew.

      I’m conflicted.

      But of course, you are right. Possibly even more than Maybot, Mundell hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about most of the time, and can be overruled VERY easily.

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      1. In any independence vote, we must not wait so long that our 16- and 17-year-olds find themselves disenfranchised along with everyone from other EU countries – the regime could try that one on anytime, I suppose, but it strikes me that they’re more likely to do so after Brexit actually occurs, which will be 19 March next year.

        If that date is not right, I hope someone will tell me, because I really would like to get it right – I was just wondering about setting fire to my UK passport that day, you know, just because.

        There’s also a lot to be said for holding the referendum before the actual Brexit date, because then we can point to our Yes decision – don’t even mention the alternative, or I may top myself to avoid possible disappointment – and adopt the unshakeable legal / political / PR stance vis-à-vis Europe that We Never Left, putting the Europeans into the interesting position of having to decide to actively throw us out. I really do not see them doing that, do you?

        As for Westminster – the Scottish Government must announce the date of the referendum without consulting Westminster, or rather, it must consult the regime in its own Westminster-speak terms, which means informing them of the bare bones, giving them no say in the matter and paying no heed to anything they do say. Then the Scottish Government must proceed with organizing and holding the referendum, section 30 order or no section 30 order, and if the regime objects, I look forward to hearing Nicola Sturgeon say, sweetly, “now is not the time”.

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        1. Can’t help thinking that they are taking their lead from Spain, Ed. In which case we need to leave soon before they are talking Nicola and Patrick away and locking them up for sedition.

          I wonder who Munguin would say to that… Of course, he might be locked up himself.

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          1. The difference between the situation with Catalunya and the one we face here in Scotland is in our favour, it seems to me; the Westminster regime does not have even the flimsy “constitutional” excuse for appalling behaviour that Rajoy’s does. May and her ultra-fragrant crew are more cowardly, too, methinks, though they’re also more devious and more disingenuous, me is quite, quite sure, and possibly the more dangerous for it.

            Also, the Westminster regime is politically weak compared to the Spanish one, and unlike the Spanish one, has an electorate that can easily be persuaded that part of the State that wants its independence would be no loss to it, in fact, already is so persuaded. We Scottish independentistas know that the UK economy depends on Scotland far more than the regime lets on, but there’s the propaganda rub: the regime is in a cleft stick of its own making there.

            No one can deny the importance of Catalunya’s economy within the overall Spanish context, but succeeding Westminster governments in the UK have been doing the precise equivalent – deliberately – in relation to Scotland since at least 1920 or thereabouts, whenever they stopped publishing the financial figures that showed just how badly Westminster governments were ripping Scotland off. The Spanish make no bones about their economic reliance on Catalunya; they’d be laughed at if they tried lying about it.

            If Scotland were to be transformed in the propaganda narrative from an economic basket case, utterly dependent on Westminster’s munificent largesse to stay even minimally afloat, into a vital part of the UK which England (usual terminological etc.) could not afford to lose, surely even the barkingest of Yoons would notice…

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  3. Apocalyptic

    Anything in the Bible, any holy book or mystic prophecies about a mad half jock called Trump wiping out civilisation?

    Dante will have something, somewhere.

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  4. I am reminded that a few weeks ago I watched a few minutes of a News Channel (may have been the BBC) interviewing old guys in the American Midwest, asking why they had voted for Trump.

    “Because,” said one silly old codger, “he’s like John Wayne. He gets things done.”

    Who was it said, ‘All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.’ Ah yes, W Shakespeare. So you see, folks, all this huffing and puffing, what you’re seeing unfolding before your very eyes, is just a Hollywood movie and all the big guys, Bruce Willis, Wayne, Charlton Heston, Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise …. all those big American heroes’ll be along just now to save the world, but most importantly, the USA, from total meltdown and annihilation.

    One thing is for sure, Fluffy won’t be among them. He’ll be making tea for the new ‘Leader of the Free World’ whoever that may be, probably Homer Simpson.

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    1. Let’s be honest, Homer Simpson couldn’t make a worse job that Trump is doing, although I’m thinking that Muddle might have to learn to open Duff, rather than brew tea. Might be beyond him.

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  5. Apparently May is willing to take part in military action.

    Must be something about becoming Primeminister
    Having a war is like cherry 🍒
    On top of the cake

    Westmonster must have its way all this giving away powers to the natives is not to be encouraged

    Remember what happened to India that’s how we lost an
    Empire don’t you know !

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    1. Yes, Niko. I think you’re right. They seem to be unable to resist a war no matter how flimsy the pretext.

      They all see themselves as Winston… Maybe that how they want to see themselves.

      I always thought of him as being a rather pompous old drunk. He didn’t win the war. It was soldiers, sailors and airmen who won the war, many of them Americans and Soviets, not to mention Australians, Indians and many other nationalities.

      (I imagine he smelled something awful too. Cigar smoke and brandy.)

      Somehow they want to be like him though.

      Remember Mrs T… (god, I bet she loved sinking the Belgrano). Back then it did do her some good electorally… but all his wars didn’t make Blair popular, nor did it do much for Cameron.

      I have no reason to doubt that any action in Syria will be every bit as disastrous, possibly moreso, as that in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Still, I imagine that Mrs May knows best. They all always do.

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  6. WHAt I find odd is folk listening to blathering wee shites like Mundell and not running to kick him out. Though he is matched by MPS and MSPs from Labour in the blathering shite department.

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    1. Very good! Thanks for that, Tris, to you and Danny. It’s sometimes good to realize that other people’s problems are at least as bad as our own… but we need much more mockery of the b*astards who run the UK than we’re getting on our meeja.

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      1. Ed…….There is no end of Trump mockery every night by the late night TV talk show comedians.

        We also have State politicians who sometimes give the guys in Washington a run for their money in corruption and debauchery. As I told Tris, we have a State Governor in Missouri who is running from Missouri State law enforcement in much the same way that Trump is running from the feds.

        We have a Governor who tied up a woman, photographed her, and then attempted to blackmail her into silence about it. He is a self-declared family man who gained international fame with his gun-themed campaign ads in the 2016 State and Federal elections.

        There’s simply no end to what politicians are capable of.

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          1. Yea Tris……..that’s certainly the Missouri I want. Leisurely days firing the old machine gun! 😉
            Looks like we may impeach our Governor before the feds get the goods on Trumpy.

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  7. Having read as much of the aforementioned document as I could stomach at one sitting, there were one or two things that sprang to mind. The first was simply the paternalistic tone that came across in the narrative. The second was for me in my niaive and idealistic way of looking at the world, the assault on the principle of democracy.

    If we accept (and I know all here do) that Scotland is a country with its own culture, economy etc.. then in a democracy it follows that it must have a say in its own affairs. It then follows that given at least 45% of its voting population, and this is a matter of record, already wants to dissolve the Union then any attempt to permanently prevent people from expressing this is by definition, undemocratic.

    The people who are proposing, promoting, implementing this travestys aims are set to deny the population their rights so therefore do not believe in the principles of democracy. This means that they are not fit to hold any position of authority or office in any country purporting to be a democracy

    It’s all very simple, those supporting this are willing to dictate to both current and future generations to come that Scotland will always be, subordinate to England, and there is no peaceful means going to be open to them to change that.

    Let’s go back and take a wee look at the history books to see how that turned out for them.

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    1. Yes, I’d agree with that.

      It seems like a very good way to push the 45% well above 50%.

      You only need to look at the hard right wing Spanish state to see where that kind of thing leads.


    2. It’s all very well believing in democracy but you have to fight to retain it. “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke (1727 – 1797)

      They will use the 2014 No vote as the democratic reason to strengthen the union. They have no interest in democracy if it doesn’t go their way. Once they have solidified control over the institutions of government they will then decimate the Scottish economy dedtroy the SNHS, the public education system etc and move as many jobs as possible out of the country, and or stuff them with non Scots. Complete desertification.

      So this begs the question for every person living in Scotland what are you personally going to do about it??

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      1. Like most of us independentistas, I wish I could do more, and wish too that I had a hammer and a special six-inch nail for knocking sense into certain people’s heads, and the skill to give our meeja establishment an ethics transplant and updated truth-recognition software.

        Failing that, I’m afraid my days as a professional assassin were over before they started.

        Is it OK if I just keep on being curmudgeonly on social media?

        Here’s to full-on civic nationalism!

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  8. A ‘nice little war’ will draw attention away from annoying topics like Brexit, Devolution and UK ‘democracy’ in general, Welfare, etc. Besides, couldn’t do the Maybot’s rep any harm could it?

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        1. I always saw him as having one mad eye, and tombstone teeth. Not nearly as congenial as Mad-Eye Moody in the oeuvre of JK Rowling either. Death-eater Blair… at the very, very least an accessory to mass murder.

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          1. I see he’s jumping up and down gagging for some more devastation and death.

            I believe Angela Merkel has ruled out getting involved.

            Of course she’s not creeping up Trump’s backside. She doesn’t need a trade deal. She has one.

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        2. Just goes to show that the Tories aren’t ALWAYS wrong.

          Trouble is , if I remember right, the alternative at that stage was the creepy “Something of the Night” man.

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        3. I believe the Ghost of Franco stalks Spain now and has done for 20+ years.

          My parents refused ever to go to Spain until he was dead and his legacy was erased like Hitler’s in Germany.

          My Dad was from PLANTATION in Govan, which is now gentrified and called Pacific Quay

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          1. I agree.

            I just turned down an invitation to stay with a friend who has a house there. I don’t want to be in a country in the EU where I would be wary about expressing an opinion about their government.

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