The question is, are they liars, are they as thick as cow dung or do they assume that we are?


  1. Tris
    It is all falling apart now, quicker in England than in Scotland, but longer term we are not immune from what is to come. This country is on it’s last legs and I must admit I was a little disappointed in the poll today that stated that 57% of Scottish voters would still vote against Scottish Independence, if true then that beggars belief it really does. I have no idea what it will take in this country to get people on the streets anymore, are we so beaten and dumbed down now that we will just accept what ever these people throw at us and say thanks very much. Our politics are broken, our media is broken, disgusting figures like Murdo Fraser and Paul Sweeney are the unionist face in Scotland and get a platform and promoted as the voices of reason, how sad is that. I despair at what I see around me, those of us in local government and the voluntary sector who actually deliver services are both at the coal face and at breaking point. I can’t remember feeling as tired as I do in my job working with young people than I do now. I know people in the health service who are stressed to breaking point on top of all the other things they are facing in Dundee right now. The Tories are liars, they have an agenda and with no media of any kind they are not being put under any pressure, Labour are a joke of a party and unelectable, sad sad state of affairs.


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    1. Bruce, I wouldn’t worry too much about the Times’ latest poll. Brexit has even started yet and you are definitely not alone in sensing the end of the rotten united kingdom. Hang in there. Not long to go now.

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    2. It is a sad state of affairs, Bruce.

      Of course Scotland can’t avoid it even if we are slightly protected from some of the worst elements.

      The level of spending is more or less set by Westminster, although there is a little jiggle room with only one tax and only some elements of it, so that Scotland can raise a little more.

      But of course the press are making a big thing of the “fact” that, if people erarn more than £33,000 they may just be stupid enough to move themselves to England to avoid the extra few pence a week that they will pay in income tax, while paying more for their council tax.

      We are a small and unimportant country in a union that prefers to spend money on punching above its weight than it does on feeding kids.

      And the stupid thing is that they believe that they really matter in the world.

      They didn’t before they started to leave the EU, and now they are a laughing stock.

      Still, cheer up. We’ll soon have blue passports… well people who can still afford to go abroad will!

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  2. According to the logic of Amber Rudd and Boris,if we do away with the police and fire service we won’t have an increase in crime or fires?!We will however have lots of money to give to our rich friends as tax cuts and those stupid plebs who vote for us won’t notice!!!Come the revolution!!! Time for labour to get off it’s are and act like an opposition!!!😈

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    1. Yes. I was thinking that,if reducing the police by 22,000 has made no difference, why don;t they just get rid of them altogether?

      If ever we needed a strong and centred opposition it is now.

      And we don’t have one. They are still fighting among themselves, talking about a new party and all the while the loons are wrecking the place.

      Still, we have a couple of royal weddings to look forward to, don’t we?


    2. Doesn’t (or didn’t) Labour thinker John McTernan advocate doing away with fire brigades because there aren’t any fires any more.

      “Pyromaniacs will be celebrating tooooo.”

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  3. It’s the lack of logic to it all that continues to baffle me. The Torys traditional claim of being the party of law and order when cuts to police mean they just simply ain’t. Their desire to ‘punch above their weight’ on the world stage when armed forces cuts mean they just simply can’t. Glory days fantasists aside, how does any sensible person juggle these conflicting notions in the midst of such an obvious lack of coherence and joined up thinking?

    The gaps in logic or just the why of it all worries me greatly and begs the question. What are we not being told? This is a situation that creates fertile ground for conspiracy theories and further amplifies (if that’s possible) the already deep mistrust in our government.

    It’s all feeling like a giant snowball gaining size and momentum as it thunders down the mountain side and hitting bottoms going to be eye watering at the very least.

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    1. Yes, I agree.

      We simply can’t trust them with anything. They are liars and there is hardly any opposition to them. I reckon the Green, Plaid and the SNP try, but they are tiny and with Labour voting so often with the government, what’s the point.

      I don’t believe a word they say.

      I know that the likelihood is that Russia did play a part in the poisoning in Salisbury, but because Boris and May said they did, it seems only reasonable for me to doubt it.

      They are liars and they are stupid.

      And it looks like Labour may split… Great, so we’ll have the Tories for another 10 years. Come to that the Tories may split if May compromises on a hard Brexit.

      I’ve never felt the need for independence so much.

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  4. Less police less crime er obviously
    No one to report to or to solve said

    No NHS no sickness no Social Security
    No poverty

    Brill idea solves everything and don’t
    Cost a penny .

    Must have Armed forces though keep the
    Plebs in their place .

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    1. trispw, Arbroath 1320, Bruce, nikostratos, Tom Gibson and greig 12,

      I salute you!

      I cannot even find crumbs of comfort in this constant attack on my sanity.

      For instance, when something bubbles up – like the possibility that spending limits were broken by the Brexiteers -the whistleblower is exposed as a gay man. Which may effect his family back in Pakistan. That revelation is the result of a control-freakery that knows no bounds. The people that rule us are beyond contempt.

      And the bastards win!

      It is that that I do not understand. A country that is informed by a lunatic political class and media has already surrendered it’s democracy.

      The dividing line, round about now, is between sanity and insanity.

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        1. Well, you are pretty much sane trispw, as are the folk that have commentated on this thread. Are we unique in seeing liars as liars? The hero of your piece is an LBC journalist who is completely convincing. I, for one, agree with him!

          If there were a way of getting out of this mess, where Etonian arseholes, upper class English rubbish and weak minded Scots were not overwhelmingly in charge, well, I would like to know about it.

          Frankly I am upset that independence polls aren’t running at 90 plus percent.


    2. And run the world. It’s important that Britain take its proper place in running the world, coz, it’s so bloodily BRILLIANT at running Britain.

      Clearly all the world wants to learn how to do it the way Westminster does it.


      1. I loved the interview she did where she trotted out all the usual, by now, tired old clichés, and when the reporter asked her something awkward, she thought for a couple of seconds and said: Thanks you very much. After which she walked away.

        What a mess.


  5. And, pretty clearly, the insane are on the inside, the sane not so much.

    (Never come across James O’Brien, however that is journalism! Well done!)

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  6. The way I see it and therefore
    Prescient we are entering an era whereby chemical and
    Properly nerve weapons are going to become as common
    As suicide bombers etc.

    The genie is out of the bottle
    And rogue states will ensure it’s not put back ,

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      1. “Frankly, I don’t know.”

        Is my opinion, and ought to have been the opinion of HMG.

        We are given to believe that this nerve agent is always fatal, and, correct me if I am wrong no-one has died and are indeed recovering. The first and second parts of that sentence make no sense whatsoever.

        HMG has some explaining to do, unless of course they don’t.

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        1. I think the latest tale from HMGov is that they the Russians) weakened the agent, so that it would take a long time to work giving the person who spread it all over the door, time to escape.

          I’ve read more convincing Famous Five plots.


    1. Balls. Morons can cobble together an explosive with fertiliser. Nerve agents are another matter.
      Nerve agents you can recover from. Now that’s cool.

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      1. Conan the Librarian,

        It is indeed cool if one makes weak nerve agents that you can recover from.

        It would also be ridiculous.

        Unless you are ‘sending a message’ of course.

        Is that what you think?

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          1. I’m sure if Putin wanted rid of someone, they’d be gone. And it would have been by a method that didn’t immediately point to Moscow, especially just before the world cup.

            But why did he want rid of these people anyway?


  7. It is the lunatic asylum we are living in.
    Mother theresa is back from her walk.
    Quote ” I utterly condemn the Alleged chemical attack in Syria”,
    “IF Confirmed “, Assad and the Russians are bad, my interpretation of what followed.
    Why would a sane person say it like that, she implies it isn’t confirmed but is positive in the first part but destroys the arguament with alleged, is she expecting them to sue her, too much exposure to comic newspapers.
    This is a so called leader, I for one wouldn’t follow her across the road.
    Then she quotes the poor people that have died, yes I feel sorry that assad could have a barrel bomb of chlorine dropped from a helicopter and is still in power.
    Mrs May then is ignoring the children of her own country that will not get a meal at school if they can’t pay for it, This is insanity.
    What about all the promises she has made, so many she and us have forgotten, no one to take them to task.
    My thoughts were that the media were taking Rudd, Johnson, Hunt and Gove out of the race for leadership, by gentle muck spreading.

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    1. Vicars daughter who can starve kiddies????

      Says it all.

      NO one in the world really cares what Britannia thinks. They care what Trump, Putin and Xi think.

      What Macron or May think is of no import.


  8. The present bunch of Tories are simply finishing off Thatcher’s project.
    Tories believe in neither public nor services,despite their lies about protecting the NHS etc.
    Thatcher’s ministers were falling over each other to privatise everything that wasn’t nailed down and since then there has been a concerted campaign to kill off what is left by starving them of resources.
    As for the chap on the video being astonished that HM civil service has become politicised,welcome to the real world,we Scots found this out 4 years ago.
    Some are also only now becoming aware that the BBC is also polticised and has only survived the political cleansing because of it’s usefulness to the establishment.

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    1. You have to ask why the BBC has never been sold off so it could face the market.

      And then you have to answer, because both governments need it, for obvious reasons.


  9. Well there’s a lot to get to grips with there. I have been a follower of James O’Brien for some time as his takes on Brexit have me in stiches laughing at how bad its all going to be and the idiot brexiteer callers only make it much more fun. I should say I’m laughing because I hope Scotland has the nouse to take the lifeboat that’s on offer.

    As far as Salisbury is concerned then the following helps connect the dots


    c) has lots of reading too

    Remember at the beginning there were two proposed pipelines through Syria for gas to Europe i) from Iran through Syria ii) from Qatar through Iraq then Syria.
    He who controls the gas controls Europe.
    Assad supported the Iran option which did not suit the West. Hence the West moved to destroy Syria.

    Now do you understand???? It’s not rocket science, but you do have to accept that the people in charge are criminals and they don’t give a shit whether anyone lives or dies.

    Given the extremes these people will go to its very difficult to see how Scotland can extricate itself without massive damage being done by the crims.

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    1. Thanks for the interesting reading.
      I’m sure that the hidden files will be released in the usual 100 years.
      Just wondering if our Russian victim will now be doorstepped to find out what she had to eat in the pub, or will she be taken into protective custody.

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  10. Pissing into the wind; how often need it be said, THEY AREN’T INTERESTED. Anyone who argues contrary to the party received wisdom is unpatriotic.

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      1. Sorry, Tris, that should be “last refuge of a scoundrel”. It was Doctor Samuel Johnson who said it, by the way. The Great Lexicographer also gave us, “Why, sir, most schemes of political improvement are very laughable things” and, particularly pertinent regarding Brexit – and the idiots who still prefer unionism to independence – “The triumph of hope over experience”.

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  11. Classic FM news, no doorstepping possible.
    She’s been taken to a safe house.
    That happened yesterday, no tv pictures or reporting from the hospital.
    Strange, we’ve all seen the pictures of multiple tv vans with satellite dishes at incidents. none here.
    As they say the politicals are trained to repeat the company position, downloaded overnight!!!!, to be on script if accosted, they’re trained to be able to say the words in the timeless fashion of not really saying anything at all or being so not committal that we don’t really get an answer. The non answers in PMQT should suffice to show the techniques.

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  12. If you have read these links you will now understand how dangerous the situation is and how far the crims will go to protect “their interests”. So the question is what does the scottish government have to do to extricate scotland from the Union without endangering the populace or themselves. A referendum win for Yes is only the beginning of the journey to freedom, what else has to be done? No need to answer, but it requires a lot of thought.

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  13. This is a fascinating thread.

    I have spent an eternity, or about a week in real time, trying – with abject failure – to understand why Stormy Daniels or Stephanie Daniels or Stephanie Clifford and her Attorney Michael Avenatti have complete control of the US media.

    It reminds me of a book title “Heart of Darkness”. Quite what Trump is covering up, be it election fraud, prostitutes in Moscow or whatever else, it is something that he desperately wants squashed. I think that much is obvious.

    When, indeed, there are greater issues in play.

    Trump is tickling the possibility of, let us hope and pray, a proxy Middle East crisis. I am not at all convinced that he is sane enough to go out on a victory there. He has his finger on the nuclear button and the man is so stupid, so dangerous, that he might just set off a nuclear conflagration.

    You and I, dear reader, are probably one of the ‘first strike’ targets for Russia.

    That thought does not allow me to ‘rest easy’.

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  14. A wee bit off topic but I see that the Ultimo lingerie company is to cease trading in the UK. Of course Lady Moan sold the Ultimo business a few years ago – no doubt to have more time to spend on her onerous duties in the House of Lords. Maybe, however, she realised that things were going to go tits up for her famous brand and slipped out. It’s the usual case of drooping figures in sales and consequentially sagging profits, so the owners have decided to make a clean breast of it and admit they can no longer support the business.

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  15. Quite oddly, and without warning ‘The Herald’ has stopped me posting. AFAIK I am paid up to their digital edition, AFAIK they allow free speech. AFAIK my speech has not broken any ‘standards’ that the Herald may wish to impose.

    They have certainly, as of 17:12 on the 10/04/2018 not told me what crime I am supposed to have committed. Nor why my comments are so offensive that they are automatically barred.

    So, how come I am being censored?

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    1. That’s strange Douglas. Mind you I’ve noticed the John Thomas troll change names multiple times this year. The latest is Paul Thorburn.

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  16. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    When our government claims that Soviet Spies that have been re-settled in England are killed by Russia, and then they recover?

    When we are about to to take action based on video, and before we allow an independent analysis of what the heck happened in Syria? Who know’s? We are trending towards a thermonuclear war without the slightest evidence that the grounds for that war are right or proper.

    I just think that the UK government is a bit stupid.

    Harold Wilson, who is no hero of mine, did one thing right. He refused to enter the Vietnam conflict because he had a non-aligned foreign policy. In other words he didn’t bend over to the USA.

    These are worrying times, and I doubt that Theresa May has the bottle to stand up to the maddest, baddest POTUS that the USA has ever had.

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    1. That’s the problem. The loonie in the Whitehouse (or whatever it’s called!!!) says we need a distraction from his domestic “affairs”, and Mrs May who needs a trade deal really badly, has to agree.


  17. @douglasclark “I don’t know what to believe anymore”. This is a good point to reach as it means you are now going to question everything and seek your own answers.

    You will not like what you come across. I have been seeking answers since the GFC as it was obvious to me that it was deliberate and coordinated. I assure you that due to the internet I have been to places that are ‘disturbing’ to say the least. However I have come out the other side much more knowledgable than I went in, and very sure that I can identify Truth from fiction though sometimes this can be very difficult. However having taken a “red pill” it is very frustrating trying to get others to move to a similar headspace. Almost without exception the MSM sing from the same hymsheet and so they only have one chain of evidence which tends to be government distributed ‘news’. This is invariably Fake, disturbingly so, as they drip drip their narrative to get you politically to where they want you to go. Cambridge Analytica is just the most recent in-your-face methodology.

    Follow the links above and you won’t go far wrong although you will find yourself questioning, questioning, questioning – a very good thing indeed.

    A good quote “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation” Voltaire (1694 -1788)

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  18. Another angle, but same direction. WW3 is being touted by the powers that be, to cover up their criminality. This same war scenario has been used many times over for exactly the same reason down through many centuries. French revolution was a direct result of the wealthy stealing from the citizens as was the Bolsheviks.

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